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‘Scientology is dead’ says the ex-con claiming he’s the reincarnated L. Ron Hubbard

 Rod Keller has the week off and we need to get through the holiday weekend, so forgive us for taking a momentary break from reality. But, hey, what the []


On this day of declaring independence, we want to hear about your own fight for freedom

 Here in the United States we are celebrating our independence, and we hope you are too, wherever you []

Scientology ‘Sunday service’ has always been a lazy PR ploy, and now it’s on full display

 People who come out of Scientology after years or decades have a lot to tell you. About the auditing they went through, the training to be auditors, the special rundowns they might have experienced, or what it was liking working as a staff member or in the Sea Org. []

Kirstie Alley lets her Scientology hang out and fans react with predictable hilarity

 Kirstie Alley is an oversharer on Twitter, and we try to not to get too caught up in her online drama. She’s crass and comical, and on occasion we see our readers giving her some pretty clever comebacks. But for the most part she merits little more than an eyeroll. []

Boarded up and shut down, Scientology struggles to stay relevant in uncertain times

 An Underground Bunker reader sent us a couple of snapshots they took yesterday in Pasadena, where Scientology workers were busy putting up plywood to protect the Ideal Org’s large plate glass []

Scientology’s hammy Grant Cardone and the political operator: A significant connection?

[Wakley and Cardone, a match made in Arslycus]

If motivational speaker Grant “10X” Cardone is Scientology’s “professional ham hock,” as we like to call him, then London Org’s Charlie Wakley is surely the movement’s aspirational pork product. Its British banger, as it were.

Their online summit this week felt like some sort of minor cosmic shift in []

AUDIO: Scientology recruiter says wrecked families small price for salvaged planet

[Saint Hill calling!]

Phil Jones has waged war with Scientology since it ripped his family apart with its cruel ‘disconnection’ policy. You’ve read here about his campaign to place billboards in Los Angeles and Florida about disconnection, and about his involvement in a TV series that never aired. He’s a regular contributor here, and he and []

Scientology trying to sell Irish reporters on the idea that interest is booming there

 Hey, it’s nice to hear from Louis Theroux, who connected us with an Irish journalist this week. The Irish reporter had been sent a sparkly press release from Scientology in regards to the Dianetics anniversary, and he had []

Scientology’s $20 million hole in the ground: The secret vault to nowhere

 Over the years we’ve told you a lot of things about Scientology’s bizarre set of underground vaults, where it stores L. Ron Hubbard’s words and ideas for future generations in case of civilization []

Scientology’s mystery sandwich: A ‘church’ where deception is a sacrament

 One of our readers forwarded an “FSM Newsletter” they received recently from the Church of Scientology. And reading it, we were reminded that Scientology is such a dishonest mess, we sometimes get inured to []