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Monthly Archives

David Miscavige in Miami sex abuse lawsuit: Catch me if you can, suckers

[David Miscavige]

The national legal team suing Scientology in three important lawsuits has asked a Miami court for more time — up to May 15, if necessary — because they still haven’t located David Miscavige to serve notice to the Scientology leader in a suit alleging a cover-up of child sexual abuse. The request was granted []


David Miscavige: Valerie Haney’s lawsuit is a publicity stunt and I want no part of it

[Scientology’s leader and his former steward]

Poor Scientology leader David Miscavige. You know, you give someone a job for years as an indentured servant out at your Worker’s Paradise on a secluded 500-acre California compound, make them cater to your every need 24 hours a day in your private quarters and blow a gasket every time []

Scientology leader David Miscavige: Screw your lawsuit, you didn’t serve me properly

[David Miscavige: Catch me if you can]

In a classic case of Scientology legal calisthenics, David Miscavige’s attorneys have informed the Los Angeles Superior Court that it is moving to quash Miscavige’s participation as a defendant in a lawsuit filed August 22, claiming that notice of the lawsuit wasn’t served on the Scientology leader []

Scientology snags an elected official (and JAG!) for its Central Ohio ‘Ideal Org’ ceremony

[Miscavige and more accomplices]

With his second ‘Ideal Org’ grand opening in only a week, Scientology leader David Miscavige managed to round up more local shills to make speeches, and this time he actually snagged an elected official, something we haven’t seen in a []

David Miscavige and a slate of local shills welcomed the new Kansas City ‘Ideal Org’

[Miscavige and his accomplices]

It’s always interesting to see which local figures are so desperate for attention that they accept an invitation to give a speech at the local Scientology ‘Ideal Org’ grand opening and then pose with church leader David []

VIDEO LEAK: Late-stage Scientology is even more depressing than we thought

[Birmingham gets its Ideal Org, 2017]

Wow, this is a fun one, kids. An Underground Bunker reader has leaked us video that they shot while attending an event at Scientology’s Birmingham, England “Ideal Org” earlier this []

Kansas City going Ideal! Scientology’s grand opening is tomorrow — will Dave be there?

 It’s been more than a year since David Miscavige last opened an “Ideal Org” in this country, but tomorrow he’s scheduled to cut the ribbon on the new Scientology cathedral in downtown Kansas []

Court docs say Danny Masterson was served in lawsuit filed by rape victims — but was he?

[Danny Masterson and David Miscavige]

We told you on Tuesday that court records reflect that “substitute service” was made on Scientology leader David Miscavige in a couple of lawsuits brought by his former steward, Valerie Haney, and four women who are suing Scientologist actor Danny Masterson, alleging that he violently raped them. []


 Just checked the court file in the lawsuits brought by Valerie Haney and Chrissie Bixler, et al. (the lawsuit against Danny Masterson), and what do they both []

David Miscavige at Scientology’s IAS event: What he claims, and what’s really going on

[Dave, still wearing the wedding ring.]

Last night, Scientology posted its photos from its 2019 IAS event that was held a week ago at Saint Hill Manor in East Grinstead, England. The usual week-long delay occurred so that Scientologists in other parts of the world had a chance this weekend to see video of the event []