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Danny Masterson delays motion to dismiss, and other recent mysteries for Scientology celeb

 Hey, what’s Danny Masterson up to lately as he awaits trial on rape charges that could put him in prison for the rest of his []


Here’s our motion to quash the subpoena Danny Masterson’s attorney slapped us with

[Danny Masterson and Tom Mesereau leave court on June 7]

We post a lot of court documents here at the Underground Bunker. It’s one of the things that sets this news site apart from others: We often show you the documents in a case rather than simply describe them to []

Scientology’s response in Danny Masterson case appeal: ‘I changed my mind’ is not a defense

[Chrissie Bixler and Scientology’s attorneys, Forman and Hinks]

Just days after shocking testimony from three women who accuse Scientology celebrity Danny Masterson of raping them, the California Supreme Court made a stunning decision in favor of those same three women, who are also suing Masterson and the Church of Scientology in a civil lawsuit. []

Danny Masterson’s odds? Juries really don’t like Scientology, Wise Beard Man reminds us

[On Cleveland Street yesterday]

So now it can be told. While we were preparing for our quick trip to LA to cover Danny Masterson’s criminal arraignment, we heard from a French television network that wondered if we might be able to help them with a segment on Scientology they were []

The Scientology celebrity blues: ‘Oh, Danny boy, the banks, the banks are calling…’

[Danny and his Hollyridge Drive estate]

Last September we told you about something very strange we had run across looking through federal litigation: In 2013 Danny Masterson had begun a rather quixotic fight with the mortgage holders of his Hollywood house. Acting as his own lawyer in multiple lawsuits he filed, he had turned in nearly []

VIDEO: Danny Masterson on his chances after arraignment on rape charges: ‘I feel fantastic’

[Masterson, his attorney Tom Mesereau, and Danny’s mother Carol leave the building.]

Today’s court hearing was brief, but we learned a few things about Danny Masterson’s upcoming challenge facing rape charges that may put him in prison for 45 years to life if he’s []

Reporting from Los Angeles: Danny Masterson’s civil and criminal hearings today

[Danny Masterson and his attorney Tom Mesereau]

UPDATE: Judge Eleanor Hunter arraigned Danny Masterson today and set a schedule that suggests an early November trial date. Next court hearing is August 9, when Masterson will argue a motion to dismiss the case on lack of evidence. Our updates from court below.

Once again we’re on the scene []

Was David Miscavige behind Tom Mesereau’s biggest blunder at Danny Masterson’s prelim?

[Mesereau, Miscavige, Masterson, and Podberesky]

With another set of hearings coming up for Danny Masterson in both his civil and criminal cases this Monday, we have been thinking about the dramatic four days we spent in Los Angeles at his last courtroom []

Ten Days That Shook The (Scientology) World: Dave and Danny’s very bad predicament

[Stuck in a leaky boat together: Danny Masterson and David Miscavige]

Our loyal readers know what a daily slog it’s been for the last nine years at this website as we’ve covered Scientology as a daily news beat. You’ve been with us as remarkable stories about the church and its controversies have produced winners and losers, []


[The California Supremes]

The California Supreme Court has granted the petition for review submitted by Danny Masterson’s accusers after their lawsuit was derailed by a decision by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Steven []