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Monthly Archives

Hey, kids! It’s open mic night at your local Scientology spaceport!

 Scientology TV features so much repetitive and boring content that it has taken to inviting desperate filmmakers to screen their documentaries on its platform. These filmmakers are able to overlook the appalling human rights abuses of Scientology in order to get their documentaries about other appalling human rights abuses broadcast. The mental gymnastics of this []


After 3 years of Hurricane Leah: ‘Scientology today is light years ahead of what it was’

 Yesterday we looked at how Scientology seems to expend enormous resources for initiatives that really get them almost nowhere. And yet, today we have another reminder that for those still hanging on inside David Miscavige’s sinking ship, it’s always a sunny []

Thorn in Scientology’s side, Michelle ‘Emma’ Ryan, says ESMB will go still on Sep 30

[Michelle Ryan]

Yesterday morning, we rose to the surprising news that Michelle “Emma” Ryan had announced that she would be shutting down new posting on the Ex-Scientologist Message Board as of September []

Scientology ecstasy: ‘I have no idea where I would be right now without NED’


Scientology publications can be such goldmines. Once again, we’ve received a copy of the “Connect” newsletter from the Hollywood Celebrity Centre, and the latest edition features a graduation speech that is out of this []

Scientology finally solves its recruiting woes with professional ham hock Grant Cardone

[Cardone wows ’em at the Celebrity Centre]

Ever since we learned that Scientology leader David Miscavige had used him as an enforcer to terrorize legendary acting coach Milton Katselas in his final years, church donor and popular motivational speaker Grant Cardone has been on our radar, mostly for all the wrong []

My brother, the Scientologist: Trying to bridge the gap when Hubbardism is in the way

 We heard from a reader who told us about her situation trying to deal with a sibling who is a dedicated Scientology staffer. They aren’t disconnected, but this brother-sister pair have an interesting situation we thought you’d want to read about. Here’s our reader’s account about what it’s like growing up with a brother so []

Scientology in a nutshell: The lights are on, but nobody’s home

 We continue to get great tips from our readers, including this report from a correspondent in Los Angeles. Their account seems like such a good description of Scientology in general, which is involved in so many front groups and fake do-gooderism, but in reality is shrinking and barely able to staff its []

Scientology’s secret weapon to get its clutches on your children

 You’ve seen us mention Charlie Wakley numerous times.

The product of a Scientology family, Charlie has emerged as a notable fixture at Scientology’s London Ideal Org. He shows up frequently in the org’s promotional materials and videos. It’s his job to give the impression that Scientology is exploding in popularity in London. It isn’t, but []

Scientology is the coolest religion on earth, video proves

 Copenhagen has done it again.

Just when if feels like it couldn’t get any more miserable in this terrible modern world we live in, and the news is so grim we try not to catch sight of the national news, along come our Danish friends to remind us that things could always be worse: we could []

Inside Scientology’s emergency San Fernando Valley confab, planning for US takeover

 On Monday, we heard from a Los Angeles reader that Scientology had done something kind of unusual, changing its annual “Maiden Voyage” schedule in order to create a last-minute “convention,” scheduled for this Saturday on L. Ron Hubbard Way, as well as an “IDEAL USA” confab that was held this past weekend at the Valley []