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The Scientology celebrity exodus from LA to Clearwater continues

[Michael Peña and Brie Shaffer]

A year ago, we noted that there was anecdotal evidence to back up an assertion we’ve been making for some time, that Scientology’s gravitational center has been moving from Los Angeles to Clearwater, []


CA Supreme Court denies Danny Masterson petition to review rape case motion

 Just in: After soliciting briefs from both the prosecution and the defense, the California State Supreme Court has denied Danny Masterson’s petition to review a motion to dismiss his rape charges that was struck down in []

Danny Masterson: Attorney Tom Mesereau is out, trial delayed to October 11

[Danny Masterson and his former lawyer, Tom Mesereau]

Judge Charlaine Olmedo denied Danny Masterson’s motion to sever two of the counts against him, but she’s asked for more briefing on the other motion to dismiss he filed in his criminal rape case, delaying a ruling. But perhaps the bigger news from today’s hearing is that Danny’s []

Judge Olmedo to hear Danny Masterson’s latest motions to dismiss and sever rape charges

[Judge Charlaine Olmedo and Danny Masterson]

On Friday we spelled out in more detail what Danny Masterson’s defense is arguing in its latest motions in his criminal rape case. Today, Judge Charlaine Olmedo is scheduled to hear those arguments as Masterson’s attorneys try to convince her to dismiss the count of forcible rape in regards to []

After the holiday weekend, Danny Masterson’s criminal rape case returns with a vengeance

[Shawn Holley and her client, Danny Masterson]

Here in the US, we’re getting ready for a long weekend as we celebrate Memorial Day on Monday. But after the celebrating, on Tuesday the next hearing in Danny Masterson’s criminal rape case is scheduled to happen in Los Angeles. (We don’t believe that Danny himself will be present []

Attorney to CA Supremes: Here’s how you can make history in Danny Masterson’s rape case

[Philip Cohen and his client, Danny Masterson]

On Friday, Danny Masterson’s attorney Philip Cohen submitted a reply to the District Attorney’s argument that the That ’70s Show actor and Scientology celebrity should not be granted review by the California state supreme court in his rape case. We have that document for you to look []

Scientology celebs in hot water: Danny’s not the only Masterson brother facing legal issues

[Danny, Christopher, and Jordan Masterson]

June 24, 2020: We publish our latest interview with Joe Reaiche, someone we’ve spoken to numerous times. And once again, we talk to him about being declared “suppressive” (an enemy) by the Church of Scientology, which requires his own family to cut off all contact with him in order to remain []

Danny Masterson’s new moves in rape case: Asks to dismiss one victim, separate the other two

[Danny Masterson and two of his four defense attorneys]

While he’s waiting to see if California’s state supreme court will grant him an appeal on a previous motion to dismiss, Danny Masterson isn’t waiting around. []

Danny Masterson’s rape prosecutors tell Calif. Supremes why his Scientology argument is weak

[Danny Masterson and his criminal prosecutor, Deputy DA Reinhold Mueller]

On April 3, we told you about the petition that Danny Masterson’s legal team had made to the California Supreme Court, hoping to find a way to stop (or at least delay) his criminal rape trial, which is scheduled for August 29. (He’s accused of forcibly []

California Supreme Court denies Scientology’s petition to review ‘religious arbitration’

[Plaintiff Chrissie Carnell-Bixler and accused rapist Danny Masterson]

January’s stunning defeat of Scientology’s “religious arbitration” strategy was just compounded with another loss, this time at the state’s highest []