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Scientology’s 2022: Another year is in the books at the Underground Bunker!

 Another great year is ending here at the Underground Bunker, and the stories just won’t stop, even on a holiday week like []


PODCAST: Bruce Hines on what it was like to spy for Scientology

 Once again this week we received a timely and terrific narrative from Bruce Hines, a former top auditor in Scientology whose involvement in the church went back []

David Miscavige lives in Florida when he’s sued in LA, and in LA when he’s sued in Tampa

 Scientology files pages and pages of confusing stuff to courts all the time, and that’s the case again in the labor trafficking lawsuit in Tampa. Scientology leader David Miscavige had an attorney file a lengthy document this week in order to oppose a motion that is trying to get Miscavige declared an official defendant in []

TRAGIC: Clearwater OT 8 Scientologist, 40, set fire to herself before shooting herself dead

[Whitney Mills]

After we reported on the death of Kirstie Alley, an OT 8 Scientologist who had died of cancer in Tampa, we heard from a reader who wanted us to know about another OT 8 Scientologist who had died in the same area this past []

POLL: Scientology tied with Satanism for America’s most ‘unfavorable’ religions

 We want to thank the people at YouGov for bringing us a holiday present and a chuckle as the year 2022 goes into its last []

What it was like to be an operative in Scientology’s massive spy apparatus

 After reading about the death of Scientology’s legendary spymaster Jane Kember here at the Underground Bunker, former standout Scientology auditor Bruce Hines was motivated to write about what it was like to be an operative in the outfit Kember ran, the Guardian’s Office. Once again, Bruce has outdone []

Does Shelly Miscavige know it’s Christmas 2022?

 Four years ago we decided that on Christmas Day it would be a good time to review what we knew about the disappearance of Shelly Miscavige, wife to Scientology’s leader David Miscavige, who vanished from Scientology’s Gold Base in summer 2005. We wondered if Shelly, kept hidden in a remote mountain compound, even knew it []

Need last-minute gifts for the Scientologists on your list? We got your back, Santa!

 We’ve seen a number of Scientology holiday catalogs over the years, and this year’s edition didn’t fail to give us a chuckle. So we thought we’d share some of the images from it while you prepare for your own []

Judge sets Jan 20 hearing for motion to serve Scientology leader in trafficking case

[Attorney Neil Glazer is still trying to serve Scientology leader David Miscavige]

 Now this is the showdown we were telling you just the other day that we’d like to see!

After Scientology leader David Miscavige finally had a lawyer appear for him in the Tampa federal labor trafficking lawsuit (and simply in order to keep him out []

Richie Acunto, Scientology donor and ‘Survival Insurance’ mogul, dead at 70

 Richie Acunto, a colorful Scientology “whale” who had donated at least $10 million to the church, and who was once a major player in auto insurance in California, was found dead this week in Marina del Rey on his boat, where he had been living for several []