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Judge’s tentative ruling in Leah Remini lawsuit: David Miscavige, YOU ARE SERVED!

[David Miscavige and Judge Randolph Hammock]

See the update below.

Just last week, in Jane Doe 1’s lawsuit against Scientology, Judge Robert Broadbelt granted David Miscavige’s motion to quash his summons, telling Jane Doe that she’s going to have to try even harder to find the elusive Scientology leader before he is considered served and an official []


While Scientology tries to derail Danny Masterson victims, here’s more detail from them

[David Miscavige and Danny Masterson]

This week Scientology is attempting to deal a blow to the Bixler v. Scientology lawsuit, which is the one filed by Danny Masterson’s victims in 2019. They have fought back against Scientology’s attack by posting more details of the harassment they’ve been going through since they came forward to the LAPD []

The Scientology forced-marriage lawsuit has two big issues facing it today and next week

[Judge Broadbelt and David Miscavige]

There’s a lot going on in the lawsuit filed by Jane Doe 1 against Scientology, David Miscavige, and Sea Org recruiter Gavin []

Judge Hammock to rule today that RTC will remain in Leah Remini’s Scientology lawsuit

[Leah Remini and Judge Randolph Hammock]

Judge Randolph Hammock issued a tentative ruling yesterday in anticipation of today’s continued hearing in Leah Remini’s []

Scientology hopping mad after Mike Rinder and Claire Headley help out Leah Remini

 Last week, we told you that Mike Rinder and Claire Headley had filed new declarations with the Los Angeles Superior Court to help Leah Remini keep Scientology’s Religious Technology Center (RTC) from wriggling out of her lawsuit against the []

Court showdown over Scientology leader David Miscavige evading service coming next week

[Judge Robert Broadbelt III and David Miscavige]

On Friday, we brought you up to date on Scientology leader David Miscavige’s attempts to keep himself out of Leah Remini’s lawsuit.

Once again, Dave is dodging process servers while he has his tetchy attorney Jeffrey Riffer complaining that Leah isn’t looking in the right []

Scientology leader David Miscavige once again denies he’s been served Leah Remini’s lawsuit

Last month, we told you that Leah Remini submitted proof that she’d made another set of attempts to notify Scientology honcho David Miscavige that she’s suing him by sending out process servers to perform “substitute service” on the elusive church []

Mike Rinder and Claire Headley tie RTC to Scientology mayhem for Leah Remini lawsuit

[Mike Rinder ‘handling’ BBC’s John Sweeney before his 2007 defection]

And here it is — the declarations from Mike Rinder and Claire Headley that should keep the Religious Technology Center in Leah Remini’s Scientology []

Leah Remini applauds an MP’s call for investigation of Scientology in the UK

[Leah Remini and British MP Diane Abbott]

Last week we talked to Alexander Barnes-Ross about his stunning news: After writing to his local Member of Parliament (MP) last September about his experiences in Scientology, former Shadow Home Secretary and MP Diane Abbott responded by telling Alex that she has asked HMRC — the UK’s equivalent of []

More new Scientology harassment detail in the lawsuit from Danny Masterson’s victims

[During the trials]

Last week we described how Scientology is trying to strike portions of the lawsuit filed by Danny Masterson’s victims, and they are fighting back by posting more details of the harassment they’ve been going through since they came forward to the LAPD in []