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Immolator was not a QAnon believer, but QAnon is becoming a Max Azzarello believer

Lara Trump: ‘It’s 4 years of scorched earth when Donald Trump retakes the White House’

MTG wants space lasers to combat migrants, and libturds dare to laugh

DJT stock tumbles, but Q patriots know: You have to trust the plan!

Donny appears to nod off during first day of hush-money trial

Trump fan flashing ‘Q’ goes viral as a sure sign of the storm

Mar-a-Lago is heaven on earth and the libturds just can’t handle it

Invest in Trump and watch your cash burn, but Q patriots are still stoked on their man

Flynn posts photo to make libturd Dumbocrat heads explode

Trump runs out of delays as trial looms, but MAGA fans are dressed to the nines in support