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On trial: Scientology PI accused of assaulting woman he was hired to follow

[David Smith and Susanne Gold-Smith, and Yanti Greene]

TODAY AT SUBSTACK: If you’ve signed up for free emails at Substack, you will receive today’s feature story at your inbox: Five years after David Smith and his wife Susanne filed lawsuits against several private investigators, a trial is starting today on Long Island, and we will be []


Jane Doe, like Leah Remini, asks for judge in Danny Masterson lawsuit after Miscavige stunt

 We did our best this week to explain how Scientology leader David Miscavige managed to get the judges he didn’t like in two lawsuits removed, even though both cases had been filed months []

Not so fast: Judge Hammock questions David Miscavige’s challenge to step down

[Defendant David Miscavige and Judge Randolph Hammock]

When Leah Remini sued the Church of Scientology and its leader David Miscavige at Los Angeles Superior Court last August, she wasn’t happy with the first judge who was selected to preside over it, Judge William []

Scientology will appeal ruling in Leah Remini lawsuit that preserved most of her claims

We’re still seeing headlines saying that the recent ruling in Leah Remini’s lawsuit “gutted” it, or all but destroyed it, and that Scientology is entitled to fees, and so []

Leah Remini files notice: Let Judge Kalra handle BOTH Scientology harass cases

[Judge Upinder Kalra and plaintiff Leah Remini]

Leah Remini got a lot of attention yesterday evening when she posted an image of her associate’s degree from New York University to share how much it meant to her to reach that goal at 53 years of age while she continues to work toward a bachelor’s []

Leah Remini’s proposed changes to Scientology lawsuit show what she’s really fighting for

 To understand the changes that Leah Remini is proposing to add to her lawsuit against the Church of Scientology, RTC, OSA and its leader, David Miscavige (who runs these organizations and the operations that come from them) it’s important to realize that she’s fighting against a multi-billion-dollar []

News report says Leah Remini’s Scientology suit ‘gutted’ — but the ruling says otherwise

[No surprises in Judge Hammock’s ruling on Leah’s suit. So why pretend there was?]

On January 16, after Judge Randolph Hammock issued a tentative ruling in Leah Remini’s lawsuit against the Church of Scientology, the Courthouse News Service reported that the judge intended to grant parts of Scientology’s anti-SLAPP motions and “trim” Leah’s complaint, but her []

Judge’s tentative ruling in Leah Remini lawsuit: David Miscavige, YOU ARE SERVED!

[David Miscavige and Judge Randolph Hammock]

See the update below.

Just last week, in Jane Doe 1’s lawsuit against Scientology, Judge Robert Broadbelt granted David Miscavige’s motion to quash his summons, telling Jane Doe that she’s going to have to try even harder to find the elusive Scientology leader before he is considered served and an official []

Judge Hammock to rule today that RTC will remain in Leah Remini’s Scientology lawsuit

[Leah Remini and Judge Randolph Hammock]

Judge Randolph Hammock issued a tentative ruling yesterday in anticipation of today’s continued hearing in Leah Remini’s []

Scientology hopping mad after Mike Rinder and Claire Headley help out Leah Remini

 Last week, we told you that Mike Rinder and Claire Headley had filed new declarations with the Los Angeles Superior Court to help Leah Remini keep Scientology’s Religious Technology Center (RTC) from wriggling out of her lawsuit against the []