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The life and death of Scientology ‘Clear’ Lisa McPherson, told in real time


As the 20th anniversary of the death of Lisa McPherson approached in 2015, we decided to remember this grimmest of Scientology’s scandals by recounting it in real time. Starting in mid-November, we looked at the final three weeks of Lisa’s life using documents from the original police investigation as well as new interviews with people like Marc Headley and Tom DeVocht.

Covering it day by day, we got a real sense of the tragedy as it unfolded. We hope the series will help you understand how Scientology’s rigid rules and assumptions about mental health turned a physically healthy 36-year-old woman into a critically dehydrated and cruelly neglected victim.

Nov. 12: Countdown to Room 174: Remembering, in real time, Scientology’s grimmest scandal
Nov. 13: Why it was Scientology leader David Miscavige who declared Lisa McPherson ‘Clear’
Nov. 15: Tom DeVocht: Watching David Miscavige watch Lisa McPherson and her faulty ‘needle’
Nov. 16: Lisa McPherson in Orlando: What her hotel roommate witnessed, and the Slaughter rule
Nov. 17: Our Scientology tech experts review Lisa McPherson’s grim cycle of guilt and self-blame
Nov. 18: Lisa McPherson’s last opportunity for standard care ended 20 years ago today
Nov. 19: ‘Babywatch,’ day one: Lisa McPherson raves out by Scientology’s holiest swimming pool
Nov. 20: Day two (Second item)
Nov. 21: Day three (Second item)
Nov. 22: Day four (Second item)
Nov. 23: Day five (Second item)
Nov. 24: Day six (Third item)
Nov. 25: Lisa McPherson and the doctors: Hamstrung by the ‘spiritual’ needs of a thetan
Nov. 26: Day eight (Second item)
Nov. 27: Day nine (Second item)
Nov. 28: Day ten (Third item)
Nov. 29: Day eleven (Fifth item)
Nov. 30: Day twelve (Second item)
Dec. 1: Day thirteen (Second item)
Dec. 2: Day fourteen (Second item)
Dec. 3: Day fifteen (Fourth item)
Dec. 4: How Scientology ‘caretakers’ could stand by and watch Lisa McPherson deteriorate
Dec. 5: Twenty years ago today: The final hours of Lisa McPherson’s Scientology life

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