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Monthly Archives

Scientology’s answer to Garcias’ appeal sets a new record in cynicism and legal depravity

[Eric Lieberman, Scientology’s legal wrangler]

Every single person who ever worked in the inner circle of Scientology’s highest elevations — the former Sea Organization executives who ran the worldwide movement from one of several secretive locations — every single one of those people will tell you that despite Scientology’s alphabet soup of many entities, it is []


Church of Scientology and David Miscavige sued for abuse by major legal players

[Attorney Brian Kent]

We’re posting this press release in its entirety. We heard something like this was coming, and we have reason to believe there is more on the []

What California’s controversial new confessions bill means for Scientology

 We’ve heard from a number of readers who were curious about how a controversial new bill working its way through the California legislature might affect the Church of []

A Scientologist is brutally murdered in Peoria, but you didn’t hear it from Scientology

[Jose Ramirez and his parents, Susan Brill de Ramirez and Antonio Ramirez Barron]

It was a gruesome crime that shocked a university community. On the night of October 25, two employees of Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois, were in bed in their home when they were awakened to be pepper-sprayed, stabbed, and bludgeoned to []

Graham Berry does it again: More Scientology financial fraud spelled out in legal demand

[Attorney Graham Berry]

Once again, Graham Berry has helped a victim of Scientology in desperate straits. Like others we’ve told you about recently, Louis Stephen, 69, was targeted by Church of Scientology employees who ran up stunning debts on credit cards he didn’t even want to open in order to purchase expensive Scientology courses he had []

New York Scientologist chiropractor pleads guilty in $80 million Medicare scam

[Jay Spina]

Chiropractor James “Jay” Spina of Middletown, New York entered a guilty plea last week in an $80 million Medicare scam we told you about in September. []


[Attorney Gavin Long]

We talked earlier today with Newport Beach attorney H. Gavin Long, who was understandably chuffed about beating Scientology’s drug rehab network, Narconon, after a 12-day trial in Santa Cruz, California.

“It was great. It felt great for 12 days. From beginning to end it was just a beating,” he []

Scientology deception and financial fraud spelled out in incredible legal letter

[Attorney Graham Berry]

We first got to know, and wrote about, attorney Graham Berry some 20 years ago in Los Angeles. He was already well known by then for his battles with the Church of Scientology. More recently, he has handled a string of new cases involving allegations that Scientology is taking advantage of elderly and []

Scientology policy is to investigate rape victims seeking help, 1963 document reveals

[Could an L. Ron Hubbard directive make a difference in the Danny Masterson investigation?]

An ongoing rape investigation involving an accused Scientologist perpetrator and his (then) Scientologist victims just received a shot in the arm, we’re told, and it has to do with this website and something we published over the []

Scientology’s bogus ‘arbitration’: The Garcia appeal brief is here, and it’s a beauty

[The Garcias and their appellate attorney, Philip M. Burlington]

We love a good appeal brief. If you read a lot of legal documents like we do, you get used to a lot of turgid stuff that, while highly important to a case, is a slog to get through. []