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Scientology has its whales, but here are the leviathans of the Underground Bunker!

[Ready for your trophy?]

Scientologists can not only become “patrons” and “laureates” and “meritorious” based on how much money they give to the IAS (Scientology’s main slush fund), they can also become “ambassadors” and “luminaries” if they help pay for book dissemination campaigns.

There are so many ways Scientologists can get fancy trophies and certificates and swag! Why should they have all the fun?

We decided it was about time we started awarding statuses to our amazing commenters, who have been in the trenches with us in this absurd pursuit for many years now.

In this case, the coin of the realm is upvotes, a rough guide to how useful or funny or poignant a comment is. And some of our readers have amassed some pretty huge piles of them. As an incentive for their participation, we’re rewarding our whales with some awfully fun status levels.

Here’s the deal: We did our best to tease out your upvote numbers from the Disqus backend, a process fraught with inconsistency. So please, if you don’t see yourself on the list, let us know so we can add you.


And for heaven’s sake, when you reach a new level of awesomeness, tell us so we can recognize you for it. It’s time your hard work paid off here in the Bunker, and heck, if you come to HowdyCon, we’ll hand out some certs or something. Just don’t expect giant trophies handed out by a coiffed little guy in a tux.


[500,000+ Upvotes: Blue Whale Kha-Khan]


[400,000-499,999 Upvotes: Fin Whale Invictus]



[300,000-399,999 Upvotes: Sperm Whale Maximus]

Panopea Abrupta


[200,000-299,999 Upvotes: Right Whale Excalibur]

Andrea ‘i-Betty’ Garner, Once_Born, Robert Eckert, Sherbet


[150,000-199,999 Upvotes: Bowhead Whale Laureate]

chukicita, dagobarbz, flyonthewall, Missionary Kid, NOLAGirl(Stephanie), Phil Jones, Phoebequeen, RMycroft, Snake Plissken


[125,000-149,999 Upvotes: Humpback Whale Meritorious]

Baby, Jimmy3, Juicer77, Mark Parry-Maddocks, PickAnotherID, Rasha, ze moo


[100,000-124,999 Upvotes: Gray Whale Luminary]

Aron, DodoTheLaser, Douglas D. Douglas, Graham, nottrue, Shorpy


[75,000-99,999 Upvotes: Bryde’s Whale Ambassador]

Draco, Intergalactic Walrus, J. Swift, John P., Kestrel, Science Doc


[50,000-74,999 Upvotes: Minke Whale Vanguard]

aquaclara, Artoo45, BosonStark, Captain Howdy, Derek, Eclipse-girl, Eivol Ekdal, Ella Raitch, Frodis73, Harpoona Frittata, Intergalactic Walrus, Johnny Tank (Forever Autumn), kemist, Kim O’Brien, Liberated, madame duran, MaxSpaceman, M.C. Mayo, Michael Leonard Tilse, Mighty Korgo of Teegeeack, Mockingbird, Newiga, OTVIIIisGrrr8!, Princess Erika the Radiant, Puget Buckeye, salin, Suzanna Nielsen, Vaquera


[40,000-49,999 Upvotes: Beaked Whale Benefactor]

5 Feet Long and Luminous, aegerprimo, Chee Chalker, chuckbeattyx75to03, daisy, gtsix, Jeb Burton, Jens TINGLEFF, LongtimeLurker, Lousy Ratatouille, One Human, OOkpik, pluvo, Stan, Sunny, worstcultever


[30,000-39,999 Upvotes: Bottlenose Whale Guardian]

Andrew Robertson, Anonymous, beauty for ashes, FredEX2, Free Minds Free Hearts, Gladys Kravitz, iampissed, Jack99, L. Wrong Hubturd, LHS (Nasty Woman), Lina Sithlady, madge filpot, MarcabExpat, Owletalenie, Reyne Meyer, Richard, MickeyTheMouse, Qbird, Sejanus, SuccülentDuck, sugarplumfairy, Techie, TexasBroad, tigger


[25,000 – 29,999 Upvotes: Orca New Civilization Builder]

Ben Franklin, ConcepcionImmaculadaPantalones, davegrille, Gflded Kim, jazzlover, Jimbo, John Prince, Karen de la Carriere, read my avi, Scream Nevermore, stillgrace2, Todd Tomorrow, Tory Christman, TrevAnon


[20,000 – 24,999 Upvotes: Beluga Whale Crusader]

3feetback-of-COS, Bob, Bob Crouch, Chris Shelton (Galactic Patrol), Dee Findlay-DeElizabethan, Glen, HillieOnTheBeach, Independent Scientology News, Jerseygram, Just Hummin’ Along, M from Toronto, Mark Foster, Mat Pesch, monkey, mook, MrsLurksALot, Pete Griffiths, Richard Grant, richelieu jr, Skip Press, Still_On_Your_Side, Sunny Sands, Tone, UTR, villagedianne, Vistaril


[15,000-19,999 Upvotes: Narwhal Humanitarian]

0tessa, April, Ardent, balletlady, Calligraph, Cheap & Nothing Wasted, CK, dungeon master, edge, FirstNameUnknown, Gerard Plourde, Hamtaro, Ibby, ISNOINews, JaxNGold, Jenyfurrrrr, Jgg2012, joan nieman, LeeAnneClark, Lucille Austero, Marc Headley, mirele, Mooser, Mrs. B (noseinabk), Narapoid, Noesis. outraged, Phil McKraken, Pierrot, ReallyMGM, Riga G, SarahDB, Shivani33, sizzle8, SLIM, Stacy, What’sup, WOG with Attitude


[10,000-14,999 Upvotes: Whale Shark With Honors]

Ann B Watson, Bagpuss is my co-pilot!, Betsy, BigMcLargeHuge, bixntram, c8h10n4o2, Cars, Cat Daddy, Chocolate Velvet, Clark Ashton Kutcher, Dawn G., Dr_Orpheus, EmmyD6, FistOfXenu, Fred G. Haseney, Garumpf, Grisian Farce, grundöön, Jefferson Hawkins, Jon Hendry, KJP is in Portland, Lliira, Mick Roberts, MostEthicalPimp, Mrs. V., OrangySky, PerpetualOutflow, Peter, PoisonIvyHerself, RexAinsfree, richelieu jr, Robert Hammond, Sarah James, scnethics, shasha40, Sibs, Sidney18511, Silence of the Clams, Snippy_X, Spackle Motion, stanrogers, The Hot Tub of Sadly No!, The Original Donald, ThetaBara, Tracy Schmitz, Wayne Borean


[7,500-9,999 Upvotes: Great White Shark Super Power]

10oriocookies, Ammo Alamo, anony bird, aurora50, balletlady, Bavarian Rage, Bella Legosi, Beth, BraveBloggers, downtherabbithole, Fine Young Animal, FromPolandWithLove, Geoff Levin, George Layton, HTC, Illinoisian, JJ, Jo, Just Dee, Kristin G, Len Zinberg, Lurkness, mark, Mark Foster, Mary, Mary_McConnell, mockingbird, mon elle, Moonshot, N. Graham, Nothing to see here, otviii2late, Patty Moher, PeterBlood, PreferToBeAnon2, pronoia, RustyS, ScientologyDoesNotExist, SciWatcher, SDB, Sh00pZ, Shanester, SnackTheoryConfidential, Suppressive Tomato, Synthia Fagen, Taffy Sinclair, TheDude, The tree man, Trashton Porter, TX Lawyer, V900, Walter Mitty, Zeruel (Sebastian)


[6,000-7,499 Upvotes: Manta Ray Disseminator]

9001, Allie, Almira, Asillem4, Aslan’s Own, Barbara Angel, Bradley Greenwood, BTs2Free, BumpIt McCarthy, Cosmo Pidgeon, Cosmoneydoc, Davka, ExCult.Jan, Heidi, Holy Cow, Ivan Mapother, jimpjorps, Joe Howard, JustCallMeMary, Lori Hodgson, MissCandle, mOstSpecialAgent Joe McClaine, Ms. B. Haven, Racnad, SandiCorrena, scottmercer, shellybrittcorrias, Shut Up Oracle, Sir Hemet TC Burlwood VIII, smorbie, Sookie Sookie, Spike Robinson, t1kk, tetloj, TheMirrorThetan, thetastic, Victoria Pandora, Zana


[5,000-5,999 Upvotes: Sunfish Insouciance]

A bird in the chimney, And I’m Cute Too, anonsparrow, Bleuler, burythenuts, Captain MustSavage, Chuck Beatty, Commodore H. McCringleberry, DoveAlexa, El Con Blubbard, Fuzzy, Great White Clam, Grumpy Cat, IASREG, Jon Hunter, M L, otviii2late, Paul V. Tupointeau, Princess Squishy, Rick Alan Ross, rom661, romanesco, Room 101, Schmarty party, Sergeant Pepper, seriouslyWTF, skiesareblue, Snuzey, Stephanie Loving, StudentOflife, Susan black, Sydjazz, triumph, UhLasare, Valerie Ross, WildaBeast


4,000-4,999 Upvotes: Sturgeon Affluence

Alice Graves, andy o, AnyOldName1, Bert Allen, Brian J Sheen, California, Chewkacca, CofS Exit Zone, Couch_Incident, Dave Reams, dchoiceisalwaysrs, DexterSka, Dolly Jones, Drat, Edward Whalley, Exterrier, Faux Gibbler, FleaT, generic sock, Interested, InterestedObserver12, jen, Kay, KingofSweden, Kristen, Little Brother Joey(3-7-77), Meepthorp, Mike Rinder, Neil Clark, ombrifuge, Pedro, PJK, PRenaud, Ruby, Sandy, Scientology_411, Scott H, Simon Tology, SP’Onage, stateofcircle, stellamaris73, SurferJoe, Suzy, TheLurkingHorror, Unex Skcus, valshifter, VickiStubing, WhereIsSHE


[3,500-3,999 Upvotes: Marlin Straightwire]

Always Amazed, Anonymous Confused Person, arcinva, baddog5623, Bernie Headley, daytoncapri, Donna Cline Sargent, Doug Parent, Elegant Mess, endoftheQ, Ever met an SP?, Fink Jonas, Gravitysucks, Helen Van Patterson Patton, InTheNameOfXenu, jeff, jim, jmh, Kevin Tighe, KNMF, Lady Squash, Linda Clement, Linear13, McCarran, NiiiceKittyKittyKitty, Sarcasmo, Semper Phi, Spacer, Vault Digger, Verve, Xenu is my Homeboy, Xique


[3,000-3,499 Upvotes: Barracuda Beingness]

AcceptorDisprove, Barry Johnson, Calligraph, deanblair, David E Love, Dibythesea, DMSTCC, DrGreatCham, FollowTheMoney, Franklin Adams, Grisian Farce, Hana Eltringham Whitfield, Interested2, InterestedinCrazy, itsIBBy, Jenny Griffith, Jon S, Larry, Mareka Backus, Minion Gayle, MM, Noni Mause, Orglodyte, Paulette Cooper Noble, Pierohi, saksin, Scientia, Sir_Real, Troy MacGyver SP, whingeybingey, woodrose


[2,500-2,999 Upvotes: Perch Patron]

Are_sics, argyranthemum, BareFacedMessiah, BeezleBobby, Beverly, Casabeca, Charles Murdoch, Charlotte, CoolHand, Cupcakes for Breakfast, Dancing Cranberry, disco george, Elendira, Flying High, George M. White, HolyCash, Imelda Marcos, ISNOINews, ithilien, J238, Jen Hanson Gruber, Jesse Prince, Jonathan Cummings, Jonny Jacobsen, JustSheila, K2P2(KnitNut), Kitz, Kristin Rawls, Mark Bunker, May_West, Midwest Mom, Miss Cabbage, Miss Dutch, Mymy88, osofine, philosofa, picketflag247, pixie dust, scamofscientology, SignsOfSuccess, Skabetti, Susan B., trow125, USA MRIID, Willie Jones, Xenu’s son.


[2,000-2,499 Upvotes: Minnow Champion]

Alexander_Supertramp, Allioops, AmoVolare, Assez_Rire, AutOmatic, BabySmurfette, cymboli, Dean Fox, dwayners13, Elen, ElleGee, FleaT, FOTF2012, Fly Lady, HeatherGraceful, jane456, janedoe2, Jenstnick, Jon Atack, Joy Lover (Ex-CS), Justmeteehee, Kimmy3, LongNeckGoose, Marie Claire Wolf, MarionDee, mikecrosby, moonfire, NaplesFLA, NeverIn, ParticleMom, Peggy oh!, Robert Hanna Moore, RK, Robin Descamp, Roger Y, Royce Harlow, Saint, Stephenie Loving, Syllabub, Username, V Vendetta, vistaril_LOL, Wog


[The Everlasting Pod]

Bernie Headley, Captain Howdy, Denise Brennan, Nan McLean, Puget Buckeye, Ron Miscavige, Sugarplumfairy


3D-UnbreakablePosted by Tony Ortega on October 5, 2018 at 07:00

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The Best of the Underground Bunker, 1995-2017 Just starting out here? We’ve picked out the most important stories we’ve covered here at the Undergound Bunker (2012-2017), The Village Voice (2008-2012), New Times Los Angeles (1999-2002) and the Phoenix New Times (1995-1999)

Learn about Scientology with our numerous series with experts…

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UP THE BRIDGE: Claire Headley and Bruce Hines train us as Scientologists
GETTING OUR ETHICS IN: Jefferson Hawkins explains Scientology’s system of justice
SCIENTOLOGY MYTHBUSTING: Historian Jon Atack discusses key Scientology concepts

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