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Has Scientology’s cruise ship, the Freewinds, made its last voyage?

 We want to thank the tipster who sent us some very interesting images. They are a promotion from Scientology that really knocked us for a []


Post-Super Bowl, Scientology is on fire and will soon clear the planet

 We want to thank our source who once again has given us access to Scientology’s social media streams so we can see what church members are telling each other about their wins and []

Ever wanted to tour Scientology’s creepy ‘spiritual mecca’? Meet your guide, Ted

 You may remember that after Mark Bunker got himself elected to city council in Clearwater, Florida, he came up with what we could only describe as a modest []

Scientology social media: Body thetans just don’t stand a chance as this planet is cleared!

 Our source is back with another dive into Scientology social media, and hey, let’s get caught up on the latest wins and []

Scientology anti-masker Leigh Dundas absconds to Mexico, Jan 6 video of her turns up

 Last year we first told you about Scientology’s rising anti-vaxx anti-mask star, “human rights attorney” Leigh Dundas, and we showed you some of her fiery speeches as she terrorized Orange County officials who were trying to get people to wear masks during a global []

More social media gold: Post-riot, it’s clear that Scientology is the planet’s only hope!

 Scientologists, like the rest of us, couldn’t help noticing that things got a little dicey at the US Capitol last week. But Hubbardites are also very skilled at shielding themselves from the non-Scientology world, and they tend to encourage each other just to press on with the tasks L. Ron Hubbard left behind for them []

Eyewitness: David Miscavige presided at New Year’s Eve party at Scientology’s Flag Land Base

[Miscavige at recent Flag graduation, from ISN magazine]

On the Scientology calendar, after founder L. Ron Hubbard’s birthday on March 13, the next most holy occasion might be New Year’s Eve. But the odd thing about Scientology’s big New Year’s celebration is that it actually takes place a few weeks earlier at the Shrine Auditorium in []

Scientology sounds so different from those still in and those who have left

 We’ve posted a lot of stories here at the Bunker from people who have left Scientology. People who were abused as children, who had their families ripped apart when they left, and some that are still struggling to understand what they went []

Is David Miscavige boarding up orgs in anticipation of inauguration riots?

[Inauguration day: More “planetary bullbait”?]

Our readers continue to send in updates about the state of orgs around the US, some of which are boarded up. (Orgs overseas appear unaffected.) In our previous updates, we noted that Scientology churches were either partially or fully boarded up in New York, DC, Dallas, Mountain View, Detroit, Pasadena, San []

Scientology social media: Planetary conquest still on track even as orgs are boarded up

 It’s another social media Sunday here in the Bunker, and we once again thank our source who lets us in on what Scientologists are telling each other as their planetary takeover proceeds at record speed. []