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Scientology’s 2021: Another year is in the books at the Underground Bunker!

 Another year of the damn pandemic, and another year without a Howdycon. Yes, we have reasons to be glad to see the last of 2021. But on the other hand, this was a particularly strong year here at the Underground Bunker in terms of new sources, new leaks, and fascinating new []


INSIDER: David Miscavige has one more trick planned to disguise Scientology’s sad state

 Our new inside source is back with another startling assessment of the state of Scientology right at this minute. He says David Miscavige is desperate after the attrition of two years of the pandemic, and now has one more Hail Mary to keep things going in 2022. This is fascinating []

Juliette Lewis tells the NY Times she doesn’t identify as a Scientologist: What gives?

[Juliette Lewis and her late father, actor Geoffrey Lewis]

We heard from a lot of readers who noted that Juliette Lewis, in a new interview at the New York Times this week, seemed to distance herself from Scientology, which she grew up []

Scientology is trying hard to make 2022 the year America goes ‘Ideal’!

 After the series of disclosures coming from our new inside source (and there’s more coming tomorrow!), we can’t help looking at this “Ideal” malarkey coming from Scientology in a different []

After leaving Scientology, the 1960s band People! has a new album out!

 Now here’s a comeback we’ve been looking forward []

INSIDER: What the pandemic and its protocols have looked like from inside Scientology

 Our new inside source has another message for us, this time going into more detail about Scientology’s response to the []

Does Shelly Miscavige know it’s Christmas 2021?

 Three years ago we decided that on Christmas Day it would be a good time to review what we knew about the disappearance of Shelly Miscavige, wife to Scientology’s leader David Miscavige, who vanished from Scientology’s Gold Base in summer 2005. We wondered if Shelly, kept hidden in a remote mountain compound, even knew it []

Feds suing ‘stem cell’ scammers for preying on the elderly. Oh, and they’re Scientologists.

[Peyroux, left, and Detelich]

In March 2020, about a week before the pandemic hit us here in the US, we wrote a story about how a Colorado physician named Chris Centeno was exposing fly-by-night operations selling bogus cures based on what sounded like legitimate, emerging medical technologies. But even if stem cells and other emerging trends []

INSIDER: How Scientology’s ‘Ideal Org’ scam works, and how members are victimized by it

 Our insider is back with another message for us. This time they’re giving us a behind-the-scenes look at David Miscavige’s ‘Ideal Org’ program, which began around 2003, and only came to a halt in 2020 because of the pandemic. Some of this we had learned through other sources: Paul Burkhart exposed the financial scams underwriting []

Scientology’s 2021 was a leaky one, including new data about its dirty tricks

 This has been a year of startling reveals here at the Underground Bunker, and February certainly continued that momentum as we unmasked one of Scientology’s most notorious “bag []