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Scientology makes an exception for ABCMouse honcho, will hold memorial for Doug Dohring

TODAY AT SUBSTACK: If you’ve signed up for free emails at Substack, you will receive today’s feature story at your inbox: We’ve become accustomed to writing remembrances for Scientology figures because the church itself is usually silent about their passing. To our surprise, they’re making an exception for Doug Dohring, who died recently. Maybe it’s []


Scientology’s plan to take over Battle Creek, Michigan is going according to plan!

 David Miscavige is actually doing gangbusters business and especially in Battle Creek, Michigan, which should be a Scientology oblast any day []

Oh, now they’ve done it: Scientology gets in trouble with the Smurfs

 How many times have we seen Scientology blatantly make use of copyrighted images in their fundraising materials, co-opting movies like Top Gun and Braveheart and the superhero []

More proof that Scientology is taking over the planet, you doubters

 We know you think David Miscavige is on the ropes, what with Leah Remini and everyone else suing him, and process servers hunting him down, and his Austin Ideal Org grand opening ceremony canceled, and so many questions being asked about his wife, []

Scientology has a toxic effect on family: A testimonial

Sunny Pereira’s remarkable piece about growing up in Scientology garnered a big response, including this dispatch that was emailed to us by a reader. We thought you’d want to see []

The OT 7s turned away at the gates: A Scientology blunder that reveals so much

[Cindy Plahuta and the under-construction Super Power Building]

After our recent special series about Scientology’s most secretive subsidiary, the Church of Spiritual Technology (part 1, part 2, part 3), we heard from an unlikely source about CST’s bizarre []

Pete Griffiths on the unbearable rightness of being Scientologists

 On a recent post of Scientology’s success stories from Advance! magazine, Pete Griffiths spotted a name he []

A cry for help: Disturbing handwritten letter found outside Scientology ‘mecca’

 Sunday, we received a message from a person in Clearwater we had heard from a few times []

French minister details escaping Scientology as a child in social media spot

 A junior minister in the French government has recently recorded a summary of how her mother became a devoted Scientologist — and of her own years inside one of its schools in []

Janis Gilham Grady and Mark Fisher: Taking you into Scientology’s abuses and its past

 We’ll be at the courthouse today hoping the Danny Masterson retrial jury can deliver some verdicts before the holiday weekend. In the meantime, Janis Gillham Grady and Mark Fisher wanted to tell you about their new video []