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Now that Scientology mega-donor Trish Duggan is famous, will the ditched-kid story blow up?

[Trish and Trump at the 2017 inauguration]

Politico had a tremendous scoop yesterday, as reporter Matt Dixon revealed that one of the country’s biggest financial supporters of the Trump re-election effort is none other than the wealthiest Scientologist in the world, Florida’s Trish []


VIDEO: See Danny Masterson’s initial court appearance on rape charges

 You’ve seen descriptions of Danny Masterson’s first appearance in court on rape charges, but here’s a chance to see what it was like for yourself as we present the video recording of the hearing that took place Friday in Los []

Read Danny Masterson’s ‘demurrer’ he’s hoping will get his criminal charges dismissed

[Danny Masterson and his attorney, Tom Mesereau]

Our legal experts tell us that our perception yesterday wasn’t incorrect: They say that it is unusual for a “demurrer” to be filed in a criminal prosecution at this stage, which gives Danny Masterson a chance, however slim, to get his charges dismissed before he’s even entered a []

Scientology celeb Danny Masterson to be arraigned today for raping three women

 [UPDATE: Masterson’s attorney Tom Mesereau filed a demurrer and had the arraignment delayed until Oct. 19. See our reports from court down below.]

At 8:30 am Pacific today at the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center on West Temple Street in downtown Los Angeles, Scientology celebrity and That ’70s Show actor Danny Masterson is scheduled to []

Scientology chiro Dennis Nobbe drops dead after being informed he’s going to jail

[Dennis Nobbe and his former clinic]

Scientology donor and Miami chiropractor Dennis Nobbe, 63, learned on Monday that the US district court had decided to revoke his bond and put him in custody while awaiting trial on Medicare fraud and PPP loan abuse. He immediately called his attorney to tell him the news, and while on []

Scientologist chiro Nobbe: There’s an innocent explanation, judge. Prosecutors: No there isn’t.

[US Attorney Ariana Fajardo Orshan, Dennis Nobbe, and H. Dohn Williams]

[ICYMI: Last night, Leah Remini’s Emmy victory for the Danny Masterson ‘Aftermath’ episode.]

We have a couple of legal briefs for our document hounds today, and they present two radically different versions of []

RIFFER: David Miscavige too busy saving Scientology from Covid to be served lawsuit

[Jeffrey Riffer and David Miscavige]

For more than a year, Scientology leader David Miscavige and his attorneys have been working hard to keep him from being served in a lawsuit filed by Danny Masterson’s rape accusers. And right from the beginning, our readers were asking whether that problem could be solved by serving the elusive Miscavige []

Scientology’s ‘Super Power’ couple slammed down by appeals court over tax debt

 Yesterday the US Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals handed down yet another stunning rebuke of Matt and Kathy Feshbach, a major Scientology power couple who have been battling the government for more than 20 years over unpaid []

Prosecutors: Judge isn’t getting the point about Dennis Nobbe’s post-arrest shenanigans

 On Friday, federal prosecutors filed an appeal of a judge’s decision not to throw Scientologist chiropractor Dennis Nobbe into jail for some pretty outrageous behavior after he was arrested in July for Medicare fraud and PPP loan []

After arrest, Scientologist chiro Dennis Nobbe in even more trouble for contacting witnesses

 When he was charged with Medicare and PPP loan fraud in July, Scientology donor and Miami chiropractor Dennis Nobbe put up a $200,000 bond and, as part of an agreement to stay out of jail while awaiting trial, promised not to contact former employees that the government planned to call as []