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He was a student and teacher at Scientology’s elite boarding schools: Now he’s dishing

 Scientology’s boarding school The Delphian in Oregon — where wealthy Scientologists send their kids for indoctrination in the L. Ron Hubbard way and also where the church recruits for the Sea Org — has been in the news here at the Bunker a couple of times []


Leah Remini podcast: Ian Rafalko talks about his father, chiropractor Eric Berg

[Ian Rafalko]

You probably remember that we were pretty excited in May to see the TikTok video put out by Ian Rafalko about his father, OT 8 chiropractor and major Scientology donor Eric []

Private investigators stalking Leah Remini and Jennifer Lopez: The complete texts

[Leah Remini and Jennifer Lopez on the ‘Second Act’ set. Inset: Yanti ‘Mike’ Greene]

Over at The Daily Beast today we have another big story, and one that we originally started working on three years []

Leah Remini spots Scientology’s best self-own in a long, long time

 Leah Remini spotted this item while she was on Twitter and brought it to our attention. Here’s what she told us about []

EXCLUSIVE: Leah Remini on Tom Cruise’s Covid rant in its Scientology context

 Leah Remini sent us this statement about Tom Cruise’s on-set rant that was caught on tape and released by the Sun []

Kirstie Alley is wrong on Leah Remini & Shelly Miscavige. We know because we broke the story.

 Yesterday, Kirstie Alley actually responded to a Twitter reader who asked her about Leah Remini and Shelly []

Scientology still driving away talented people and ripping apart their families

 In March Leah Remini announced that a couple that she had a family connection with were making public their departure from []

Luke Catton still being ‘Fair Gamed’ years after he exposed Scientology’s rehab racket

 When we saw Mike Rinder announce that he and Leah Remini were talking to Lucas Catton for their podcast this week, we reached out to him for an update on how things have been going for []

Leah Remini: No such thing as Scientology ‘arbitration’ — judges are being duped

 “I wish people would stop using the word ‘arbitration.’ There is no arbitration in Scientology. There is no such thing at all.”

Leah Remini had some choice words last night about the judges who have accepted the Church of Scientology’s litigation strategy of shutting down lawsuits by forcing ex-members into “religious []

VIDEO: See Danny Masterson’s initial court appearance on rape charges

 You’ve seen descriptions of Danny Masterson’s first appearance in court on rape charges, but here’s a chance to see what it was like for yourself as we present the video recording of the hearing that took place Friday in Los []