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Steve Cannane vindicated as Australian judge denounces ‘Deep Sleep Therapy’ doctors

 In a thorough and lengthy thrashing, Justice Jayne Jagot of the Australian federal court dismissed a case of defamation brought against journalist Steve Cannane and his book about the history of Scientology in Australia, Fair []


Scientology predictably trashes Valerie Haney’s request for state supreme court review

[Valerie Haney hears from Scientology’s two legal hired hands]

We’ve obtained a copy of Scientology’s answer to Valerie Haney’s request for review to the California State Supreme Court, and it will probably not surprise you that it is a rather disparaging []

Scientology’s super couple throws in the towel and finally agrees to pay $3.5 million tax debt

 This summer we told you that another court found that a Florida couple, Matt and Kathy Feshbach, were trying to get out of a huge tax debt by claiming to be too poor to pay it, while at the same time documents clearly showed they were spending money in outrageous ways, including ridiculous amounts on []

Danny Masterson takes another expensive and futile swipe at his criminal charges

[Masterson and his attorneys at his September initial appearance]

There has been plenty of media coverage of Danny Masterson’s attempt to get rape charges tossed out of court with the help of legendary defense attorney Tom Mesereau and a legal move known as a []

Valerie Haney to state supremes: Scientology abuses less real than deadlines in a pandemic?

 We told you last week that Valerie Haney has taken her fight against Scientology ‘arbitration’ to California’s state supreme court, but we didn’t have a copy yet of her actual petition for []

Judge in Danny Masterson lawsuit doubts Scientology ‘arbitration,’ sets hearing

[Judge Steven J. Kleifield]

In what appears to be a pretty unusual turn of events, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Steven Kleifield, after hearing Scientology’s argument on November 6 about why it should be able to force Danny Masterson’s rape accusers into “religious arbitration,” has decided to erase that hearing as if it never []

Valerie Haney takes fight against Scientology ‘arbitration’ to California Supreme Court

 Valerie Haney told us that she was determined to fight Scientology’s attempt to get her into its “religious arbitration,” and court records show that she’s doing exactly that, taking her battle to California’s highest court in a new []

Scientology looking to force Danny Masterson’s accusers into ‘religious arbitration’ today

[Danny Masterson, Scientology soldier]

It’s another big day in court for Danny Masterson and the Church of Scientology as the church’s attorneys try to derail yet another lawsuit with “religious []

Can Danny Masterson’s attorneys delay his arraignment on rape charges again today?

[Danny Masterson’s attorneys, Tom Mesereau and Sharon Appelbaum]

 [UPDATE: Masterson’s attorneys convinced the court that he’s entitled to more discovery before arraignment, and so Judge Sam Ohta moved the arraignment to January 6.]

Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey filed rape charges against Scientology celebrity Danny Masterson on June 16, and here it is November and the []

Scientology chiro pleaded guilty to fraud, but we may get to see a sort of trial anyway

[Jay Spina, towering over Scientology leader David Miscvige]

With just a week to go before his sentencing on Medicare fraud was to happen, Scientology donor and Middletown, NY chiropractor Jay Spina threw a wrench into the process, causing his government prosecutors to ask for a delay. []