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Monthly Archives

SCIENTOLOGY DOCUMENT LEAKS: Stunning new revelations span the 1960s to 2017

 Some time ago, we were fortunate to get access to new documents about Scientology released by the FBI to dogged Freedom of Information Act journalist Emma Best and the Muckrock []


The new leaders of ‘Scientology’ tell us about their fight to free the world

[Meet the new owners of the Sea Org, Christopher (Left) and Matthew Brady]

We want to thank the reader who stumbled upon something strange in the state of Florida’s files, and thought we’d be interested in it. []

Kansas City gets its first Scientology wedding: We solicited some advice for the young couple

 Scientology’s newest ‘Ideal Org’ opened on Saturday in Kansas City, and the next day, Sunday November 3, it had its first wedding, with Hubbardite rites and all the []

How ‘The Kominsky Method’ nailed it: Writer Chuck Lorre’s secret Scientology past

[‘The Kominsky Method’: Michael Douglas, Chuck Lorre, and Alan Arkin]

One of the questions we heard from a lot of people after we posted a rundown Monday of the Scientology scenes in a remarkable episode of the Netflix series ‘The Kominsky Method’ was how the show had gotten the church’s lingo down so []

Thetan-tastic: Alan Arkin and Michael Douglas skewer Scientology on ‘The Kominsky Method’

 Scientology has been belittled, parodied, and jabbed by so many television shows in recent years, we long ago lost count. And we very rarely say anything about these in-jokes and throwaway lines for a number of reasons that bore us to go into. But once in a while we feel compelled to pay attention to []

Xenu-giving: We check the crowd at Scientology’s biggest org on a day of thanks

[Phil and Willie Jones]

It was a nice Saturday afternoon so Willie and I decided to take a little drive in the country. We thought we’d swing by the Cambridge Org and see how things were going for their Canadian Thanksgiving []

The rise and fall of a Scientology mogul just took another mysterious twist

[Richie Acunto and Tiziano Lugli, back in the day]

We are at a complete loss on this story. We really have no idea what to think. So we ask you, our brilliant commenting community: What the hell is going on []

Another national census is in, and Scientology comes in at a mighty 0.007 percent!

[Millions of dollars spent in Auckland netted only six new members in five years]

Our thanks to the reader who sent us a tip that the nation of New Zealand has just put out the results of its 2018 national census, which includes the responses from 4,699,755 people as to their religious []

Hey, kids! It’s open mic night at your local Scientology spaceport!

 Scientology TV features so much repetitive and boring content that it has taken to inviting desperate filmmakers to screen their documentaries on its platform. These filmmakers are able to overlook the appalling human rights abuses of Scientology in order to get their documentaries about other appalling human rights abuses broadcast. The mental gymnastics of this []

After 3 years of Hurricane Leah: ‘Scientology today is light years ahead of what it was’

 Yesterday we looked at how Scientology seems to expend enormous resources for initiatives that really get them almost nowhere. And yet, today we have another reminder that for those still hanging on inside David Miscavige’s sinking ship, it’s always a sunny []