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Brian Statler’s sister reveals new details in shooting death at Scientology org

[Brian Statler]

Yesterday, Brian Statler’s sister Krystle Statler posted a petition online demanding that the Inglewood Police Department finally begin sharing information about what happened when police officers shot and killed her brother in []


That time Laura Prepon helped silence a Danny Masterson victim for Scientology

 Laura Prepon, through her publicity team, tried to “handle” the New York Post this weekend with a suggestion that the Orange is the New Black actress is “not currently active in the []

The private eye who started out working for Danny Masterson & now may testify against him

[Scott Ross and his former lawyer pal Tom Mesereau]

In the fall of 2016, Leah Remini’s A&E series Scientology & the Aftermath premiered and was a huge hit. And after three episodes of damning allegations about how Scientology was a vindictive organization that is known for running elaborate surveillance and harassment schemes against people it considers []

Danny Masterson finds himself in a changed era, but his victims came forward before #MeToo

[Chrissie Carnell Bixler at the 2019 Denim Day rally in Los Angeles]

We wanted to make a simple point today before it gets lost in what appears to be an avalanche of news stories about Danny Masterson that are yet to []

Danny Masterson’s Scientology upbringing: An interview with his former stepdad, Joe Reaiche

[Danny and his sister Alanna]

It was 1982 and Joe Reaiche — he pronounces it “reesh” — was in Florida working his way up Scientology’s “Bridge to Total Freedom.” []

The key thing about Danny Masterson’s ‘DJ Donkey Punch’ nick is why he stopped using it

[Danny and his brother Christopher]

The day we broke the news in 2017 that Danny Masterson was being investigated on rape allegations by the Los Angeles Police Department, we heard from Gary Morehead about Danny’s DJ nickname, which actually turned out to be []

Scientology donor’s financial firm hit with new charges of securities violations

 The Church of Scientology is reeling from the felony criminal indictment of Scientologist Danny Masterson for raping three different women, which has him facing 45 years to life in prison if he’s []

What are Scientologists being told about the Danny Masterson rape case?

 What are Scientologists being told about the Danny Masterson rape case? Very little. They don’t say “Danny Masterson,” “rape,” or “Scientology.” They’re being told he’s innocent, even if they can’t say his name or mention the charges. They claim it’s all because of the enemies of Scientology. Most of all, members shouldn’t watch or read []

Scientologist chiro Jay Spina’s clinic killed a patient say feds asking for 10-year sentence

[Jay Spina receives an “OT Leadership” award from David Miscavige]

We’ve learned that Middletown, New York chiropractor Jay Spina’s sentencing has been moved back from April 3 to July 6, and also that the feds are asking the judge to throw the book at the Scientology donor not only for using elaborate ruses to rip off []

Records show that Danny Masterson is a woeful Scientologist — would he turn on the church?

[Danny Masterson, Erika Christensen, and Beck at a CC gala in 2005]

Yesterday we tried to answer the question whether Scientology would turn on Danny Masterson now that the That ’70s Show actor has been charged for raping three women and is facing 45 years to life in []