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Monthly Archives

Scientology lets Diana Hubbard out of the compound again — what’s the occasion?

[The spittin’ image of her mom, Diana signs an album for a fan]

One of our eagle-eyed researchers spotted a stunning photo on Facebook yesterday, and any Diana Hubbard sighting is worth a []


Phil and Willie check up on a Scientology eyesore, and a prisoner of The Hole resurfaces

[The unstoppable Phil and Willie Jones]

Our thanks this holiday season to Phil Jones for sending us this dispatch from the frozen []

Scientology celebrated New Year’s Eve on Saturday, and once again we had someone there

 Scientology leader David Miscavige welcomed in the new decade Saturday night at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles as the church, per its usual custom, celebrated New Year’s Eve a couple of weeks early so it could be filmed and then shown at its facilities around the world on the evening of December []

Give Scientology $500 and you too could be a ‘Harlem Homie’!

[Photo from this summer of the Harlem staff]

We told you recently that we’ve been digging through some really startling new document leaks from the Church of Scientology and from the FBI. We knew, poring through them, we were probably going to find some really fascinating things. But we weren’t prepared for this []

On this Thanksgiving, we’re thankful again for people we will never forget

 In 2013, the Church of Scientology slaughtered a couple of innocent live oak trees that had been standing in the way of a party the church wanted to throw []

SCIENTOLOGY DOCUMENT LEAKS: Stunning new revelations span the 1960s to 2017

 Some time ago, we were fortunate to get access to new documents about Scientology released by the FBI to dogged Freedom of Information Act journalist Emma Best and the Muckrock []

The new leaders of ‘Scientology’ tell us about their fight to free the world

[Meet the new owners of the Sea Org, Christopher (Left) and Matthew Brady]

We want to thank the reader who stumbled upon something strange in the state of Florida’s files, and thought we’d be interested in it. []

Kansas City gets its first Scientology wedding: We solicited some advice for the young couple

 Scientology’s newest ‘Ideal Org’ opened on Saturday in Kansas City, and the next day, Sunday November 3, it had its first wedding, with Hubbardite rites and all the []

How ‘The Kominsky Method’ nailed it: Writer Chuck Lorre’s secret Scientology past

[‘The Kominsky Method’: Michael Douglas, Chuck Lorre, and Alan Arkin]

One of the questions we heard from a lot of people after we posted a rundown Monday of the Scientology scenes in a remarkable episode of the Netflix series ‘The Kominsky Method’ was how the show had gotten the church’s lingo down so []

Thetan-tastic: Alan Arkin and Michael Douglas skewer Scientology on ‘The Kominsky Method’

 Scientology has been belittled, parodied, and jabbed by so many television shows in recent years, we long ago lost count. And we very rarely say anything about these in-jokes and throwaway lines for a number of reasons that bore us to go into. But once in a while we feel compelled to pay attention to []