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Jane Doe 1 makes rare statement: Don’t delay Danny Masterson trial for baseball conflict

[Danny Masterson and Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer]

TODAY AT SUBSTACK: If you’ve signed up for free emails at Substack, you will receive today’s feature story at your inbox: After we published court documents showing how Danny Masterson is trying to delay trial, one of his accusers put out a rare statement. We have the full document []


Danny Masterson delay attempt: Shawn Holley busy with Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer case

[Danny Masterson and Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer]

As we pointed out recently, Danny Masterson has broken his streak of appealing failed motions in his criminal rape case, and his October 11 trial in Los Angeles []

Danny Masterson done with appeals before Oct 11 trial? Can Scientology allow it to happen?

[Danny Masterson and el jefe, David Miscavige]

We have some updates on some of the legal cases we’ve been watching, and thought we’d collect them in a single piece. First, we are kind of surprised to find that Danny Masterson is apparently not trying to appeal his most recent defeat in his criminal rape []

Scientology begs radical US Supreme Court to intervene and protect its ‘religious freedom’

[Justice Stephen Breyer, to the right of Chief Justice Roberts, has retired and been replaced by Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson]

As promised, Scientology filed its petition to the US Supreme Court yesterday, asking it to overturn a stunning January ruling by a California appeals court that dealt a serious blow to the church’s use of arbitration []

A 2004 photo reminds us of Danny Masterson’s punchy DJ persona. But will his jury see it?

[Danny and Wilmer]

We want to thank the tipster who dug up a very interesting photo of Danny Masterson from his “DJ Donkey Punch” []

How it went down: Transcript of Judge Olmedo denying Danny Masterson’s motion to dismiss

[Judge Charlaine Olmedo and Danny Masterson]

On June 30, we told you that Danny Masterson was getting perhaps his last chance to disrupt his criminal rape case. His attorneys Philip Cohen and Shawn Holley were in court that day, arguing that the first of the three counts against him, the allegations of Jane Doe 1, should []

Today: Danny Masterson’s last chance to avoid criminal trial in October?

[Attorney Philip Cohen and his client, Danny Masterson]

At a court hearing on May 31, Danny Masterson fired his famous defense attorney, Tom Mesereau, which bought Masterson a six-week delay for his criminal rape trial. The trial is now scheduled for October 11. Also on that day, Masterson’s remaining attorneys, Philip Cohen and Shawn Holley, argued []

Odd coincidence: For now, Paul Haggis and Danny Masterson both have trial dates of Oct 11

[Masterson and Haggis]

After a court hearing in New York yesterday, Paul Haggis finally got the trial date that both sides in his case have been requesting for more than two years. But when we heard the date, we had to do a []

Scientology: Put Bixler case on hold while we hit up the US Supreme Court about ‘arbitration’

[Bobette Riales, Cedric Bixler-Zavala, and Chrissie Carnell-Bixler]

If you wondered how Scientology was going to deal with its stunning setback in the Bixler lawsuit, it confirmed this week that it’s going to try a Hail Mary to the US Supreme []

Scientology under scrutiny? A stunning new document in the Danny Masterson case

[Danny and Dave]

Sometimes, we just have to ask the question and see where it takes []