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Underground Bunker readers assemble, and Scientology spies freak out

[Willie and Pan]

Willie and I drove into the city yesterday to meet up with some good friends at the Toronto Scientology Org at 696 Yonge St. Aside from meeting with some awesome people I wanted to have a look to see if Scientology had finally, after years of raising millions of dollars, even gotten started []


What kind of technical perfection can you expect at Scientology’s mecca, space pilgrim?

 We know some of you have your doubts about Scientology’s capacity for actually delivering the superpowers it promises, but there’s no doubt that it is steeped in decades of delivering L. Ron Hubbard’s “technology” as closely as possible to the founder’s []

The Scientologist who played a role in Tuesday’s historic Blue Origin launch

 Woohoo! Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard always predicted that Scientologists would eventually be central to spaceflight on this planet, and it’s finally become []

Scientology has been desperate to produce results in Texas for a very long time

[Another failed rain dance for Austin?]

I was a Sea Org management executive for the western United States for about nine years, a veritable eternity to hold a single job in the Sea Org. In that capacity and later when doing other Sea Org jobs, I visited almost all of the Scientology churches west of the []

Scientology hits on the perfect theme for its Chicago fundraising: Blues Brothers!

 Scientology is always hunting around for new themes to use in its fundraising, from Star Wars to The Last Samurai. And we didn’t think it could get more on-the-nose than Caribbean pirates and 30’s gangsters asking for your dough.

Hand over yer booty, me []

The nanny task list from a Scientology couple that is driving Twitter insane

[Hollis Jane Andrews]

Our thanks to the several people who forwarded us something that’s getting considerable attention at Twitter this morning, and we can certainly see []

The Scientology-QAnon connection that showed up in HBO’s ‘Q: Into the Storm’

 A few weeks ago we first brought up the crossover we were seeing between our coverage of Scientology here at the Underground Bunker and the stuff we cover over at our other blog The Lowdown — specifically, the QAnon phenomenon which has become such an obsession literally for millions of []

Scientology is back! Fundraising back on to turn the entire country ‘Ideal,’ praise Xenu!

 Scientology is back!

Oh wow, it’s been so long since we’ve seen this version of Scientology — Dave’s push to get all of the orgs ‘Ideal’ and all at once — that we nearly forgot how fun it []

Scientology social media: Salvaging the planet by draining one bank account at a time

 Our special source comes through again and gives us a glimpse of what’s going on at Scientology’s social media streams. Let’s see what’s happening to salvage the planet this []

Scientology social media: Taking the planet higher than it’s ever been

[Meet Ryan, hairdresser and Hubbardite]

We’re indebted to our special source who lets us see what Scientologists have been sharing with each other on social media. And this week, wow, you suppressive louts are in big []