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Monthly Archives

Sudden change in Maiden Voyage events in Los Angeles a clue to Ideal Org problems?

[A 2016 Scientology staff recruiting ad]

One of our most reliable Los Angeles area correspondents, who has gotten into numerous Scientology events and reported on them for us, told us that they were struck by a sudden change in plans that they found pretty significant. []


Scientology’s targeting of children is only getting more blatant as the church struggles

 This photo was posted very publicly on Facebook by the Scientology ‘Ideal Org’ in Sacramento, with the following []

To be fair, we went by a Scientology ‘Ideal Org’ on its biggest day of the week

 I wanted to give Scientology the benefit of the doubt. A little while ago I went by the Cambridge, Ontario, Canada Ideal Org to see how things were going. It was during a weekday and was pretty dead at the time. I did a little write up on it and Tony posted it on the []

More rich donors propping up Scientology are revealed in a church magazine

 A new issue of Scientology’s ‘Impact’ magazine contains yet another gallery of wealthy donors who were awarded trophies for turning over the big []

On this day of declaring independence, we want to hear about your own fight for freedom

 Here in the United States we are celebrating our independence, and we hope you are too, wherever you are. []

David Miscavige’s pet projects result in constant fundraising pressure

 A constant theme of Scientology watching is that we see church members getting hit up for money in so many ways. For their progress up the ‘Bridge to Total Freedom,’ for new (and unnecessary) buildings, for book campaigns, for their status as donors, and on and []

Your brain on Scientology: ‘I am the hurricane’

[Another Scientology London success!]

One of the ways David Miscavige has put his own stamp on Scientology since he became its all-powerful leader after founder L. Ron Hubbard’s death in 1986 has been a shift towards the introductory end of the “Bridge to Total []

Mike Rinder returns to Scientology’s secretive Int Base! Well, sort of.

 Erin Hodges Plumb has done it again. We’ve documented her daring excursions in the past, and this time she let us know that she’d once again gotten access to Scientology’s “Int Base” in Riverside County, California. This time for a charity []

Scientology’s new strategy for ex-members ignoring its letters: Sending out invoices

It’s one of those things that even the most casual Scientology watcher is well aware of: If you find yourself on Scientology’s mailing list, you may never get yourself off of []

Scientology survey for its members: Why aren’t you giving us more money?

 On Wednesday, we told you that the Hollywood Celebrity Centre had sent out a questionnaire to its members which suggested that a new series of Scientology books for children may be []