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Monthly Archives

Can Scientology be tripped up by consumer protection? You must hear this pitch.

 We recently learned about an attempt by a UK resident to turn Scientology in to the consumer protections agency there. In November, a detailed description of Scientology’s abusive business practices was submitted, and we’ve been given access to the report as well as the response it received from UK Trading Standards. To get more background []


Scientology denied: Eleventh Circuit brushes aside church attempt to stop Garcia appeal

[Luis Garcia, right, and his attorney Ted Babbitt]

What’s this? Some good news in the Luis and Rocio Garcia lawsuit against Scientology? You don’t []

Is Beck divorcing Scientology along with his wife? Here’s the evidence for and against.

[Beck Hansen and Marissa Ribisi]

In 2016, with the help of our source at the Celebrity Centre, we put together a list of the 20 most important Scientology celebrities, and gave the list a unique twist: We ordered it by the likelihood that celebs might ditch the []

‘Aftermath’ subject Brandon Reisdorf arrested for entering San Diego Scientology church

[Brandon Reisdorf]

It pains us to report that Brandon Reisdorf, who we got to know from his appearance in the first season of Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, has been arrested again, this time for attempting to enter Scientology’s church in San []

Mark Bunker: Clearwater’s Officer (now Chief) Slaughter oversaw the Scientology detail

[Clearwater Police Chief Daniel Slaughter]

On Saturday, Clearwater Police Chief Daniel Slaughter posted a video responding to the criticism his department has received in the wake of two episodes of Leah Remini’s A&E series Scientology and the Aftermath. []

The presidential candidate, the controversial guru, the Scientology lawyer — and us!

[Tulsi Gabbard, Chris Butler, and Anthony Glassman. Not pictured: Your proprietor]

We had a fun surprise last night when we realized that Hawaiian media has been buzzing about a story that had a slight connection to, well, []

Another elderly victim gets soaked by Scientology, is talking to law enforcement

[Scene of the crime, the Advanced Org of Los Angeles (AOLA)]

Last summer, we told you about a shocking case of elder abuse involving a man named Efrem Logreira. He had joined Scientology at the age of 74, and a year later he was almost homeless because Scientology had burdened him with so much debt and []

Government comes down hard on Scientology — in Canada, where worker abuse matters

 Breaking news out of Quebec, where journalist Gaétan Pouliot has been covering an investigation by the government into workers at Scientology facilities being paid less than minimum []

A Scientologist on trial for double murder: A story the church is very nervous about

[Kenny Thompson]

 Kenny Thompson’s mother had questionable taste in men. Dad One — Kenny’s biological father — skipped out when he was two years old.

Maybe that contributed to keeping him from starting to speak until he was four. []

A Scientologist murdered: Our experts try to make sense of Australia’s ‘Advanced Org’

[The Purif area at Australia’s Advanced Org, the place the teen with a knife was trying to get to]

We still have a lot of questions about the murder of Chih-Jen “Aaron” Yeh, 24, a Scientologist at the ‘Advanced Org’ in the north suburbs of Sydney that happened on Thursday afternoon there. The Australian press is []