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The nanny task list from a Scientology couple that is driving Twitter insane

[Hollis Jane Andrews]

Our thanks to the several people who forwarded us something that’s getting considerable attention at Twitter this morning, and we can certainly see []


The Scientology-QAnon connection that showed up in HBO’s ‘Q: Into the Storm’

 A few weeks ago we first brought up the crossover we were seeing between our coverage of Scientology here at the Underground Bunker and the stuff we cover over at our other blog The Lowdown — specifically, the QAnon phenomenon which has become such an obsession literally for millions of []

Scientology is back! Fundraising back on to turn the entire country ‘Ideal,’ praise Xenu!

 Scientology is back!

Oh wow, it’s been so long since we’ve seen this version of Scientology — Dave’s push to get all of the orgs ‘Ideal’ and all at once — that we nearly forgot how fun it []

Scientology social media: Salvaging the planet by draining one bank account at a time

 Our special source comes through again and gives us a glimpse of what’s going on at Scientology’s social media streams. Let’s see what’s happening to salvage the planet this []

Scientology social media: Taking the planet higher than it’s ever been

[Meet Ryan, hairdresser and Hubbardite]

We’re indebted to our special source who lets us see what Scientologists have been sharing with each other on social media. And this week, wow, you suppressive louts are in big []

Kirstie Alley’s daughter: ‘Everyone’ is ditching Los Angeles for Clearwater

[Lillie Parker and her husband Chaffee Burkhart Graham]

For a few years now, we’ve been telling you that all signs point to it: Scientology is fleeing Southern California, formerly its most formidable []

Scientology social media: Never a better time for learning to shatter suppression!

 Our special source gives us another look at what Scientologists were sharing with each other on social media this week, and once again, things couldn’t be better in David []

Aussie journo Ben Schneiders helps us grasp the fuss he’s kicked up about Scientology

 A few weeks ago we were first contacted by Australian journalist Ben Schneiders, who told us he was trying to figure out why Scientology was reporting such a huge increase in revenue in that country in recent []

Why is Scientology sending so much money to places like Australia and the British Isles?

[Illustration from Ben Schneider’s investigation in The Age]

 We’ve told you over the years that in some countries Scientology can’t be as secretive with its finances as it is here in the US. Places like Ireland, England, and Australia require Scientology to open the []

Scientology social media: The gang’s all here, let’s clear the planet!

 We want to once again thank our source who lets us in on what Scientologists are telling each other on their social media feeds.

We’ll start with the photo you see above. The Scientologist who posted it explained how fun it was to bring mom and dad down to ASHO, the American Saint Hill Organization building, []