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LEAH REMINI: Los Angeles DA Jackie Lacey, do your job already

Actress Leah Remini tells us she’s had enough. More than two years ago, the first of four women came forward and reported to law enforcement that they had been violently raped by Scientologist actor Danny Masterson. The police investigation is complete. By February, the managers of the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office had signed off on charging Masterson under a harsh law that could put him in prison for life. And still, two years after the investigation began, Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey has not made a decision about filing charges.

In the meantime, the victims tell us that they have been the subject of intense harassment. And now, we learn, an LAPD detective is also being followed and literally fears for his safety.

We checked in with Leah Remini, who tells us she’s incensed at the way the accusers have been treated.

“I don’t know how many times a victim can be victimized by Scientology and Scientologists,” she tells us.


“These brave women first told their stories to their ‘church’ looking for justice and they got none. Instead what they received was Scientology justice, which consisted of the victims being made responsible for their own rapes. That is what Scientology teaches—that you are somehow responsible for your ‘condition.’ No matter your age, if you were raped, molested, or beaten, Scientology beliefs say you did something to ‘pull it in,’ going so far as to ask children if they—in a past life—had raped, molested or beaten someone. This is Scientology.”

We’ve previously reported that the accuser we’re calling Victim B, after reporting her rape allegation to the church, was forced to spend some $15,000 on Scientology past-life counseling to try to find out what evil thing she had done perhaps millions of years ago that resulted in her being a victim in this lifetime.

[In May, LA DA Jackie Lacey was ambushed by Taryn Teutsch, a Scientologist and daughter of former Scientology spokesman Mike Rinder, who lobbied her in a Scientology operation. We asked the DA’s office for copies of any correspondence between Scientology and Lacey’s office, and got no response.]

“Scientology made the victims responsible for what happened to them. And their Scientologists friends also subscribed to this theory,” Leah says. “Then so did their Scientology families, siding with the church and siding with the Scientology celebrity. This is all at the direction of Scientology. I am sick to my stomach with the Scientologists’ behavior. Truly sickened by them.”

Victim B alleges that she was raped in 2003. The next year, 2004, against the wishes of the church, she went to the Los Angeles Police Department with her allegations. “Scientology responded by having the victim’s Scientology friends show up to the LAPD station — down the street from Celebrity Centre — with numerous affidavits claiming the victim was a liar. When I asked the police how that happened they said ‘someone tipped them off, but if we have only one victim and 20 statements saying the victim is lying, without overwhelming proof of the crime, there is nothing we can do.'”

It was only later, in 2016, when Chrissie Carnell Bixler came forward and reported her own 2001 incident with Masterson that the LAPD realized there was more than one victim — and two more women have come forward since then, bringing a total of four. But when the police went to re-open Victim B’s 2004 file, they found that all of the evidence reports in it had gone missing.

“I explained to the LAPD that it was Scientology policy to not only record every counseling session that goes on at the church, but everything is written down and contained in the parishioner files, which Scientology keeps,” Leah says. “This is done for every single person who ever steps into a ‘confidential’ counseling session in Scientology. Those files are never thrown away. And since three of the four accusers are Scientologists, the accounts of what happened to them are contained in those files. I suggested that the LAPD look into raiding Scientology — not only will they find the accounts as the victims said it was, they will see that Scientology is and has obstructed justice. They will find evidence of countless crimes covered up by Scientology. There are many victims of Scientology, these women are just the beginning.

“When Mike and I went to the authorities, on every level they told us, what evidence is there to justify a raid? We showed them Scientology policy on how to keep accurate records, we told them look what evidence was found in the 1977 raid, and all of the senior executives at the Gold Base who said they were beaten and imprisoned. What more do you need? They said they needed someone new to come forward. We gave them Valerie Haney. And what happened? Nothing.”

Last year, as part of her second season of her A&E series Scientology and the Aftermath, Leah filmed an episode interviewing the first three Masterson accusers, who had all been Scientologists. But she convinced A&E to postpone airing the episode when the DA’s office asked her to.

“We held off from airing our show because we did not want to hurt an ongoing investigation and yet, we are now told that Jackie Lacey has everything she needs to move forward with charges and has failed to act. And all the while, our victims have been harassed and followed by private investigators, followed and harassed by Scientologists, their phones and computers hacked… while the DA and the LAPD do nothing,” she says.

“I am so disgusted with law enforcement when it comes to Scientology, I really believed in the truth, in justice and this experience has left me so heartbroken for these courageous women who have yet to have anyone be their champion. What is it going to take?”


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Scientology disconnection, a reminder

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