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Kari Lake’s next act: releasing election-denying song, ’81 Million Votes, My Ass’

Some links to Q-related items today







Looking for some background on the QAnon movement? We recommend Travis View’3 excellent article at New York magazine as a place to start.

THE LOWDOWN is our blog for news, the QAnon phenomenon, and other subjects not related to our coverage of the Church of Scientology. If it’s our Scientology coverage you re looking for, please use this bookmark for our latest stories.

Posted by Tony Ortega on June 2, 2023 at 08:00


Oh no, patriots, the RATS are sinking the Trump ship!

You know you need these QAnon Shaman yoga pants, patriot

Jake Angeli goes back to being QAnon Shaman after prison

It’s a slippery slope for Q patriots from MAGA to flat earth, apparently

Q patriots are so Trump-focused, they fall for some pretty sad scams

Allen, Texas shooter included Nazi shoutout in his signature

Rhodes gets 18 years as QAnon Shaman released from halfway house

Elon’s launch of DeSantis announcement biggest Twitter screwup ever?

Q patriots: Why can’t the libturd Dumbocrats get used to the idea of the new god king?