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MASTERSON ACCUSERS PETITION APPELLATE COURT: Seeking to overturn ‘arbitration’ ruling

[Chrissie Carnell Bixler and Danny Masterson]

As expected, four former Scientologists suing Danny Masterson and the Church of Scientology filed a petition yesterday with California’s 2nd Appellate District, asking the court to reverse a December 30 ruling by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Steven Kleifield that denied them a right to trial and forced their case []


Transcript: In the Danny Masterson lawsuit, Scientology continues to get its way

[Judge Steven Kleifield and attorney Stewart Ryan]

After Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Steven Kleifield stunned us with a December 30 ruling for the Church of Scientology, denying the right to trial for former Scientologists who are suing the church and actor Danny Masterson, forcing them instead into Scientology’s internal “religious arbitration,” the decision left the []

Scientologist and accused Ponzi schemer learns government has 13 MILLION documents on him

[David Gentile and Judge Diane Gujarati]

We tried to listen in on a court hearing held in Brooklyn Tuesday, but there was a technical issue and the telephonic system failed to work properly. To make up for it, the court yesterday put a transcript of the hearing on line, and we really appreciate it. []

The FBI wants a word with Leigh Dundas, Scientologist attorney and Capitol rioter

 We first noticed Leigh Dundas, a Scientology OT and “human rights attorney” last year as she made a name for herself as a firebrand anti-vaxx and anti-mask activist who had driven away an Orange County health official with her brand of political []

Danny Masterson accusers signal they’ll go to higher court to fight ‘religious arbitration’

[Chrissie Carnell Bixler, at a 2019 protest]

Yesterday afternoon we told you that former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson testified before a Congressional subcommittee and brought up the lawsuit against actor Danny Masterson and the Church of Scientology that we’ve been watching so closely since it was filed in 2019. The lawsuit was brought by Masterson’s []

Judge to Valerie Haney: You need to get this Scientology ‘arbitration’ underway

[Valerie Haney and Judge Burdge]

On Tuesday, a hearing took place at Los Angeles Superior Court in Judge Richard Burdge’s courtroom that had been scheduled a year earlier, when the judge first derailed Valerie Haney’s lawsuit against the Church of Scientology and told her to take her complaints to Scientology’s internal “religious []

Scientologist David Gentile charged by feds in $1.8 billion Ponzi-like fraud scheme

[Charges against David Gentile were announced by New York AG Letitia James today.]

For months Jeffrey Augustine has been telling us about wealthy Scientologist David Gentile, a money manager who had lost his investors a lot of money at GBP []

Did Tom Mesereau just reveal his strategy for Danny Masterson’s crucial prelim?

 On January 20 Scientology celebrity Danny Masterson entered a not guilty plea to three counts of forcible rape, charges that have him facing 45 years to life in prison. He wasn’t actually in the courtroom that day, his plea was entered by his high-profile defense attorney, Tom []

Danny Masterson says he intends to take part in Scientology ‘arbitration’ with alleged victims

[Masterson at his Sept 18 court appearance]

Scientology loves to twist the knife, and now that it has won its motions to force Danny Masterson’s rape accusers into “religious arbitration,” it’s looking for ways to further weaponize its position in the civil lawsuit filed by the alleged victims of sexual []

With not guilty plea, Danny Masterson assigned a trial judge his prosecutor knows well

[Danny and the judge]

We were listening yesterday as Danny Masterson’s criminal defense attorney Tom Mesereau entered a not guilty plea for the That ’70s Show actor at his arraignment on three counts of forcible rape, which carry a potential penalty of 45 years to life in prison. Masterson himself was not in []