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How should we judge the rejection Scientology received in the heartland this week?

[The KCK building Scientology wanted to turn into a dormitory.]

What a week it’s been here at the Underground Bunker. On Monday, Episode Four of the ‘Scientology Black Ops’ series leaked to the Internet, with Bryan Seymour’s damning look at how in 2004 Tom Cruise fired his legendary publicist Pat Kingsley with the help of Scientology’s []


What Scientologists are telling each other on social media right this very minute

 Rod Keller is taking some well-deserved time off, and we look forward to the return of his weekly up-to-the-minute reports on what’s happening inside Scientology, which he has such a good knack at finding []

New letter about Scientology by J. Edgar Hoover shows up in FBI records search

[Hoover in 1959]

In three weeks, it will be 19 years since we wrote one of our favorite stories of all time, about Tory Christman’s wild defection from Scientology which happened live on the early Internet, and thanks to a friend she had made on the other side of the planet, the generous, patient, and wise []

Faces of the Sea Org: Rare look at Scientology workers indentured for a billion years

 Wednesday was Sea Org Day in Scientology. Each August 12, those hardy souls who have signed billion-year contracts, promising to work for Scientology lifetime after lifetime, are briefly celebrated before they have to go right back to their around-the-clock jobs, working 365 days a year for pennies an hour, when they’re paid at []

The Church of Scientology wants feedback about starting a podcast. Oh, pretty please?

 Its television network has been such a smash success, the Church of Scientology is now thinking of really moving up in the world and getting one of those podcast []

Scientology to the rescue: After losing son and wife, Johnny Lewis’s dad is happier than ever

 On September 26, 2012, Sons of Anarchy actor Johnny Lewis went on a rampage, killing his 81-year-old landlord Cathy Davis and her cat, then attacking a gardener and a neighbor before either falling or jumping to his death at the Los Feliz home where he’d been living for a few days. It was the sad []

Weeks after the protests, Scientology in LA remains boarded up and abandoned. What gives?

 One of our sources in Los Angeles told us recently that there was something odd going on with Scientology’s buildings there. Although street unrest has dissipated for weeks now, Scientology’s storefronts remain boarded up and some of them appear completely abandoned. At a time when orgs in London and Florida and Paris are boasting about []

Scientology turned ‘Dianetics’ into a 4-hour video, and the result is UTTER MADNESS

 We want to thank ‘No Context,’ the YouTuber who stumbled on a 2009 Blu-Ray DVD put out by Scientology at his local pawn shop and decided to pick it []

‘Scientology is dead’ says the ex-con claiming he’s the reincarnated L. Ron Hubbard

 Rod Keller has the week off and we need to get through the holiday weekend, so forgive us for taking a momentary break from reality. But, hey, what the []

On this day of declaring independence, we want to hear about your own fight for freedom

 Here in the United States we are celebrating our independence, and we hope you are too, wherever you []