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Scientology leader David Miscavige’s New Year’s speech in Los Angeles — the transcript

It’s happened again!

We were leaked audio of Scientology leader David Miscavige’s IAS speech that he gave November 3, and now, audio of his New Year’s event speech which he gave just this past Saturday in Los Angeles has also gotten to us. We want to thank Chris Shelton in particular for helping to make this happen.

Like the last time, we’re partnering with “Apostate Alex” Barnes-Ross to bring you this speech. Alex is posting the audio, and we’re putting up the transcript (which is handy if you want to see what Miscavige said without actually listening to his droning on and on.)

There are some really interesting moments in this speech. First of all, Miscavige, who had promised four new Ideal Orgs in the first quarter of 2023, now says they will open in January and February at Paris, Austin, Chicago, and Mexico City (which gets its second Ideal Org).


Also, Dave unveiled this year’s Super Bowl ad for the crowd, which soaked it up.

Miscavige makes a lot of claims about how great Scientology has been doing since 2020, the last time he was able to host a New Year’s event at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, with miraculous advances in places like Hungary and the Czech Republic.

And once again, he’s trying to sell “admin tech” as the savior of the Ideal Org program, which in 20 years has not produced the results he promised.

We’ll be interested to get your thoughts on the claims and promises that Dave makes here.

And hey, you get to see and hear this speech eleven days before the rest of Scientology does: Traditionally, video of this event is played on New Year’s Eve in the orgs around the world.

You get the sneak peek!

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The audio begins after Miscavige has already begun speaking…

Tonight’s finest work from the front lines of ABLE is especially timely picking up as it does when we last met in this Shrine Auditorium and then directly addressing the global engram that ensued. Then again, while enough has been said about the pandemic itself, the most destructive element was not a virus so much as the attendant societal psychotic break.

In that regard, this story is also timeless, drawn straight from the universal booklet of living LRH provided as the rock-bottom technology to salvage a culture and create a true Brotherhood of Man. I’m of course referring to ‘The Way to Happiness’ and more specifically LRH’s express intention for the 21 Precepts to reverse cultural trends of violence and crime.

Or as he wrote, “All you have to do is keep that booklet flowing into society like gentle oil spread upon the raging sea, the calm will flow outward and outward.” And here is a story of perfect demonstration of exactly that: Portland, Oregon.

It’s where underlying passion and prejudice tear away a decency and civility until the city erupts in anarchy and rage; rioters storm downtown Portland for more than 100 consecutive nights while a violent crime wave at the inner city breaks all local records. But standing right in the heart of downtown as a beacon of sanity is our Ideal Org: launch point for Portland Operation Calm.

Phase one begins with mobilizing teams to accomplish the first major target, namely saturate riot hot spots within a full mile radius of the Org with The Way to Happiness. Given pandemic restrictions limit face-to-face and door-to-door distribution, the Org orchestrates a massive mailing, so even as the riots rage the Org was all-hands-on-deck with more than 100 staff and volunteers working to deliver a message urging Portland citizens to live together in peace.

Hour after hour they assembled packages for every individual address, inclusive of a response card for additional booklets. All total you’re looking at more than three tons of materials to infuse a ravaged city with nearly 44,000 copies of The Way to Happiness, all in a single postal blitz. Yet, it’s what next happens that enters this story into the pages of Portland’s legend and lore. Because call it magic, call it divine intervention, the very next day after booklets arrived in residents’ hands the nightly riots don’t just let up, they stop cold.


That was just phase one under the heading of ‘The Merchants of Freedom.’

That was just step one under the heading of emergency triage, because there yet remained the residual fog of skyrocketing urban crime. And so, no sooner had pandemic restrictions lifted, the Org schedules a series of open houses for the entire community. The objective: enlighten and inspire full adoption of the 21 Precepts by pivotal community groups, and so spark a happiness movement at the grassroots. By way of example, Black Men in Training, they are all about steering at-risk youth away from Portland’s East Side gangs, and they are soon adopting The Way to Happiness as their own, including a personalized custom cover, at which point the 21 Precepts also become an integral part of their youth curriculum.

And so the pattern repeats with adoption on behalf of violence prevention, gang intervention, juvenile reform, on and on, as The Way to Happiness is soon coursing across Portland’s inner communities through more than a dozen partners, whereupon the org launches Operation Calm phase three. And specifically to bring The Way to Happiness to every Portland resident in the name of a citywide moral resurgence. Hence, teams head out in force for end-to-end distribution wherever Portlanders intersect. The city’s annual Grand Floral Parade where volunteers bestowed 200 booklets an hour personally enlightening citizens one on one and in emphasis of safeguard and improving your environment.

There’s more at Portland’s signature Blues Festival, where memories of the riots still linger, thus underscoring the positive version of the Golden Rule. There’s more again at the weekly arts and crafts market with the overriding message to set a good example. And so it rolls street by street through historic old town and every other block and by-road to the city center until staff and volunteers distribute more than 120,000 copies of The Way to Happiness, thereby reaching 100 percent of downtown Portland residents, whereafter and against all odds, Portland hits a turning point with headline news proclaiming a dramatic drop in shootings and homicides. All while total crime plunges below pre-pandemic levels. And yes, that’s calming a raging sea with The Way to Happiness for this New Year’s celebration 2024.

For all that, however, there is still another word due on April and it follows from that momentum, and it brings global presence, because take the kind of stories you just saw in representation of on-the-ground action, multiply it out across the rest of this planet, and here’s the worldwide tally. To begin there’s The Way to Happiness, now inspiring a world resurgence among populations, speaking virtually every language on Earth, even a new African dialect, which by sweeping turn of the globe puts the precepts in play across 193 nations, and where a new partnership was forged every nine hours, combine it all, and it’s a grand total of 140 million booklets coursing to the ends of Earth.

Our Narconon saga is just as pervasive. Look no further than LRH drug rehab powering a delivery system that generated 1.2 million hours of life-salvaging help, all of which drives yet another program step to completion every 30 minutes. And that global network is also ever expanding, with new centers arising on the western coast of Taiwan, on the outskirts of Tokyo, a first for Japan. All while in just two weeks, a new Continental center will cut a ribbon and open her doors in South Africa.

Finally, there’s Applied Scholastics now marking a golden anniversary and their 50-year legacy is recognized by no less than the United States Senate for ensuring quality education for the nation’s students. While in testament to that, worldwide, new schools, centers, and groups continuously arise across the realm of academia more than 700 and all just since 2020, making for a network 2500 strong and that’s how Applied Scholastics empowered 64 million students with tools for learning, combine it all and that’s ABLE bringing LRH solutions on behalf of more than 200 million for this New Year’s celebration 2024.

But even so, there is one final statement to complete the ABLE saga for tonight. Moreover, this is the one that comes from the whole tableau of ABLE stories. And although the voices are many, the message is the same. Because this is what it’s like to come to work every day and salvage the eternity of beings.

[Video plays. Voice: Here at The Way to Happiness we’re on our road to making it a peaceful world for everybody. We have seen communities that we have driven back to…]

Present populations are relatively literate, moral, crime free and drug free. While the next make-break point for a civilization is prosperity. Factually it’s another crucial step toward mass clearing. And especially when you consider it’s a subject that concerns every inhabitant of Earth, or as LRH describes, “Work is the major rule of our existence, whether we like it or not. If we don’t like it, we don’t like life. Even more, lose the man his income or his job and you find him in a bad mental condition.” Needless to say, the proofs of that were evident everywhere these past years, what with total shutdowns of industry and commerce, hand outs that wiped out entire workforces, and all of the ramifications thereof. Why go on, you see it every day.

But just as LRH gave us First Dynamic auditing technology to increase the survival of the individual as an individual, so too, he gave us third dynamic and administrative technology to increase the survival of groups. Moreover, it’s extended to the world at large through the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises, otherwise known as WISE. And to once again remind you here is how it all rolls out.

WISE was charged by LRH to disseminate his technology for group prosperity and sanity. Its membership comprises professionals who adopt and apply admin technology to their own endeavors. But WISE further enrolls and trains members as consultants capable of troubleshooting and expanding any venture no matter the ambition, no matter the industry. Simultaneously, higher level of training is provided by a worldwide array of Hubbard Colleges of Administration, who graduate students as official Hubbard administrative specialists. In combination then, WISE employees have LRH admin technology for sanity and prosperity on the third and fourth dynamics, which in turn impacts all other dynamics and so fosters global survival.

Tonight’s opening stories from the universe of WISE recalls the age old proverb a man’s house is his castle. It resonates all over this world expressing so incisively not only a right to a roof over one’s head, but in the benefits, happiness, and prosperity. Yet given the quicksands of financial markets that vision of the castle all too often becomes like a sand castle washed out to sea.

New South Wales, Australia. In the mid 20th century, the Great Australian Dream was born, a dream synonymous with possessing that castle of one’s own. But a 21st century housing shortage and runaway inflation create a crisis pricing young families out of the market, which is why three out of four will tell you they’re ready to give up the dream altogether. But now enter homebuilding titans, Johnny and Mike Hibbard.


That these identical twins could be mistaken for Thor is apt, since both picked up by a hammer from their father at age 15, ultimately become third generation owners of the family business Hibbard homes. The brothers found Scientology in our golden age, and today Johnny is Clear and Mike is new OT V. While to the greater point of this story, they were introduced to WISE in 2019, and from where this story begins. If our headquarters lie north of Sydney in the coastal city of Coffs Harbour, the twins will tell you they specialize in reviving the Great Australian Dream with a valuable final product of affordable quality family houses of exceptional value. All of which runs headstrong into an industry notorious for running out of control, as in over budget and over time.

[The Hibbard twins]
But the Hibbards wield the power of LRH admin tech beginning with that fundamental equation having equals control, and hence they compile nearly 100 pages of AdPacks. For the most critical on-site posts, project manager responsible for entire developments adhering to the briefing via their rules stay on time, under budget and to quality standards. Then there’s construction manager, overseeing some 20 houses at a time stressing adherence to Hibbard’s detailed specifications. While in this visual age, the brothers further create a series of staff-adding videos blocking out company policy and the Basics. Construction flow lines mapped from initial design to certificate of occupancy, quality control checklisted for every point of inspection. And needless to say, valuable final products of happy customers and a purchased home.

Additional videos cover every post and function, all of which goes into play with an in house training program for every employee and personally supervised by the Hibbards. But where it all coalesces regarding duties and responsibilities is when they clear every manager on their respective products across every division of the company org board. And here’s what it looks like in action, planning from building footprint to full architectural drawings, engineering with five interlocking schematics naming every detail from heating and air conditioning to the last electrical plug, design including selection from 22 collections of Australian brick and in 88 colors, so creating variety in every development.

Estimation, itemizing the exact quantities and calculations for everything from construction materials to finishes and appliances, and project management, including all requisite infrastructure of roads, water and power. Well all told you are looking at an operation boasting no less than 20 in-house trades and professions and with the entire Hibbard fleet next rolling out across coastal communities. This is building the Australian dream from the ground up.

Developments typically rise on raw Australian bush or farmland graded to perfection at 160 cubic meters per day. Next, with all Hibbard construction trades harmonized and synchronized, you are looking at weekly production of 220 tons of concrete poured, another 11,000 square feet of corrugated steel sheet roofing, 24,000 bricks laid and mortared, 3,000 feet of timber and 25,000 square feet of drywall, whereupon comes the grand reveal of a new Hibbard home ready for turnkey handover to first-time homeowners and yes, literally wrapped in a bow.

And that’s the story of how Hibbards completes entire developments, 90 houses at a time every five months not only at twice the industry standard speed, but every house 20 percent larger than the industry standard at 20 percent lower cost to homebuyers. But even still where the Hibbards go next level is application of the LRH policy on exchange in alignment with value beyond expectations. Hence, their guarantee on every home complete with a 24-hour emergency repair line is a feature unheard of in the industry. But Hibbard’s secret is servicemen trained as jacks of all trades. Thus, no matter the repair, Hibbards is there in a flash free of charge. Moreover, the service runs after 100 percent, at which point people the phrase you need to know is ‘word of mouth’ because with their reputation spreading from region to region the brothers are literally all over New South Wales, expanding from four cities and the company’s first 50 years to no less than 13 towns and cities since joining WISE, making for nearly 1000 dream homes for Australian families in these last four years alone. So no, you need not wonder why headlines proclaim the sky is the limit for Hibbard Homes because that’s LRH admin tech tripling expansion even right through the pandemic and yes, that’s WISE making dreams and actuality for this New Year celebration 2024.

If such is admin tech applied to a single industry affecting a single segment of society, what about the industry affecting the entire populace, and in fact essential to an entire nation. It’s an industry built by a 5,000-year-old formulas captured on everything from ancient Sumerian tablets and Egyptian Papyrus. Even the how to manual of a ninth century alchemist. Said formulas effectively hastened Europe’s transition out of the dark ages. While in our modern age, they’re so integral to everyday living, that they’re loss can once again changed the course of history.

Such is the universe of cleanliness, and beauty. Hungary, back to back recessions and economic stagnation plagued domestic industry, all while foreign owned multinational conglomerates now account for 50 percent of Hungary’s economic production. Hence Hungarian household brands beloved for generations vanishing from the shelves and companies going extinct. Companies like Florin, one of Hungary’s big three manufacturers since the 1950s, yet now teetering on the brink of bankruptcy.

But reviving Hungarian industry is entrepreneurial wizard Attila Bartok. He originally discovered Scientology through WISE while today he’s both an admin tech specialist and a Super Power completion. This saga opens in the southern city of Szeged, whereupon learning of Florin’s imminent demise Attila determines to buy the company and revive it from the dead with LRH admin tech. And in evidence this is Florin today.

It’s all driven by Attila’s abiding purpose to boost the Hungarian economy through production of Hungarian-made brands. What especially distinguishes Florin from other manufacturers is their laboratory for in-house product development using the highest quality skin-friendly ingredients such as collagen extracts, sea buckthorn oil, and regionally-sourced beeswax. Mixtures are rigorously tested for chemical balance and purity from allergens to achieve the optimal recipe, and therein lies the essence of the company’s unique proprietary formulas. Not to mention its award-winning products, in this case Florin’s all-natural toxin-free personal care line.

But the formula that catalyzes Florin into a powerhouse Hungarian company is LRH Administrative Technology. An org board honed into assembly line efficiency, a communication system for speed of Particle Flow, and statistics for precision condition formula application. Inculcation begins with seminars to instant-hat employees on admin basics. Three-basket system, Completed Staff Work, and battle plans. Moreover, considering the technical know-how of Florin operations, hats are the key ingredient. Machine engineer, lab technician, Health in-charge, no less than 66 hats in total, all of which staff assimilate through in house theory training followed by practical apprenticeship with supervised factory floor application.

And when all elements combine, this is high volume manufacturing. Water purification using reverse osmosis for filtration down to one ten thousandth of a micron, industrial mixing and processing requiring 135 degrees of heat variation, blending compounds for flexible quantities from five liters to 10,000. An automated line customized and configured to fill another container every 1.5 seconds, labeling for household hospital or industrial grade products. And packaging for a dozen Florin brands in a single shift. Altogether, you are looking at a factory synthesizing everything from Florin-formulated household cleaners to every type of body care, including an allergen-free line and a plant-based cosmetic line, not to mention the revival of cherished legacy brands for the home and the family. So filling supermarket shelves with Florin’s go-to household and personal care products, and all Hungarian made.

But once again enter that damn pandemic, with global supply lines shutting down and export nations hoarding their own supplies. There’s suddenly a national shortage of the most in-demand product sanitizer. While the government looks for new import suppliers, Attila sets forth with another plan. Immediately reformulating his hospital-grade sanitizer for home use and using all Hungarian ingredients, whereby he’s next contacting national officials in charge of pandemic response. His proposal, Fast Track approval for construction of a new Florin facility and Florin will supply the entire country with sanitizer, at which point Florin is officially designated an essential services provider by no less than the Hungarian Ministry of Defense.


Attila immediately reconfigures his factory lines to exclusively manufacture sanitizers on an emergency basis. Boosting manpower with three eight-hour shifts for a 24/7 operation to manufacture 165,000 liters every day. Next, he gets that new factory into construction to accommodate all other Florin products. And so it went, simultaneously with Attila driving sanitizer across the nation, east, west, north and south into the supermarkets for personal consumption, into the schools to keep them open, into every hospital to keep them sanitary, and even military facilities to keep them secure until it’s not just 5.5 million liters. And nor is it just headline news proclaiming Florin for averting a national disaster but with restrictions finally lifted it’s a grand opening ceremony for that new factory.

Well in appreciation for his service to the country, it’s inaugurated by a Secretary of State and a member of Parliament at which point Florin accomplishment goes positively transcendent with awards and recognitions for business super brands 100 best businesses, factory of the year, and the number one Hungarian company for household products. And that’s the story of how LRH admin tech not only drove Florin expansion 350 times over, but it’s also why Attila next entered Hungarian parliament itself to receive the nation’s value and quality grand prize. And yes, that’s WISE essential to a nation on this New Year celebration 2024.

Our final accounting the world of WISE reminds us that LRH administrative fundamentals are exactly that — fundamental to all operating principles in this universe and the immutable laws of life itself. So while national economists might explain this or that financial crisis in terms of trade deficits or devaluation, LRH provided a philosophy of administration and it addresses such matters as the anatomy of all organizations, and basic purposes of beings. Accordingly, these things are universal and inviolate.

And when one commands the upper level tools of LRH admin tech, one can rescue any business, an entire nation, or even a civilization, such is the province of WISE consultants and Hubbard colleges of administration. And here is the manifest proof of what they can do.

Ecuador. She was never the model of a robust economy. But when a perfect economic storm blew the bottom out of commerce, gross domestic productivity sank like a stone. Then, facing horrific hyperinflation she even swapped out her currency for an almighty American dollar, and albeit the climate became relatively stable, well, that’s when the pandemic hit driving her into a new financial hurricane. But this is Jorge Bella and Gallo Arbaletta, co-founders of Ecuador’s Hubbard College of Administration. It spins in the capital’s commercial art, and boasts a team of some three dozen admin tech specialists with almost 200 years of bolstering Ecuadorian industry. And this is their work in a world.

Clients are typically owners and CEOs of home grown enterprises. Everything from textile manufacturers to graphic designers. They just as typically discovered admin basics through introductory seminars. In this case, ARC to strengthen management-employee relationships, not to mention customer relations. Whereafter entrepreneurs and executives find seats in the College Academy for a tailored regimen of courses from organizational basics, for channeling a purpose through hell and high water, to ethics for business survival for a profitable course through adverse winds and statistical management for tracking trends through any weather. And that, in an Ecuadorian nutshell, is how 11,000 graduates enter their nation’s competitive base. But it’s true on-site consultation that HCA Ecuador affects an entirely new climate of productivity. And this is what it looks like.

ILE is a top provider of spices, teas and condiments. But their emergency trend is unrelenting. So HCA Ecuador initiates a factory seminar on the conditions formulas to boost personal productivity. And when combined with measurable statistics across spice production lines, profits soar four times over. Mundo graphics somehow survived the last 30 years. But more than a third of company employees are unproductive. So HCA introduces personality tests to weed out the unqualified and combines it with hatting for the rest. Check sheets for printing floor procedures, reach-and-withdraw on a web press, and speed drills on print setups. Whereupon Mundo summarily doubles production and efficiency.

Enelexa is Ecuador’s premier snack food company, but its organizational mishmash is utterly unappetizing. So the personnel manager implements statistics and flow lines for an 800-man operation, and expansion likewise doubles, and in only 12 months. Arafest construction does luxury apartments, but what they don’t do is market their products. Consequently, HCA presents LRH basics on promotion, thereby fueling product demand and multiplying new customer inquiries by a factor of three.

Then again, there’s Mantaroses, they do flower cultivation in this worldwide capital of roses. But given statistics are a foreign concept, HCA delineates checklists for valuable final products, after which Mantaroses hits maximum capacity and quadruples production. There’s more at Equinera Orchids, where things were anything but flourishing. Hence, HDA applies correct conditions and Equinera is now the world’s largest exporter with expansion running 40 times over.

So yes, that’s how HCA Ecuador calm a tempestuous climate by driving LRH admin technology into more than 5,000 Ecuadorian organizations, or a full 6 percent of the economic base. And if you wonder what else HCA Ecuador is cheering about, well, it’s because no less than Ecuador’s office of the president has just issued an official recognition of gratitude for bolstering Ecuadorian industry to new heights of productivity. And yes, that’s why stabilizing an entire national economy on this new year 2024.

Beyond the representative examples you’ve just seen there yet remains the global spreadsheet from WISE, and bearing in mind application of LRH admin tech represents far more than mere better business practices, the cumulative sum unfolds as follows.

WISE members earning industry awards wherever they ply their trade, excellence in luxury design, distinction in culinary arts, leadership in information technology, foremost real estate, dynamic events and entertainment, one after another in an unending cascade of success. In fact, out of 32 million US companies 32 WISE companies have now earned a spot on the list of 5,000 fastest-growing enterprises, a distinction that quite literally makes each a one-in-a-million success.

Moreover, WISE members stamp their brand of expertise on every imaginable job description, better than 1300 professions in all. Then there is everything WISE represents through engines of commerce and markets of trade, with admin tech specialists and consultants at work across 32 nations, making for a new company now adopting LRH admin tech every hour of every day. And so totaling more than 40,000 companies now employing the tools for Third Dynamic survival. And when you sum all uptrending graphs across global production grids, it’s an exponential surge in prosperity with no less than 3 million professionals entering the world of LRH Administrative Technology for this New Year’s celebration 2024.

Again, however, there still remains a final state and requisite to the universe of WISE and it returns us to the ultimate ends of admin tech delivery, because this is the statement that invariably reads, up the conditions they go until comes to view the Bridge itself. Whereupon comes the real bottom line of WISE, which is nothing less than eternal freedom.


[Video. Voice: Without LRH admin tech, I don’t know where either of us would be. I mean, I have gone through major (something) on this planet… We weathered the storm through that. And we came out with this because we have the tools…]

If all you’ve seen thus far is about creating a climate where mankind can survive, we now come to what lies beyond just mere survival, namely, infinite spiritual freedom.

Such is the province of those who hold wide the gates of our Bridge, those who audit in every neighborhood, those who extend our help to distinct lands and the proverbial rim of our world. Those in short who dedicate themselves under the banner of Scientology Missions International and International Hubbard Ecclesiastical League of Pastors, otherwise known as SMI and iHELP. While in totality, theirs is a story that plays out as follows.

It all emanates from our organizations where Scientology is ascending the Bridge set forth to start this cycle anew. They plant Scientology flags and communities near and far, and so rally beneath that resounding cry, I’m going to clear my zone.

To precisely that end missions provide Golden Age introductory services and auditing, from Personal Efficiency and Life Improvement to lower grades and New Era Dianetics. Whereupon course graduates and case completions advance to orgs for academy training. And so the cycle repeats with newly trained auditors establishing new groups along ever-widening frontiers, until arises a self-generating movement as those groups expand into full blown missions. And once in the net those missions become full fledged orgs, and so we clear this planet.

The opening account of pioneering field action reflects the first step of that cycle of expansion. Namely, Scientology’s descending the bridge in the works and stepping out to start the cycle anew. While the action can be phrased in a million ways. This tale recalls the classic piece of Chinese wisdom, ripping water penetrates the stone. Meaning, small but persistent efforts can eventually and will accomplish the big win.

Such is the story of Scientology in Taiwan with an Ideal Org, 13 missions, and 40 groups, but just like a drop of water penetrating the stone, the next bend might be new territory waiting to be explored. Tai Chung in Taiwan is the intersection of cultural heritage and commercial progress and stands as the pillar of central Taiwan. She is also now one of the island’s fastest growing cities, attracting citizens in pursuit of material success. Yet, in this land of ancient wisdom, they lose their way in the absence of practical knowledge. But illuminating the path to a higher plateau is iHELP remember Karma Chang.

He is one of the original Book One pioneers who helped open the nation of Taiwan, and for more than two decades, he has worked under the banner of iHELP, earning power-FSM eight times over. While today he is also solo auditing on New OT VII, but that next bend in the road only appeared when his daughter Aggie, completed her Survival Rundown and determined to follow in her father’s footsteps, training a college education for academy training at Kaohsiung, advancing through the entire Golden Age line up to emerge as a Class IV auditor, at which point family dynamics align as this father-daughter duo envisioned something entirely new, a group dedicated to empowering Tai Chung’s business leaders who influence society.

The group’s logo is designed to reflect and integrate that purpose. Six points representing ARC and KRC, upward arrows representing a three-fold path of training, processing, and awareness, and hence the name Superior Knowledge. In perfect harmony they secure facilities in Tai Chung’s foremost high tech industrial park for a March 2021 grand opening in honor of LRH’s birthday. It’s attended by 150 dignitaries and business leaders with a keynote address by our very own WISE legend and Bright Chow.

Beyond their doors is what you might dub an ideal group. Introductory enlightenment by way of Scientology television and the full array of programs in Chinese, a bookstore with a full array, likewise in Chinese. But of course as always clearing begins with Book One. Consequently, they reach out to saturate their local zone. Into the primary commercial hub at Tai Chung Civic Square with a first introduction to students who will become the business leaders of tomorrow. At the night market adjacent to Tai Chung’s National Institute of Technology, and where stress tests with a Mark Eight instantly captivates the attention of tech savvy students.

There’s more at Taiwan’s largest Night Market. More again, for everyone else at Tai Chung’s oldest park. And all together placing a book into new public hands every three minutes. But now Superior Knowledge channels those droplets of Dianetic wisdom with on-site Book One seminars to penetrate the business sector itself. In this instance, with lectures on the Tone Scale and its relationship to survival, followed by interactive drilling, demonstrating the influence of the reactive mind. All of course concluding with an invitation to clearing.

Superior Knowledge replicates that pattern across Tai Chung’s commercial sector. Manufacturing engineers revealing the reactive mind is the true source of stress, specialty food producers and the power of smell to restimulate engrams. Equipment suppliers and the underlying cause of accidents. Altogether enlightening more than 400 across Tai Chung’s business landscape, and all of which drives corporate leaders, employees and their families through the doors of Superior Knowledge, whereupon they’re discovering terra incognita for themselves, so beginning that adventure, where they will never be the same again.

So reaching for and descending that better Bridge, and so unfolds detail of how drop by drop Superior Knowledge have now tallied more than 4,000 auditing hours, in turn helping 78 to a higher plateau, all while introducing more than 800 to Dianetics and Scientology and yes, that’s your proverbial drops of water already penetrating a society and yes, that’s also an iHELP pioneer opening a new gateway declaring for this New Year celebration 2024.

If that’s a textbook example of pre-auditors, Clears and OTs springing from organizations, establishing new groups to expand the perimeter of that organization, then what about all new frontiers? Meaning, lands where there is no org present, lands where pioneers plant new seeds across virgin territory, seeds that will in not too distant future, germinate and grow into all new organizations?


Well, here’s starts the genesis of that cycle, now going down in the Czech Republic. Long known as the heart of Europe, she proudly stands as a gateway between countries east and west. And once she has emerged as a brightened tech hub, built on the creativity and innovations of her people, nearly half the population will tell you they suffer from job stress and family discord, and all for the simple reason they can’t communicate.

But bringing his nation the universal solvent is Peter Gono. He first discovered Scientology when he chanced upon an OCA test, and today he is a Clear. Peter first earned his stripes as a pioneer in Bohemia’s industrial center of Pilsen, establishing the field group [name] from where he delivered introductory lectures, primarily Anatomy of the Human Mind, and thereby introduced more than 1,000 to Scientology. But to fulfill his goal of a cleared country, Peter next determines to establish a full-fledged mission.

He begins by signing aboard a future tech team, owing to lack of Czech materials, all of them are multilingual so they can train abroad in English, and so become among the first Czech auditors and supervisors. Next, Peter surveys the city for a mission premises, finally securing the perfect location a mere 100 feet from city center. Fast forward to the return of his 10-man Golden Age technical team and Peter is next cutting a ribbon signifying the birth of the mission.

The mission welcomes a cross section of young professionals from teachers and accountants to digital animators and IT specialists. Pent up demand from that feminine field and immediately fills mainline grade chart services, Purification with a dozen enrolled at any given time, Survival Rundown where 40 students are now co-auditing, lower grades and NED, delivered by five Class V auditors, altogether making for 250 releases all while 17 have now attained the state of Clear in orgs.

But of course as with every mission Zebriniska is all about the on-ramps to the Bridge, including introductory lectures on ARC and Life Improvement. Above all, the one that speaks to and cracks that Czech communication barrier is the HAS course. Moreover, it’s the one where they can officially say they are a Scientologist. Even more the point, Peter now knows exactly how to expand his zone with remote delivery in cities far and wide, and thus sowing the seeds to create new beachheads across the Republic. Field staff members are immediately activated as advanced men, responsible for signups and enrollment followed by Peter and the delivery team with all materials in hand traveling toward 50 miles east to the city of [name].

The location is a Hotel Centrum, ideal not just for its conference facilities, but rather because Peter’s requirement for enrollment is that students check in for the duration. Delivery is textbook, beginning with an orientation, namely the students guide to acceptable behavior, followed by the three barriers to study and clearing of words. All of which prepares them for the fundamentals of Scientology itself. Whereupon the heart of the communication course begins through a multi day regimen spanning TR zero to four with a particular emphasis on confront, including a small dose of in-your-face bullbait, at which point upper indoctrination TRs overflow onto hotel grounds, and so it continues every TR from zero to nine, two times through until when graduation arrives and certificates are handed out it’s not an end of cycle.

Rather, it’s a new field of Scientologists, as evidenced by a group springing to life to once again start the cycle a new, the pattern repeats 130 miles to the northeast, at the engineering hub of [name]. By survey almost two thirds of its workers suffer from insufficient communication. But now with attendees discovering the communication formula and the elements of confront and control, yet another new group arises on virgin Czech soil.

The mission next descends 140 miles to the southeast, at the hamlet of [name]. And so the pattern continues. Until altogether, new groups emerged across eleven Czech towns and cities, whereupon the ground is also prepared to start another cycle anew. This cycle for continuous expansion. And hence Peter and team are soon rallying Czech Scientologists for that next inevitable step, creating even more new missions to accommodate the burgeoning field. And they jump started with two dozen promptly stepping aboard as staff. Whereafter this is Peter’s cross country rollout.

First in the capital in Prague where Peter builds another technical core and cuts a ribbon on another new mission, already generating nearly 500 introductory course completions. Next in the nation’s second largest city at Brno were another ribbon falls and where they promptly usher better than 100 onto the Bridge, while just last month in southern Bohemia, yet still another mission comes to fruition. And that’s the continuing story of unending expansion with a flourishing Scientology field establishing roots throughout the Czech Republic through 2800 introductory lectures, generating four new missions and no less than 22 new groups. And yes, that’s a Scientologist planting new flags to clear their zone for this New Year’s celebration 2024.

We now advance to a story in emphasis of the fact you need not go to virgin territory to call yourself a pioneer. As a matter of fact, you can find it along any stretch of road, or in this case along highways traveled for millennia, whether by two-wheeled chariots, or 12-cylinder supercars.

Modena, Italy. If you’re looking for the quintessential Italian city, this is it. Birthplace of world premiere culinary maestros, operatic legends, and none other than Mr. Ferrari himself, which is why it’s no surprise her citizens proudly go by the motto, we make difficult things easy. And opening the high speed road to total freedom is the mission of Modena. She is governed by Simonetta Gorzanelli, who first entered Scientology in 1985 and soon thereafter began her lifelong mission career.

Well, today she is also a New OT V. But our story for tonight begins in 2020, when the streets were empty and the world stood still, because that’s when, in an Italian heartbeat, Simonetta determined to seize the moment, mapping out a plan to take her mission to ideal, all in the spirit of that iconic Modena phrase, If you can dream it, you can do it.

So in the midst of lockdowns, they designed a top to bottom overhaul for a total integration and transformation of all new mission spaces. And with a team of staff and volunteers some 50 strong, they refitted her with every ideal component, including all requisite seminar systems, public info center for enlightenment, and iconic signage across all 6200 square feet. Whereupon Simonetta and her team are prepared and proud to cut a ribbon on ideal premises.

All crescendos for a grand opening on the 26th of June 2022, with crowds packing the central thoroughfare. Owing to Modena’s on-the-ground work of Volunteer Ministers during the pandemic, a civil defense team leader extends his wishes that VM ideals continue to spread. All while a municipal officer proclaims a future holding great possibilities. After which our ribbon cascades down before some 400 community leaders, dignitaries, and Scientologists. And all as headlines herald Modena’s new Ideal home.


And with all pistons firing you are looking at an engine designed to, first and foremost, drive Modena onto and up the Bridge. As in 2800 new public introduced to Dianetics and Scientology, a course completion every other day. While on the processing side over 2000 Purification hours. More than 5000 total auditing hours making for 60 Scientologists ascending the grade chart every week, and no less than 270 moving up the line to higher levels in orgs.

But what especially distinguishes this Ideal Mission is her new civilization campaign, with the purpose of removing any and all roadblocks to widespread community clearing. And so the mission simultaneously ignites every campaign engine fueled with volunteers from across Modena and some 20 surrounding towns, whereafter with every team on the starting grid, it rolls out as follows:

Youth for Human Rights, given Italy counts record numbers of migrants arriving to her shores and thus an undercurrent of discrimination, volunteers saturate city center. The Christmas market where joyous shoppers are welcoming of a message of tolerance. The [name] Tower where booklets land in multiethnic hands every eight seconds, their Duomo, where congregations attending services and her 11th century cathedral next gravitate to pledge boards, and so it goes with volunteers sparking a 21st century renaissance of human rights, gaining a new signature every minute and ultimately carrying the Universal Declaration to some 50,000.

Then there’s The Way to Happiness, for which distribution teams plied Modena’s oldest indoor market. While the city is not a hotspot for crime, she still sees her share of petty theft. Hence, the 21 Precepts are welcomed all over artisanal food stalls of aged vinegar and other Modena delicacies, while all together the mission provides 150 booklets an hour to holiday shoppers and vendors alike, for a total of 74,000 copies circulating city wide.

There’s more and significantly so for Drug Free World, considering Modena’s high income scales, affluent youth readily access cocaine and assorted party drugs. So volunteers permeate Modena’s main square. There’s more for high end shoppers along the historic portico of the college, more again from a Drug Free World presence now as iconic as local tourist attractions. And still more permeating every other locale where public gather, with a booklet into public hands every 20 seconds, at which point to reach everyone else, Drug Free World partners with local cinemas, whereupon it’s not only Truth About Drugs displays, with booklets for every moviegoer, but PSA screenings reaching 50,000 patrons every day.

Combine it all, and that’s how half a million Italians now know the truth about drugs. Finally, there’s Modena’s force of VMs always at the ready to do something about it. Case in point when cataclysmic flooding inundates more than three dozen towns and cities across the north, Modena renders 3500 hours of indiscriminate help. And as it plays all over airwaves and deadlines with the tagline reading, Scientology is changing the future of this one-of-a-kind city. Well, it’s a future brighter than ever, especially since Modena’s humanitarian campaign has now reached a million individuals one on one, amounting to no less than 23 percent of her regional population. And yes, that Scientology Missions International in the name of a new civilization for this New Year’s celebration 2024.

And with that we’ve come to the all-embracive view of that greatest adventure in all human endeavors. Because after all, it’s one thing to chart forgotten lands or map lost continents, and quite another to vanquish reactive minds. So yet again, remembering what these numbers represent, I give you Scientology Missions International and our pioneering league of field groups. For all the talk of opening gateways in far flung corners of this world, iHELP now extends introductory auditing across 24 time zones, from the world’s oldest republic to the planet’s most ancient desert, remote villages of the Arctic fjords, the southernmost capital of the Americas, the edge of civilization in Pacific rainforests, and the fastest-growing metropolis on Earth.

And when you add in everywhere else in total, there are now over 500 new groups extending to the farthest reaches of humanity, making for a global field far surpassing 2000 iHELP pioneers. Meanwhile, Scientology Missions International celebrated a chain of cascading ribbons from hemisphere to hemisphere in the United States, Spain, Australia, Georgia, Hungary, Romania, Ecuador, and Tanzania. While all together those missions and groups form an unbroken ring of portals to our Bridge spanning more than 100 nations, and yes, in combination that’s how SMI and iHELP ushered 3 million individuals through the entrance gates of Dianetics and Scientology for this New Year’s 2024

Once again, no view of the sector is complete without a personal perspective, in this case from those who hold wide the gates across 24,000 miles of our world, for after all, what else conveys that feeling when comes a gentle knock at the door and you welcome some being to the threshold of everlasting life. So the final word on our groups and missions I give you those who live that feeling every day, our members of iHELP and SMI.

[Video. Voice: A high level leave either race, race into the world, you will feel great they will they have been given…]

And that brings us to our new year’s award celebration and what historically marks our salute to a worldwide League of power FSMs. We’re going to reiterate the essential: A field staff member represents the coalescence of all you just witnessed this evening, so whether public Scientologists, iHELP auditors in groups, SMI mission staff, or WISE members, all fulfill a common purpose as field staff members.

Indeed, it’s the one purpose LRH bestowed on every Scientologists, to help LRH contact, handle, salvage, and bring to understanding the individual and thus the peoples of Earth. So, precisely in accordance with those words we come to this year’s presentation, each will receive that treasured Power FSM pin for escorting at least 100 people onto and up the bridge through a single calendar year. Moreover, this year is capped by FSMs who represent another milestone altogether as we honor not one, two, three, four, or five, but unprecedented six Scientologists as elite FSMs, which is to say in a single calendar year they each helped a thousand onto and up the Bridge.

So, to a record 224 FSMs, who personally ushered Scientologists, one on one, to a staggering 154,849 steps up the Bridge, I ask that you join me in a thunderous ovation as they take this stage. Ladies and gentlemen your inspiring and elite FSMs.

[Extended musical section as FSMs go on stage.]


And with that we come to the culminating chapter of this New Year’s review and the crucial nexus between yesterday’s history and tomorrow’s destiny, all of which is another way of saying we not only come to the culmination of all you have thus far seen, but also full circle from the moment I told you, we’re going to ignite solid rocket fuel for liftoff into 2024. Because make no mistake, this next is the one that makes all else possible, namely, our ideal organizations.

Of course, if you’ve been in one, then you already know that they’re a physical universe manifestation of the Bridge itself, meaning they’re designed to accommodate every level of that Bridge and to propel every being right to the top. A golden age of introductory routes, a golden age of knowledge, a golden age of tech phase two, all of them are quite literally embodied in an Ideal Org. But even still, there yet remains one final component to the full Golden Age equation. And in all truth, this final component is the linchpin, all of which is to say it complements and amplifies all others, ultimately bringing the entire golden age to fruition. And yes, that’s what launches in 2024 in the name of a golden age of administration.

For all else we’ve heard tonight regarding LRH Administrative Technology for third dynamic survival, and its application to any growth, let’s not forget that it’s research and development was intended for the third dynamic of Scientology.

Moreover, auditing technology as contained in HCO bulletins and admin technology, as contained in HCO policy letters, they are a direct parallel, as but one example, when LRH announced and released the first Scientology grade chart, he concurrently announced and released the first Scientology org board. And well, I could go on with example after example, you already get the point. Third dynamic admin technology creates the organization necessary for the 100 percent standard application of first dynamic auditing technology.

And hence, keeping admin working is synonymous with keeping Scientology working. All of which returns us to the future we are creating in the name of expansion and the very substance of that phrase, not on pause. Then again, while others may speak of these last few years in terms of, we lost all that time. We, on the other hand can rightfully say, we took advantage of all that time. And specifically with a largest training program in all our history, all to make a new breed of organizational executive, the likes of which has never been seen. And no, that is not an overstatement.

First, we do not train just one or two executives for an org. Rather, we train a full team at a minimum, the entire executive council. Training begins with the org executive course, the OEC. It entails a chronological study of every policy letter for every division, department, section and unit of the entire organization, and all of it requiring star-rate checkout. Moreover, the passing grade on final exam is 100 percent. Next, they train on the flight executive briefing course the FEBC. The course is comprised of the full management series volumes, plus the FEBC lectures.

Furthermore, the course is studied three times through. Needless to say the passing grade on final exam is also 100 percent. Finally, these executives are also trained on the tech they will be administering, depending on what post they hold in the organization, they have been trained as either a golden age class four auditor, a golden age word clearer, a golden age course supervisor, or all of the above. But even more this program also includes processing. First, advancing their case up the grade chart, followed by the False Purpose Rundown and capped with Super Power.

Now combine it all we’re talking the executive teams who are the highest admin-trained executives, the highest tech trained executives, and the highest case level executives we have ever had. And that is what is spiraling out across this planet for 2024.

With that let’s return to right here and right now because as I speak to you, no less than eight teams have completed their FEBC programs both training and processing and are now in final briefing to fire back to their orgs. All of which is to say…

All of which is to say Melbourne, San Francisco, Tampa, Miami, Orlando, Denmark, London, and Edinburgh, get ready because here they come.

Now let’s move move right to the launch pad because likewise in final briefing are full FEBC teams for brand new Ideal Orgs. I already previewed one of them in our IAS anniversary last month. And yes, the 21-person FEBC executive team will soon be pulling down a ribbon for a new Ideal Org in Paris, France.

But if you thought that was all, well I was just holding back. So now let’s set this night on fire and blow the roof off this auditorium. Especially since even before you can say bon soir, you’ll be saying yeehaw for this one.

As for the particulars, in addition to a full complement of FEBC executives for both day and Foundation another 39 of her General Staff have also been training at FLAG. In full she’s manned by 140 staff including 57 Clears and OTs. While beyond that, all you really need to know by way of introduction is the slogan these people go by. Namely, I wasn’t born here but I got here as fast as I could and here’s the reason why.

[Video. Country music: “Texas freedom.” (Announcing the Austin Ideal Org.)]


If that’s an Ideal Org for Texas, a state dubbed ‘the country’ owing to its size, then we next arrive at a city so colossal, it might as well be a country. But no matter how you slice it metaphor or reality, it’s the biggest city in North America topping even New York and Los Angeles. As for what’s about to energize this organization, she too is a full complement of FEBC executives, all poised to lead a grande staff 165-strong, including an 18-man HCO and 55-man tech team. Beyond all that is an org that was destined for Ideal a long time ago, having provided the first ever translations of the Comm Course, HQS and Student Hat. So yes, Viva the nation of this next Ideal Org.

[Video. Mexican music. (Announcing another Mexico City Ideal Org, the city’s second.)]

The vastness of Texas and its capital at Austin, Mexico City and the grandeur of its valley, all of which takes us to our final destination this evening. And the majestic city were the skyline kisses the clouds.

Then again, if it’s our third of the night this org will tell you they are second to none. And if it all sounds poetic I assure you it is not. They are the most populous city in the midwestern US and are otherwise known as the City of Big Shoulders. Even more to the point is their Ideal Org building was constructed in 1915 and is an architectural masterpiece. But for the big muscle, that’s our work staff: A 13-man FEBC executive team, trained and ready to lead an org team of 138 staff, including 47 Clears and OTS with a combined staff experience of 640 years and all of to prove, if the turn of the calendar year is about to signify a whirlwind of Ideal Orgs, then it appropriately concludes in the city where the winds blow strongest.

[Video. (Announcing Chicago Ideal Org]

With that, let’s now put the final exclamation point on this year and our launch off into 2024. As in, our traditional welcome to the world out there. How it seems I have moved on from what you’ve just seen, well not quite. Because in fact we have now arrived at the next juncture. Meaning the extension of Ideal Orgs to broad public dissemination and where that dissemination is Ideal Orgs.

Moreover if you had not previously grasped it, well, it’s precisely we’re we’ve been heading ever since our Scientology ads began a decade ago. Yes, we’ve been telling the world there is a spiritual technology, that this is the age of answers where they can achieve their full potential, then again, and especially through the pandemic years we have enlightened them to be more and to live again.

Finally, and as a through-line to all we have asked: Curious? To which I can tell you the answer. They most certainly are. In proof, 20 million new viewers of Scientology Network. But now…

But now, enter Ideal Orgs. Today it’s a galaxy of 72 stars and soon to number 76. The point, not just that our doors are open to all, but that we have so many doors and they are everywhere on Earth. And thus the next inevitable auditing command, a command to walk inside and behold an Ideal Org. And here it is, premiering to the first 115 million at Super Bowl 58.

[Video. Super Bowl ad 2024. …You probably heard about us. Maybe you’ve seen us around. And if you’ve ever been curious, you’re not alone. …What is Scientology? Chances are we’re not what you expect.’s an idea. What if you just take a look for yourself. (music) …our doors are open….in every corner of the world…]

Now that we have criss-crossed the globe, traversing every sector of LRH technical application, revealing our Global message for tomorrow, and unveiling new Ideal Orgs for eternity, well, we have also now closed the door on yesteryear thus fixing our sites firmly on the glorious future ahead. And all of it in turn to say, we have now arrived at the triumphant conclusion of this evening’s New Years event. Then again this is the moment I traditionally asked you to ponder the year ahead. But tonight we’ll do it differently because what’s there to ponder when it can all be a certainty?

First, in the name of Ideal facilities we have now opened 127,953 square feet and that’s just since the IAS anniversary six weeks ago. Next and with no doubt whatsoever, there’s all I just previewed in the name of Ideal Orgs for January-February 2024, and since we’re talking numbers, that’s another 377,253 square feet and all to open in the next six weeks.

In fact, combine it all it’s more than half a million square feet open for delivery in just 12 weeks. And if you aren’t breathless yet, you would be if you were me. Try one of the, try one of those overnight jaunts Southeast and North not to mention Europe and back all while keeping every other ball in the air, but even so, that’s still not the full picture on future Ideol Orgs because there’s another 591,952 square feet already in construction, all while another 1.5 million square feet will go into construction this year.

But if that’s Ideal Orgs, there are also Ideal Advanced Organizations. The next one is already in construction and a second is now in planning for construction in 2024 all to fulfill the prophecy of an OT base in every Continental Zone.


Yet if all of that is in the name of helping build the better Bridge LRH called for in Book One, we likewise work relentlessly to provide the same for all other technologies he provided. In the name of Narconon and drug rehabilitation, you’ve just seen a new continental center soon to open in South Africa, well, there are another four Continental Narconons also moving to completion this year.

Then there’s Applied Scholastics for Study Technology. New campus facilities are either already in hand or being acquired, all to create continental centers in every geographic zone. Moreover. it’s all just in preparation for a new golden age soon to roll out in the name of Applied Scholastics.

Yet if everything thus far is for the dissemination and application of LRH’s technology, then the greater picture is the technology itself. And in that regard, what’s about to roll out is nothing less than monumental. Not a new category of golden age, but an expansion of them all, from the long awaited recovery of yet another introductory route, to new discoveries in the Golden Age of Knowledge and that’s quite in addition to new technical releases spanning the entire Bridge. So once again, to reiterate, there’s no need to ponder because on to the next, you and me, our future is a certainty.

Sure, the forward steps we take don’t happen spontaneously, they’re all the result of a lot of planning and a lot of doing. What we have in store for next year is the fruition of an abundant quantity of both of those labors, but they are a certainty.

But now let me add one more factor to all I’ve just rattled off in terms of the future state for an expanding Ideal and an expanding Golden Age — after all, it was a fairly fast ratatat listing of what’s coming in the new year. No, the factor I am speaking up is not that I could rattle it off off the top of my head. Rather, it’s that everything you experienced this evening, everything we are working to create in the name of a better tomorrow, all of it is in the singular pursuit of a singular purpose: To move every being onto and up the Bridge all the way to the top.

Even more to the point that purpose is a purpose we all have as Scientologists. Now at this point you may be expecting me to tell you, lend a hand, stake your ground. Yes, it’s true. You should do that and especially since the vast array of ways to contribute are everywhere you look. Be it as an FSM, field group, mission, or part of the worldwide org team, or if you prefer one of our social betterment sectors or the front lines of Fourth Dynamic salvage. But that’s not my message for tonight and besides, I’m quite certain there are a multitude of people outside those doors who are already going to tell you that.

So instead let’s return to that purpose, to move very being onto and up the Bridge, all of the way to the top. And with that we have come to the heart of the matter and my final message and gift to you. Yes, I do need you and you and you — all of you. Take your next step. And the next, all the way to the top. And now to help you, and now to help you on that journey it’s my pleasure to present you with this gift. It comes in a pocket folder: “Take your next step.” Contained within is Ron’s Journal 36 titled, “Your New Year.”

LRH wishes you a happy holiday season with the hope that you will take advantage of the carefully marked trail upward. Also contained in the folder is a grade chart. On the back are step-by-step instructions to map and track you upwards. The chart of course unfolds. Put it on your wall or better yet, your bathroom mirror. Just so you’re reminded at the start of every day. The inside of the folder gives the exact targets beginning with making your 2024 New Year postulate for total freedom. Further instructions tell you how to get started.

And that’s my New Year’s wish for all of you: Total freedom, because in the end, it’s all that matters.

So there you have it, a New Year’s event at the starting line of limitless horizons and infinite tomorrows, but to truly close out this evening, let this be my final closing message to ensure tonight’s event is a done.

Simply, I invite you to sit back and consider how far we’ve come and to likewise consider what you’re now a part of. Because yes, this is a timeless moment in Whole Track history, and a tale that will be told and retold forever. Well until forever, let every wristwatch in this house now start ticking again because we’re all now on the clock for that countdown to lift off and a year for all the ages to come.

Thank you.

Happy New Year and all to LRH.

Hip hip! Hooray! etc.



Technology Cocktail

“In assessment the auditor is aiming directly at the pc’s bank and wants no pc in front of it thinking, speculating, maundering or Itsaing. Thus this assessment is a very
direct action. All this requires easy, smooth, steel-hand-in-a-velvet-glove control of the pc. It looks easy and relaxed as a style, it is straight as a Toledo blade. The trick is to be direct in what’s wanted and not deviate. The auditor settles what’s to be done, gives the command and then the pc may work for a long time, the auditor alert, attentive, completely relaxed.” — L. Ron Hubbard, 1964



We first broke the news of the LAPD’s investigation of Scientology celebrity Danny Masterson on rape allegations in 2017, and we’ve been covering the story every step of the way since then. At this page we’ve collected our most important links as Danny faces a potential sentence of 45 years to life in prison. NOW WITH TRIAL INDEX.


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Source Code

“Hitler didn’t have any trouble with a large section of his population. He just put them all in concentration camps and that was it. And it’s that kind of a game if you want to look at it. It’s not the game of government and who will we elect and democracy über alles, or something, it’s not all that kind of a government. It’s just the kind of a government, well, there they are nicely out of the running, everybody is out of the running, isn’t that nice. And things are just barely ticking over, and we’re not going to be troubled by those fellows from the 18th Panzer Division that put up such a hell of a fight on Exnoo. We’re not going to be troubled with them anymore because we got them implanted very nicely, and they’ve all been sent down to Earth, and the mores of the society there will take care of everything And they will never be in circulation again as space jockeys. It’s that kind of thinking, you see?” — L. Ron Hubbard, December 20, 1961


Avast, Ye Mateys

“Kindliness note: FEBC students and public students are no longer thrown overboard at Flag. It went out in ’68. We haven’t thrown anyone overboard for just ages. There hasn’t even been a low condition assigned on Flag for a couple of years. However, with new recruits aboard and the decks getting dirty…” — The Commodore, December 20, 1970



Overheard in the FreeZone

“For those who wonder if I’m a Scientologist, all I can say is: If LRH is the individual I think that person is, I’m pretty sure I’d take a bullet thru the head for that individual. If I felt quite sure it was the best possible way to keep the only Scientology I believe in going.”


Past is Prologue

1997: The New York Times published an article on harassment experienced by Bob Minton. “Leaving her home in Boston one morning early this month, Therese Minton was shocked to find her husband’s photograph on fliers stuck to cars and trees in their Beacon Hill neighborhood. Beneath the photo was text that began: ‘The face of religious bigotry. Your neighbor Bob Minton is not all that he seems.’ A few nights later, as children arrived for the birthday party of one of the Mintons’ two young daughters, three Scientologists picketed quietly outside the home, handing out the same flier. And the same night of his daughter’s party, Minton was among about 40 anti-Scientologists marching in front of the church’s spiritual headquarters in Clearwater, Fla., to mark the second anniversary of a Scientologist’s death, for which the protesters blamed the church. These are among the latest skirmishes in an escalating war between the Church of Scientology and Robert S. Minton Jr., a retired investment banker, who has spent $1.25 million to finance some of the church’s most outspoken critics. Minton became a dedicated foe of the church after learning of what he considered its heavy-handed efforts to silence the critics. In addition to the fliers, the church has private investigators digging through Minton’s past, and Minton says he suspects that two men he saw following his school-age daughters twice in October were church operatives, though he says he has no proof. ‘I realize that these are the tactics that this church uses to try to intimidate people it can’t control,’ Minton said. ‘They do intimidate me. I’m not a total fool. But I’m not going to walk away either.’ Church officials vehemently denied authorizing anyone to follow Minton’s children and said that he made up those incidents to get press attention. But they acknowledged picketing his house and using private investigators to examine his background. They said both steps were legal and necessary. ‘Sometimes it requires aggressive litigation and investigation to uncover the depths of the nefarious plots that have been attempted to destroy Scientology,’ said Michael J. Rinder, a director of the Church of Scientology International.”


Random Howdy

“12:35! Oh shit, there goes another day shot to hell.”


Full Court Press: What we’re watching at the Underground Bunker

Criminal prosecutions:
Danny Masterson charged for raping three women: Found guilty on two counts on May 31, remanded to custody. Sentenced to 30 years to life on Sep 7.
‘Lafayette Ronald Hubbard’ (a/k/a Justin Craig), aggravated assault, plus drug charges: Grand jury indictments include charges from an assault while in custody. Next pretrial hearing January 29, 2024.
David Gentile, GPB Capital, fraud.

Civil litigation:
Leah Remini v. Scientology, alleging ‘Fair Game’ harassment and defamation: Complaint filed August 2, motion to strike/anti-SLAPP motions by Scientology to be heard January 9, 2024.
Baxter, Baxter, and Paris v. Scientology, alleging labor trafficking: Forced to arbitration. Plaintiffs allowed interlocutory appeal to Eleventh Circuit.
Valerie Haney v. Scientology: Forced to ‘religious arbitration.’
Chrissie Bixler et al. v. Scientology and Danny Masterson: Discovery phase.
Jane Doe 1 v. Scientology, David Miscavige, and Gavin Potter: Case unsealed and second amended complaint filed. Scientology moves for religious arbitration.
Chiropractors Steve Peyroux and Brent Detelich, stem cell fraud: Ordered to mediation.



After the success of their double-Emmy-winning, three-season A&E series ‘Scientology and the Aftermath,’ Leah Remini and Mike Rinder continue the conversation on their podcast, ‘Scientology: Fair Game.’ We’ve created a landing page where you can hear all of the episodes so far.


An episode-by-episode guide to Leah Remini’s three-season, double-Emmy winning series that changed everything for Scientology watching. Originally aired from 2016 to 2019 on the A&E network, and now on Netflix.


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Scientology disconnection, a reminder

Bernie Headley (1952-2019) did not see his daughter Stephanie in his final 5,667 days.
Valerie Haney has not seen her mother Lynne in 3,249 days.
Katrina Reyes has not seen her mother Yelena in 3,764 days
Sylvia Wagner DeWall has not seen her brother Randy in 3,314 days.
Brian Sheen has not seen his grandson Leo in 2,304 days.
Geoff Levin has not seen his son Collin and daughter Savannah in 2,185 days.
Christie Collbran has not seen her mother Liz King in 5,489 days.
Clarissa Adams has not seen her parents Walter and Irmin Huber in 3,360 days.
Jamie Sorrentini Lugli has not seen her father Irving in 4,912 days.
Quailynn McDaniel has not seen her brother Sean in 4,254 days.
Dylan Gill has not seen his father Russell in 12,820 days.
Melissa Paris has not seen her father Jean-Francois in 8,739 days.
Valeska Paris has not seen her brother Raphael in 4,907 days.
Mirriam Francis has not seen her brother Ben in 4,488 days.
Claudio and Renata Lugli have not seen their son Flavio in 4,749 days.
Sara Goldberg has not seen her daughter Ashley in 3,785 days.
Lori Hodgson has not seen her son Jeremy and daughter Jessica in 3,501 days.
Marie Bilheimer has not seen her mother June in 3,065 days.
Julian Wain has not seen his brother Joseph or mother Susan in 1,380 days.
Charley Updegrove has not seen his son Toby in 2,555 days.
Joe Reaiche has not seen his daughter Alanna Masterson in 7,106 days
Derek Bloch has not seen his father Darren in 4,237 days.
Cindy Plahuta has not seen her daughter Kara in 4,575 days.
Roger Weller has not seen his daughter Alyssa in 9,430 days.
Claire Headley has not seen her mother Gen in 4,549 days.
Ramana Dienes-Browning has not seen her mother Jancis in 2,905 days.
Mike Rinder has not seen his son Benjamin and daughter Taryn in 7,208 days.
Brian Sheen has not seen his daughter Spring in 3,314 days.
Skip Young has not seen his daughters Megan and Alexis in 3,712 days.
Mary Kahn has not seen her son Sammy in 3,588 days.
Lois Reisdorf has not seen her son Craig in 3,153 days.
Phil and Willie Jones have not seen their son Mike and daughter Emily in 3,666 days.
Mary Jane Barry has not seen her daughter Samantha in 3,920 days.
Kate Bornstein has not seen her daughter Jessica in 15,029 days.


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