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Leah Remini interviews one of the original online troublemakers: Andreas Heldal-Lund

[Andreas and Tory in Toronto, 2015]

For their podcast this week Leah Remini and Mike Rinder talked to one of the original online troublemakers, and a great guy we have had the pleasure of knowing for many []


PI stalking Leah Remini for Scientology was unlicensed, it turns out

 Last June we brought a big scoop to the Daily Beast: We’d got our hands on some remarkable text messages between private investigators stalking Leah Remini and Jennifer Lopez on behalf of the Church of []

Court finds schizophrenic teen not responsible for killing at Aussie Scientology HQ

[The grand opening crowd at the Chatswood AO]

Two big takeaways this morning from the news in Australia that a schizophrenic 16-year-old was found not responsible for his 2019 killing of a security guard at Scientology’s new “Advanced Org” in a Sydney []

He was a student and teacher at Scientology’s elite boarding schools: Now he’s dishing

 Scientology’s boarding school The Delphian in Oregon — where wealthy Scientologists send their kids for indoctrination in the L. Ron Hubbard way and also where the church recruits for the Sea Org — has been in the news here at the Bunker a couple of times []

Leah Remini podcast: Ian Rafalko talks about his father, chiropractor Eric Berg

[Ian Rafalko]

You probably remember that we were pretty excited in May to see the TikTok video put out by Ian Rafalko about his father, OT 8 chiropractor and major Scientology donor Eric []

Private investigators stalking Leah Remini and Jennifer Lopez: The complete texts

[Leah Remini and Jennifer Lopez on the ‘Second Act’ set. Inset: Yanti ‘Mike’ Greene]

Over at The Daily Beast today we have another big story, and one that we originally started working on three years []

Leah Remini spots Scientology’s best self-own in a long, long time

 Leah Remini spotted this item while she was on Twitter and brought it to our attention. Here’s what she told us about []

EXCLUSIVE: Leah Remini on Tom Cruise’s Covid rant in its Scientology context

 Leah Remini sent us this statement about Tom Cruise’s on-set rant that was caught on tape and released by the Sun []

Kirstie Alley is wrong on Leah Remini & Shelly Miscavige. We know because we broke the story.

 Yesterday, Kirstie Alley actually responded to a Twitter reader who asked her about Leah Remini and Shelly []

Scientology still driving away talented people and ripping apart their families

 In March Leah Remini announced that a couple that she had a family connection with were making public their departure from []