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SOURCE: Kirstie Alley will be memorialized at Scientology’s ‘spiritual mecca’

 The readers of the Underground Bunker know that when Scientologists die, even fairly well known ones, they sometimes get more of a memorial here than they do from Scientology []


Scientology leader David Miscavige unloads epic rant about Leah Remini after mistrial

[Scientology leader David Miscavige and his nemesis, Leah Remini]

We want to thank the reader who brought something rather amazing to our attention that we had overlooked.

Immediately after a mistrial was declared Wednesday in the Danny Masterson trial in Los Angeles, a Scientology website posted a statement that has to be seen to be []

Closing arguments today at the Danny Masterson trial: Come along for the ride

[Defense attorney Philip Cohen and Deputy DA Reinhold Mueller]

Well, it’s all come down to this: Five years after we first learned that Danny Masterson was under investigation by the LAPD, more than two years after he was charged by the DA’s office, and after four weeks of testimony from his alleged victims, today we’re going []

PODCAST: Leah Remini joins us to talk Scientology, the LAPD, and Shelly Miscavige

 Leah Remini set Twitter on fire this week when she spoke up about the Cory Palka news and about his years of shilling for Scientology while he was commander of the Hollywood []

Leah Remini remembers when Mackenzie Phillips was rooting against Scientology

[Leah Remini and Mackenzie Phillips]

Leah Remini has really been on fire lately. Yesterday we told you about the Twitter thread she unleashed about the LAPD and Shelly Miscavige that went viral. Her tweetstorm kicked up such a fuss, the LAPD felt forced to []

LAPD responds to Leah Remini tweets about Shelly Miscavige, gets stuff wrong

[Leah Remini, center, with Shelly Miscavige, right, circa 2004]

Last week, we told you about a story by Gene Maddaus at Variety that laid out some stunning allegations about a former LAPD Hollywood Division commander named Captain Cory Palka, who is accused of using his influence to kill a sexual assault investigation of Les Moonves, CEO []

Leah Remini interviews one of the original online troublemakers: Andreas Heldal-Lund

[Andreas and Tory in Toronto, 2015]

For their podcast this week Leah Remini and Mike Rinder talked to one of the original online troublemakers, and a great guy we have had the pleasure of knowing for many []

PI stalking Leah Remini for Scientology was unlicensed, it turns out

 Last June we brought a big scoop to the Daily Beast: We’d got our hands on some remarkable text messages between private investigators stalking Leah Remini and Jennifer Lopez on behalf of the Church of []

Court finds schizophrenic teen not responsible for killing at Aussie Scientology HQ

[The grand opening crowd at the Chatswood AO]

Two big takeaways this morning from the news in Australia that a schizophrenic 16-year-old was found not responsible for his 2019 killing of a security guard at Scientology’s new “Advanced Org” in a Sydney []

He was a student and teacher at Scientology’s elite boarding schools: Now he’s dishing

 Scientology’s boarding school The Delphian in Oregon — where wealthy Scientologists send their kids for indoctrination in the L. Ron Hubbard way and also where the church recruits for the Sea Org — has been in the news here at the Bunker a couple of times []