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Monthly Archives

Scientology is dying to keep you well from the pandemic it doesn’t believe in

 Don’t miss our bonus coverage last night about Clearwater Police Chief Dan Slaughter’s inspection of the Flag Land []


Scientologists are convinced that they can rescue the planet from deadly pandemic

 We often say that what Scientology offers which appeals to the small percentage of people who become involved in it is this: Certainty. []

Scientology tries desperately to keep members from letting reality sink in during pandemic

 It’s becoming increasingly clear that what terrifies Scientology most about the coronavirus pandemic is that while its few remaining members are stuck at home, L. Ron Hubbard’s control techniques are going to wear off, and reality is going to begin to set []

‘PROTECT THE ORG’ is Scientology’s highest purpose says new edict

[The “Decon Seven Sanitation Team” in Johannesburg, here to Clear the planet]

Here’s the latest word from Los Angeles, where Scientologists are told that although “public” (meaning non-staff Scientologists) are encouraged to do extension courses while they are isolating in their homes, Scientology’s facilities are still open and operating, and that members on site for advanced []

This is Scientology’s plan for bringing good ‘hygiene’ to your door

 In our ongoing coverage of Scientology’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, we’re seeing more evidence that reality is finally setting in, Scientologists are staying home, and some of the orgs are encouraging members to enroll in extension courses while in []

Scientology’s founder: ‘WE are going UP while the world is coming down!’

[Hubbard in 1973, hiding out in Queens, NY. (Photo by Jim Dincalci)]

In a time of crisis, Scientologists are naturally turning to the words of the founder, L. Ron Hubbard, looking for some way to make sense of []

Scientology’s bizarre response to the pandemic: Handing out sketchy cleaning products

 Didn’t Scientology learn its lesson with its balloon debacle? []

Scientology leader David Miscavige calls the pandemic ‘planetary bullbait’ in epic briefing

[He’s not happy]

Over the last two weeks, Scientologists have been called in for a special briefing about the coronavirus pandemic and David Miscavige’s response to it. Scientology has been very careful not to allow this briefing to leak out to the public, telling Scientologists that they must come down to see it in []

Scientology and the coronavirus: Keeping the orgs open as ‘essential services’

[L. Ron Hubbard and COVID-19: Illustration by Observer]

On Monday, we told you that Scientology’s holiest event on the calendar, L. Ron Hubbard’s birthday gala in Florida, was canceled over coronavirus fears.

Then on Wednesday, we reported that Scientologists were being called in to be given a new “briefing” which was actually platitudes from a lecture []

To help us get through the pandemic, L. Ron Hubbard’s words of Scientology wisdom

[L. Ron Hubbard, circa 1963]

STAY HOME. There, we said it. Take the coronavirus seriously, keep calm, but most importantly, minimize your contact with other people and stay home. []