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Scientology’s Craigslist expert issues new instructions after so much ad flagging

CraigslistHere’s a little treat we thought we’d put out before your holiday weekend kicks off. (Tap, tap. Is this thing on? Anyone there? Ha.)

Over at, and then here in the comments section of the Underground Bunker, there’s been a coordinated effort by folks who do their best to “flag” deceptive ads that Scientology posts on Craigslist pages. (We have never condoned nor prohibited this activity in our comments section, where readers are free to do what they want.)

Apparently, that effort is having some effect. Scientology’s general in its war against Anonymous at Craigslist, Tony Chen of Sacramento, has put out a new set of instructions for dealing with the offensive against the church. We thought you’d want to see what advice he’s sending out.

Here’s the document, which was forwarded to us by one of our great tipsters…

Dear Cyber Dissemination Club member,

We (the River Park Mission) just started two people from Craigslist in the last few days. One started the Knowing Who to Trust Life Improvement Course on Wednesday, and the other one started the How to Achieve Self Confidence Life Improvement Course on Friday.


It’s been harder to post ads on Craigslist for about a year for me, but now I’ve got it cranking out products for me again.

It’s all because for the last several weeks, I’ve been working on a program to intelligently increase the number of Craigslist ads. I spent about 5 extra hours each week on this program per week for several weeks. You know and I know it’s not easy to come up with 5 extra hours each week for 4 or 5 weeks, but my stats has been increasing due to this effort, and now I’ve got the “system” set up, so I no longer need to spend the extra hours to keep it going.

Here are some “secrets” of getting products off Craigslist:

1. Concentrate your ads in the categories CLASSES, GROUPS, and ACTIVITY PARTNERS. These are the most effective categories for our type of ads. About 90% of my ads are under these 3 categories.

2. If your ad keeps getting “flagged” (becoming pink in the account page) within a few minutes, that means that particular Craigslist account is restricted. Solution is to create more Craigslist accounts. By the way, in my experience, “restricted” Craigslist accounts will automatically become “less restricted” after some weeks. What causes an account to become “restricted”- I don’t know, because despite having many accounts, I couldn’t find any pattern to why some accounts get “restricted”. My guess is user “flagging”.

3. The best way to post ads (for me) is by “tethering” or by using a “mobile hotspot”. This method will automatically change your “IP address” each time when you connect to the Internet via your cell phone. I think this makes hard for people to blacklist your IP address. (Definitions of the technical words are below.)

4. I tested posting with three different web browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome). Ads posted by Internet Explorer tend to stay up (not become pink) much more than those posted by Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. I don’t know why. I just know the results I’ve gotten, which I’ve spent time tabulating.

Definition: A “Mobile Hotspot” is a cell phone capability that turns your cell phone into a wireless WIFI “Hotspot”, so that your computer can connect to the Internet via your cell phone. Recent cell phones all have the Mobile Hotspot capability. You will need to contact your cell phone carrier to subscribe to this service to have it available though. For me, I have T-Mobile, and it costs me $25 per month.

Definition: Using “Tethering” is the same as using a “Mobile Hotspot”, except it’s not wireless. You are connecting from your cell phone to your computer via a line to the computer’s USB port.

Definition: “IP Address” is an ID number assigned to your device when you log onto the Internet. Craigslist can track this number. You can check your current IP Address anytime by going to the website As you can see, when you go to any website, that website then automatically knows your IP Address.

Note: If your cell phone doesn’t have Mobile Hotspot or Tethering capability, you can also buy a Mobile Hotspot Device from your cell phone carrier. To give you an idea on the pricing, T-Mobile sells one for about $165 cash or allows you to pay about $8 per month for it.

I hope these tips help, and may you get a lot of books sold and a lot of people into your Mission or Org and onto services!

Tony Chen
PES River Park Mission

Have a great weekend!


Posted by Tony Ortega on December 19, 2014 at 17:30

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