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The Danny Masterson prosecution: Our reporting at the Underground Bunker

It was here at the Underground Bunker that we first broke the news in 2017 about Scientology celebrity Danny Masterson’s investigation by the LAPD on rape allegations by three women who were once Scientologists themselves.

Since then we’ve reported on every step of the story involving both the civil lawsuit against him and the criminal prosecution, which now has him facing trial and the potential for a 45 years to life prison sentence.

At this page, we’re collecting links to our coverage of this evolving story.




Day Zero (Oct 10): Pre-trial motions [vid]
Day One (Oct 11): Jury selection begins [story] Wrap-up [vid]
Day Two (Oct 12): The spy in the hallway [story] Wrap-up [vid]
Day Three (Oct 13): The witness lists [story] Wrap-up [vid]
Day Four (Oct 17): Wrap-up [vid]
Day Five (Oct 18): Jury selection nearing end [story] We have a jury [Morning break] Opening statements [Lunch break] Jane Doe 1 begins [Afternoon break] Defense calls for mistrial [End of day] Wrap-up [vid]
Day Six (Oct 19): The phrase that almost caused a mistrial [story] [podcast] Mistrial averted again [Morning break] Jane Doe 1 breaks down [Lunch break] Jane Doe 1 on expulsion [Afternoon break] Jane Doe 1 cross begins [End of day] Wrap-up [vid]
Day Seven (Oct 20): Scientology concepts plentiful [story] We lose a juror [Morning break] Jane Doe 1 and the LAPD [Lunch break] Defense questions bruises [Afternoon break] Jane Doe 1’s payment [End of day] Wrap-up [vid]
Day Eight (Oct 21): Defense avoids Scientology ‘elephant’ [story] Judge rebukes ‘condescending’ Cohen [Morning break] Jane Doe 1 redirect [Lunch break] Jane Doe 1 recross [End of day] Wrap-up [vid] Week one of testimony in review [podcast]
Day Nine (Oct 24): Marc Headley on the spy [story] [podcast] Shaun Fabos testifies [Morning break] Fabos declared hostile [Lunch break] Jane Doe 3 begins [Afternoon break] Jane Doe 3 describes rape [End of day] Wrap-up [vid]
Day Ten (Oct 25): The Shaun Fabos Factor [story] Jane Doe 3 on 2nd attack [Morning break] Jane Doe 3 panic attack [Lunch break] Jane Doe 3 begins cross [End of day] Wrap-up [vid]

Day Eleven (Oct 27): Canada loses Scientologists [story] Jane Doe 3 continues cross [Morning break] Jane Doe 3 post-breakup [Lunch break] Jane Doe 3 finishes [Afternoon break] First LAPD witness (Schlegel) [End of day] Wrap-up [vid]
Day Twelve (Oct 28): Masterson shatters Marc Headley’s suppression [story] LAPD Det Schlegel [Morning break] Cedric Bixler-Zavala testifies [Lunch break] LAPD Det Myers and her vacation [End of day] Wrap-up [vid] Week two in review [podcast]
Day Thirteen (Nov 2): Scientology propaganda [story] Jane Doe 2 begins [Morning break] Jane Doe 2 describes rape [Lunch break] Cross of Jane Doe 2 [Afternoon break] Jane Doe 2 cross ends [End of day] Wrap-up [vid]
Day Fourteen (Nov 3): Cory Palka in hot water [story] Det Esther Reyes takes the stand [Morning break] Cross of Det Reyes [Lunch break] Jordan Ladd testifies [Afternoon break] Jane Doe 2’s mother [End of day] Wrap-up [vid]
Day Fifteen (Nov 4): David Boies joins the party [story] Expert Mindy Mechanic testifies [Morning break] Mariah O’Brien testifies [Lunch break] Det Javier Vargas begins [Afternoon break] Cross of Det Vargas [End of day] Wrap-up [vid] Week three in review [podcast]
Day Sixteen (Nov 7): Death of a Scientology ‘whale’ [story] Lisa Marie Presley will be called [Morning break] Arguments over Jane Doe 4 [Lunch break] Jane Doe 4 can testify [End of day] Wrap-up [vid]
Day Seventeen (Nov 8): Chynna Phillips, seeing the light? [story] LMP had planned to take fifth [Morning break] [vid] LAPD detectives continue cross [Afternoon break] Reyes probed on Jane Doe complaints [End of day] Wrap-up [vid]
Day Eighteen (Nov 9): Tommy Davis’s bizarre Soho encounter [story] No Lisa Marie Presley [Morning break] Tricia Vessey testifies [Lunch break] Tricia Vessey 2nd incident [Afternoon break] Tricia Vessey cross [End of day] Wrap-up [vid]
Day Nineteen (Nov 10): Odd turns in court [story] Tricia Vessey ends cross [Morning break] Rachel Smith testifies [End of day] Wrap-up [vid] Week four in review [podcast]
Day Twenty (Nov 14): Leah Remini interview [story] [podcast] Masterson will not testify [Morning break] Motion to dismiss denied [End of day] Wrap-up [vid]
Day Twenty-One (Nov 15): Closing arguments day [story] Mueller begins prosecution argument [Morning break] Cohen begins argument [Lunch break] Cohen finishes argument [Afternoon break] Jury has the case [End of day] Wrap-up [vid]
Day Twenty-Two (Nov 16): And now we wait [story] Deliberations begin [Lunch break] No verdict after day one [End of day] Wrap-up [vid]
Day Twenty-Three (Nov 17): Can jurors get it done? [story] Jury asks another question [Lunch break] No verdict second day [End of day] Wrap-up [vid]
Day Twenty-Four (Nov 18): Boies firm now reps Jane Doe 2 & 3 [story] Still no verdict [Lunch break] Jury unable to reach verdicts [End of day] Wrap-up [vid]
Day Twenty-Five (Nov 28): Can jury figure it out? [story] New jury starts over [Morning break] Special lunch report [vid] New jury will continue [End of day] Wrap-up [vid]
Day Twenty-Six (Nov 29): Scientology down 23 percent in England [story] Judge Olmedo defends the record [Morning break] Special lunch report [vid] Jury has another request [End of day] Wrap-up [vid]


Oct 10, 2022: The case against Danny Masterson: Details from the prosecution brief on the eve of trial
Oct 9, 2022: How a major Scientology donor family is caught up in the Danny Masterson case
Oct 7, 2022: Olmedo Rules: Details of the court’s decision on Scientology in Danny Masterson’s case
Oct 5, 2022: Prosecution plans to call Lisa Marie Presley as witness at Danny Masterson rape trial
Oct 4, 2022: Prosecution plans to call 1996 victim in Danny Masterson trial
Sept 20, 2022: Olmedo rules: After grand jury revelation, the court’s words for Danny Masterson’s lawyers
Sept 18, 2022: Bombshells in Danny Masterson case: Grand jury testimony, and evidence against Scientology
Sept 9, 2022: Olmedo rules: Read the decision to deny Danny Masterson’s latest trial delay attempt
Sept 5, 2022: Confirmed: Law enforcement was informed about another alleged Danny Masterson victim
Aug 19, 2022: Danny Masterson lawyers telling tales of woe ahead of October rape trial: Another strategy?
Aug 16, 2022: EXCLUSIVE: Danny Masterson’s attempt to delay trial over baseball gambit is DENIED
Aug 4, 2022: Danny Masterson delay attempt: Shawn Holley busy with Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer case
July 24, 2022: Danny Masterson done with appeals before Oct 11 trial? Can Scientology allow it to happen?
July 17, 2022: A 2004 photo reminds us of Danny Masterson’s punchy DJ persona. But will his jury see it?
July 11, 2022: How it went down: Transcript of Judge Olmedo denying Danny Masterson’s motion to dismiss
June 30, 2022: Today: Danny Masterson’s last chance to avoid criminal trial in October?
June 6, 2022: Scientology under scrutiny? A stunning new document in the Danny Masterson case
June 1, 2022: CA Supreme Court denies Danny Masterson petition to review rape case motion
May 31, 2022: Danny Masterson: Attorney Tom Mesereau is out, trial delayed to October 11
May 6, 2022: Danny Masterson’s new moves in rape case: Asks to dismiss one victim, separate the other two
May 4, 2022: Danny Masterson’s rape prosecutors tell Calif. Supremes why his Scientology argument is weak
April 20, 2022: California Supreme Court denies Scientology’s petition to review ‘religious arbitration’
April 18, 2022: How it went down: Transcript of Judge Olmedo denying Danny Masterson’s latest subpoenas
April 15, 2022: Calif. supremes want reply from DA to Danny Masterson’s bid for review in rape case
April 3, 2022: Another reason to watch the CA supremes: Danny Masterson is petitioning his rape case
March 29, 2022: How Danny Masterson’s criminal judge has iced out Scientology leader David Miscavige
March 6, 2022: Never before published: Jane Doe 1’s plea to Scientology to report rape by Danny Masterson
February 26, 2022: In Danny Masterson rape case, Scientology tried to put LA court through ‘Truth Rundown’
February 8, 2022: Scientology intervenes at Danny Masterson hearing, judge refuses to dismiss rape charges

THE PRELIMINARY HEARING: Our reports from Los Angeles

Our exhaustive reports from each day of testimony that led to Danny Masterson being bound over for trial to face charges that he raped three women, including dramatic references to Scientology, May 18-21, 2021 in the courtroom of Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Charlaine Olmedo:
[Day 1: Jane Doe 1]
[Day 2: Jane Doe 1 & Christina B.]
[Day 3: Christina B. & Jane Doe 2]
[Day 4: Arguments and the ruling]
[Post-ruling: The Scientology highlights]


March 3, 2017: LAPD probing Scientology and Danny Masterson for multiple rapes, cover-up
March 8, 2017: Danny Masterson: Victim C gets support from a veteran actress
March 11, 2017: Scientology made Danny Masterson’s Victim B search past lives to explain being raped
May 9, 2017: Masterson hires Michael Jackson criminal defense attorney Tom Mesereau in rape probe
Nov 2, 2017: Read the threatening letter Danny Masterson’s attorney Marty Singer sent a victim’s husband
Nov 26, 2017: EXCLUSIVE: Scientology interrogated Danny Masterson and accuser, didn’t notify LAPD
Apr 27, 2018: Strange days for a woman accusing Danny Masterson of rape — and for her rocker husband
July 8, 2018: Masterson witness fears for safety as investigation drags on and on
Nov 30, 2018: LEAH REMINI: Los Angeles DA Jackie Lacey, do your job already
Jan 22, 2020: Cedric Bixler-Zavala blames Scientology for poisoned dog he had to put down yesterday
Feb 3, 2020: Here’s Scientology actor Danny Masterson’s legal response to his rape accusers
Feb 10, 2020: Another dog poisoned: Bobette Riales says harassment worse since suing Scientology
Feb 26, 2020: SEVENTH victim comes forward to LAPD accusing Scientology actor Danny Masterson
Feb 29, 2020: Amended complaint filed against Danny Masterson with new stalking allegations
March 14, 2020: Danny Masterson’s victims speak out in sworn documents in lawsuit against Scientology
May 4, 2020: Masterson: Drop me from Scientology lawsuit if the ‘Jane Does’ won’t name themselves
June 19, 2020: Records show that Danny Masterson is a woeful Scientologist — would he turn on the church?
June 23: 2020: The key thing about Danny Masterson’s ‘DJ Donkey Punch’ nick is why he stopped using it
Sept 30, 2020: Could Danny Masterson’s odd legal fight over his Hollywood house endanger his freedom?
Oct 12, 2020: Bijou Phillips on her husband Danny Masterson: A macho ‘Strong Island’ guy
Oct 16, 2020: Danny Masterson ‘accidentally’ outs Jane Doe accuser after judge told him not to
Dec 1, 2020: If the feds are sniffing around, they might look at Danny Masterson’s besties
Dec 4, 2020: WHOA! Scientology to Judge Kleifield: Wrecking human lives IS our ‘commerce’
Dec 18, 2020: Jane Doe #1’s own attorneys flubbed and ID’d her and her IP address in court documents
Dec 24, 2020: Letter shows Scientology gave Jane Doe #1 permission to sue Danny Masterson in 2004
Jan 2, 2021: Worst part in the Scientology ‘arbitration’ ruling? Danny Masterson can participate.
Feb 24, 2021: MASTERSON ACCUSERS PETITION APPELLATE COURT: Seeking to overturn ‘arbitration’ ruling
Mar 9, 2021: PETITION DENIED: Danny Masterson accusers can’t skip Scientology arbitration, court says
Mar 23, 2021: Danny Masterson accusers take Scientology ‘arbitration’ to California Supreme Court
Apr 22, 2021: Why Danny Masterson’s attacks on Leah Remini aren’t helping him in court
Apr 30, 2021: Danny Masterson prosecutor: ‘Scientology is inextricably connected to this case’
May 1, 2021: IN HER OWN WORDS: Danny Masterson accuser rips LAPD miscues in 2017 letter
May 28, 2021: Ten Days That Shook The (Scientology) World: Dave and Danny’s very bad predicament
June 5, 2021: Was David Miscavige behind Tom Mesereau’s biggest blunder at Danny Masterson’s prelim?
June 7, 2021: Reporting from Los Angeles: Danny Masterson’s civil and criminal hearings today
June 7, 2021: VIDEO: Danny Masterson on his chances after arraignment on rape charges: ‘I feel fantastic’
June 9, 2021: The Scientology celebrity blues: ‘Oh, Danny boy, the banks, the banks are calling…’
July 22, 2021: Here’s our motion to quash the subpoena Danny Masterson’s attorney slapped us with
August 4, 2021: Danny Masterson delays motion to dismiss, and other recent mysteries for Scientology celeb
August 7, 2021: Evidence from Danny Masterson’s preliminary hearing aired on KABC Ch 7 in Los Angeles
August 10, 2021: Judge in Danny Masterson case quashes ‘fishing expedition’ done for Scientology’s benefit
August 16, 2021: Danny Masterson’s nutty lawsuit involving his house loan is finally kicked out of court
August 20, 2021: Judge Charlaine Olmedo on point: What was said in court about Danny Masterson’s subpoenas
September 16, 2021: New witness spills tea on Danny Masterson, ‘The Ranch,’ and attorney Andrew Brettler
October 17, 2021: New allegation: Woman says she was raped by Danny Masterson at ‘Dracula 2000’ cast party
November 11, 2021: Is Danny Masterson adding an OJ Dream Team lawyer to his defense? Also: trial set for Aug 29
December 15, 2021: Confirmed: Danny Masterson adds OJ Dream Team lawyer to his defense
January 13, 2022: Masterson’s victims, already on edge, have to deal with Danny’s aggressive process servers
January 25, 2022: Danny Masterson gets boost from Mom & brother Chris, who secure his $3.3 million bail
February 8, 2022: Danny Masterson’s ‘Dream Team’ lawyer angers ‘Aftermath’ producers with repeat subpoenas

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