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THE VALESKA PARIS DECLARATION: Here’s her full report to Clearwater PD on Scientology abuses

 On April 28, Valeska Paris and two other Australian former Scientology Sea Org workers, Gawain and Laura Baxter, filed a new labor trafficking lawsuit against David Miscavige and the Church of Scientology, alleging that they had been forced into hard labor and harrowing punishments while still only children. []


Attorney to CA Supremes: Here’s how you can make history in Danny Masterson’s rape case

[Philip Cohen and his client, Danny Masterson]

On Friday, Danny Masterson’s attorney Philip Cohen submitted a reply to the District Attorney’s argument that the That ’70s Show actor and Scientology celebrity should not be granted review by the California state supreme court in his rape case. We have that document for you to look []

Trafficking lawsuit: In Scientology, the tables turn quickly on abusers and the abused

[The new lawsuit focuses on hellish tales from Scientology’s cruise ship by Valeska Paris and others]

One of the really remarkable things about the new labor trafficking lawsuit filed against the Church of Scientology is that its 88-page complaint names so many []

Scientology celebs in hot water: Danny’s not the only Masterson brother facing legal issues

[Danny, Christopher, and Jordan Masterson]

June 24, 2020: We publish our latest interview with Joe Reaiche, someone we’ve spoken to numerous times. And once again, we talk to him about being declared “suppressive” (an enemy) by the Church of Scientology, which requires his own family to cut off all contact with him in order to remain []

Danny Masterson’s new moves in rape case: Asks to dismiss one victim, separate the other two

[Danny Masterson and two of his four defense attorneys]

While he’s waiting to see if California’s state supreme court will grant him an appeal on a previous motion to dismiss, Danny Masterson isn’t waiting around. []

Danny Masterson’s rape prosecutors tell Calif. Supremes why his Scientology argument is weak

[Danny Masterson and his criminal prosecutor, Deputy DA Reinhold Mueller]

On April 3, we told you about the petition that Danny Masterson’s legal team had made to the California Supreme Court, hoping to find a way to stop (or at least delay) his criminal rape trial, which is scheduled for August 29. (He’s accused of forcibly []

New trial granted in defamation case against author who exposed Scientology in Australia

 We watched the defamation trial of Australian journalist Steve Cannane in 2020, and we have never seen a judge work more thoroughly or competently as we did in the case of Justice Jayne Jagot, who ruled for []

Here’s the new labor trafficking lawsuit against Scientology: Dive in!

[Valeska Paris, in the Sea Org]

Well, we chose a great day for a long bike ride to have lunch with an old friend. While we were out, a new lawsuit was filed in Tampa and covered by Tracey McManus at the Tampa Bay Times and Ben Schneiders at the Sydney Morning []

Scientology’s saddest celebrity, Eddie Deezen, committed after latest arrest

[Eddie Deezen in ‘Wargames,’ and today]

On April 11 we broke the news that actor Eddie Deezen had been arrested again in Cumberland, Maryland, this time for burglary and trespassing. Three days later, TMZ added the detail that Eddie had pushed his way into a nursing home and refused to leave, resulting in the []

California Supreme Court denies Scientology’s petition to review ‘religious arbitration’

[Plaintiff Chrissie Carnell-Bixler and accused rapist Danny Masterson]

January’s stunning defeat of Scientology’s “religious arbitration” strategy was just compounded with another loss, this time at the state’s highest []