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Blogging Dianetics from cover to cover

Dianetics_First_EditionIn 1950, L. Ron Hubbard published the book that changed his life, transforming him from a well known writer of pulp fiction into an even more well known leader of a worldwide organization that came to be known as the Church of Scientology.

That book was Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, and in 2013 we examined it in weekly installments, using a first edition copy of the book that was given to us by researcher Jeff Jacobsen.

The best part: we made use of the invaluable help of ex-Scientologist, Los Angeles lawyer, and writer Vance Woodward.

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The 25 installments, in order…

Blogging Dianetics, Part 1: Vance Woodward Helps Us Parse L. Ron Hubbard’s Masterpiece (1/4/13)

Blogging Dianetics, Part 2: The State of Clear! (1/11/13)
Blogging Dianetics, Part 3: The Meaning of Life! (1/18/13)
Blogging Dianetics, Part 4: Dynamically Speaking (1/25/13)
Blogging Dianetics, Part 5: Your Mind is a 1950s Computer (2/1/13)
Blogging Dianetics, Part 6: Reactive Mind Games (2/8/13)
Blogging Dianetics, Part 7: The Hard Cell (2/15/13)
Blogging Dianetics, Part 8: The Demon Seed (2/22/13)
Blogging Dianetics, Part 9: Hubbard and Perversion! (2/28/13)
Blogging Dianetics, Part 10: Killing the Grizzly (3/7/13)
Your Life as Sperm or Egg: L. Ron Hubbard’s Mad Genius
The Mother and Child Reunion: Another Dianetics Nightmare (3/21/13)
In Dianetics, the Uterus is a Frightening Place (3/28/13)
The Secret to Scientology’s “Wins” Revealed? (4/4/13)
Dianetics: Your Life Was Ruined Before Birth by Your Parents and Their Dumb Culture (4/11/13)
Hysterical Hyper-Sight, and Other Lost Concepts of Dianetics (4/18/13)
Dianetics is Not Hypnosis — Well, Except For That “You Are Feeling Sleepy” Part (4/26/13)
Dianetics: Super Colon Blow For Your Mind (5/2/13)
Babylon Surmising: Dianetics Rights an Ancient Wrong (5/16/13)
A Womb With a View: More Dianetics Just-So Stories (5/23/13)
Word To Your Mother: Dianetics And Its Lack of Boundaries (5/30/13)
Dianetics Has No Patience for ESP or Telepathy — That’s Pseudoscience! (6/6/13)
This is Your Dianetics on Drugs: The Nitrous Engram (6/13/13)
Dianetics Noir: Dangerous Women Hiding Their Womb-Secrets (6/20/13)
Blogging Scientology’s Bible: Vance, We’ve Reached the Finish Line! (6/28/13)

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