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Underground Bunker TV – Videos that explain Scientology’s controversies


Hey, if David Miscavige can have a DirecTV channel that shows the same dozen programs over and over 24 hours a day, the least we can do is throw him a little competition. And mercifully, we’re keeping our videos very short — two minutes or less whenever possible.

We’re choosing particular issues in Scientology that we’ve covered here before, and presenting them in a way that we hope will draw people back here to the Bunker to seek more information.

Sylvia Wagner DeWall: A message to Scientology and those who turned their backs on her

Hear a Scientologist get ‘declared’ for being suppressive

Detroit gets an Ideal Org: Scientology ‘expansion’ comes to Motor City

Who is Joy Villa, and what is her Scientology connection?

Scientology forced abortion — the case ignored by the Los Angeles Times

Is the Writers of the Future contest complicit in Scientology and its abuses?

How big is Scientology? And is it growing in membership?

Where is Shelly Miscavige — the vanished wife of Scientology’s leader?

Why doesn’t Tom Cruise see Suri? And how is it related to Scientology?

Is Scientology still spying like it did in the 1970s?

What is the vile secret buried in Scientology’s ‘Bible’?

Why was nothing done after three deaths at a Scientology rehab?

What is the point of ‘Ideal Orgs’? (And why is David Miscavige obsessed with them?)

What private act is Scientology obsessed with?

What does Scientology say about Jesus and Christianity?

What is David Miscavige’s position in Scientology?

How did Scientology try to derail Leah Remini’s TV series?

How is the world’s best selling drug helping to fund Scientology?

How is ABCMouse helping Scientology stay in business?

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