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RIFFER: David Miscavige too busy saving Scientology from Covid to be served lawsuit

[Jeffrey Riffer and David Miscavige]

For more than a year, Scientology leader David Miscavige and his attorneys have been working hard to keep him from being served in a lawsuit filed by Danny Masterson’s rape accusers. And right from the beginning, our readers were asking whether that problem could be solved by serving the elusive Miscavige []


Danny Masterson presses for Jane Does suing him to identify themselves as hearing nears

 On Wednesday we saw the objections that Danny Masterson’s accusers were making to his legal attempt to get himself out of a lawsuit they filed against the Scientologist actor and the church itself. Now, we have Masterson’s reply, in which he’s not only refuting their arguments but pressing the point that two of his accusers []

Scientology leader David Miscavige is 60 today, and we have presents

 Sixty years ago on this date, David Miscavige and his twin sister Denise were born in a small town in Pennsylvania. Today, Dave is the dictatorial head of a worldwide totalitarian organization masquerading as a church which tries to convince the public that Miscavige is its “ecclesiastical” []

Scientology’s new attempt to force ‘religious arbitration’ on Danny Masterson’s accusers

[David Miscavige and RTC’s attorney, Matthew Hinks]

We’ve been focusing the past couple of weeks on Scientology’s schizophrenic approach to the coronavirus pandemic, but life marches on, and so does Scientology []


 In the third of three big lawsuits filed last year by a powerful national legal team, a child sexual abuse case filed in Miami on behalf of a woman going by the name Jane Doe, a document appeared in an online docket today from Jane Doe’s attorneys saying they expect Scientology leader David Miscavige to []

Riffer madness: Scientology in a tizzy days before next week’s hearing in Masterson suit

[David Miscavige and his attorney, Jeffrey Riffer]

It’s another Jeffrey Riffer court filing! Oh, we live for angry lawyer letters and court briefs from the pen of Jeffrey Riffer, who works as Scientology leader David Miscavige’s personal legal attack []

Amended complaint filed against Scientology & Danny Masterson with new stalking allegations

 With less than two weeks to go before a series of crucial hearings are scheduled that will include serious challenges to their lawsuit, four women suing the Church of Scientology, its leader David Miscavige, and Scientologist actor Danny Masterson have filed an updated complaint which includes new allegations of stalking, invasion of privacy, and even []

Is David Miscavige winning? Scientology seems to be on a roll, but is the law about to step in?

[David Miscavige in Ventura]

 In 1995, when she first emerged online after mostly vanishing from the field ten years earlier after a court settlement, journalist Paulette Cooper was congratulated by Scientology watchers for all that she’d done to expose Scientology’s abuses while surviving one of the fiercest Fair Game campaigns of all time. []

David Miscavige in Miami sex abuse lawsuit: Catch me if you can, suckers

[David Miscavige]

The national legal team suing Scientology in three important lawsuits has asked a Miami court for more time — up to May 15, if necessary — because they still haven’t located David Miscavige to serve notice to the Scientology leader in a suit alleging a cover-up of child sexual abuse. The request was granted []

David Miscavige: Valerie Haney’s lawsuit is a publicity stunt and I want no part of it

[Scientology’s leader and his former steward]

Poor Scientology leader David Miscavige. You know, you give someone a job for years as an indentured servant out at your Worker’s Paradise on a secluded 500-acre California compound, make them cater to your every need 24 hours a day in your private quarters and blow a gasket every time []