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Another social media harvest that reveals Scientology’s planetary takeover

 Once again our source has given us a sampling of the sorts of social media posts that Scientologists are sharing with each other on their way to taking over the world. Got your TRs in? Great, let’s dive []


Superhuman Scientology OT 8 makes news for being unable to control matter, space, and time

 This is my Scientology OT8 sister. She has made the local news for becoming the victim of a misunderstanding: Her business has a similar name to an online camera vendor, and angry customers unable to find a phone number for the camera company are calling her Niagara Falls resort on her toll-free phone line. The []

On a Thanksgiving like no other, we’re thankful again for people we will never forget

 It feels so strange to say that we hope on this Thanksgiving Day that you are not gathering with friends and family to celebrate the []

In this week’s social media leak, a Scientology school is offering ‘doctorates’ for donations

 Our thanks again to our source who dives into Scientology’s social media stream to let us know what church members are sharing with each []

Scientology has your certificate, pilgrim. Join these big beings around the world!

 It’s Sunday and we’re plunging into Scientology’s social media world again, where Scientologists tell each other about how the world will soon be theirs for the []

Afraid to leave Scientology? Ex-members describe their lives after David Miscavige

[Finding it hard to quit him?]

Reader Science Doc had a great suggestion. He pointed out that Scientologists are indoctrinated to believe the outside world is mysterious and dangerous, making it difficult for some to leave even when they’re feeling frustrated by church leader David Miscavige’s focus on extreme fundraising and other []

John Travolta crashes the Scientology social media feed as we dip back in for a look

 Another Sunday has us diving into Scientology’s social media feeds, where Scientologists share their wins and try to convince each other that Scientology is still a going []

Checking in with Scientology social media to see how the world takeover is going

 Once again we wish to thank our source who gives us access to Scientology’s various social media feeds that members use to keep each other informed about what’s happening inside the “World’s Coolest Religion” (TM). []

Leaked from Scientology social media: Incredible beings joining the winning team!

 We’re reaching deep into the Scientology social media stream again, bringing you postings that Scientologists are sending to each other, so we can get another glimpse of how things are going in David Miscavige’s house of []

An early revolt against Scientology leader David Miscavige found in 1983 document

[David Miscavige in 1986]

Our friend journalist Mark Ebner has come through for us once []