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RIFFER MADNESS: Scientology’s David Miscavige says he’s not been served Jane Doe 1 lawsuit

[David Miscavige and his attorney, Jeffrey Riffer]

Here we go again.

On July 31, we told you about the efforts that attorney Graham Berry and some process servers were making to serve Jane Doe 1’s new lawsuit against Scientology and its leader, David []


More adventures serving legal papers on the elusive Scientology leader David Miscavige!

Tomorrow in court Jane Doe 1’s legal team will attempt to prove to a Los Angeles Superior Court judge that they have made adequate attempts to serve the defendants in her new lawsuit, which was filed in December but only unsealed in []

UNSEALED: Jane Doe 1 sues Scientology for sex assault at 16 by Sea Org groomer

[Defendants Gavin Potter and David Miscavige, and attorney Graham Berry]

On December 29, between the two trials of Danny Masterson, one of his victims, Jane Doe 1, filed a lawsuit against Scientology, its leader David Miscavige, and a Sea Org member named Gavin []

Scientology honcho David Miscavige turns 63 today, and here’s his official church bio!

 Scientology leader David Miscavige turns 63 today — hip, hip, hooray! — and we thought it would be fun to look at the actual, official biography Scientology has for him on its []

David Miscavige irked by evidence of his Florida ties, but judge doesn’t want to hear it

[Scientology leader David Miscavige and federal Judge Thomas Barber]

We want to caution you that this is a very minor update we are telling you about today in the Baxter v. Scientology labor trafficking []

Scientology leader David Miscavige doing business in Florida: The evidence

 One of the most stunning claims that Scientology leader David Miscavige has made in his frenetic attempts to keep himself from being named a defendant in a Tampa labor trafficking lawsuit is that he does no business in []

David Miscavige objects to being served, claims he does no business in Florida

[Dave, doing business in Florida]

As expected, David Miscavige, through his attorney Florida Bar past president William Schifino, filed an objection yesterday to the recent court ruling that named the Scientology leader a defendant in a labor trafficking lawsuit.

It’s a []

David Miscavige insists he was still not served, asks court for time to object to ruling

 [UPDATE: Judge Barber has granted Miscavige’s request, and the Scientology leader can put off answering the lawsuit itself until his objections to the ruling naming him a defendant can be heard. Isn’t American justice grand?]

We’re looking forward to the two sides in the Baxter v. Scientology labor trafficking case to turn in their 10-page answers []

Something big is happening with Scientology in Chicago today: But will Dave be there?

 All week we’ve been getting ready for Scientology’s big event in Chicago today, but what exactly is going on []

Podcast: Mark Bunker explains that David Miscavige is not ‘missing,’ he’s HIDING

 Over the last few days, you’ve probably noticed some breathless tabloid claims that Scientology’s leader David Miscavige has gone []