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If Scientology’s a sinking ship, why are some still throwing so much money at it?

 TODAY AT SUBSTACK: If you’ve signed up for free emails at Substack, you will receive today’s feature story at your inbox: No matter how grim things seem to be for Scientology, it never gives up. And specifically, it never stops begging its remaining members for huge mountains of cash. Our tipsters passed along a couple []


Scientology announced protest of ‘thousands’ as APA comes to NYC, so we showed up

TODAY AT SUBSTACK: If you’ve signed up for free emails at Substack, you will receive today’s feature story at your inbox: Thousands of Scientologists, descending on the evil psychiatrists who were having their annual convention in New York City, and only a pleasant bike ride from where we happened to be? We were pumped! [What []

What Alex Barnes-Ross told East Grinstead councillors about Scientology abuses

2.45pm. East Court. East Grinstead. Suited and booted, documents in hand. It’s showtime.

Today, after five months of back-and-forth with East Grinstead Town Council over their close association with the Church of Scientology, I finally set foot in the local government offices for the first time for a face-to-face meeting with two elected []

BANNED IN EAST GRINSTEAD: How we got blacklisted for asking about Scientology

[Mayor Visser enjoying himself on Scientology’s stage]

We have something pretty special for you today, and we need to do a little work to explain what it’s all []

Sure sign of Scientology’s decline? The new ‘OT Phenomena’ are not very… phenomenal

[Scientology superheroes keep shrinking]

Are Scientology OTs losing their powers? Or have they just given up sharing their amazing feats of supernatural ability with the editors of Scientology’s Advance! []

Aftermath Foundation billboard pulled down, and ClearChannel isn’t saying why

[Phil Jones and his newest billboard on Monday morning.]

When we spoke to Phil Jones last night, he had just arrived back home in Canada after his flight from Los Angeles, and he sounded tired and a bit bewildered by what he’d been through over the last few []

They’ve done it again! Billboard goes up adjacent to Scientology HQ in Los Angeles

It was April 2016 when we first launched our ‘Call Me’ billboards. The first one we did was in Los Angeles. From there we did a billboard in Clearwater, Florida and another in Los Angeles near the Scientology Media Productions site. There was lots of press that resulted which went on for some months afterwards. []

You’ve just been through Scientology’s Wall of Fire: It’s time to party!

 We know you’re hearing some pretty grim things about Scientology’s prospects these days, with dwindling membership, damning lawsuits, and terrible press, but as we never hesitate to point out, Scientology never gives []

East Grinstead councillor resigns amid Scientology controversy: A connection?

[Was Councillor John Dabell fed up with Mayor Visser’s Scientology entanglement?]

For a few months now, we’ve been helping Alex Barnes-Ross document the chaos that seems to have gripped East Grinstead since that English town, which is where Scientology has its UK headquarters, reacted to questions raised by Alex and others about the cozy relationship between []

Heber Jentzsch is 88, but Scientology still makes this surprising claim about him

[Heber Jentzsch at Maiden Voyage in 2006]

Yesterday, Valerie Ross provided another of her fascinating glimpses into the life of a Scientologist, someone so dedicated to the cause that she had, at one time, infiltrated and spied on the FBI for Scientology’s espionage wing, the Guardian’s []