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AVAST, YE MATEYS: Snapshots from Scientology’s years at sea

From 1967 to 1975 founder L. Ron Hubbard ran Scientology from the yacht Apollo as it plied the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, and finally the Caribbean. With his ‘Sea Organization’ helping him keep his private navy afloat, ‘The Commodore’ put out a daily dispatch, the “Orders Of The Day” or “OODs” with his observations about life on the water and news from elsewhere. They provide an interesting snapshot of Scientology during its years in exile.

Nov 23: “EPIZOOTICS: A 48 to 64 hour illness is around. The number is decreasing. The last port of students brought it. High temperature, chills, aches in lower back and legs, strong headache, diarrhea are the symptoms. It hasn’t been named as to what it is. Probably some type of Flu that got loose from a Roche bacteriological warfare project to raise their dividends on anti-biotics sales. We get a lower percentage than other groups. But that it hits at all shows the need of stepped up auditing action. We have far too few auditors in Qual. Group numbers doubled but Qual auditors didn’t. Student and public lines increased in delivery hour potential didn’t. I have now speeded up tech results which should help.” — The Commodore, November 23, 1970

Nov 24: “COMMENDABLE: CS-1 Cmdr Hana Eltringham is commended for getting out and duplicated the CLO org bd and MOs for getting it into action at CLOs in UK, DK and US. A very nice, rapid production requiring no further correction. All who helped her are also thanked.” — The Commodore, November 24, 1970


Nov 25: “CLASS X: We have now graduated two Class X Internes. This is a good win and breaks the log jam. It takes quite a while to make a Class X in view of the intervening courses such as SHSBC, Class VIII, Class IX, to which are currently added a long Interneship of Class VII. There has been a very slow making of auditors in the field. The New York Org has just telexed that it has made its first Class IV in a year and a half…We are putting a new regulation into HCOs that 50 percent of all its recruits must go to Tech. In other words, for every two recruits, one of them must be put into full time training. Recent HCOs have had a tendency to neglect the establishment of Tech and Qual Divisions with qualified personnel.” — The Commodore, November 25, 1971

Nov 26: “LRH COMM FLAG: Norman Chouinard is appointed LRH Comm Flag, part of the double hat Ken Urquhart had been wearing in addition to LRH Personal Comm. LRH Comm Flag continues the duties of LRH Comm FAO but now for all Flag internal LRH projects and Eds and orders. The FAO LRH Comm post simply broadens. All LRH Comm actions aboard, internal and External come under LRH Personal Comm Flag.” — The Commodore, November 26, 1971

Nov 27: “MISUNDERSTOOD NIXON: Imagine my surprise and hilarity to find that President Nixon is pursuing current economic policies because of a misunderstood word…The word ‘inflation’ is being used in a mis-defined definition by the Administration. All this Wage-Price freeze that Nixon has been putting on is because he thinks the word ‘inflation’ is caused by and means ‘prices increasing.’ He and his beer hall buddies publicly state that ‘the rate of increase in prices is synonymous with the rate of inflation.’ Therefore, all one has to do is freeze wages and one will cure inflation…Looking over this literature I see that when I studied economics at Princeton University I came to some conclusions which were so obvious to me that I thought they were a part of the textbooks…Anyway, the economic trouble we are handling and our hard work to survive and remain viable is being made necessary because of a misunderstood word.” — The Commodore, November 27, 1971

Nov 28: “MISUNDERSTOODS: I wrote a piece in the OOD yesterday about Nixon’s misunderstoods. I hope no one accumulated any misunderstood words reading it. I found ‘hilarity’ in the first sentence wasn’t known. It means ‘high amusement,’ or ‘boisterous merriment’.” — The Commodore, November 28, 1971

Nov 29: “DARBY: The DARBY started at midnight last night. See ED 11 Flag for the thrilling details of this race. You too can be a winner.” — The Commodore, November 29, 1971

Nov 30: “Good News: ASHO, AOSH DK and AOLA all have higher stats. Clarice Jackson is reported to be doing absolutely fantastically and one of the most respected people in the whole area known widely in the US for her first actions. She issued ‘writs of expulsion from the church’ on Berez, Taunton, Deitsch and Bernie Green and things are cooling off. Big factors in the upsurge are said to be sending Fred Hare, the new stable datum materials and new OT III results. Guardian lines show us fighting on enemy terrain for the first time, not our own. She had loads of good news and is overjoyed with her Gdn offices.” — The Commodore, November 30, 1969

Dec 1: “NEXT PORT: The next port has its drawbacks but also its advantages. It is a bit dusty and occasionally smelly. But it is very quiet. It has an interesting native area. And you can have ash trays by the ton at the pottery shop. Remember to bargain hard. Offer a third or less of what is asked and come up a bit when buying odds and ends.” — The Commodore, December 1, 1970

Dec 2: “A Court of Ethics is convened on MSM Ann Tidman. She did not come on duty till 0930. This violates Policy No. 10. Ann Tidman is to appear before the Court at 1930 in the Aft Lounge. Court Officer is Ens. Wayne Alkire.” — Ens. C. Cariotaki, T/3rd Mate, Convening Officer, December 2, 1970

Dec 3: “PORT: All is cool. They didn’t even come aboard to clear us in. Customs and police just wrote us down as cleared in. We are now popular here after the attempted attack and our then asserting PRO Area Control. They are honestly glad to see us. We will be here about six days. It has rained so hard here they couldn’t unload ships and the storm drove even more ships in because it made crews nearly 100 percent seasick on other ships. Trust you had a good liberty.” — The Commodore, December 3, 1969

Dec 4: “We have obtained permission from local authorities to burn paper on the dock. An incinerator is being constructed and will be used to burn confidential papers. So — paper hoarders, get your trash ready and work out how and when you will burn the trash at the end of the dock.” — Lt. N.F. Starkey, Captain, December 4, 1971

Dec 5: “DARBY: As the Income-Outgo picture is poor, you should quickly take advantage of the opportunity to attain one or more of the £5 prizes. Not unlike an old Easter Egg hunt, the DARBY offers cash prizes to the lucky winners. Score to date: Rewards — 54 £5 prizes. Penalties — 651 £1 penalties. At least defend your area against penalties! Look on the crew notice board for a surprise. The Darby goes on.” — The Commodore, December 5, 1971

Dec 6: “Div 6 had better start looking to crew entertainment. Terri Gillham had to capture a British Submarine to give the crew some movies. I think that’s a bit extraordinary.” — The Commodore, December 6, 1971

Dec 7: “TECH BREAKTHROUGH: I have just made a fantastic tech breakthrough. For some days I have been spending hours each day on a Personality Change Research Project. I find it is not Personality but anti-social behavior that neither the person nor anyone else likes that is the change point. And I did it. I’ve got it. All cases benefit as it speeds exteriorization. It makes OT far more OT faster. Also it resolves the slow case gain case, the no case gain case, also the psychopathic personality and the criminal. The violent and depressed, the well and the sane are all covered now by one process series where the person will sit still. The Dianetic folder of a pc is used and what’s already in it is reworked…The substance of it is to attain at 10 the Really You, one’s Basic Personality and full OT Power. But as a single breakthrough it is very important as it opens the door not only to fast gains but also rids the universe of oppression. There was a common denominator to all cases good and bad. SO SAVE THOSE DIANETIC RECORDS AND WORKSHEETS. They are reused in this action and zoom!…You wanted to Clear the planet and end off SPs on the track. Well, boy, we’ve really got it! It’s been a valuable several days. Thank you for keeping things cool and going so I could work.” — The Commodore, December 7, 1969

Dec 8: “PROGRESS: We are continuing to make progress against the enemy who has shot at us and the planet for 18 years. The code name he now has is ‘SMERSH’ (from 007 fame) and his branch of offices are ‘Black Hats.’ He is oddly enough on both sides of existing political parties except in SA where he is mainly UP. This was a hidden government. It aspired to world domination! If you can imagine a psychiatrist in such a role. Wonder what it would be like to be governed by shock cases. Red as paint, he was really having a ball. We were in his road. Because we were fully effective. We undid his implants. A real psychotherapy had come along. This was not part of his plans. He shot at Scn to discredit it. It is quite obvious that western governments are fantastically weak and very unaware. They cannot or will not protect their people or their institutions. Thus, only one course is left open. To get rid of SMERSH and their thousands of kills weekly. Oddly enough, we’re doing just that. The one BIG mistake they made was to attack Scientologists. Which they did from hiding for 18 long years. It set us back, kept our field upset, our staffs enturbulated. But it also made us get tough and grow strong. SMERSH was the hidden government. Long may it fall.” — The Commodore, December 8, 1968


Dec 9: “In answer to Income Clerk’s query, the following points apply with No exceptions: 1. Persons leaving SEA ORG get billed for all their courses they may have incurred at full price. 2. A Course whether finished or just started is always charged for at full price. 3. Reviews are paid for by the hour and at full price — includes the leaving Review. 4. If the person has worked at an Advanced Org prior to coming to Sea Org any courses they may have incurred whilst there are also billed for at full price. We are not in the business of free services and arrangements must be made prior to the person leaving regarding meeting weekly payments for the debt he has incurred with the Sea Org.” — Lt. Robin Roos, CS-3, December 9, 1968

Dec 10: “So evidently there’s a grade of ‘animal’ according to the very best professors. Looking it over, modern ‘education’ and all, we then have the job of moving people up on this course action with which there would be wide agreement due to teachings in universities. Animal + Technique Zed = Human Being + Dianetics to Grade IV = Homo Novis + Power, R6EW and CC = Clear + OT grades to OT VII = Operating Thetan + what research I’m now doing equals ( ). There are a lot of in betweens and a lot of tech but those are the major points.” — The Commodore, December 10, 1970

Dec 11: “I’ve decided to release OT VII when SMERSH is vanquished and things are safe for Scientology over the world.” — The Commodore, December 11, 1968

Dec 12: “NO ONE is to send telexes, telegrams, telephone messages or mail ashore without security clearance of CS-1. This includes the Ships Rep and Operations on international and mission lines but does not affect daily purchasing, PRO and port/agent cycles. This DOES include personal favors asked of persons leaving the ship on mission or on leave — they may NOT be given things to send specially for crewmembers or money to be transferred off normal org lines that are set up to handle just that.” — Ellen Klayman, F/Communicator, approved by Lt. Brian Livingston CS-1, December 12, 1969

Dec 13: “Lots of fan mail and FN VGIs from people on the FSO on Valuable Final Products. I hope we can get in any corrections and additions. Send them to LRH Comm Ship. Funny but it’s like gold. Before one sees real gold dust in a miners pan, he can be fooled by anything. He thinks mica, bright rocks, fool’s gold, anything is gold. Then you show him real gold and never afterwards does he fail to recognize it. Can’t be fooled at all. It’s that way about a list of actual valuable final products. Once you see what sort of they are for a department, div or org you can’t ever be fooled.” — The Commodore, December 13, 1970

Dec 14: “SMERSH: Good news. Adelaide trouble had a reprieve when they did not pass a ban bill at once but delayed it until Feb due to the filibuster tactics of our opposition and the ferocity of the defense. The ‘Parliament’ there was considering a bill to ban Scn, backed of course by the Health Minister who is a SMERSH appointee.” — The Commodore, December 14, 1968

Dec 15: “We have 2 or 3 fellows who are trying to run away from it all to escape to some fancied bliss. Now and then I try to tell someone, ‘don’t go diving off that cliff’ and now and then they say cheerily ‘But I’ve GOT to, you see…’; and away they go. I just don’t like that dwindling scream followed by the thud.” — The Commodore, December 15, 1969

Dec 16: “Lt. Cmmdr. Irene Dunleavy is reprimanded for rudeness and violation of F.O. 38 to a senior officer. The next occurrance will result in something more than a reprimand. She is to re-check out on this F.O. within one week.” — MarySue Hubbard, Captain, December 16, 1968

Dec 17: “B. BEREZ: Goodbye Mr. Berez. You who used ethics most wrongly were found with a huge tin of marijuana to be the most out-ethics person aboard. B. Berez, you were the longest aboard in all the out ethics days of the old RSM. We can blow some charge on that. So goodbye Mr. Berez. I trust you will soon go up in smoke.” — The Commodore, December 17, 1968

Dec 18: “MISSION ACCOUNTS UK: COMMANDER HANA ELTRINGHAM and FELICE GREEN are very much welcomed back. They did a fine job straightening up accounts at WW, SH and Pubs. As an added bonus they found Pubs was owed about £300,000, nearly 3 times what it owes and that SH was owed over £90,000 and £50,000. SMERSH is noted as active in Edinburgh in the form of our being worked on to make us unpopular. Well, they can try. The Mission did a great and very long job. They are highly commended.” — The Commodore, December 18, 1968

Dec 19: “The Port Anchor Chain was not washed and mud is reported in the chain locker. This should be run out and cleaned up properly.” — The Commodore, December 19, 1969

Dec 20: “Kindliness note: FEBC students and public students are no longer thrown overboard at Flag. It went out in ’68. We haven’t thrown anyone overboard for just ages. There hasn’t even been a low condition assigned on Flag for a couple of years. However, with new recruits aboard and the decks getting dirty…” — The Commodore, December 20, 1970

Dec 21: “CHRISTMAS: I trust you like the place chosen for Christmas. Sure looks like a Christmas tree. It began by the pilots Out-PROing us. Remember that the pilots are not the rest of the harbour people and have their own set up. They sent us a lovely card, welcoming ‘the world’s largest yacht and its fantastic crew.’ Visit to port authorities went great. Plan to keep it very cool.” — The Commodore, December 21, 1969

Dec 22: “Peter Church, FEBC student and Sharon West were married at sea by Captain W.B. Robertson at 2151 hours 21 Dec 1970. The marriage will be recorded at the nearest consul under Maritime Law and the Laws of Panama. The entry has been duly recorded in the ship’s log. Peter Church is from Delta Meters, Los Angeles. They will have a brief honeymoon in the nextport. They have the good wishes of the officers and crew of the Apollo and my own.” — The Commodore, December 22, 1970


Dec 23: “The boot top and hull need squaring up. The gold stripe and the gold name should be handled quickly. She should be prettied up for Christmas and the New Year. She is a very nice ship. Almost any other ship would leap about madly in the seas in which we run. She is also a very pretty ship and looks more like a yacht than most yachts do.” — The Commodore, December 23, 1970

Dec 24: “There has never been any order permitting mail to be taken directly to the post office by individuals. I would like to find out who started this. It is illegal to send mail any other way than via the Dept of Comm.” — N. Jessup, CS-1, December 24, 1968

Dec 25: “Thank you for all your presents. This Christmas I was completely out-created — I received very many more presents than I gave — and all very lovely ones. Our poor AOs, SHs, ships and bases did not receive many greetings from Flag this year. We were so concerned about them that we didn’t use the last Couriers to send them our last minute Christmas greetings. We did send cards earlier. We’ll have to make it up to them. AOUK and AOLA sent lovely big cards. AOSH DK sent presents. Their best present was greatly raised AOLA and ASHO stats. We heaved an awful sigh of relief over that. Three cheers for our upstat cooks, stewards and engineers and QMs who made the Christmas for the rest. That was a terrific dinner. What a nice day!” — The Commodore, December 25, 1969

Dec 26: “SECOND DANGER FORMULA: (1) So that the Ship can get upgraded to EMERGENCY the following actions are to be done as indicated: (1:1) All Divisional Heads are requested to do a full star-rate check-out with the STO on the ‘Second DANGER Formula,’ (HCO PL 07 Feb 70, steps A-G). Time Machine Order 48 hours. (STO to inform FMAA at the end of 48 hrs of those who have checked-out.) (1:2) All Divisional Heads are requested to submit a complete and realistic application of the ‘Second DANGER Formula’ for their Division in writing to 3rd Mate, (CC). Time Machine Order of one week. (2) The intention is that the ship will be upgraded to EMERGENCY for the New Year, (AD 21).” — R.S. Prior, FMAA, December 26, 1970

Dec 27: “We are moving toward AD 21 with all aces. The sequence of (1) Put Flag here (2) Put Coninental Liaison there (3) Put orgs there is working out very well. We have been about 14 months on this sequence of actions already. We’re about 2/3rds through No. 1, 1/2 through No. 2 and, assisted by the FEBC student pgm are already begun on No. 3. The targets I’m working toward is every SO tripled in size and every Scn org in the world the size and activity of SH 1967. As we have now proved out that we have the only fast effective tech on the planet that handles the sick and insane as well as everything else we have had, it is obvious that if we just keep on going the way we’re going and our people have and wear their hats, we’ll make it!” — The Commodore, December 27, 1970

Dec 28: “TO ANCHOR: We’re going out to anchor so don’t walk off the gangway if there’s no boat under it! (Joke).” — The Commodore, December 28, 1970

Dec 29: “LIBERTY: You may have a proper 24 hour liberty under more favorable weather conditions in the near future. The barometer, Neptune and acts of god and perils of the sea have operated to delay the 24 hour liberty. Consensus is, Who wants any liberty in this weather? As it is dangerous to use the sled in such weather for large parties and too hard on Division IV, we will run only minimal shore boats and only then for vital business. So that no one can say you had one when you didn’t, we will cancel this one for now.” — The Commodore, December 29, 1970

Dec 30: “PERSONNEL: Jeff Gray (Judy Ziff’s son, 9) is assigned as messenger HCO Div 1 Dept 2. His buddy and watches will be assigned by HCO. He is to attend school in HCI at the regular hours. Policy re children and their hats applies.” — The Commodore, December 30, 1970

Dec 31: “DIV VI: Win! Al Bornstein now head of Div VI has turned out the basic first step of a PR division — its different publics — and issued the test FSO on them. What a nice thing to see. Standard Div actions!” — The Commodore, December 31, 1970

Jan 1: “OLD 1970: So Good-bye 1970. It was a tough year on the world. But it was a great year for development. Both tech and Admin research results were the greatest since 1950. All the years contributed but the payoff was 1970. So Happy 1971, AD21. Let’s make the new tools take the world.” — The Commodore, January 1, 1971

Jan 2: “This very nice tribute and list was sent me by Lt. Cmdr. Joan Robertson:
Dear Sir, Like you, I am burying the old year not praising it. YET — Thank you for the wild and wonderful year we have just finished
for restoring all Tech
for restoring Power

for OT VII
for the Sanity Tech Breakthrough
for Ext Intensive
for the C/S Series
for the EP’s
for revitalizing training
for all the other Brilliant Tech Breakthroughs.
And thank you for the Tech of Admin —
for restoring all Policy

for the Bureaux
for the FEBC, HC, OEC —
Supervisor Courses
for Exec Dirs
the Org Boards

for the Aides Conferences
the personal Conferences
the Data Series
the Personnel Series
the Org Series
the PR Series
this Brilliant Management system
the Org and Product Officer System.
Your help on ship lines and to me as an Aide, an officer, a Con, and as a Being.
And for your trust in me in letting me help.
I pledge again my love, loyalty, devotion and work.
A very Happy New Year — Sir!” — The Commodore, January 2, 1971

Jan 3: “CRUISE: We rapped out the mileage and as I write this we apparently will have our day’s stats at the end. One day and two nights at sea compared to two days and two nights. It was a fairly comfortable run. I like this port we’ll be in as you read this. The officials have always been pleasant and obliging, the people great, and they don’t push people around. Some aboard don’t like it. Smells of fish they say. Well, I prefer the smell of fish and saw dust to the smell of tourists. I’ll never forget the relief and cheer we once felt when driven by the sea and the height of the Smersh campaign this port welcomed us. It always has been friendly and decent. Not being shoved out to anchor ‘to make room for the great Tourist Liner BUNKO and the Tanker SS Stinko.’ We’re off the beaten track here. The Phoenicians, Carthoginians and Portuguese have left their traces. And these people still go on. I’am changing our scheduling after the next port after this. Be nice to these people, they’re your friends. Be nice to this port. I consider it an Affinity haven.” — The Commodore, January 3, 1971

Jan 4: “Above case gain is COMPETENCE. If you want to see a 9 foot tall OT, look at one who is also competent! And knows it. Like our Qual Auditors. They create new people! After case gain comes progressing improvement by new Competence attained. There have never been Thetans who were Clear OT and COMPETENT. Something new has been added.” — The Commodore, January 4, 1971


Jan 5: “VISITORS: Only 250 Greek visitors came to the ship today. I am sure they were well handled. But it shows, (a) a lapse of advertising in Div VI and (b) insufficiently interesting ship tour. We should do better next time.” — The Commodore, January 5, 1969

Jan 6: “WRITING: My writing hat has backlogged due to storms and ship reorganization. I am trying to get onto it. So much new data has been developed that the recording of if would be 10 full time jobs. Fortunately it is simple in structure.” — The Commodore, January 6, 1971

Jan 7: “ETHICS: JOHN and DORA HANNIDES are assigned a Condition of Treason for leaving the SO under false pretenses. They may not be audited or trained until they have fully applied the formula. They may not be communicated with. Their only terminal is an Ethics Officer in a Continental Liaison Office or S.O. ship.” — Flag 3rd Mate for L. Ron Hubbard, Commodore, January 7, 1971

Jan 8: “An International hard news story is about to come off in this port. Nothing to do with us. But reporters will be all over the place and our rat guards are not very effective. A ‘Hard news Story’ means a staged or actual event as different than a statement by someone. As this particular staged event is not very newsworthy really and as we are lately in the news in our effort to hit at the UK Parliament, the reporters would probably use us to justify their being here. Policy is to avoid hard news stories. Don’t get mixed up in International events like revolutions or International PR efforts. Therefore, although all is cool, we’ll slide down the coast long before the event and stay here lengthily another day. DDT kills flies. What de-verminates reporters? So we sail the 11th. Hey, the reporter who painted up the Dekki Le Moate scene in DK is rumored to have been sacked! Maybe his paper had good sense after all. Holland is apparently also under control on this I hear.” — The Commodore, January 8, 1971

Jan 9: “Orgs should be warned. The Le Moate affair was rough on Paris and DK only because they weren”t fully warned she was a psychotic. Although why they reached for it is a bit of a mystery. There’s an old principle involved — experiential track. I have nothing against these people. Orgs are in the pc business, not Flag. We are in the management and OT business. Handling purely pcs here in these high velocity areas of top command introduces the flow at the wrong point. The purely pc flow enters at lower org levels. It is our job to put orgs there that can handle such cases. Sooner or later orgs will have to acquire and start running an institutional annex. It is too hard on them handling psychotics without these facilities. A psychotic is in a Condition of Treason on the first dynamic and extends it to the third and fourth with covert destruction. This isn’t because anyone else declared the condition. It just happens to be a fact. Being in treason on the first dynamic doesn’t always mean covert destruction on the other dynamics. Unhappy people, unhappy subject.” — The Commodore, January 9, 1971

Jan 10: “Bless AOLA! They held their trend and all the GDSes continue to go up like rockets and their GI is over $41,000. They’re a great team, and we admire them.” — The Commodore, January 10, 1971

Jan 11: “The Auditing Completions are starting to roll in. With a wow and a hurrah! Some important people have gotten some lovely gains lately. At the other end of it, 2 of those leaving came through it. We have the planet by the tail.” — The Commodore, January 11, 1971

Jan 12: “A new CLASS VI (plus HDG) recruitment campaign is being telexed out to CLSs. We are offering a Petty Officer (Tech) rating to field VIs, VIIs, VIIIs, so they become fully contracted SO Members. They will be shipped direct to Flag where we will jump them through AB, Mission School, SS I, SS II, Class VIII, IX and X. These will be purely tech ratings…Target is to make every Scn org as big as SH was in 1967. So that’s where we’re going. The blocker is Tech Personnel and we’re hammering hard on that.” — The Commodore, January 12, 1971

Jan 13: “Starboard Watch is assigned Non-Existence for slowness in coming to Fire Drill on 9 Jan 69 and treating it as a joke. The F/MAA is to discover who in Starboard considers drills a joke and throw the joker or jokers overboard, which is a very big joke in this cool weather and cold water.” — The Commodore, January 13, 1969

Jan 14: “Spectatorism is very great in our modern society. Because some people cannot conceive of causing anything they just watch it. They don’t do anything. They are not PARTICIPANTS. They are spectators. You see this in magazines. Hee hee hee articles about how odd this is or that is. No understanding of it. It’s just odd and one watches it in a detached sort of way. Below this is somebody who doesn’t even notice. Such a person has to come up scale just to be a spectator. An unfinished cycle of action comes about because (a) The importance of it is not grasped (b) The cycle itself is not fully understood. (c) Non compliance and false reports are given as a method of self-protection wherein are hopes it will not be noticed. What we need are more PARTICIPANTS, more team mates. You belong to the SO or you don’t. If you do you’re at cause over the various situations. So we define an SO Member the way you do an OT — At cause over Life, Thought, Matter, Energy, Space, Time and Form. The degree you can be cause in handling the targets and needs of a group determines right away how far you’ve come up the line. Blaming case is effect, isn’t it? Sex is effect, isn’t it? I don’t care what your grade is, you are alive. Your true ability depends on the degree you can exercise the definition of OT over your post in forwarding the purposes of the group. You are actually insulting yourself to insist that I personally make whatever advances are made on vital actions of the group. If what you are trying to do doesn’t happen its a poor comment on your OTism.” — The Commodore, January 14, 1969

Jan 15: “Thank you for answering my questionaire on what we should be doing. I can announce as a result of this that we are now doing what the whole crew wants us to be doing. We’re now getting operational so we can accomplish these things. We had a lot to catch up just so we could begin. All right, we’re obviously in agreement. So let’s get the show on the road and get done what we all want to do. Thank you for your help on the Questionnaire and on the ship.” — The Commodore, January 15, 1969

Jan 16: “The factor of income-outgo is that one must have more income than outgo for an org to live at all. This is the primary thing that EOs and staffs overlook. It is the only thing really that can wipe out an org. ASHO in November ran at less income than outgo (loss of $3,000) which is why there is an effort to combine ASHO and AOLA. In management this factor — the income-outgo ratio — is just something that can’t be ignored as it can destroy an org and is, by experience, the only thing which can. It is also the hardest thing to get across to ECs. One has to increase income to exceed outgo and also decrease outgo so it is less than income — both actions are usually necessary. I doubt there is a more important management datum than this. Or one which is more consistently ignored in orgs.” — The Commodore, January 16, 1970

Jan 17: “The ship is doing much better and starting to pull up its socks. Therefore the general condition is raised to EMERGENCY…When the ship was injured against the dock it is interesting that the 1st Mate had been goofed up in Qual previously. These names are then associated with the decline of the ship condition by being in charge of the areas: DIANE McDONALD, OTTO ROOS, PHIL QUIRINO, NATE JESSUP, BILL HOWEY, through to greater or lesser degree neglect of duty…When we didn’t push the real targets, the ship wound up on my plate and the crew got caught in the resulting storm. Certain VITAL actions had to be COMPLETED before we could operate or sail. Lots of small actions were done but the big ones got no heavy push and so left us actually inoperational. We are now doing much better and the new mate line up is functioning very well especially with 2nd Deputy Captain Eltringham on the job!” — The Commodore (1969)

Jan 18: “‘CHILDREN’: By FO No. 301 a Condition of non-existence is assigned to any member of the ships company that obstructs a child from doing his or her work, deprives the child of his possessions or his job. This applies to all cadets and Middies as well.” — The Commodore, January 18, 1971


Jan 19: “1969 was the year of Out-Ethics. In 1970 I trust all SO members will wear their ethics hats. Every SO member has one. Every time we ease up or drop Ethics we get horrible problems and stats. It can be plotted on the Int GI. Fact is Ethics is madly out on the planet. Definition of some Earth wog leaders — somebody who is trying to get even with everybody else. Definition of psychiatry: the government’s method of getting even with the insane.” — The Commodore, January 19, 1970

Jan 20: “Div IV did not put any rat guards on our lines and now a rat has been seen aboard. What does it matter to make up super duper rat guards if you don’t use them!!” — Capt. Mary Sue Hubbard, January 20, 1970

Jan 21: “Our M.O. Dr. Steve Jarvis has just had a 2 page spread article on Scientology in ‘GP,’ the Medical Doctors’ journal in the UK. It is a splendid article, pointing up Scn’s role in psychosomatic medicine. The magazine asked for an article, three MDs in Scn submitted them. Dr. Jarvis’s article won. Copies will be mailed to all parliaments. Coronet magazine in the US printed an article by me, preceding it with a SMERSH write up. However, the article calmly made nothing of the attack and reader opinion is that it will do us a lot of good. Say, I’m busy as all hell on half a hundred hats. What’s going on with the rest of you cats?” — The Commodore, January 21, 1969

Jan 22: “SMERSH: We have heard directly from the head of Smersh ‘Ban the Bomb Carstairs’ whose contempt for anyone else’s intelligence leads him to state he knows nothing about any attacks on Scientology. Ding, ding, ding, here comes the wagon! Plans for Ship Operation. I haven’t got any. Have you? Nice warm sun.” — The Commodore, January 22, 1970

Jan 23: “JANIS GILLHAM is assigned a condition of LIABILITY for goofing up an LRH Conference recording resulting in that one side of the tape did not record. I am assigning myself a condition of NON-EXISTENCE for not testing recorder before the recording started.” — Msm Anne Tidman, January 23, 1971

Jan 24: “LOY AND CANDY: These two were doing all right until they came to Flag at which time their parents anti-Scn attitude keyed in and they became as cases ‘Troublesome Sources.’ They have been sent back at Flag expense to handle their parents and report to AOLA and complete their retrain at which time their Class VIII will be restored.” — The Commodore, January 24, 1970

Jan 25: “If you can tolerate running your legs off, getting grey hairs, bags under your eyes, streteched wits in the course of a day’s work amongst the living lightning, these could be a place for you in the Office of the LRH Comm Flagship. You’ve no idea what it takes at times to get an order duplicated, activated, executed and completed! Cats with some lives left who want it hot and dangerous can volunteer for the hottest spot aboard. Drop me a line — today — saying WHY you want a job with LRH Comm Flagship and I’ll look it over.” — LRH Comm Flagship, January 25, 1971

Jan 26: “OVERBOARDS: BOB SEWELL is assigned overboard blindfolded for not returning to work until 1100 hrs, after he had gone Overboard at 07.55 hrs. He did not give me an explanation and was reported to me as eating cookies and drinking coffee while he was supposed to be working and still in a condition of Non Existence.” — W.O. Alex Sibirsky P.P.F. I/C, January 26, 1969

Jan 27: “CONDITIONS: Arthur Hubbard is assigned N/E for being non-existant on cleaning stations for the last 3 days.” — M. Spence, for W/O Des Popham, January 27, 1970

Jan 28: “The only trouble with Scn orgs is that they are not promoting, selling and delivering. Seems so elementary. Possibly they think we are asking for something strange or fantastic when we say ‘Raise your GDSes.’ Possibly org boarding and hatting does not seem complicated enough to produce a result. Possibly raising GDSes does not seem to be the result of recruiting, org boarding and hatting. Whatever it is the task is so simple that one gapes when it is not done. Although New York is doing better, its troubles are just failures to recruit, org bd and hat and then promote, sell and deliver. In NY they actually think they have an HGC but are only selling ‘Interiorization Rundowns and Life Repairs.’ That’s like walking up to a candy bar and asking to buy some candy and being told ‘Oh, we just sell the wrappers.’ Student training is going better. But I never was able to run an academy where students were co-auditing without selling and delivering an awful lot of Reviews and grades. It’s best to stress training in an org but not to the extent of not running a busy HGC. NY has ‘low pay.’ They probably lose about $20,000 a week in unpromoted unsold undelivered potential. That’s the loss in an org, not the wasted paper clips. The answer is recruiting org boarding hatting and thus promoting selling and delivering. I trust our FEBCs going back there learn this lesson well. That’s why they’re here.” — The Commodore, January 28, 1971

Jan 29: “All semblance of anything that could be called ‘Hippiness’ must be eradicated for the next month. Better get started now on haircuts and beard off or trim. Be sure you haven’t only got miniskirts. The PRO mock up for your next month is very proper personal appearance. Clean cloths, clean braid, clean shirts for the officers. Lots of baths. Sleek personal appearance is the watch word for the next month. It fits in with why you are going on this cruise.” — The Commodore, January 29, 1970

Jan 30: “Celebrity Center doing very well. GI Affluence Trend since last SEPT! How do you like that! Hats off and a highly commended to Diana H., Yvonne Gillham and all the crew! Asho moving out in front with a high trend GI! Ira Chaleff and our Asho crew and USGO doing very well and USLO getting in there too! Very nice work and good teamwork by US offices! Asho Fnd not doing too badly but needs its own C/O. And good old AOLA still soaring into its Affluence Trend and all but Booksales normal or Affluence or Power GDSes, meaning its a near clean sweep of rising GDSes! It will be a $100,000 GI unless it overloads. The place must be simply bulging the walls. Fred Hare and our AOLA crew have recently been highly commended several times and are again. They need all the support they can get. I think Pac Plan should be revised to get Alex and Dave out there to give Fred a hand without changing anything they’ve got going but put in the Prod Org System. Wonderful to see what our people are doing and what they can do. This and all the good case gains aboard and in the field have me all cheered up!” — The Commodore, January 30, 1971

Jan 31: “It is of interest to Scientologists that the clamor raised over the years by Smersh about me and all the hard names called have not even faintly affected my membership in various and numerous high level associations and scientific societies and clubs. The list of these are quite long and all of them are a big ‘high and mighty’ in the arts, sciences and social stratas. I was just looking at my influx of magazines and notices of meetings and it struck me as rather funny that the highest of our detractors would give his back molars to be accepted into some of these groups. I also hadn’t realized the list was so long. Most of them black ball first and think about it afterwards. Yet for twenty years they have been very serene. So don’t get into the notion that the ‘power of the press’ has any real bearing on the world. According to this testimony of personal repute, the opposition might as well have spent their time yelling into a well. Thought it would be of some interest to you. US and UK press and TV have been quite favorable lately. So year by year the stats rise and reputation grows. And during all this time my own personal repute has remained very high in the places that matter. In the long view we are doing a very good job. Our only complaint is that we could do better and do it faster. But remember, it IS getting done.” — The Commodore, January 31, 1971

Feb 1: “You realize, Officers and Crew, if you bring this cruise off splendidly, no port of the entire Med or Continental Europe is closed to us. The enemy anti-ship action will have been totally defeated. Keep that in mind when a little extra zing has to go into the action. It will be a big coup if you bring it off.” — The Commodore, February 1, 1970


Feb 2: “There is squirrel tech. In this an auditor runs off beat non-standard processes. We’ve long since handled this. There is squirrel admin. People who have out admin TRs and do not know basic lines add to standard lines or knock them out. We are working to handle this with OEC, FEBC and Admin TRs now being done and further developed. There is also squirrel cookery. This normally arises from not having the proper ingredients to hand (supply failure) and not having anyone to wash and slice and peel raw materials so they can be cooked. A standard meal comes from planned menu, correct supply, correct preparation of raw materials and following the exact recipe. From this comes edible meals. This goes into other lines of tech as well.” The Commodore, February 2, 1971

Feb 3: “Planning is to organize the Greek University of Philosophy for Corfu. They had one and in the war it was bombed out, then taken over to and by Athens. Greek VIPs of Corfu would be the Trustees. It would teach all philosophies, use Greek professors. It would have a Scn Dept. We would put an OA here and leave the UK one running. No Class VIII in this AO. Operation and Transport Services would run the AO and also procure students from Universities over the world, like professors and instructors from other universities to take courses in Corfu. The University would publish a Journal where other university professors couuld publish papers. The Greek Trustees would organize it, incorporate it. OTS would pay a % of the Scn Dept. The university would pay a percent to OTS for procuring students. Students will come to Corfu and live ashore, register and get courses on ATHENA. This is until our own Greek incorporation comes through and we could then use offices ashore, 2 of which are already rented and waiting but can’t be used until we are registered in Greece.” — The Commodore, February 3, 1969

Feb 4: “Odd time of the year to speak about Christmas. But in this case it’s a statistic. Public Popularity increase over the world was very marked this last Christmas. The general public response was up very nearly 35% over previous years. The volume of public cards to me personally would indicate an increased popularity of Scientology by a full third! Gifts were 40 – 45% higher than in previous years. While it was a joy hearing from so many at the time, now in retrospect, it can be viewed as confirming a general public upsurge. My hard working personal staffs here and in other areas were impressed with the increase. In previous years it was already enormous. My staffs work for many weeks after Christmas caring for the flow, the address corrections and tabulations and do an excellent job of it. So the full picture is now in and the fact emerges. Public Popularity has increased a full third.” — The Commodore, February 4, 1971

Feb 5: “The demands for books to meet increased org activity generated by the FEBCs returning is a subject of concern. Pubs Org fell low in income after mid-1970 and has not recovered and is travelling at a non-viable level now reflected in its crossed Cash-Bills. Non E has been assigned with a Liability Condition in the offering and a general rocket has been set. A strong US center is being urged by me, an order not fully carried out a long time ago. Measures will have to be taken. Eval in Data Bureau should get to work on its WHY. There was a spectacular stat change in mid 1970 after which no recovery.” — The Commodore, February 5, 1971

Feb 6: “If your parents or friends are the kind who worry about you, BE SURE AND WRITE THEM AN AIRMAIL LETTER regularly. Otherwise they give us DEV T by asking the government to check up on you to see if you’re all right. If uncertain about it, write them anyway. Also, if you haven’t written your family recently do so anyway. Otherwise they’ll think Scn put you OUT of communication. You can mail the letter straight from here.” — The Commodore, February 6, 1969

Feb 7: “The rule that blown SO members may not work in orgs is now being fully enforced. This affects Durban and Asho. CS-1 should advise these and other orgs. Franchises employing them are instantly indebted $5000 to the SO for VIIIs and other sums for other training. One special permission exists for Chris Stevens on petition to work in Tech only in JBG org. SO members who do not return from leave are classified as blown. It is interesting that freeloader org and SO billings are paid when billed. It gives an avenue of conscience money. It is actually very cruel not to provide an avenue for redress of wrongs. But freeloader billings have to be billed regularly.” — The Commodore, February 7, 1971

Feb 8: “MIMEO FILES FB: DOUG LEWIS is removed as I/C and demoted in the same unit for being unable to handle people and neglecting to study the project or clarify intention. Robert Williamson is restored to Mimeo Files I/C with orders to get the files set up. Doug Lewis, Robert Williamson, Mort Smithberg and Richard Bunnell are affected by this order. It is noted that Smithberg, a speed typist, should never have been assigned to this unit and should be replaced soonest. The project has no typing or stencil cutting duties. Its sole duty is to set up and to file all loose mimeos on the ship NOW, NOW, NOW. I haven’t seen such an enmest mess for a long while!” — The Commodore, February 8, 1971

Feb 9: “We are auditing now at a volume higher than that of any org in the world with a completion rate far in excess of any other 3 orgs. The bruised elbows in getting lines in, the bruised tempers, the hard work is really paying off with the finest auditing ever done anywhere. We are also averaging two or three Clear OTs a day! Come on, other departments and divisions. You’re only expected to be the greatest division or department of your kind anywhere in the world. So fly, you guys, fly!” — The Commodore, February 9, 1971

Feb 10: “Now that we know about 3rd Dynamic Admin TRs it becomes obvious to see where they are out. LA area falsifies its stats by double-including bounced checks — once when first offered, once when collected. With no Debit invoice in between. Out TRs in accepting such a check. Out TRs in the simple matter of confronting an invoice enmest area. Out TRs in telling a Treasury staff member to DO IT RIGHT. Nobody even goes in and yells. Wherever there’s a lousy mess, somebody’s admin TRs are out. Getting something done is basic confronting. You can’t string beads well behind your back.” — The Commodore, February 10, 1971

Feb 11: “TIME MACHINE ORDERS: I issue a lot of TM orders and queries. Very many of them are routed straight back to me. Those who don’t know what dreadful things happen to their Ethics Files if the TM doesn’t know they have answered the order or query should find out very fast as some Ethics Files must be getting very fat indeed. Those who think they know should check up on it. The PL to refer to is in Vol 0 of the OEC Book.” — LRH Pers Comm, February 11, 1971

Feb 12: “D/G US Bob Thomas informs us Org personnel are safe and secure in the California Earthquake. We telexed back expressing our concern and appreciation.” — The Commodore, February 12, 1971

Feb 13: “What one gets Comm Eved for is in the P/Ls, FOs, FSOs, CBOs and HCOBs. You can’t be Comm Eved for failing to follow an illegal order. You sure can be for departing from policy issues. Orders don’t equal orders equal orders. That’s the road to disaster. Some orders are senior to others. A dock worker telling you to put on your jacket is not the same as your division head telling you to do so. You have policy to keep things straight. If policy doesn’t cover, request clarification. If you are doing something other than your hat, sooner or later it will catch up to you. I count on you to wear your hat as laid down by P/Ls, FOs, CBOs, FSOs and HCOBs. Don’t let me down.” — The Commodore (1971)

Feb 14: “MOLLY McBRIDE and CLARISSE BARNETT are appointed Commodore’s Messengers. They are cadets in rank and wear a blue lanyard. When they have done their AB, Mission School 2nd Class, SSI and SSII, if they perform duty well, they will be made midshipmen. Anne Tidman as Cmdr’s Messenger I/C will assign their watches and groove them in (Terri Gillham is on Mission). Molly McBride and Clarisse Barnett should turn over any duties they have to the next in line on their posts and groove them in so as not to leave a hole. A poor turnover of former post can drag one back into it as Mr. Warren has learned lately to his sorrow!” — The Commodore, February 14, 1971

Feb 15: “The actual value of a trained SO member is very high, yet is not being assigned a value. The wogworld tends to impress on people that the individual has no value. Welfare states deplore having people. Yet we run on and because of people. The value is actually too high to be calculated easily. Because value to self is all the wide world thinks of. Value to the group is discounted. Yet the whole value of a being is to his group and not to himself at all. The aberrated think of modern times says one has no real value to the group. Yet that is a being’s greatest value. We should work more on these lines in a practical sense.” — The Commodore, February 15, 1971


Feb 16: “AMONGST THE STARS: Bill Franks – Clear OT; Bill Franks – L10; Lucy Mielczarek – OT VII; Rob Sanderson – OT II, Anthony Azzarella – Grade V Power Plus Release; Richard Peterson – Grade V Power Release; Bill Franks – FEBC Internship; Elith Schaltz – FEBC; Mike Rubio – FEBC; Bill Tucker – Management Power Rundown; Bruce Stern – Org Officer/Prod Officer Mini Hat; Susan Prieur – 3rd Class Missionaire; Susan Rubio – 3rd Class Missionaire; Suzette Hubbard – Moped Operator.” — Love, George C & A, February 16, 1971

Feb 17: “The Flag Admin Org has a deficiency in LINE CONSCIOUSNESS. Because a line is invisible, one overlooks their presence. It’s public lines and routing lines are very poor. Lack of signs and advices and flash colors obscure lines. The staff member has to know where to route the particles and bodies and signs and flash marked paths and signs have to exist. An engineer flash marking pipes would understand this. I recommend the whole FAO get genned in by Dave Murphy on pipe flows as a starter. That makes the idea visible.” — The Commodore, February 17, 1971

Feb 18: “REGRET: I am sorry that Ethics has to be stepped up. But each day a few more omissions land on my desk. The FSO and FAO have not formed up and the FB and myself are having to carry the load.” — The Commodore, February 18, 1971

Feb 19: “Recently Flag was divided into 3 separate orgs. The Flag Bureaux (FB), the International Management Org was the first to be formed fully. It is the FOUNDING Org of the other two. It is doing very well and has stats rising in most areas and is heavily in the Mission business. Its colour flash is GREEN. The Flag Admin Org (FAO) is the Service Org. It trains, processes and handles Finance. It has the pattern of the standard 7 Division Organization. It is the ESTABLISHING ORG. The FAO flash color is RED. The Flag Ship Org is the ship itself. It consists of the usual yacht organization functions of Command, Deck, Stewards and Galley and Engine Room. The Ship Org Flash color is BLUE….To summarize the FB is running excellently, the tech and training of the FAO is tops. Finance FAO is going in well. By constant personal work and lots of help, I have these points in hand. Now the three numbered points above must occur and every effort, including very heavy Ethics, will be made to bring them into existence. Your cooperation will be appreciated.” — The Commodore, February 19, 1971

Feb 20: “LOCAL PROPERTY: I rode the motorcycle Mary Sue gave me for Christmas out to see some property we bought. Arthur Hubbard, my test rider and mechanic in chief, acted as guide on his bike. He took me way out in the green countryside on the excuse he didn’t know any other route to the property. We circled back and found the right place right on the edge of town. Anything for a ride. It’s a very nice property. Several apartments, 18 bedrooms on one upper floor, a dozen garages, a big buss garage, four classrooms and a gym, and a lot of other bits. Our sign is up and well lighted at night. Our caretaker is a very nice chap. The place is well built of stone and masonry, quite pretty in fact. We intended it for light manufacturing but have not put it to use as yet. We own quite a bit of property over the world. Will be acquiring more as well as some countries.” — The Commodore, February 20, 1971

Feb 21: “The UKLO WW SH team, Phyll Stevens, Linda Parselle, Anne Tampion, Darlene Regenas and Margaret Hodkins are leaving today. They have worked hard and done very well. They graduated from the FEBC and attained Grade Clear OT. The Flag Bureaux has totally replanned SH spatially and have re-integrated the successful ’67 pattern. WW is now the UKLO Management Bureau. We wish them very well. The officers and crew have worked very hard completing the entirety of this very extensive project. Now it is up to them to put a UKLO and SH and SH Foundation there and bring SH back to its former glory. Good-bye, god bless, good luck. We wish you well. This is a major completion. A great one.” — The Commodore, February 21, 1971

Feb 22: “Flag is crowded these days. Berthing is at a premium. New faces, new actions. This is the time when it is hard to wear one’s hat because the weaker points on lines have given away. This is the time that reputations are made and future trust inspired in those who wear their hats and do their jobs. In such times one begins to mark out those who can control their immediate environment and make it and those in it go right. This is the way future officers and promotions are scheduled. Reversely this is also the time one notices who couldn’t hold the line or who made a mess of it or who caved in. Those trying to get the job done note these things. The non production, the absent from post, the flaps as well as the order and high production people are noted. It all come straight eventually because those in charge note and support those who make it go right and mark down the others. The go-right guys eventually wind up in charge. Those who dodge their way and dog it eventually vanish off the lines. This is YOUR Sea Org. It is as good as you make it. THE SUPREME TEST OF A THETAN IS TO MAKE THINGS GO RIGHT.” — The Commodore, February 22, 1971

Feb 23: “RECRUITS: We appreciate all the new recruits. You are very valuable to us. It permits older hands to move up. In your turn if you do a good job, you will also be moving up in your time. You are expected to do the job assigned well and raise its stats. You are expected to complete your AB, SS I, SS II and Mission School during your study time, which should be about 2.5 hours a day during one or another of your study periods.” — The Commodore, February 23, 1971

Feb 24: “ANCHOR: We will be at anchor until we leave Thursday evening. We will cut short our stay in the next port, arriving there the 26th and departing the 1st of March, giving us only 4 days there. This lets us take part in some celebrations in the port after next. Webspread will be very pleased — if he ever comes back.” — The Commodore, February 24, 1971

Feb 25: “In LA and now on Flag someone is justifying reserves and prices charged by saying ‘Ron needs it’ or ‘it goes to repay Ron.’ It isn’t true. I’ve received no 10 percents for ages. An audit of monies owed me by orgs showed about 13.5 million pounds some years ago. I long since forgave the 13.5 million. Other more recent sums aren’t included. It takes money to run things and keep the show on the road. A lot of money. Particularly in our expanding scene. It’s all for a worthwhile cause. The actual cost of L10ing someone and giving all grades is close to the price charged. A hundred million would be a low down payment for our org tech. So realise the value of what’s being bought and sold. What’s the value of health to a suffering man? What’s the value of immortality to an Earthbound eclipsed being? You’re right. It would be priceless. There isn’t that much money. It doesn’t go to me. So let’s keep the scene real in all selling and pricing. It’s for priceless results. For the pc. Not for me. I am in a relaxed frame of mind of owing no one anything and not being worried about what I’m owed. Let’s keep it cool. (And by the way did you know the psychoanalyst and psychiatrist charge ten times our total fees for delivering a long and agonizing death?)” — The Commodore, February 25, 1971

Feb 26: “If you think we are losing ground, according to a head count to date, three major enemies and the three biggest enemy names are finished. Cecil King lost his directorship in the Bank of England and his newspaper claim which included the Daily Mail. Sir William Carr has also lost his directorship in the Bank of England and has been ousted from his papers and was last seen trying to unite with ‘Truth’ newspapers of Australia, owned by Murdoch. Kenneth Robinson, ex-Minister of Health UK has been ousted and is in disgrace with his group. All three were also directors of the ‘National Association for Mental Health’ of the UK. Three scalps. Any more candidates for our ‘coupstick’?” — The Commodore, February 26, 1969

Feb 27: “The trick in books is the ‘stock book.’ Whenever a title in stock gets low through sales you reorder before you are out. You don’t just sell it all the way out of stock before reordering. Once youve let a title vanish off the shelves you’re in trouble as it takes a while to reprint. Meanwhile backorders and complaints swamp the comm lines and there goes the old ball game. A pubs activity can’t remain solvent on paperbacks or bulk discount sales! Theres a special skill to the mail order book business. The keynotes are promote, have them on hand, deliver within 24 hours and order receipt. It will take a lot of work by the SO to get this back in.” — The Commodore, February 27, 1971

Feb 28: “The Sea Org flotilla is close to a fleet now with six vessels all (except Flag) in excellent operating condition. Only Apollo is slightly unready, needing completions on safety work and Lloyds Survey, and a bit below standard in appearance and training. Her divisional officers all say they need more men but as other vessels improved on less crew than over. I think the opinion should be revised.” — The Commodore, February 28, 1969

Mar 1: “We sail at 1700 today. Have all readiness reports in by 1500 and all bills paid please. Cond I will take her out of harbour and Condition VI with A2 up first will handle at sea. A VIP reception will be given in the next port on the 3rd of March. The ship will be cleaned, scrubbed and painted up for this event.” — Capt W.B. Robertson, Flag Ship Org, March 1, 1971


Mar 2: “Al Bornstein is ordered to thorough daily 2 hour study on his post hat. I have already sent Org Officer FAO a full checksheet on promotion for use in his hat.” — Lt. Cmdr. Diana Hubbard, Distribution Aide, March 2, 1971

Mar 3: “From the inspection of the ship for sea, the decks, bridge, Commodore’s and Aides areas, E/R, most Div III area, Tweendecks, and interior areas looks good. The most glaring outnesses were in personal cabins and a few unsecured items in office area. The MAA has the list and all is to be ready by 0900 for his further inspection. Each crew member in his own time will thoroughly clean his cabin for an inspection tomorrow at sea. Well it will be good to get to sea. After the all hands, Watch E will take her out. Lets have a great trip and bring home the bacon!” — Capt. W.B. Robertson, Capt. Yacht Apollo, (1970)

Mar 4: “ACTION BRIEFING: An FO-CBO on Action’s Responsibility for Briefing is issued in the wake of the first weeks stat reduction of Jbg, Celebrity Center and possibly London. The foremost WHY is that these were ‘loners,’ only sent one person to the FEBC who then went home and got his hard. Morale — 2 minimum FEBCs must be sent. In short, Hades broke loose here when the stats didn’t go up at once there in two instances. Those lone guys better get a 2nd FEBC here in a hurry. It takes a team. Lovely stat boosts in all the rest we sent out.” — The Commodore, March 4, 1971

Mar 5: “INCOME: As Income at Flag in actual money not just credit is creeping steadily up, I think we should get alert to fully establishing org form and appearances of all three orgs especially the FSO. A mission just concluded shows the FSO in need of improvement in form and appearance, both of ship and FSO members. The basic and reasonable recommendation is that an LRH Comm FSO be appointed so that LRH orders and projects will get compliance by the senior officers as these orders and projects have built what was there. With rising Flag income potential, real meaning is given to this recommendation.” — The Commodore, March 5, 1971

Mar 6: “It should be made known that there has never been ANY order from the Commodore to have Dining Room windows left open so people freeze as they eat. There is an order to Chief Steward to handle cooking smells.” — OOD, March 6, 1971

Mar 7: “The ship looks good and Captain Robertson is to be congratulated on it and the officers and crew are thanked for their care and attention. I am glad to be back aboard. The only trouble is that ashore the dogs bark all night and now, without this I probably won’t be able to sleep. However, Janet Guilford says we can organize an All Hands Barking Stations.” — The Commodore, March 7, 1970

Mar 8: “THE RUMOURS: The landing ships out in the harbour ‘briefed’ their men on how this ship was out of bounds as ‘full of draft dodgers, marijuana smokers, free love, hypnotism,’ said to have been briefed by their ‘upper echelon.’ We are sending Ensign Dunleavy and a boat out (the sea sled) to call on their senior captain to get it handled. Their men are upsetting the Greeks also. We’ll take care of it. Captains in the US Navy who ‘can’t handle their men’ (the one thing Admirals in the US go bonkers about) are seldom promoted any more. We hold all the aces. We’ll handle it on the lower echelon level and run it back to some psychiatrist they’ve got aboard, I’m sure. Poor old SMERSH.” — The Commodore, March 8, 1969

Mar 9: “AOUK is the highest GI since September 1969! The International GI is the highest since 5 May 1969! Yet several orgs GIs were missing on it due to telex delays! So the FB and production of FAO are showing up where it counts. This is the direct result of renewed Flag industriousness, the teams we are sending out and the on the ground hard work of willing staffs. All have a part in producing such wins, storesmen, engineers, the whole crew.” — The Commodore, March 9, 1971

Mar 10: “Margo Clarke is to work 48 hours in the Income Dept preparing statements to become familiar with the rundown. INCOME IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN DISBURSEMENT. Liz Ausley is to act as Temporary Purser, check out on the new P/L on org boards and do a proper org board for Div III FAO. The WHY of any FAO disorganization or slow forming has been traced to lack of knowledge on how to post an org bd as covered by the new P/L.” — The Commodore, March 10, 1971

Mar 11: “MATA HARI: LISA O’KRACKEL, ‘the Mata Hari of our times,’ came aboard as the wife of Bill O’Krackel, made trouble, blew, was seen ashore hanging around for a week in Corfu, got $1,600 from her mother and left the area. Turns out she was married before to a Greek in Greece, was not divorced before she ‘married’ Bill. In the meantime she worked as a ‘pros’ in Las Vegas. She has six aliases (different names) and possibly 3 passports, one in her maiden name, one as the Greek’s wife and one as Bill’s ‘wife.’ We guess that Bill found out about her former marriage and no divorce and possibly that’s why she blew. We don’t know that she was here for info but for sure some wild left wing characters in the press are trying to talk about a disappeared ‘girl’ and had the crust to ask the Deputy Prime Minister of Greece about the ‘disappeared girl’ and ‘that ship in Corfu.’ The DPM said our ship was OK and he’d ‘look into the girl matter.’ Well, we’re also looking into it. We mean her no harm. But her blow is causing Dev T. Looks like another ‘Linda Smith’ plant.” — The Commodore, March 11, 1969

Mar 12: “SOURCE TO CAUSE: I’ve heard it said that as ‘source’ I should handle something way outside my general activity. This is a confusion between SOURCE and CAUSE. Whereas I am source of data, overall coordination and planning, You are CAUSE over your area. Results are the effect of your own efforts. When these support general programmes we all win. You should not minimize yourself as CAUSE. It is your greatest ability. Being Blamed sometimes blunts Being Cause. But if one’s total ambition is to be blameless the best situation is to get one’s name on a tombstone. And it’s no fun being dead. Being CAUSE over Matter, Energy, Space, Time, Force, Form, Location and Life is just another way of saying ‘OT’.” — The Commodore, March 12, 1970

Mar 13: “We, the Officers and crew of the Apollo, Athena, AO Greece, SH Greece, Nkambi and Diana wish you a very happy birthday. Each and every one of us consider it a great honor to serve under you and we vow to honour the trust you have placed in us by backing you up and in every way and fully wearing our hats. You have personally helped each and every one of us to be strong and we will grow stronger and stronger as the days go by. We acknowledge you as the source of Power in Scientology and on this planet and in this Universe. We will do everything we can to ease your burden, to defend you, to give you more ease and provide active contribution to the achievement of our targets. You have, without reservation, our unlimited devotion and loyalty.” — Deputy Captain, Officers and Crew of Apollo; Captain, Officers and Crew AO/SH Greece; Captain, Nkambi; Captain, Officers and Crew of “Diana”; Captain, Officers and Crew of “Athena,” March 13, 1969

Mar 14: “HIGHEST EVERS: Thank you for the very happy birthday. I received some lovely presents including a new dining room table and chairs for the A Deck lounge — truly gorgeous. I now hear the Ship’s Rep flew to a nearby area to get some lovely presents for me from MSH. Very appreciated. Both the presents and the flight. Cards, telexes, lovely presents and remembrances. And HGC had a present — 639 w.d. auditing hours! Just by changing its lines and hard work. And the HCI’s FEBC stats are highest ever. The International Gross Income was the HIGHEST EVER! And the Planetary G.I. (not including AOUK, UK, EU, AF or ANZO Orgs) (including only US (Sea Org, Scn) and AOSH DK) hit over a quarter of a million in one week!” — The Commodore, March 14, 1971

Mar 15: “SLIDE-TAPE SHOW: Geoff Barnes and Al Bornstein are highly commended for their excellent slide-tape show about Flag. As you read this it has already been exported to the various continents, having left the ship at 0600.” — The Commodore, March 15, 1971


Mar 16: “The Apollo is to be in all respects ready for the sea and all port cycles closed by 5:00 PM 18 Mar 69. The civil ‘Nomarch’ of Corfu on irregular lines verbally has ordered our departure in 24 hours despite any unreadiness and without concluding our gyro or safety inspection. We have been given no reason. There may be a connection with the visit of US vessels last week which had a report via their naval attache that we made troops desert. There is no damage really as the AOSH Greece had not really opened and is being reopened at once in Denmark. The situation is under control. There is no danger.” — The Commodore, March 16, 1969

Mar 17: “Norman Starkey is welcomed to the post of Deputy CS-2. Student riots are really tearing the ground up. The Office in the Capitol is now acting to help the government. Things are cool on lines. ASHO is down again, measures are being taken. London has some out Ethics. DK needed help — they had 3 minor blows and a stat drop for 2 weeks — and are getting it. Their stats are now up again.” — The Commodore, March 17, 1970

Mar 18: “Flag auditors are easily the best in the world. They don’t kid around with cases. They know what they can do. The people audited on Flag go out of here to confront the ohs and ahs of their former areas on how changed and great they are. Any org could eventually achieve this stellar level of result. That isn’t just what FLAG does. It’s what any org could do if they really taught their courses and crammed their HGC auditors. Flag is a shining example of what CAN be done with Tech. Not new tech. Just tech. We saved a life last week with 1956 tech and an excellent auditor. That’s the way it must be, will be over the world if we here on Flag do our jobs.” — The Commodore, March 18, 1971

Mar 19: “THIS PORT: The Charterers play this port in lower key without press as press is restrained here. Otherwise it’s all as in PRO cruise.” — The Commodore, March 19, 1970

Mar 20: “For using incorrect ethics action, for damaging another and for failure to take any action to ensure MO or auditor action to correct, PAUL PRESTON is declared in a Condition of STUPID.” — Capt. Mary Sue Hubbard, March 20, 1971

Mar 21: “Vixie is OK. She was taken to the vet this morning. Her leg isn’t broken. It was a torn ligament. Mary Sue gave her a touch assist last night. Vixie went totally anaten. The pain shock was in her shoulder and went up to her head which she for awhile refused to permit to be touched. The touch assist was done on both sides of the body (other leg too) and near and far areas. You wear thick gloves in giving a dog or cat a touch assist as they snap and scratch and disassociate. The swelling went down and she came up to growl tone. On return from the vet she got a bone and sat in the foyer where she could bark at people.” —The Commodore, March 21, 1970

Mar 22: “SECURITY: Remember, we were doing great until we forgot our security in letters, telexes and radio comms and ceased to be archaeologists or moving pictures people. Get our security in.” — The Commodore, March 22, 1969

Mar 23: “Had a good break today on Research. Cracked why one can’t be audited after exteriorization so one can. Will push OT ability up out of sight. I do get my own hats worn despite randomity!” — The Commodore, March 23, 1970

Mar 24: “TELEXES are meant to be answered the same day; when answered, they go to the ‘Telexes In’ basket in the Comm Bu. Deadline 2300 hrs. Even if they cannot be answered immediately, they should be returned to this basket, as these telexes go up to LRH for his viewing after 2300. These unanswered telexes will then be returned for answering.” — Org Off Bu IV, March 24, 1971

Mar 25: “WEDDING: The Wedding of Diana Hubbard and Jon Horwich went off beautifully. The reception at the hotel was extremely nice. They will go on a honeymoon to the states on April 15. It is planned to have a second ceremony at Jon Horwich’s home. PARTY: There will be a party with the same band aboard on the evening of 3 April for those who did not attend the reception yesterday evening.” — The Commodore, March 25, 1971

Mar 26: “THE BEACH: Cagliari’s old town (mostly bombed out in WW II) is reputed to be more expensive and a bit ‘clip.’ The new town is over the hill and is reputed to be fairer in price. These shore people will give you bad money exchange rates if you don’t watch it.” — March 26, 1969

Mar 27: “Our ship has become rather shabby. We are improving that fast. We are improving our crew appearance. We are getting a lot done. We have a lot to do. We have gone through a period of floods of new recruits. They aren’t new recruits any longer. Do your own job with initiative, snap and pop and we’ll make it all the way. We right now have lots of good, able people. We have a lot of good, effective programmes. We can make a go of it all right.” — The Commodore, March 27, 1969

Mar 28: “NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER go near a British Consul in any port we are in for passport renewal or any other reason. Send the person to another port we don’t use. The Corfu trouble has been traced by our Missionaires to FORTE the Corfu British Consul who told the most vile and fantastic lies about us such as the H&W men were now in an insane asylum in Athens! That we poisoned wells and did black magic. We are suing him there and also will kick it back to England. The whole Corfu incident was censored out of Greek press and has not hit International Press. So no ports know of it. Which is okay. But let that be a lesson to us about British Consuls. So that’s how they lost their empire! 3rd Party specialists. By the way they supply arms to both sides of the Biafra conflict and both sides in the Israel-Jordan Suez war! Also, by the way, an official protest was made by the Panama Consul General in Athens to the Greek govt. And so Panama is on our side. Also the Nomarch is being removed in Corfu. Hah! But the people there are terrified of arrest so we’re pulling our Mission out. We won after all.” — The Commodore, March 28, 1969

Mar 29: “There is not one person aboard, swabbie, snipe or clerk who is not vital to maintaining our presence on Int lines either by keeping the ship running or safe or actually pushing comm pkgs or admin actions. To the several million Scientologists in the world our presence is felt even when it is only quietly acting within orgs over the world. There’s an awful lot of lightning and thetan power in this theta line and everyone on board is contributing to it. Whatever the grease on your nose or the callouses on your ball point finger you are helping to keep this line in existence and contributing your energy and actions to pushing it through. Next time you’re tired or upset — remember that.” — The Commodore, March 29, 1970


Mar 30: “The hot water on A deck is tepid.” — The Commodore, March 30, 1970

Mar 31: “My thanks to S. Moreau, R. Savage, Gerry Armstrong, and H. Harrison for helping on a voluntary basis cleaning up Fwd Tween Decks and Storage and mest moving in Hold 1 last night. L.H. 2 has been cleaned and restowed. Anyone littering or enmesting the area of any hold space will be dealt with severely by Ethics. These spaces (as well as all ship spaces) must be kept neat, clean and secure.” — Capt W.B. Robertson D/Captain FSO, March 31, 1971

Apr 1: “OVERTS: In the interests of more truth on board, anyone feeling nattery should write up their overts and witholds and post them on the crew’s notice board with a copy to me. Hiding the real reasons behind natter roughs it up for the rest of us. We are after all a true group. Truth is the basis of group ARC.” — The Commodore, April 1, 1970

Apr 2: “I hope no desperate casualties resulted from the APRIL FOOL OOD. All Fools Day originated when they changed the Gregorian Calendar in 1564. The first day of the year was April 1st before then. When New Years Day became January 1st, those who persisted in celebrating it as April 1st became targets. It originated in France where they are called APRIL FISH and went to Scotland where they are called APRIL GAWKS. Through the English speaking world it is APRIL FOOLS. All from a PR stunt to teach the new Calendar! So when Al Bornstein, FAO PR wrote up an April Fool OODs with Geoff Barnes and Gorman the Management carried out a reversal even on them. In the Immortal Words of Product Officer FAO Amos Jessup, ‘Anyone who was taken in by that OOD had better review his Data Series!’ So would the FEBCs do a Data Analysis on that April Fools OOD as an exercise. Self preservation demands they be able to recognize real OUT POINTS when they get back to their orgs. People were in stitches over the results of the joke, so I hope no bruised feelings remain.” — The Commodore, April 2, 1971

Apr 3: “Our trouble has been isolated to the British Government. It uses British Consuls, Lloyds and reporters as part of its intelligence service. It has been revealed that reporters in the UK, particularly those operating outside it, are members of their intelligence service while still being reporters. The US health societies, groups, foundations and agencies are all members of SMERSH which is an English takeover of the work of Clifford Beers to bring protection to mental patients. By blackmail, corruption and pretense of being ‘the very best people’ this group had the British government in its palm. It appointed the health ministers of both parties in England and throughout the Commonwealth and even Switzerland. SMERSH is a world takeover type group, full of preposterous plans. It is now actively destroying western nations whose governments look to them to dispose of malcontents without realizing SMERSH’s degraded technology is violently opposed by Western peoples. If we are careful, keep good security and continue to attack, SMERSH will collapse as they are trying to be a police state without either the police or army on their side. We must be alert to the Intelligence factors of SMERSH and safeguard against their penetration of our security. On our shoulders alone rests the possibility of freeing Mankind from the horror of one of these police states which could destroy Mankind. The rest, like sheep, have been taken in wholly.” — The Commodore, April 3, 1969

Apr 4: “ENEMY FINANCES: I found Scientologists do not know (and the world sure doesn’t) the size and state of the enemy. For years, our orgs have made more in a week than Swersh does in a year. Two years ago Swersh was 25,000 in debt with little income in sight. Last year it was far worse. Brock Chisholen their world leader, just died, very few key figures are left. Their mouthpiece ‘The Daily Mail’ has just folded and Peter Younghusband who caused the Rhodesian upset has been sacked. We have traced their origins to 2 years before Hitler and have traced the Nazi death camps and Nazi Philosophy to this group. There were not 200,000 members at their peak. So over the world we outnumber even their rank and file 25 to one at a very low estimate. We could buy all they own out of a week’s income and never miss it. Although a few skirmishes or even battles are still ahead of us, there is now no slightest question as to who is winning this war. The Nazi Psychiatrist and Nazi psychologist will most surely go the way of the dinosaur. No, there is no question now as to who will win this war. We will.” — The Commodore, April 4, 1971


God Speed
And Early Return

I thank you
The Sea Org thanks you
For your good work
And Contribution

To us all.

I know
The good things you’ve done
And good intent.
Forgive the conditions
And any hardship

And carry away
No bitterness
But only pleasant
Memory of Flag.

In appreciation
And full respect:


God Speed
Soon Return

April 5, 1969”

Apr 6: “ARTICLE: MSH has just had a hard hitting article by her published in the British ‘Mayfair’ magazine. SYSTEMS: The IBM Systems Engineers sales handbook is now drawn up using Scientology basic. This is the world’s largest electronic firms. The Moon Rocket and Fail-Safe bomb systems and almost every corporation’s computers are all IBM. I’m sure they’ve forgotten they used to use me in their ads 32 years ago ‘Famous Writer Uses IBM Electric Typewriters’. VALIDATION: When one wishes to help, is trying to help and is brought up sharly, he gets a failed purpose. I’d be very glad to hear how anyone’s effort to help has become invalidated. That’s all we’ve got really — both yours and my willingness to help.” — The Commodore, April 6, 1970

Apr 7: “COMMENDED: Quentin Hubbard is assigned a Condition of Affluence and commended for a long time performance of high volume and high quality sessions. He is a very popular auditor and I am sure his many pcs will agree.” — The Commodore, April 7, 1970

Apr 8: “DEMOTION: Pending Comm Ev for muddying up port relations Mike Smith, Peter Warren, and Amos Jessup are removed from post and restricted to the ship. Ship’s Rep actions will be undertaken by the Purser and the 3rd Mate….I finally got data enough to get things handled and, with reservations, all is okay. If a problem or situation can’t be handled get it to somebody who can handle it. Don’t sit on it until the roof falls in. People only get bit for (a) not taking responsibility for their areas and for (b) failing to do their jobs or for (c) getting us in a mess through irresponsibility or stupidity.” — The Commodore, April 8, 1969

Apr 9: “When you view how far flung the SO is and how much it’s doing, I doubt there’s a group on the planet that could begin to equal it. Now in the wog world, there’s nothing but sunshine, chicken and ice cream. And H bombs and stupidity and snobs and aberration and the draft and droughts and inflation… Did you ever hear of troops fighting a comfortable war? I haven’t.” — The Commodore, April 9, 1969

Apr 10: “WOG WORLD: If you were puzzled about my ‘now in the WOG world’ jokes in yesterdays OOD — that was the way certain people were 3rd partying us. Making a horrible false impression between us and elsewhere. ‘Now in the Wog world — ” Or how great the beach is compared to the ship. At least we’re trying to get it to survive and that’s more than you can say for the ‘Wog World’.” — The Commodore, April 10, 1969

Apr 11: “WELCOME ABOARD: Three new arrivals, Evelyn Webster-Parsons who is our WW Representative, Paul Preston who is Deputy Ops for US Area, and Janice Tidman, returning to the ship, are welcomed aboard. …MORALE: I am getting a steady flow of reports of increased morale. I think we can have a happy ship.” — The Commodore, April 11, 1970

Apr 12: “PENALTIES: Those absent from drills — no next meal. Those absent from study — 10 s per offense logged by supervisors and deducted from allowance and paid by Purser to 2 Div for facilities fund. False report — one week’s allowance. Outness or irresponsibility in admin or on post or watch — 3 days pay. REWARDS: When the ship is out of Non Existence and up to Emergency a reward schedule will be posted. MUSIC: No music while the ship is below Emergency.” — April 12, 1969

Apr 13: “GOOD NEWS: Indications are that we will have won the war with Smersh in a year or two. They have lost further ‘prominent leaders.’ We have directly traced and documented their origin to East Germany and have found the crimes they sought to hide. Lesser lights in their ranks are turning to us for guidance. Their network is collapsing under the various stresses to which they have been subjected. They may fight more skirmishes through men they control in govts but it is obvious we will win the war.” — The Commodore, April 13, 1971


Apr 14: “Several people are nominated to the Never-be-a-smuggler Club. Turning on bright lights, flashing flashlights toward the beach, opening up unnecessarily on the radio all disqualify one from being an Expert Smuggler. Such club members wind up in calabogos (jail) on suspicion. Pausing off the port as we did is not very good practise. Thanks to the guys who opened the cattledoor. They should however use lifelines when working so. And please can’t we oil all these reluctant hinges some calm day? Anyway our telex traffic was all good news. You can get off mail you see.” — The Commodore, April 14, 1969

Apr 15: “CORFU: It may be of interest that ‘Major’ Forte the British Consul in Corfu who messed the area up with lies is about to be sued by us in Corfu for libel and slander proven by his own testimony.” — The Commodore, April 15, 1971

Apr 16: “Division III where has the packaged soup come from? This is strictly against Flag Order. Where are such dishes as bean and ham soup, Irish stew, beef ragout, noodles and tuna, chicken and noodle soup, green pea soup and ham, chili con carne, fresh vegetable soup, baked beans and franks, shepherd’s pie, chicken and dumplings, lentil soup, potato soup, and chicken and rice soup. Midday meals are to be such as these — good and sustaining.” — MarySue Hubbard, Captain, April 16, 1969

Apr 17: “ORG SECURITY: Mail and telex security and personal mail still must maintain security. Now and then an incompetent or false report wipes out security. The object is to make it difficult for an enemy to predict location and activity. We have had several severe upsets traceable to lack of security. You don’t name ports or detail plans in personal letters or org telexes. You carefully obscure them — Halifax becomes ‘our last port.’ ‘We intend to go to the Seychelles’ becomes ‘we’ll soon be in warmer climes.’ Lloyd’s Weekly Shipping Register was rumored to carry us port to port. This is false. We are never listed as we’re a yacht. But there are at least six other commercial Apollos. Scn orgs have taken to advertising the SO. This is silly. The SO is not their product. We are the organization three feet behind the head of Scn orgs. We succeed if we are least noticed.” — The Commodore, April 17, 1970

Apr 18: “NAME CHANGE: The harbour recognized the ship but not the flag or name and were curious. So you better know why so you can explain it. The Hubbard Exploration Co Ltd was the original owner. It was a British Company. Because of currency restrictions the ships were sold to me, then to Operation and Transport Corporation of Panama, a Panama Company so the flag and name had to be changed. We run student cruises and came from Cadiz and will eventually be returning there. We cruise on the coasts of the Western Med.” — The Commodore, April 18, 1969

Apr 19: “The Ponies are to be made operational for use in All Hands Evolutions. Lafayettes are not to be used due to their long range per LRH order.” — Lt. Cmdr Diana Hubbard, CS-1, April 19, 1969

Apr 20: “PARTY: Barry, Cathy and Liz did a good job on the party. Decorations were by the Middies, Claire, Terri, Suzette, Ann and Janis. Barry gave out dancing prizes. For such courage above and beyond the line of duty, he was himself decorated. Well done to Div VI.” — The Commodore, April 20, 1970

Apr 21: “We’re having a VIP function aboard at 1900 tonight. The Mayor, Harbour Master, news photographers and approx 20 others are invited. Just like crew became so expert at handling in February. Everyone’s agreement and assistance will be much appreciated.” — Lt. Barry Watson, Pub Exec Officer, April 21, 1970

Apr 22: “The VIP Party was a huge success, Governor, Lord Mayor and all. Div VI must receive full cooperation on set ups and drills, however. We are at our best in Billing and Drilling. It’s been an awful long time since I heard the rush and pound of feet getting a drill drilled. Guest drill is just another drill. The Supercargo is reponsible for having a well drilled ship. The smartest ships ever were the heavily drilled Enchanter, Avon River and the pre-Melilla RSM! So WE DRILL 1700 to 1800 DAILY HEREAFTER, at sea or in port Supercargo and Ship LRH Comm Take note please.” — The Commodore, April 22, 1970

Apr 23: “OTL DK has lost several important mail packets from the 24 March run. We find that OTL had just changed Supercargoes. The new one Connie (Campleman) Stevens was logging her first mail. The DK Post Office or the WW post office or Connie has lost several packets. This flap was not reported by Wayne Alkire to Flag and was not given proper attention by Susan Pomeroy. We now, by phone, have the packet numbers still lost and Aides must make them up again for the next courier. This of course calls for a severe reshuffle of lines and personnel. We must be very accurate on mail slips, relays and posting. A fantastice scramble can occur and the work of a lot of executives can be messed up or destroyed. Comm Evs are being convened on S. Pomeroy, W. Alkire, and C. (Campleman) Stevens. Mail routing will be changed.” — The Commodore, April 23, 1970

Apr 24: “It is NOT hygienic to leave damp towels flung DOWN on bunks when they should be hung UP to air; it is NOT hygienic to have dirty sheets left on unoccupied bunks. It is NOT good to have those areas emmesty and NOT squared up and looking decent and clean. Therefore, all occupants of men’s and women’s dorms may expect a thorough inspection tomorrow forenoon, Saturday.” — W/O Bob Prior, April 24, 1970

Apr 25: “NEWS ITEM: Phil Wearne, whose instigation of the infamous Melbourne inquiry began the Anzo attacks and who later confessed and fully documented his lies and guilt, died recently in Sydney. Cause of death not known here. Sooner or later it seems to kill them.” — The Commodore, April 25, 1970

Apr 26: “GOOD NEWS: With the return of 3 Missionaires a flood of good news was brought. The US Court of Appeals fired back and refused the FDA petition for a re-hearing in the meter case. So that is definitely ended. John McMasters has been touring with huge successes in the Western US and Hawaii and has been seeing many wigs in higher favourable interviews and has been on many national TV shows in the US all very well done. He has been highly commended and his mission ordered to be reinforced. We have a lovely new base all bought. We have been invited to participate in a beachhead. Plans are afoot from a new active group to open up Latin America. They already have a fine beachhead secured.” — The Commodore, April 26, 1969

Apr 27: “I’ve just written an HCO Pol Ltr on ‘Death Wishes’ of interest to the ship.” — The Commodore, April 27, 1969


Apr 28: “UK is in the mystic band. That’s the last stop this side of Hades, when an empire decides to go, Man. The basic law on this is: When dealing with unknown dangers over which he has no control and against which he has no defense, Man becomes mystic as to cause and effect. Reaching a population in that condition is quite a problem. It can be done, but only on the gradient of tiny cause and effect. By coaxing small reaches and giving very light effects it can be done.” — The Commodore, April 28, 1970

Apr 29: “David Mayo is assigned as an Ad Course Auditor assisting Bob Guilford. This is in addition to his Flag Interneship. This post does the incidental auditing and minor repairs and rud flying needed by Ad Courses. Full checkout on these actions should be done at once. This includes HCO B 26 Apr 71.” — The Commodore, April 29, 1971

Apr 30: “Customs needs handling in these ports. Fully. And gently. Anyone trying to put things aboard before full clearance can really mess a port up. If you have anything to do with Customs or even think about taking anything ashore or bringing anything on the ship, see the Ships Rep first! Aboard, you are not in the country. When you go through the gate you are in the country. When you come through the gate to come aboard you are leaving the country. This is true even when the ship is lying alongside a berth. So don’t violate or stir up customs officials. They are at the gate. When you go through that gate things you are carrying or escorting are entering or leaving the country. They lock up ‘smugglers’ for 40 years on bread and water and throw the key away.” — The Commodore, April 30, 1971

May 1: “I am waiting, not altogether patiently, for the individuals aboard to realize that they are a ships company and responsible to each other for the survival of the ship and each other. Until this company insists to one another that each do his duty and that crazy outnesses are threats to survival and must caese the ship is at risk. This ships company has not right whatever to dump on me the arduos task of catching dropped balls and single-handing this vessel over the top of wild goofs in food, fuel, security, repairs and maintenance and appearance. Until I see a distinct change of attitude and increased awareness in efficiency, 1. There will be no allowances. 2. There will not be any shore liberty. 3. There will be no leave. 4. And you will see Ethics as heavy and unpredictable as the goofs that are being handed me to handle. As long as the ships company remains this irresponsible and idle and refuses to insist on smart competence amongst themselves this ship is in grave danger of catastrophe. You better wake up before you wake up dead.”— The Commodore, May 1, 1969

May 2: “The UK and SA inquiry scenes look hopeful if we keep our fingers crossed and the Gdn Office keeps as active as it has been, which we’re sure it will. This is the real power house that’s in action… We now own the 174′ MY Grinnel and as soon as it’s out of dock it will be the US Station Ship. It’s very sleek, has engines only slightly less HP than Apollos. Two strong 2000 HP GMs… Flag is now a happier atmosphere. In the field thanks to the days of raw recruits and Berez and the lies of B. Green in NY we’re looked on as a violent and savage ship. It’s a lie so it will blow away. Doesn’t do any harm anyway.” — The Commodore, May 2, 1970

May 3: “No new crew cases should be begun until ‘parked’ ones are pushed up into Solo range. ‘Complete in HGC’ is the target. Dozens of cases are overlong in grade. L10s should be completed only after OT III anyway. So an HGC completion does not mean ‘all possible pgms we can do in HGC.’ It means just get the pc safely off into Solo. There are also some non-soloing solo auditors aboard. FEBCs who have Solo work to be done should be shoved onto it hard within 48 hours of arrival. I want to see crew ‘HGC Completes’ up through the roof and Solo w.d. hours ranging around 900 a week minimum!” — The Commodore, May 3, 1971

May 4: “HARD WORK: Diana, in readying up the CS-6 post so she could leave, worked 72 hours straight through and then boarded the plane. It is not fully known that, with Franchise and Celebrity Centres, Diana handles many more orgs herself than the whole FB. Blackburn Smith is standing in as her deputy during her three week absence. Due to the jumbled state my photo gear was allowed to get into I couldn’t find a camera to give her but fixed it so she could buy one and thus bring back pictures of her travels. I think this is her first vacation in four years in the SO.” — The Commodore, May 4, 1971

May 5: “MOVIE: The top Broadway hit man, Milton Katselas, through Celebrity Centre sent me a screen play that deals with some Scientology materials. I received it as he requested, went over it. As an old screen writer I found some ways to polish it and telexed him that I would. He has just telexed back very thrilled. In one week he did Grade VI, went Clear, was taken on at Columbia Pictures to direct his Broadway hit and got my assurances I’d help work on the new screen play. To quote ‘All in One Week. Wow.’” — The Commodore, May 5, 1971

May 6: “The gradual improvement of world stats is done by constant attention to DATA and gradually putting things right. Any breakdown occurs when it does because of failed or unrun missions, failure to observe and report, failure to carry out overall Flag intention. The important point is that we are gradually winning on all fronts in a world that ought to have a fence around it and seems to be dedicated to self-destruction. When you can advance into that you really have to be somebody! Any you have to know what you’re doing.” — The Commodore, May 6, 1970

May 7: “UK ENQUIRY: The ‘Findings’ of this enquiry have been handed over to Sir Joseph in House of Lords. This means very early publication. Past signs are that they will not be viciously unfavorable. We are busy working to handle any possible repercussion. It may be a week or so yet before they hit the UK press. This cycle is far from conclusive. We made a last minute breakthrough on the WHO that began all this and keeps busy hounding us. This breakthrough puts the initiative in our hands. Instead of trying to find out WHO has been hitting Scientology we now find we are moved right over, on target, of WHO is responsible for East-West upsets and the atomic war threats and the economic crises. Whetever the UK ‘enquiry’ says, the end of the war is well in view.” — The Commodore, May 7, 1971

May 8: “FB: The FB including CS-G did a splendid fast job on the program to beef things up in event of a hostile UK ‘Enquiry’ finding release. Some Enquiry! Never called on us to testify on anything. Its secretary, Miss Lee, was a member of Smersh! Correction: Sir Joseph is the Minister of Social Services. He has it now. When the cabinet okays it maybe it will be out.” — The Commodore, May 8, 1971

May 9: “ALL CREW: Please submit to me knowledge reports on any injustices that you may know about. Injustices must be righted. Thank you.” — Lt. Cmdr. Diana Hubbard, May 9, 1969

May 10: “NOTICE: We are extending our stay in this port until Wednesday 12.5.71 so that we can complete a heavy campaign to strengthen PRO Area Control. A Dinner Dance is being held at a top local hotel on Tuesday night for shore VIPs, Contractors and business associates.” — Lt. N.F. Starkey, Captain FSO, May 10, 1971

May 11: “Dir I&R and MAA are to conduct a full investigation of insecurity of materials of confidential materials on board. They are to steal any they can and lock them up. List to the D/CO. Beginning at 1200 hrs today. Offenders are to be listed and handled appropriately.” — A. Jessup, C/O FAO, May 11, 1971


May 12: “RHODESIA: The anti-Scn bill in Rhodesia hit a heavy snag due to our attorney, the legal office of the government chopping down on their parliament saying its unconstitutional. The name of a notorious anti-govt psychiatrist appeared and got the govt legal dept antagonistic. Also, I had excellent PR in Rhodesia when I was there and they’re still trying to explain their actions. The Guardian Office Africa and all concerned did a fine job there. It’s all held off indefinitely.” — The Commodore, May 12, 1971

May 13: “GROUP CONFESSION is group confession. It is done with the whole group present. It is not done divisionally and it is not done by unit. Try this and you’ll see it work. This is a team and not individuated.” — Lt. Cmdr. Diana Hubbard, CS 1, May 13, 1969

May 14: “Smersh operates on false data and has not changed his Situation Analysis in a whole score of years and does not vary tactics to fit new situations. That is valuable information. A general who fought that way would be busy fighting the 151st Bavarian Light Infantry as they were deployed at Niems in 1870! Since then they’ve been disbanded, forgotten, and that trench has been empty for 80 years. Yet such a general would have his whole army concentrating on it! Viewing national governments through this developed logic tech applied to their data and their idea of the situation reveals them to be crazy. And gives one the reason for both war and failing societies. No wonder they end up shooting people.” — The Commodore, May 14, 1970

May 15: “US STATS HAVE JUST GONE OVER THE MILLION MARK!!! AOSHUK IS OVER $47,000!” — The Commodore, May 15, 1971

May 16: “Logic (The Data Series) is written up to Data – 4 now. Occurred to me what if CIA’s multi-billion facts in computers were properly analyzed, WOW, what a different answer they’d get! I realized that as it is ‘analyzed’ they can only decide to go to war with everybody! And do. I can see a conference now at ‘high level.’ ‘What’s the situation on Hamfatia?’ ‘Threatening.’ ‘What’s the situation on Sphagettiville?’ ‘Threatening.’ ‘What’s the situation on the world?’ ‘Threatening.’ ‘Then it’s all threatening?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Good hit the war button!’ They didn’t notice the ‘Threatening’ button had gotten leaned on by the cleaning lady’s mop the night before. And that’s the way the world went. Point is, if one can’t analyze data he winds up hating everybody — as it’s just one big generality. We’re into real 3rd dynamic tech!” — The Commodore, May 16, 1970

May 17: “The activity called ‘Black Propaganda’ consists of spreading lies by hidden sources. It inevitably results in injustices being done by those who operate without verifying the truth. For instance all the attacks on Scientology were Black Propaganda from hidden Fascist groups. This has caused injustice. Black Propaganda was a Nazi specialty. But injustice recoills on those who deal in it. Thus a hidden lying source can cause authority to act. Thus authority can be undermined by being made to commit injustices….If the world were honest, justice and the need for it would vanish. The road out is the Road to Truth.” — The Commodore, May 17, 1971

May 18: “UPPER OT GRADES: By this time there must be about fifteen OT grades above Clear already developed. These exist in research form and have not been released. AOLA is begging for a new one, having delivered 500 OT VIIs. The danger is that an AO or org starts delivering to the same people and disconnects. Jbg broke itself doing this once. Affluent on selling illegal Power Processing, it suddenly used up all its CF. It had not fed in anyone at the bottom — no Testing or HAS or Dn or Lower Grades. It used up its CF hot prospects on Power and that was that. Jbg’s decline dates back to this period. It’s a way of disconnecting from the Public. AOs should be hammering SHs to get people through Solo R6EW and onto Clear and getting Clears onto lower OT grades.” — The Commodore, May 18, 1971

May 19: “The technical material I developed from ’68 to ’71 on Flag is published here, trained on here and applied here. We have the best auditors in the world. They are very few. While the Flag Ship Org keeps a ship here, keeps ports here and services those abroad, so that these activities can take place. The Flag Bureaux pushes the Administrative planning and programming which forms up the Continental Liaison Offices which hold the orgs there for FEBCs to return to. Everyone on Flag contributes to these successes, no matter what his post is. We are all operating directly on the VFP of a Cleared Planet. Sometimes this may not be as visible as it might be to someone with his head down into some routine job. But you can measure the success of what you’re doing. Look at the sky-rocketing rise of stats over the world. That’s my stat and Yours. It is in Power.” — The Commodore, May 19, 1971

May 20: “BIG LEAGUE: A lot of SO people do not realize that we play in the Big League. It’s not from choice. We are apparently considered a prime threat to those who run things from behind the scenes. A new estimate based on new data of the money spent to knock us out is at least 20 million pounds. Your concept of security and concept of snap and pop on operations and actions should be scaled upward to match the Big League. We are so tiny in numbers we have to make up for it in brilliance and efficiency. No other group on the planet gets the simultaneous international attention that we do. We cave in the pressure against us by highly effective operation of orgs and ships. And it is gradually giving ground. We will win in 3 years IF we play it with Security, brilliance and efficiency on all our parts.” — The Commodore, May 20, 1970

May 21: “The auditing was in general better today. Auditors go in fads — now it’s ‘feelings.’ Nobody has any aches, pains or misemotions. They have ‘feelings!’ What happened to good old PAIN. Some aren’t able to confront the flak we get into. It takes a bit of guts to be around Flag. And some get very nervous and want to leave. We have 3 or 4 good things I don’t quit. Thanks for holding the ship together.” — The Commodore, May 21, 1969

May 22: “Annabelle Buchanan is ordered back to the FSO Service Dept to properly turn over her desserts hat and regain the standard. This will assist already improved meals.” — The Commodore, May 22, 1971

May 23: “Psychology and psychiatry have been traced as the direct authors of Fascism and today propound the Fascist message of violence and death across the world. This tangled web is being laid out like a carpet from documents being unearthed from the Nuremberg trials of war criminals and other sources. We always knew they were bad. We did not know Psychologists and Psychiatrists were the men behind Hitler and the gas chambers. By documents unearthed there is no difference whatever between psychiatric doctrine now being voiced in the East and West and Nazi doctrines so abhorred by all the world. ‘Racial Purity,’ ‘eradicated minorities,’ ‘genes,’ the lot. So it all begins to fit into a pattern. We had to be fought, for the appearance of real mental tech on the planet spelled the end of Fascist usage of false mental tech to politically dominate the world. Until we came along they were winning very nicely. So that’s one reason it’s so important to establish Scientology in Europe and England. And we’re making it.” — The Commodore, May 23, 1971

May 24: “FISH AND SAUSAGES: There’s a native street off the main drag where fresh grilled fish, and a kind of hot dog and other bits cost about 10 cents apiece or less. Cokes can be gotten nearby. Don’t shoot the prices up. Interesting area.” — The Commodore, May 24, 1970

May 25: “TO ALL ABOARD: (1) Anyone who makes any shuffle, bang, clatter — ANY NOISE — while the Commodore is IN SESSION will get NO AUDITING themselves for 3 months. (2) For FEBC’s — they lose a week’s stats. (3) The Commodore’s Messengers are keeping a list of these people and will turn the list in to D of P as well as a copy for Dir I&R. If one isn’t considerate enough to let the Commodore audit — one doesn’t deserve it himself. (4) If the Port Prom deck is roped off — it is for a PURPOSE — don’t go walking under the rope. IT IS OUT OF BOUNDS! (5) The radio room is OUT OF BOUNDS when LRH is IN SESSION too. (6) If the A & B Deck ladies heads are closed off with a sign saying ‘LRH IN SESSION NO ENTRY’ you don’t walk under the rope — go somewhere else!” — Msm Terri Gillham, Commodore’s Messenger, May 25, 1971


May 26: “MELBOURNE: We served a writ on Anderson, the ‘judge’ of the Melbourne Inquiry for legal faults. Ian Tampion there got lots of immediate raw public congratulations and good wishes. Dianetic Auditing is starting up there and the org will soon be reestablished. Some real good people are on the grounds.” — The Commodore, May 26, 1970

May 27: “WW has orders to heavily recruit Scn org personnel and handle posting and other personnel functions Last Feb PL. They have acked it. If EC WW will do this function well, the Scn network will increase. We are engaged heavily in keeping this network of orgs going. The circular action is for public to enter the Franchise and lower org network and move up to the higher orgs. Thus they get to SO orgs. And we have wherewithal to handle things. When that cycle breaks down, it’s grim.” — The Commodore, May 27, 1970

May 28: “GOOD NEWS: The Governor’s Office of Calif is commending us for the Narco-non and Drug Abuse Campaigns and our effectiveness in this field. This is a second official one only days apart evidently. Also the Gov of Calif’s son is reported planning to join the SO.” — The Commodore, May 28, 1970

May 29: “Captain Mary Sue Hubbard has just returned from correcting and bringing off a mission flubbed by three others. She, accompanied by Liz Ausley, did in 3 days what has been hanging fire for nearly 3 weeks. She bulldozed the biggest bank in Spain, bearded the Spanish Security forces and saved us $5500 in fees as well. She got the whole thing handled. MSH is the first SO Missionaire (spring 1967) and on each of the four or five she has run, has achieved consistent Power, having actually saved the day against terrible threats to Scientology in every single instance. We ought to put her under glass. If NATO had her on their payroll they could disband!” — The Commodore, May 29, 1969

May 30: “PERSONAL HYGIENE: CS-6 and the Public Officer’s nominee should compose a short course on personal hygiene and cleanliness. A ship is a small place. In old navies the penalty was a bath with sand and canvas and a ducking for those with deficiencies.” — The Commodore, May 30, 1970

May 31: “SHIP REVENGE: I made a derogatory comment about the current abilities of Flag. Promptly the ship itself started getting even with me! A hot water line burst and flooded a corner of my cabin. My bridge cabin got varnished without being properly scraped down and wasn’t available. I got no real sleep and had a bath one finger deep and dressed in a torn up repair area. I hastily and humbly apologize to the ship, admit my overt and will mend my ways! Three bows and the sign of triangle to Apollo! I hereby warn all snipes, sailors, stewards, officers, mates and midship mites that it doesn’t pay to abuse, revile, mock or insult the ship or she will take her revenge!” — The Commodore May 31, 1970

June 1: “Mr. Sibersky will be arriving aboard in a special motorcade. Any persons who wish to welcome him aboard on arrival are invited to be on hand, observing the following: 1) Dress Neatly, 2) To avoid a mob scene — crew and students should be on the dock lined up by Org (FB, FAO, FSO) and by course (for full-time students) (FEBC, CL X). The gangway, and all accesses to gangways should be kept clear except as noted in FSO 391. 3) Be on time. When exact ETA is known this will be made known by HCO Messenger so people can assemble ahead of time.” — W/O Mike Douglas, Org Off FSO, June 1, 1971

June 2: “Hey, how about completing TRs. One on the course is trying for a world’s record on TR 0. How about reading the HCOB and doing it? There is only one way off the course and that’s through it. 80 percent of one Class Xs pcs are on this course. For sure we want no Execs out there who can’t pass Zero. So….” — The Commodore, June 2, 1971

Jun 3: “Commodore’s Transport is transferred to Div IV, Transport Section. Ship’s boats, all cars aboard are included in its activities. Des Popham and Arthur Hubbard are transferred to this Transport Section. The 1st Mate is now responsible for care and routine checks on vehicles as well as lifeboats, their lowering gear, sleds and motor handling.” — The Commodore, June 3, 1970

June 4: “Did you see in the news where Nelson (Smersh) Rockefeller was asked NOT to visit Venezuela? One smart country. Nelson’s National Health Foundation money finances Smersh. He also runs Stockades in NY where youth who MIGHT become delinquent are sent. (They really are called stockades). His oil companies also exploit Venezuela and drain off her natural resources. He’s touring Latin America with 26 top advisors (psychiatrists) at Nixon’s request to ‘find out what they want”. He stopped a whole 8 hours in one country. He has now found they don’t want Rockefeller. We have a personal note to one Central American Country’s No. 2 man. The area is too hot politically just now. We avoid such areas as political heat brings in the KGB of Russia, CIA of US and the British Intelligence and they file false reports with each other. Makes anyone in the area subject to hammering.” — The Commodore, June 4, 1969

June 5: “MAYFAIR: Mayfair magazine UK published an article by me as a ‘World Exclusive.’ It may effectively handle a lot of things. It ended off the William Burroughs thing. It said why we’re attacked and attacks hard. It appeared on the stands just before Parliament adjourned. Captain AOUK said it acted like an S&D on the crew there. INJURIES: Those recently injured were not PTS. Survey showed they were exterior and feeling powerful and didn’t watch where they were sending the body.” — The Commodore, June 5, 1970

June 6: “Running on entheta rumours without verifying them, not studying stats before action are deadly sins. Anyone who manages that way is really in treason. What really happened was NY staff apparently had some mutineers on it and former EC NY must have had them held down. The staff played ‘My Boss is an SP.’ So ECUS unwittingly listened to false reports, supported the mutiny, shot down the EC and crashed the org. The story is obvious from the stats.” — The Commodore, June 6, 1970

June 7: “Hey, on this cruise, where are we going? Any suggestions?” — The Commodore, June 7, 1969

June 8: “SHIP CONDITION: If the ship’s company is ever to get out of Non E it will be by 1. Wearing ones own hat. 2. Insisting the other fellows wears his. I tried for 2 months to single hand the ship up in morale and efficiency. I got too many problems (bonus errors, FP flaps in return). Now you guys dig yourselves out and put it right. I didn’t assign the condition. The ship did.” — The Commodore, June 8, 1970


June 9: “QUESTION: When are you going to dig this ship out of N/E? It will take a lot of action, not desk time. She is unbilled, undrilled and accepts rumours of my orders that aren’t true and rejects direct orders that are.” — The Commodore, June 9, 1970

June 10: “DRESS: Dear All, regarding our uniforms and dress — we looked a rather mottled lot on the dock yesterday and it was necessary to delay the Port Captain’s arrival to prevent him seeing us all in that state. Please remember we are an important ship round these ports so we must look that way. Please improve your dress and smarten up to fit. PORT: The Port Captain came aboard for drinks — he has invited Liz and I out for a meal and wants to return with his wife so she can see the ship. PRO in this port is cool.” — Lt. Barry Watson PO/Port Captain, June 10, 1970

June 11: “No member of the Ships Company as per Flag Order is permitted to bring any pet aboard without permission. Gerry McLarty and Maria Bosselaar have brought aboard birds of the Psittacine family and Julie Blundell has a bird of unknown variety. These birds may endanger our free pratique at the next port entry. More particularly, Psittacine birds can develop psittacosis, an infectious virus disease, which can be transmitted to humans and so are a health hazard.” — Capt. Mary Sue Hubbard, June 11, 1969

June 12: “Your bonus and wherewithal to work depends on the arrival and departure of students. Flag expense is up to three and a half times to five times what it was last year, mostly in the FAO. Two recent weeks were only around three thousand and six thousand. Such an average would be just about a tenth of the total cost. The income of Flag must be such that 20 percent of the gross covers bonuses. If it does not, then there are no bonuses.” — The Commodore, June 12, 1971

June 13: “SHORE STORY: Crew are reminded of our shore story — to know it and use it. QMs are reminded of our handouts — to use them (French ones). All crew are reminded that PR actions must also take security into mind. Some things you as Crew know about and should — that doesn’t mean “everyone” should know about them. Our operations in any country should be known by all crew and officers but only crew and officers. You are all now very aware of PR. Thank you — it’s really great and we can even improve it more — but lets become more aware now that security goes along with it.” — Lt. Barry Watson, PO, June 13, 1970

June 14: “We will be here 3 or 4 days. There will be Liberty. The port is reported full of refugees who try to stow away so be careful not to give them a chance aboard as we would have to bring them back. The ship is beginning to shape up. The ‘new’ recruits are getting to be old hands, things are ironing out well. The bookstore should stock up on small gifts, sandals etc. Now we’ve got water save it. Long time between here and next drink. Enjoy your liberty.” — The Commodore, June 14, 1969

June 15: “We have an overnight trip to our next port and arrive at 0700 hrs. Wake ups to be done at 0615 hrs so that ALL Condition I are on post by 0700, not just my Org Officer and I. A rapid turnout is expected. As it usually takes us more than an hour to enter, dock, neat up lines and secure to breakfast, Dept III must arrange to have coffee and rolls ready, at 0615 for Cond I to give ’em some vittles so they can lift hawsers and fenders. Have a good day.” — Lt. N.F. Starkey, Captain Apollo, June 15, 1971

June 16: “A Comm Ev was ordered by Telex on the non-SO auditor at Asho (Sheila Aldrich) for evaluating and feeding cognitions and all but destroying tech. Pokras and Eltringham on the US Station Ship were ordered transferred to deck for 6 months for neglecting to report or put right area out tech. Another Comm Ev has been ordered on the Broadbents for fostering the situation. This was what had Asho stats down so long! So it’s time we got sharp and drilled up and put our own house in good order.” — The Commodore, June 16, 1970

June 17: “BIG WIN: The Adelaide Ban is to be repealed according to the Attorney General at the Adelaide Labour Convention. This is a GO victory. The A/G there Tom Minchin did it. He is being made a Kha Khan. So the tide rolls back the way it came. A lovely birthday present for Mary Sue. The Telex arrived in the first few minutes of her birthday today.” — The Commodore, June 17, 1971

June 18: “NEW RUNDOWN: The original Rundown of last November variously called and numbered, is now to be exported to eligible orgs as the New-Life Rundown, to be given in their Dept 10s It is a high-priced successful package. It requires Class IX to Supervise it. It must not be confused with a Life Repair. It literally gives one a new life. It does not supplant any grade or OT level. It has been smoothed out and is highly successful. The Rundowns Flag has been doing lately are above it. It will handle any special case. It’s a doll. Our Dept 10 is grooving in on it.” — The Commodore, June 18, 1971

June 19: “To the members of the FB, FSO and FAO: Thank you all — each and every one — for your good wishes on my Birthday. I’m thrilled with the ‘Mad Money for Cassettes,’ and very anxious to see my Mystery Gift. Much love,” — Mary Sue, June 19, 1971

June 20: “POSTULATE CHECKS: Postulate Checks turn out to be just a new way to get service without paying for it and ARC Breaking the field. We are looking for who started this off pol nonsense. The real boom was burst by it — but is coming along fine despite this interruption.” — The Commodore, June 20, 1971

June 21: “MONEY: If somebody gets on money collection we’ll maybe someday have some upper level bonuses. AUDITOR C/S BONUSES are not cancelled. The w.d. hours and the completion bonsues are paid. Qual Internes are not paid bonuses but will draw SO pay when their 25 hours are made in a week. The bonus B of I is sort of up in the air. The 20% does cover these and B bonuses. Somebody tried to pay me my full bonus when no one else was eligible. I’m sending it back. Total Bonus has to be covered by 20% of the GI before C D E bonuses can be paid. The ‘postulate checks’ got in our hair on this. Anyhow, get the stats up and we’ll soon have some new FEBCs out who will pay their bills! It’s not as it says on the GF, All Black. There’s lots of F/N VGIs around this lovely new tech in auditing and supervising and the eventual prospect of an OT crew.” — The Commodore, June 21, 1971

June 22: “FLAG RUMOURS: You should write all your friends to correct field impression of Flag with brutal ethics and cat-o-nine. I worked out what really happened. In Melilla in the Spring of ’68 we had a flood of raw, relatively untrained, unaudited people arrive. We also had five people who were very heavy handed and suppressive, since blown or dismissed (Berez was booted out of the SO for drug use and is in jail for drug running and possibly Taunton). The ship during the VIII Class was (a) poorly manned (b) had SPs aboard and (c) had very few trained Scientologists and (d) was under heavy enemy attack (the Greek affair with bird dogs aboard). (The UK ban.) What happened was, we trained and processed up the crew, we opened the gate on the SPs and dumped them, we made quite a few auditors and beat the enemy attack with excellent PRO Area Control and the ‘dead agent’ caper, meaning getting documentary proof that what was said of us was lies and getting the agents booted out of the country.” — The Commodore, June 22, 1970


June 23: “LA CONGRESS: That sure should be quite a Convention in LA. Looks like we made it on Flag. They had no program, two halls with two ‘Congress’ programs, different, going on in each. Tony is there by now getting it grooved in. They did great selling tickets and publicity. Originally they wanted me to do a colour film for them. You ever stand under enough light to shoot colour? It’s about 150 degree F fry. All joking aside, it’s impossible.” — The Commodore, June 23, 1970

June 24: “TROUBLE: The fastest possible way for a senior to get into trouble is to fail to get in Ethics on a downstat junior. The US ‘solves’ all this with huge government pay offs and propitiation. And look at the upsurge of riots. Capitalism works only on the reward side. It takes two sides to make a game. If an I/C lets Ethics go out on his juniors he pulls the rug out from under himself — and slaughters the juniors also. A team is composed of teammates. Those who mess up the team aren’t teammates. The decline of the FSO and FAO WHY is really — the seniors let ethics go out on their juniors and sought to be ‘good fellows.’ This dumped the lot back onto me. The VFP of our 3 orgs is not juniors who think their seniors are good fellows. And it isn’t ‘good fellows’ either. Effective SO Members is one of our VFPs. We have some. We will have more.” — The Commodore, June 24, 1971

June 25: “SOUTH AFRICANS: Ever since SA refused me a visa South Africans aren’t allowed to enter this country and many others. This of course is pure coincidence? Anyway, we’re routing them now to EULO which has orders to start an OEC. Why doesn’t somebody tell people we’re trying to better SA? That country needs friends, man. And so does its populace. Did you know that only in those countries where Nazis infiltrated have we had any trouble. Yes. You read that right.” — The Commodore June 25, 1971

June 26: “There’s lots of good work being done — it’s in the majority. For instance the great majority of sessions today were excellent. And on changing anchorage all hands, bow and stern anchors, there wasn’t a single flub. And I had a fresh lobster dinner beautifully done. And several people handled the naval visit beautifully indeed. So I can quote an old poem: A HEALTH UNTO THE HAPPY/A FIG FOR HE WHO FRETS.” — The Commodore, June 26, 1969

June 27: “I’ve just had a grand slam across the boards on C/S. With Belkacem auditing most, some by Dusty Rhodes and one by Otto, we really swept it up 100%. Two Very Well Dones and the rest Well Dones. And not easy C/Ses to do either. Boy can we get auditing done. Rest of you students better get going. You’ve got a lot to live up to with the standard now being set.” — The Commodore, June 27, 1969

June 28: “THE ENEMY: Nelson Rockefeller finances and pushes forward the Totalitarian idea of Population Control by Psychiatry and his foundations try to shove us around. In the news he and his family interests are under heavy attack in South America. Rhodesia’s anti-Ron government just gets in deeper and deeper. I wrote Smith a Constitution permitting black representation while maintaining white interests that Britain and the Rhodesian white both would have bought. The govt answer was refusal to extend my visa. That the people of Rhodesia remained on our side is attested by three orgs there now. That Smith is on the side of psychiatry is attested by a new big psychiatric clinic next door to the jail. The enemy is having a very hard time. He is going counter to a world where comm is pushing freedom into being. We are going with the flood tide of world opinion. The enemy is floundering against it. We only have to expand and endure to win.” — The Commodore, June 28, 1969

June 29: “A shark swam alongside today and said, ‘Who is it?’ and I said ‘Who is what?’ and he said, ‘Who is petitioning to leave out here in mid ocean?’ And I said ‘How’d you know that?’ And he said, ‘you’re not tearing up your despatches very good before you throw them over.’ He was real put out. Thought I was invalidating him by saying he couldn’t read. I ordered him to Review and get rid of the ARC Break but he hasn’t any priority — and anyway he’ll have to wait for our waterproof E-Meter. He’s out there now muttering. Do I get some Dianetic sessions today or do I put the shark on course?” — The Commodore, June 29, 1969

June 30: “The shark picked up a lot of paper that was thrown over and wants to take the DAC. He’s got a former therapy thing going though. Used to be partners with an electric eel in a psychiatric racket. I told him if we didn’t get some auditors soon I’d discuss his application further. He went off singing an odd song that went ‘Most courteous fish in the ocean, with temper forgiving and mild. Though his record is dark, he’s a Man-eating shark who would eat neither woman or child.’ Good luck to full time DAC on your exams.” — June 30, 1969

July 1: “PERSONAL HYGIENE: Until 3 July the 1600-1745 period may be devoted to personal hygiene.” — The Commodore, July 1, 1970

July 2: “By advices from the MO the entire crew will be innoculated today. (Groan.) There will be two shots a week or so apart. This means on many auditing will be suspended for two weeks. Also solo. Some are not badly affected and these will be audited. TR course and study will not be suspended. This is a good time for auditors and internes and the tech personnel connected to catch up with their study and admin backlogs.” — The Commodore, July 2, 1971

July 3: “QUAL: 175 auditing hours a week is now expected from Processing Section. Quentin being gone exposed that he mainly with the help of Liese and Tommy do the larger share of the Ship’s Auditing.” — The Commodore, July 3, 1970

July 4: “RADIO NEWS: I don’t know what happened to our daily radio news and ALSO why we use radio news. There’s nothing much on it. Recent radio news was carefully censored of all major actions. US news magazines and Herald Tribune headlines are available daily in the port. (By the way, the Manson trial prosecutor says Manson said nothing about Scn and was worlds away from it and BBC is sweating to find out WHO said it on their pgm! Fair shook them. Our PR people are all over them and our legal is sharpening up an axe. BBC has stuck its neck out a half mile.)” — The Commodore, July 4, 1971

July 5: “MOVIES AND BOOKS: I have a movie to rewrite and some book work to do. I wish all hands would get the orgs off my desk. One blessing: I am not having to stir the crew’s soup. Thank you Service Div FSO. I think you’re great! The FAO has no top brass yet. That would help.” — The Commodore, July 5, 1971

July 6: “Hey that Rockefeller sure got plastered in Latin America. His foundation finances these ‘National’ (which are private but only use the name) mental ‘health’ groups. He is some of the money back of attacks on us. Wish I knew what groups roughed up his visits to Latin America. They’re our pals! Our enemies don’t have very good luck lately.” — The Commodore, July 6, 1969


July 7: “MARY SUE HUBBARD is assigned Power as a student, 2nd week running, with 441 points. She also got 100 percent on her Exam. DIANA HUBBARD having gotten 100 points is upgraded to Emergency as a student. KEN URQUHART, with only 10 points, is assigned Non Existence as a student. The Class in general is doing well on Dianetics, will soon complete, and be ready to audit. When so qualified they go onto VI or VIII as eligible.” — The Commodore, July 7, 1969

July 8: “TREATMENT: I have been reading a book in which water and bathing is covered as a cure for everything from hangnails to leprosy. It began in 1829. In 1850 Dr. John Bell of Philadelphia brought this treatment to a fine art. His book was called ‘Dietical and Medical Hydrology: A Treatise on Baths; including Cold, Sea, Warm, Hot, Vapour, Gas and Mud Baths…All this has nothing to do with soap or getting clean. It’s how the MDs treated various diseases in the 19th Century — soaking, boiling chilling patients. (The psychiatrist is still stuck in that period and still uses wet packs and shocks, namely an ‘Electric Bath’.) It’s all very funny. So you see, throwing people overboard is NOT disciplinary at all. It’s the practice of Hydropathy (water treatment) guaranteed to cure them of anything they have. As the medicos did it for nearly a century and psychiatry still does it, then of course, it is the thing to do. Thus we should immediately get in a Hydropathic Registrar and Invoice line for all flubbing students or recruits and sign them up for ‘A Hydropathological Treatment’ and throw them overboard. Who are we to go against a century and a half of solemn medical tradition?” — The Commodore, July 8, 1971

July 9: “A very warm welcome aboard to Jane Kember The Guardian WW, on behalf of The Commodore, myself, Aides Council, The Captain and all officers and crew of the ‘Apollo’. All who have kept up-to-date with the news and events posted on my board in CIC will know what a great task the Guardian’s Office has performed for Scientology, Scientology Orgs and Scientologists throughout the world. It is an honor and a privilege to have you with us, Jane, and may your stay be most enjoyable.” — With love, Capt Mary Sue Hubbard, July 9, 1970

July 10: “STOP PRESS: We just won the New Zealand inquiry! Sydney halting further action because of this. Org in Auckland normal Op in stats with our Dian course going full blast.” — The Commodore, July 10, 1969

July 11: “Our Richard Gorman has done the most effectively gruesome anti-psychiatry poster I’ve ever seen. I photographed it in colour and it’s off to the pubs for colour photolitho and the world. US news has barely mentioned Rockefellers many later visits! Only European carried it hard. Couldn’t be US Press is censored? Or maybe owned? We were told to sail by pilot due to storm. We’ll be going when it abates. We’re all cleared out of port. Hence no liberty possible, sorry.” — The Commodore, July 11, 1969

July 12: “If you want to start a project or two 1. Grab your hat 2. Speed up the ships comm 3. Resign from the Bid-a-Wee Social Club and join the SO! I can and do single-hand this 3200 ton ship. It’s time some made up their minds to decide its theirs too and help me out.” — The Commodore, July 12, 1969

July 13: “The Supreme Test of a thetan is to make things go right. I want every divisional officer to spot those on the ship who pass this test.” — The Commodore, July 13, 1969

July 14: “To all staff & students: Per HCO P/L 26 July 1965, ‘All students of any course are debarred from visiting any medical or healing practitioner unless they are given Ethics clearance first and all possibility of ‘rollercoaster’ (sudden case decline) has been looked into and any suppressive or bad auditing precisely isolated. The exception is an emergency involving severe injury, or infectious disease, but in this case the student must be cleared by Ethics to be permitted back on course or even in the Org. This includes all accidents.’ This line is to be in as of now. Course Admin is to ensure student goes to Ethics first. Staff are to go to HCO Reception and route to MO then MAA & Examiner. Until the new routing forms are approved & issued — Reception and Course Admin will have to write it in. The point is this line is effective now and no one sees the MO without following the line.” — Norma Randell for HAS, July 14, 1971

July 15: “I could write quite a book these days. So many things have been wrapped up. Insanity and its causes and mechanisms for instance. I wish things would groove in more smoothly. Actually I have at least 2 books to write that are front line in importance. The one on insanity and one on studies of revolution. The last would become a text book for the state that would in fact make them bring about a revolution to prevent one! So I have hopes in getting things going smoother. It depends on handling these WHYs and getting back in the Flag – to CLO – to Org pattern that with the FEBC began this boom and will continue it.” — The Commodore, July 15, 1971

July 16: “All DOC members are to star-rate check out on HCO PL 22 February 1968 ‘Ethics Admin’ and FO RS 322 ‘The Hat of the Master”. Compliance to be effected within 24 hours. Twin checking between DOC members is preferred.” — The Commodore, July 16, 1970

July 17: “The watches have been worrying about submarines and radio messages. The radio message was a call to all ships for weather data and barometer readings from Radio Marseille. The ‘sub’ seen on radar yesterday appearing at 5.5 miles, 15 minutes later vanishing at 6 and then much later reappearing at 15 miles and vanishing was probably a whale. They hang around here, what few there are left in the world.” — The Commodore, July 17, 1969

July 18: “Promotion and Sales and the Tech Divs have to get together. For instance not the tiniest whisper of what we do with Dn and Lower Grades in the SO ever appears in any promotion. And Org staffs in SO or Scn Orgs haven’t a clue what is meant by the ‘FEBC’ Courses they pay for for their execs. On the broad front of the world there isn’t even a ghost of an idea of what we produce in Scn. That’s because PR hasn’t really found out either. This is a real breakdown! We’re working like mad to repair it. We’re also working to get out an ARC Brk and Letter Reg program to heal up ARC Brks caused by non-delivery and cash demands. And we’re working to get Div VIs to get in new people.” — The Commodore, July 18, 1971

July 19: “PARTY: I’m glad you had a good time at the Roaring 20’s party. I was going to attend but couldn’t find any gangsters or a Sub-Thompson machine gun — ‘Chicago typewriter’ or a big enough cigar. (Joke)” — The Commodore, July 19, 1970

July 20: “The ‘alarming increasing debt’ stat of the US is a negative stat. Actually it parallels almost exactly the decrease of the value of the dollar AND SO HASN’T RISEN IN 53 YEARS! Yet the ‘financial wizards’ in the world bank use it to reduce credit in the US which will bring on a depression which lets them grab the securities and properties cheaply. The eggheads in charge continually indulge in false stats or think negative stats are useful. And ignore the psychiatric negative stat of increasing insanity and crime which parallels cash received by governments and psychiatrists. But you can only prove how bad something is by negative stats. You can’t really determine production. Imagine having how many Ethics orders put on one as his stat! Negative ideal scene — One who flunks is penalized without regard to value or production. US Citizens have that stat! And any other country!” — The Commodore, July 20, 1970


July 21: “WWIII: The 18 July statement of Russia that it would back Arabs against Israel after an apparent squeeze play on Nasser is the first whiff of World War III. Yesterday’s news items of Soviet Rocket tests north of Hawaii is a confirming item. The Soviet has the US will to fight very knocked out internally in the US and is now following up to pressure the Middle East and the Pacific as a strategic action. They have of course misgauged the US reaction and a belligerent response wrongly done can tip over the cold war into a hot one. This is mentioned because it becomes a factor in our operations to be alert, preserve reserves, and beef up UK and EU.” — The Commodore, July 21, 1970

July 22: “NOTICE: Any FEBC student who arrived here before April 20th is overdue for completion. Your Orgs need you; therefore, you should do everything in your power to complete all your outstanding cycles quickly and thoroughly so that you can be fired. As per HCO PL of Feb 22, 1968, ‘The secret of any executive success is the ability to COMPLETE cycles of action QUICKLY.’” — Mary Sue Hubbard, Controller, July 22, 1971

July 23: “Today at 0900 we will move the bow of the ship over to the best fixed location of the port anchor which was researched last night. It’s just to the north of where we searched today. We will lower the port anchor and when secure, divers will go down the chain to see what an anchor looks like on the bottom and start a search radius from it. Have sleds ready again, they can stand off as we move forward.” — Capt. W.B. Robertson, July 23, 1970

July 24: “I think you’ll find the water tastes better. The contaminated water (defiled by a decayed hose being used to take it aboard probably) has been taken out of No. 4 tanks and pumped into Deep Tank forward. Clean water is reported as now in the lines.” — The Commodore, July 24, 1970

July 25: “LOCAL MONEY: Be sure you turn in your local wallpaper. I sure hope it’s cooler at sea!” — The Commodore, July 25, 1969

July 26: “SMERSH: Smersh just lost half of its suit on us. It was suing us for defamation of its character. The sum of the result will probably be the judge’s question ‘What character?’ Part of the evidence of the next part of the suit was a restricted issue of an Ed they stole out of an org! ‘What character?’ Charles Parselle is doing a great job on Legal in the UK. The Guardian’s Office is going at its usual TERRIFIC! over the world.” — The Commodore, July 26, 1971

July 27: “CONGRATULATIONS to Bill Robertson and Nate Jessup on passing the Dianetic written examination 100 percent. Nate is the 3rd Staff student to pass the examination. Nobody on the ship part time course has taken the exam yet. You should quickly complete 3 times through the checksheet before your time expires so that if you miss out on the 100 percent you still have time to restudy and pass the exam within the 8 week period.” — Brian Livingston, July 27, 1969

July 28: “SAILING: We sail at 1600 today regardless of barometer (which is falling) waves (which are rising) and restraint of Rulers and Princes (there are no restraints) Perils of the Sea (which are only too real) and Acts of God (means things you can’t figure out how you goofed). Standby to take on Dramamine (called so because it keeps one from ‘drama’-tizing). Secure everything and tie down everything except the watch. In short let’s get the blue blazes out of here!” — The Commodore, July 28, 1971

July 29: “The enemy seeks by false reports to blunt our org image and this by depressing stats recoils into Div III making finance hard. It is interesting that the enemy is also depressing world stats in this same way. False alarming reports of conditions are made so that the finance of nations is being injured. The World Bank loans the bulk of its funds to India. It has now pressured India to nationalize its banks. It also forces birth control and unpopular measures on India to cause civil unrest and give the government a bad name with its people. The world bank’s biggest debtors are forced to act in criminal and unpopular ways. False reports are spread to injure credit. We were smart enough never to borrow or subsidize. Thus we are still alive.” — The Commodore, July 29, 1969

July 30: “LOCAL ARC: On arrival we were met with much local ARC here. Officials and people were offended we were only staying a week so we have extended to two. Townspeople do know of ‘the incident’ in last port and are sympathetic to us. No reason to discuss it further. Just ack and thank them. Don’t try to deny it. Recent political events have left this area untouched.” — The Commodore, July 30, 1971

July 31: “Well we found the Anchor! In 50 feet of water, the search has been long — 60 to 70 hours of diving on the bottom. The reason we lost it was the NON FUNCTIONING of the K&H radar range ring, awaiting a part for weeks and not expedited. This made an exact range to the place impossible. A crane barge will pick up the Anchor this morning and get it aboard. Put the shackle on right way to — open end facing aft as the Chain goes across the winch. Then we sail.” — The Commodore, July 31, 1970

Aug 1: “The VIII sessions being done by Belkacem Ferradj, Connie Broadbent and Quentin Hubbard are well above the Org VIII Course standard for consistency and fast case change. As soon as a couple more auditors qualify for full time Dianetic Qual assignment, Joan Robertson can join the full time Course to get her VIII. We do not have enough VIIIs coming up for the ship and the AOSH group so somebody better find the throttle on his study and begin to fill this gap. I’m told in the field an VIII is looked on like God.” — The Commodore, August 1, 1969

Aug 2: “Recruits are not the answer, not the total why to no production. Lots there already. Training and hats are needed. 2.5 hours a day study time. Part time Crew Cse Super and properly programmed crew students properly enrolled and properly mustered at suitable times will improve things faster than new recruits. Recruits are longer range.” — The Commodore, August 2, 1971

Aug 3: “Suzette Hubbard, Ann Tidman and Terri Gillham are confined to the ship for a week for staying on liberty till after midnight without my permission, and for leaving the ship again after midnight, without my permission. QMs, please note.” — LRH Pers Comm, August 3, 1970


Aug 4: “Since Lisbon our rudder has not reached its extreme swing. It gave trouble after the auto pilot was connected. When we disconnected the auto pilot the helm would not turn completely. It has only been partially corrected. As it is limited the ship does not steer well and three times has gotten us near real trouble. This is a dangerous situation.” — The Commodore, August 4, 1969

Aug 5: “LONG VOYAGES: WE will sail on the 12th on a 450 mile voyage. The radio direction finder must be checked for operation and accuracy. Freight etc must be all in hand in this country. Various ports need notifying of new schedule. MEA will have to be alerted. Should remaining TRCs be brought aboard? The awnings come down. Lot of work to do on all this. The Capt FSO should schedule such cycles and get them done on a realistic basis so its not a last minue flat out. A nice long sea voyage followed by others will get your sea legs working. It’s a calm part of the year.” — The Commodore August 5, 1971

Aug 6: “LIONS: The local Lions Club was entertained aboard with great success. Candlelit dining room, guitar music. Caviar, lobster, salad and cigars and cognac after. 25 came. They cancelled their own first dinner of the season and came to ours. High commendables to Peter Warren, John Bragin and our two magnificent girls Mrs. Jone van Hoecke and Mme Francoise Cugnot, Sven as Chef and Kenilee Moore as Maitre de Hotel, and the waiters Rick, Jesse, Charles, Bob and several others. It was very commendable team work. Very well done! Our PRO Area Control has been greatly advanced with local influential business men.” — The Commodore, August 6, 1971

Aug 7: “COMM EVS: Officers who fail to take full responsibility for their areas, divisions and sections without further orders will hereafter be comm eved for offenses after this date and will be reduced to swamper. Ethics is obviously out on this vessel and some of its officers are obviously more interested in being good fellows than putting a well run ship here.” — The Commodore, August 7, 1969

Aug 8: “HALF RATIONS: As soon as the new proper system for serving food is fully functioning the order re half rations will be cancelled.” — The Commodore, August 8, 1969

Aug 9: “The UK ban is about to come off we hear by rumour. The Adelaide Aust ban bill is cancelled. The GPO lets us mail at bulk rates again in the US. I think we’ve even found the bug in the TR Course length! So here on Flag the few of us, on long, long lines, are working like mad, short-handed but rolling it out. We ARE very upstat. When you feel critical, just realize it’s a wish to do more better faster. For these 3 small orgs to handle what they’re handling is itself an epic. The thing legends are made of. The lowest downstat amongst us would be a king in any other culture than Flag.” — The Commodore, August 9, 1971

Aug 10: “I don’t think anyone believed the FAO had delivered that many training and processing hours in the last few months. Over 147,600 hours of training and over 12,000 hours of Class X auditing! On FEBCs alone. 91 fired to the US. 31 to other areas. This pgm is only a few months old. Astonishing stats! We work.” — The Commodore, August 10, 1971

Aug 11: “BREAKTHROUGH: In the last few days I’ve made about three upper level breakthroughs, two very important. One of these is comparable to the CC breakthrough. The other deals with On perception, why it’s off and how to turn it on. So my own hats have a high stat this week. About a century’s worth.” — The Commodore, August 11, 1970

Aug 12: “SURVEY: A great job was done in the E/R, by D/Capt, Ship’s Rep and 1st Mate and others in passing the survey. Possibly we even get our Lloyd’s Yacht Class. We are a yacht by registry. A Lloyds yacht class is different and useful. But true enough, in dismantling working installations for survey and reassembly, when we tried to start up one engine just wouldn’t start. A valve had been reversed! And an injector bleed valve was leaking. Two tugs were on hand as a precaution. Our E/R guys put it right quickly. Must have been an awful shock to push the starting lever and have nothing happen. That’s how it goes when working installations get dismantled!” — The Commodore, August 12, 1970

Aug 13: “SHERIFF SPENCE: Mitch Spence came back with a wanted poster published by 100 Substantial Citizens of Las Vegas, Mar 24, 1881. If you were there then, run it out fast!” — The Commodore, August 13, 1970

Aug 14: “There is some evidence that the ‘World Bank’ is using nationalism to seize the assets of the world. The cycle is evidently promoted riots, a currency scare, a huge saving loan from the WB or its branches and then that country gradually nationalizing private assets to meet interest and payments. It’s quite the drill. Their support of psychiatry gives their activities a flavour of attempted world dominion by mental-political-financial control. Easy seizure of anyone and his disablement or death would take care of all objectors, national dependency takes care of political control and puts a control on all assets of the world. Sounds crazy and of course it is. But this is Smersh at work. The only real danger is that the World Bank considers itself also senior to God.” — The Commodore, August 14, 1969

Aug 15: “The recovery of personnel sent out is a primary duty of the Action Bureau. It is not true that the US and Europe are full of unrecalled missionaires but they sure leave their missions out long enough. Now our Brian Charlton is trying to set an all time record. A 2 day hat check out of Athena on PR became weeks. Recall at once and assign Mission Ineligible.” — The Commodore, August 15, 1970

Aug 16: “As I’ve had some upsets and checked to find others have from noise in sessions I think it’s best if we have DOC figure out a ‘Ship Noise’ period when we can have all hands chipping and any banging and E/R compressor charging. A couple hours of this scheduled when Qual is NOT auditing would be a great help. New recruits or new members aboard are apparently unaware of areas where they shouldn’t bang and chatter. This should be part of their ship info. DOC should work this out.” — The Commodore, August 16, 1970

Aug 17: “US DOLLAR: The Socialist planning for crashed finance goes along apace. Nixon has just announced the forthcoming devaluation of the dollar. Means it will buy less. We are safe enough at the moment. But this rapid deterioration of the existing US cultural scene pushes us. We have to get Europe viable fast fast fast. That means translations more and faster. That means a beefed up EULO. A special action is needed for AF. UK needs picking up quickly.” — The Commodore, August 17, 1971

Aug 18: “CONDITION: Bill Blundell, on Dep LRH Comm data of 3 days absence from Qual as an auditor, and from Dir Rev on insolence and refusal to audit is assigned DOUBT. If Bill persists with his SO record of invisibility, the condition will be lowered. There comes a time when all men have to stand up and be seen and do their jobs in life. That time has arrived for Bill Blundell.” — The Commodore, August 18, 1969

Aug 19: “SQUIRRELS: Been hearing reports on a couple squirrels — Bernie Green (in NY) and Jack Horner (in LA). They’ve been goofing it up for ages. Typical no case gain cases, up to their ears in undisclosed overts. They’d sell their grandma for a fast buck. Horner is wildly opposed to organizations or systems of any kind. He has the trick of talking somebody off the third dynamic into the first dynamic. He shows them how the system is doing them in and how it should all be only for No. 1. B. Green evidently got that way as a Terrorist in the Middle East. Horner totally flipped when he ruined one too many women. The first dynamic and the fast buck and how all systems are bad seem to be a common denominator to these poor nuts.” — The Commodore, August 19, 1970

Aug 20: “Musical Chairs in life is the mechanism below ARC Brks in Grade III! To unstabilize gives ARC Brks! Whole staff can be put into a sad effect! This is the mechanism govts use. It’s the basic tool of the socialist. If he can just unstabilize everyone he can kill them with degrade. It’s a basic tool of the insane to maintain their own stability by unstabilizing everyone else. There’s more to it, but it’s a major discovery that affects even the ARC Brk rud and affects the no case gain case. So that’s where I’ve been working lately in research and wow is it paying off!!! It began when I assumed that the musical chairs he get in orgs was a social aberration not an admin error. From there it’s been discovery all the way.” — The Commodore, August 20, 1971

Aug 21: “I was looking over the schooner just down the dock, a handsome three master. PR-wise their appearance ship wise and crew-wise is ideal. Our crew is not yet poshly uniformed and ship appearance could do with upgrading. But for all its sharp appearance their sailors get drunk ashore and dump rubbish in the harbour. One thing no-one will excell us in is the friendliness of our crew, our orderly behaviours and pride in duty. That’s our PR gem!” — Lt. Cmdr Diana Hubbard, August 21, 1970

Aug 22: “I’ve just okayed the recommendation to sell the Commodore Queen as unsuitable and too costly to repair. They need the Apollo and we need a new ship.” — The Commodore, August 22, 1971

Aug 23: “Tech is the theta thrust into the society. All new civilizations progressed on new technology. In the main we face what is called a ‘cultural lag.’ The mental health field is stuck about 1450 AD. Dungeons, torture, illegal seizure, the ‘best’ people. We are rolling at about 2050 AD. This time gap makes it nearly impossible for the society’s witch doctors (untrained in logic or mathematics) to grasp what is going on. They lack even a purpose to make anyone well. Not even up to that. So we are impeded by a ‘cultural lag.’ By tying a bridge to medicine and healing we can overcome this to some degree. Therefore the Standard Dianetics Programme was an enormous advance for us, not just in tech but in social advance. So we are doing very well really.” — The Commodore, August 23, 1969

Aug 24: “Any real emergency is chaotic. The drilling of sequences of actions is a stable series of data that prevents the chaos from overwhelming one. Interesting bit of history here. I developed the theory and practice of ‘Battle Conditioning’ used in WW II. I did a paper on it for the Navy before the war and was sent over to the Army G2 with it and Army G2 got it in practice, training by crawling under machine fire and all that. Must have saved a few hundred thousand lives! Nobody even ever said thank you but that’s all right.” — The Commodore, August 24, 1970

Aug 25: “We had a rather splendid cruise. Summer sea and a water glass. The Cons did great. I had to ballast her bow down a trifle — 2 tons then 10 tons of fresh water into the deep tank. And I had to pull her nose back out of the waves once (to stop pitching you come away from the waves, not further into it). But that was very little to do. You notice its smoother when I’m up than when I’m turned in, still. The landfall and docking was excellent. If you close your window fully you can’t hear the bulldozer on the dock. Your vent gives plenty of air.” — The Commodore, August 25, 1970

Aug 26: “The Con of All Hands, the Navigator and the forward well deck fender tenders are assigned a Condition of Non Existence for approaching a dock too fast at too steep an angle and not correcting or recovering from an obvious pilot error and not buffering it with fenders. This resulted in a small dent and a crack in the hull. They may not have any liberty in this port. The area crack is to be welded and a small plate placed over it.” — The Commodore, August 26, 1969

Aug 27: “Congratulations on getting rid of the civilian engineers. They signed a no-claim and a confession of mutiny before leaving. It transpires that da Silva had a criminal record arm long. They have went. Now we should check for anything damaged by them.” — The Commodore, August 27, 1969

Aug 28: “With a checksheet on this and on that, Ship Admin and Specialist actions as well as standard Pol and Tech courses, a member of Flag gets to be one of the most educated fellows you ever did see. If the society taught all these things in college it would be quite a society. A member of Flag doesn’t really realize all he’s come to know I suppose until he compares it to what others know or don’t know. Some of the actions of the world or society or other ships look pretty dim.” — The Commodore, August 28, 1970

Aug 29: “The Club Dinner aboard was a great success and the Port Captain’s org officer is filing commendables in the folders of all who contributed. We apparently were a CIA shp that really smuggles cats to hang crowbars on banana trees. But this is all scotched. The guests were very pleased. (I’m going to send bills for advertising to both CIA and the Mafia.) This Club didn’t know they had other clubs in nearby ports. And by the way a recent mission reports the last country we were in all cool. The Rep there reported a flap, failed to report the flap was vanished.” — The Commodore, August 29, 1971

Aug 30: “HATS: Lack of hattedness is what makes an activity look inefficient. It’s what makes lines rough. HASs and HCO are responsible for hatting. Full and competent Hatting makes an org efficient and easy to work in.” — The Commodore, August 30, 1971

Aug 31: “Hey PAC recruited 15 SO members in the last 2 weeks! So Pers SO is working. And Action Bu is just a blur of fast moving missions. We’re having to catch up with all the dropped balls and sloth of the last year or two. So that’s what I’m into. When balls get dropped I have to pick them up fast.” — The Commodore, August 31, 1970

Sep 1: “According to a long newspaper article John F. Kennedy picked up a body in Germany five minutes after he was killed in Texas. Spotting and naming the people of his family and office and mentioning personal habits and actions, this is John F. Kennedy all right, now 7 years old is now the son of Johan Schuler of Munich and has the name of Johan Schuler. The parents are worried about his ability to lead a future normal life. An interesting point is not that he picked up a new body but that Germany is now alert to ‘reincarnation.’” — The Commodore, September 1, 1971

Sep 2: “ETHICS: The unauthorised use of a master key to enter any FINANCE Office, without the FINANCE personnel permission will be considered illegal entry. (Other than an emergency such as fire or water leakage.)” — Lt. L. Steinberg, 3rd Mate, September 2, 1970

Sep 3: “COMMEND: The Qual Div and Quentin as Auditor and R. Lindsell are commended for the work on an Aides Auditing Project. This project series was very well done and entirely flubless as is usual with Quentin’s auditing. Liese and Tommy both did one each of the project and these were also very well done. Qual is very upstat.” — The Commodore, September 3, 1970

Sep 4: “NOTICE: Diana and I are going for three weeks leave, Sunday, September 5th. CS-G Comm, Lt. Nikki Freedman will be handling my lines while I am away. Further, the Guardian Offices WW and US are fully on post and completely capable of handling any matters which may arise. In case of extreme emergency, these Offices will also be in communication with me. Therefore, if any matter arises which has to do with Guardian Office functions and duties, place these on CS-G Comm’s Lines and such will be handled via the appropriate Guardian Office. The word is: BUSINESS AS USUAL.” — Love, Mary Sue Hubbard, Capt. CS-G, September 4, 1971

Sep 5: “I cognited on why it feels so good to be at sea — This is the Sea Org — of course.” — Capt. W.B. Robertson, September 5, 1969

Sep 6: “ATTENTION, ATTENTION: For this afternoon at 1500 when the Newsreel cameraman will come board to film the ship, please be sure to not war the clear bracelet, otherwise it could be noticed in the film. Thank you!” — Love, Jone, PRO I/T, September 6, 1971

Sep 7: “To relieve the feeling it’s a totally nutty planet, there are several PLUS-POINTS. 1. Orgs are there. Last Oct. they would have gone bankrupt but hard work by MSH and Gdn Office using FP No. 1 and CS-3 and FBOs got their cash-bills graphs into a solvent situation. 2. We have a strong SO unit at UK and a competent SO C/O at WW who is getting in a CIC at WW. We have the UK SO member aboard in training to put the Liaison Bureaux into UK. 3. We have trained a new C/O for AOSHDK and he is reported by one of our officers just there to be making the fur fly.” — The Commodore, September 7, 1970

Sep 8: “THE PILL: After considerable data on the subject, any bad effects from a birth control pill are handled by changing BRANDS or STRENGTHS (amounts) and with these handled there should be no trouble with dizziness or auditing, according to data from the M.O. Therefore, please note there is NO restriction on taking such pills except to report any odd effects to the MO. The previous MO, whose data was taken, did not do enough research on it. As trouble has been caused by this, it should be broadly known that there is now no restrictions on birth control pills.” — The Commodore, September 8, 1971

Sep 9: “Jerry McLarty went off post to Chief Engineer of Bolivar and is reported by the new chief to have left things in beautiful order — ‘a piece of cake.’ I was thinking maybe we should award this type of action. It is usually the reverse. Joe Blow leaves and the incomer spends the next few weeks just trying to find the comm basket under that mess. So a guy leaving a post in good order and running well with a grooved in relief deserves an inspection and a reward. Any suggestions of how to get such a thing in and what award should be given?” — The Commodore, September 9, 1970

Sep 10: “Did you notice ashore how the native pesetas have inflated??? Wow. We better start getting our stats up. World inflation is ZOOMING. That would eat up all our reserves in a minute. So Hi Ho for the open sea. Farewell and adieu to you Spanish ladies. Farewell and adieu to you ladies of Spain. Until we strike soundings in the Channel of Old England. But we hope in a short time to see you again.” — The Commodore, September 10, 1969

Sep 11: “The Russian Cholera spread has altered our sailing schedule. The Eastern Med is crawling with Cholera bugs with red hammers and sickles stamped on them and certified to be lethal by the World Health Organization who needs a PR push to grab a quick buck from governments. It really isn’t dangerous but we’ll stay away from such areas. All ships except the Russian vessels carrying the disease are subject to Quarantine. Coming from a cholera port could get us one month quarantine which would mean no Couriers. So we just don’t risk being in a port that can be declared a cholera port or is one. Simple.” — The Commodore, September 11, 1970

Sep 12: “DAVID MURDOCK McBRIDE is assigned to Div IV as deckhand. He is to be grooved in on his post by John Wilson. His buddy is Arthur Hubbard. DAVID LEE FARRELL is assigned to Division III as to be Stores In Training. He is to be grooved in by Jay Hurwitz. His buddy is Paul Preston. DEKKI LE MOATE is assigned to Org Bureau Mimeo Files to be grooved in by Mimeo I/C R. Stone. Her buddy is Liz Ausley. HUGH HARRISON is assigned to Div III, Steward. He is to be grooved in by Linda Cusworth. His buddy is Bertie van Hoecke. ROBERT WILLIAMSON is assigned to Org Bu Mimeo Files. He is to be grooved in by Mimeo I/C R. Stone. His buddy is changed to David Ziff. RON STRAUS is assigned to Mimeo Files. He is to be grooved in by Mimeo I/C R. STone. His buddy is Ens. Des Popham.” — The Commodore, September 12, 1970

Sep 13: “We have so far sent back two FEBC graduates. W/O Owen Starkey to AOSHDK and Wayne Marples to NY. They both left in a hurry to save their orgs. Starkey has halted the GDS collapse and has most of them on a healthy climb. They both had a lot of beautiful things to say about Flag and its people.” — The Commodore, September 13, 1970

Sep 14: “There’s a need for the FEBC like the Sahara needs water. Public demand is high. The contemporary staffs don’t really know how to give service or handle. Well, we’ll make it anyway. A lot of good guys out there. At least we know exactly where we’re going and exactly what to do to get there. Maybe we’re the only ones on Earth who do.” — The Commodore, September 14, 1970

Sep 15: “With a lot of fireworks of all kinds the Great Word Clearing Festival got off to a start. There was a small amount of excitement when two lions escaped and rushed to the galley. But instead of eating the cook, he put them to work washing dishes. That’s why you had paw prints on your plates this morning.” — The Commodore, September 15, 1971

Sep 16: “More Enormous Events never before seen or held are scheduled for the GRAND WORD CLEARING FESTIVAL! The night of the 22nd, at Sea, at 8PM the Great Radio Show WAR OF THE WORLDS will be played in HCI by LRH Personal PRO. The WORDS that caused riots in the US. These words pouring out of US Radios caused whole towns to empty! Unbelievable bone chilling realism brought direct to this upstat crew. Fantastic, never since heard! Imported at VAST expense solely for this yacht with the express permission of ORSON WELLES himself. Watch this billboard for even further stellar events!” — The Commodore, September 16, 1971

Sep 17: “No one is to play the piano in A Deck Lounge without the written permission of Lt. Cmdr. Diana Hubbard.” — Lt. Nikki Freedman, Sun Deck I/C, September 17, 1971

Sep 18: “I was looking over Base Order No. 29 from 1967. There is no reason really it had to suffer such radical changes except that it was never checksheeted and packed for posts. The large amount of know-how in Flag Orders was never fully mimeo filed and related to posts by checksheet. This also solved a long standing mystery. The officer corps of some professional armies is terrible while their enlisted ranks up to non-comm are excellent. Germany lost 2 wars because of this. The US armed forces are remarkable examples of this. Suddenly dawn broke. The duties of everyone are well and totally written up and published right up to the top non-comm. Officers from low to high never had to learn any of this, even built up contempt for such knowledge and had no such plain texts for their own duties. I’ve seen it in commercial companies and elsewhere for a long time. Never could figure out why leadershp was so poor even for excellent troops or workers. Well, there it is. Hats, texts training in the lower echelon and almost none in the upper.” — The Commodore, September 18, 1970

Sep 19: “The ‘letters to Ron’ line was backlogged in being answered in some orgs and the backlogs have been called to Flag for answering. LRH Comm has just given me a verbal report on these letters from various parts of the world. The line is very very theta, very friendly, very open. It has improved even over what it was a year ago. There are no critical comments. There is only great appreciation. This means that my own public image is high and has not been injured by last summer’s events. The orgs only injured themselves somewhat with crush sell and checks. It also means our tech is better. It does NOT mean our org image and friendliness must not be improved. It MUST be. It is very nice to hear from all these good people. I love them too. That’s why I work as hard as I do. It becomes more and more evident in this declining world that Man, above all things, knows he needs a friend.” — The Commodore, September 19, 1971

Sep 20: “FESTIVAL: Completions are up! The Ringmaster was gone for a while but made it anyway. Ten lions failed to report to their pedestals. A difficult knot will now be tied in their tails to give them enough problems. Then they’ll be able to audit. Somehow the show went on and went on very well. TODAY we are going to shoot the roof off.” — The Commodore, September 20, 1971

Sep 21: “The WHY we face now is absence of recruiting, lack of full hats with checksheets and packs. The why of that was failure to make the materials filed accessibly and collateable. So it’s a snake eats its tail. No hats then brought a condition of no data available in files. A true dwindling spiral. And no hats traces to the introduction of Ethics into HCOs and that it is easier to assign a condition than to compile or checkout a hat. Hats went out when Ethics came strongly in. Without Ethics in HCO, HCO can only make stats recover by org form and hats. Ethics has a role — after all else fails. But hats and Ethics can’t belong in the same Division.” — The Commodore, September 21, 1970

Sep 22: “The WHY of departure from the Ideal Scene personally and organizationally came back to recruiting and hats. Everywhere I look hats fell out on all posts. Some of the wows! I am hearing and the cogs and enthusiasm to get this back in promise fast progress for this action. It is interesting that it has taken 13 months of very hard work on my part to run down and isolate this WHY. THE WHY WAS THE ABSENCE OF FULLY CHECKED OUT HATS. Simple now you see it. Nothing is quite as obscure as an omitted datum. Now, with this hat project rolling I can get back to my own hats!” — The Commodore, September 22, 1970

Sep 23: “COURTESY: Usually on Flag we are very polite to everyone. It is a standard of courtesy and an example we should work to maintain.” — The Commodore, September 23, 1970

Sep 24: “SORE ARM: ‘They take this spike, see, and they stab you and then fill you up with germs, see, and when your arm recovers then you find out it has to all be done again. And then you can go into any cholera area and not kick the bucket. And you don’t get quarantined and you can go to warm ports and not have to freeze to death all winter. So that’s why you get a sore arm.’ At least that’s how it was all explained to me.” — The Commodore September 24, 1970

Sep 25: “MIRACLE: In an org a man with fatal Hodkins Disease got a 25 minute touch assist, went back to the hospital and the disease was totally gone. They’d get many more if they just cut out the flubs!” — The Commodore, September 25, 1970

Sep 26: “PARTY: That was a great party. The actors in the skits were marvelous. Bill’s Apollo Elastic Band was surprisingly competent. Didn’t know we had that many real musicians and Bill has been hiding a very low and dirty clarinet.” — The Commodore, September 26, 1970

Sep 27: “A last minute despatch from Neptune as he left the ship follows: Commodore: I have the honor, Sir, to report that your crew has been (1) Instructed (2) Examined (3) Passed. They are now fully initiated, qualified, called, designated, dubbed, christened, titled and entitled SEA DOGS by my stamp and seal. All sharks, porpoises, whales, fish, squids, minnows, and polywogs must now salute them as brothers of the Sea. (Signed) Neptunis Rex, GOD OF THE SEAS AND OCEANS” — The Commodore, September 27, 1971

Sep 28: “ETHICS: The following are Fair Game for the current week for No Report of their stats. John Wiley, Kristina Brorson, Vicky Alpe, Janice Tidman, Geary Titus, Wayne Alkire, Robert Williamson, Ron Straus, Dekki Le.” — Lt. Jeff Walker, Ship Stats, September 28, 1970

Sep 29: “BULL: Do not snort suddenly behind Peter Gilham. It is a tender subject. Not every day does one get plowed 15 feet down the street by a made 1,000 lb. Bull! The main damage was hurt feelings. A general good time was had by all.” — The Commodore, September 29, 1970

Sep 30: “It was more dangerous to raise the stern anchor than it was to hope it held as it was holding. Rear view mirror into the past. We should have anchored on the other side of the little island day before yesterday. We’re sitting here held by my postulates and a stern anchor. If either let go we’d wreck our screws. Let this be a lesson in seamanship. The morale is anchor more safely when you can, not after you’re unsafely anchored.” — The Commodore September 30, 1970

Oct 1: “With only a third of the crew done Festival Stats have fallen. Immediate Emergency action was taken. A new threat is required according to the C/Ses. The three Highest Hours get a SPECIAL BONUS. The three with the Lowest Hours have to push a peanut with their nose the whole circle of the prom deck on Grand Ball Night and the one who loses the peanut race can only wear a sheet for the next 24 hours. Review Auditors are included.” — The Commodore, October 1, 1971

Oct 2: “This evening there will be a cocktail party aboard and 100+ top VIPs are expected as well as one very, very VIP person. The cocktail will be held in the main dining room and will as usual extend into the B Deck Foyer. Therefore body traffic into this area is to be kept to an absolute minimum. Male & Female occupants of B deck cabins are asked NOT to wander up the passageways and into toilets clad only in a towel during cocktail time. Remember that the VIPs will be using these heads. LAST REQUEST: Please try not to hang around the aft quarter deck or Prom decks during the cocktail — many of the guests will be taking a tour to the bridge at some time during the evening. As these requirements have been made publically known in the OODay, there will be no excuse for offenders, and I will take very strong action on any I find. Remember we are TOP EXECS of an INT BUSINESS MANAGEMENT CORP.” — Lt. N.F. Starkey, Captain, October 2, 1971

Oct 3: “Cmdr. Hana Eltringham is welcomed aboard. She is assigned to Deputy CS-1 and to part time study her FEBC. An Aides hat should be provided but other aides should groove her in. She has been CS-1 and CS-4 before. The Flag Org is full throttle getting trained up to FEBC and handling existing traffic and should be concentrating soon on Org Bd Hats for orgs, its overdue assignment. We are very glad to see some Veterans back to Flag.” — The Commodore, October 3, 1970

Oct 4: “FESTIVAL: The GREAT PEANUT RACE is the next major event of the Festival! The three lowest hour auditors in the last five days will engage in a death defying race pushing each a peanut around the entire circle of the Prom Deck amid the cheers of the multitude. The Contestants should be equipt with knee pads and gloves. Three peanuts must be provided of suitable size with spares in case of a track crack up.” — The Commodore, October 4, 1971

Oct 5: “The LRH Comm Correction Form will be used on any flagrant departures from the standard scene. Not only is it a sign of hat-dump if data is withheld on the grounds that a question is Dev T, it is also a sign of gross hat-dump if the LRH Comm is involved in an excessive amount of running around to get straightforward data. Any action that is Dev T is of course handled as such, and rightly. Getting data is NOT Dev T. Co-ordination requires co-operation.” — LRH Pers Comm, October 5, 1971

Oct 6: “FAN MAIL: Items which bring in nice comments and congratulations lately have been Expanded Lower Grades and the Data Series. Numerous pleased comments came in on Expanded Lower Grades with no adverse ones. The Data Series gets good comment and is well liked. It has run into only a couple of adverse where the Out-points restimed some out-points but by auditing them straight it came out great. Hymn of Asia is also very popular.” — The Commodore, October 6, 1970

Oct 7: “Persons on Festival posts must report back to former status and post. They will be assigned further by the ED 140 FAO Mission, Ens David Mayo in some instances. This mission, David Mayo and Andrea Sibirsky, has the job of phaseover. Help him all you can.” — The Commodore, October 7, 1971

Oct 8: “The cholera shot knocked quite a handful down. They’re mostly well again. Those not trained in Scientology possibly don’t realize one has to decide to be ill before one does. One can also decide to be well. Those off duty on MO lines are also off allowances and bonuses. Doc Robinson is cleaning up a lot of lifetime cycles. She’s a whiz at it. She’s looking for volunteers for a health food diet just sent in by a former Ship’s Rep.” — The Commodore, October 8, 1970

Oct 9: “SECURE THE PORT: We are very popular in this port. Were publicized heavily before arrival. Snap up the PR. Get out your white uniforms for watches and good clothes for the beach. Make a splash here. We’ll be here 3-4 days and will push to make it heavy PR.” — The Commodore, October 9, 1970

Oct 10: “The Sea Org proper was begun with Flag Order No. 1, 12 August 1967. On about that date the ‘Avon River’ was launched in Las Palmas. FO 639 gives 9 Oct 67 as the ‘proper’ beginning as it then had a function. But 12 Aug would be its real birthday.” — The Commodore, October 10, 1970

Oct 11: “On Flag we have a maxim that we get it in on Flag before we yell at the deficiencies of others elsewhere. The housewife can’t clean up her neighbors if she can’t scrub her own kitchen. So, Steward’s Dorm, let’s see you set an example on your own home and then export it to the ship. Ernie and Annabelle made a good start on their yesterday. Others there give a hand.” — The Commodore, October 11, 1970

Oct 12: “THE GLASS: Lowest barometer we’ve ever seen. Got down to 29.27. But it began to rise yesterday even steadily and did not pump (go up and down) which is good as that means HURRICANE and you don’t want to be in a port in the path of one of those. You want to be at sea following Buys Ballot’s law (see Bowditch or other texts), steering away from the center. So we apparently sail on schedule.” — The Commodore, October 12, 1970

Oct 13: “I have an annual stat of major programs (C/S Course, Target Packs, Data Series, Personnel Series, Expanded Lower Grades to name some of those of 1970). This stat is shooting into affluence this year since 1967. Having gotten Power redone into ‘New Power’ as a Tech Advance and developed tested (by Flag Qual) and issued OT VII I am now working out OT VIII and have made several breakthroughs on it in the last 10 days. If comparable work on Flag Income and production and Flag Org on GDSes and Bureaux on operation will now follow in we can book this rather quickly. Orgs are teams and all of Scientology is a team. It takes team work and back up to make things go right and stay right.” — The Commodore, October 13, 1970

Oct 14: “The vessel lying behind us is an oceanographic survey ship run by a US university. It has been located as the point spreading rumours about us in a limited fashion in the port. Another ship the blue 40 footer, is an American yacht with a journalist aboard bound for West West Africa. He picked up the rumors and exaggerated them. The things to remember are (a) stay with the shore story in casual conversation and (b) we actually are the proprietors of these ports. In other words keep consistent in what you say ashore, consistent with other crew members. Don’t dream up fancy tales. We’re the cowboys in the white hat, the good guys.” — The Commodore, October 14, 1970

Oct 15: “SAILING: Evidently we sail at about 1500. Glass is up again.” — The Commodore, October 15, 1970

Oct 16: “Command Intention for the ship at this time is TO HAVE A FULLY OPERATIONAL SHIP, SMART COMPETENT CREW AND A POSH YACHT ATMOSPHERE AND APPEARANCE FOR SHIP AND CREW. Command Intention for the Flag Org at this time is TO COPE AND CONTINUE AT HIGH SPEED THOSE ACTIONS ALREADY IN PROGRESS AND PROVING SO WORTHWHILE IN Station Ships, AOs and orgs. Flag personnel, attention to the external affairs of the SO and improve those down stats.” — The Commodore October 16, 1969

Oct 17: “The barometer in this area is known to go from very low to very high within 5 days. Hurricanes seldom come here and usually reach only 60 to 85 mph winds. We are in a “moving depression” that isn’t moving. The ship is quite safe where she is. Only ‘Moderate to fresh winds gusting strong’ and ‘Rain’ is forecast for where we are. Golly that glass got low!” — The Commodore, October 17, 1970

Oct 18: “Talks: Thanks for the thanks I get on the talks. These Tapes (last 3 and onward) are to be copied and sent to other ships and added to AB Checksheet as the first items. LECTURE: THERE WILL BE NO LECTURE TONIGHT, Saturday or Sunday. They will resume Monday night. Two more are scheduled in the series — Monday and Tuesday.” — The Commodore, October 18, 1969

Oct 19: “NOTES FROM HCI: In spite of Sea Watches, Drills and docking the following completed courses yesterday: Al Bornstein, Lookout Specialist; David Ziff, HDG; Dekki Le, SO SS; David Ziff, HSDC; Sharon West, SO SS; Liz Ausley, OOD Specialist. Very Well Done. It’s great to see thetans making things go right.” — The Commodore, October 19, 1970

Oct 20: “Lack of use of Auditing to handle physical troubles has greatly extended our MO list. The practice of not auditing pcs who did not F/N at Exam and introducing ‘remedies’ has shown us which way not to go. Medicine and drugs reach back into the history of the witchcraft, Satanism, infanticide love potions and handling inter personal relations with arsenic. Born of abominations drugs and medicine continue their career in modern times. The only improvement has been to cut the throat of the patient instead of a sacrificial goat’s. I’m fed up with medicine and the lunatics in the drug business. We should pass a law they must wear the clothing of their trade — conical hats with stars and moons on them and black robes. Our recent stat on MO lines proves it. We are the wave of the future. We should get our feet out of the contaminated past.” — The Commodore, October 20, 1970

Oct 21: “GEOFF BARNES is to assign himself a suitable condition for negligence while QM resulting in the injury of VIXIE. The gangway was off its slide board showing negligence as QM, the spring lines of the vessel slack and untended showing neglect of duty and the accident was not logged by him. The surges of the ship unrestrained by lines caused the gangway which had no board under it to trip on the railroad track on upend while Vixie was coming aboard, throwing her to the deck, seriously spraining her leg. Geoff Barnes beginning at midnight is to stand the next 24 hours of gangway duty without relief and starrate the QM pack within 10 days. He is transferred to the deck force where, he can become more experienced.” — The Commodore, October 21, 1969

Oct 22: “Sea Org members are highly acceptable to one another. Where evidence seems to be to the contrary it is an urgency to uphold the standards of the group which after all has a very arduous and important job to do.” — The Commodore, October 22, 1970

Oct 23: “RIGGS ECKELBERRY is assigned as Intell Officer I/T, FSO. He is replaced as Expeditor in Dissem Div by Gary Reisdorf, DFP. Riggs is to groove Gary in on all his current cycles before moving on to his new post. Riggs is to be programmed in Dept 13 for the study required to meet all requirements he has not completed. He is also to be programmed for all requirements needed for this new post. He will then report to the Dean of the Hatting College for enrollment and part time study after post hours.” — The Commodore, October 23, 1971

Oct 24: “Most healing is in a primitive state. We are actually far more precise and organized in Dianetic and Scientology auditing than in any of the so-called healing arts. Almost all of our troubles come from being flanked on all sides with incompetent ‘sciences.’ These include medicine, psychiatry, chemistry — you name it. The world’s ‘sciences’ are so imbalanced they are delivering an overt product — a decaying Earth. The animal kingdom is almost gone. The rivers and seas support less and less life. If ‘science’ was so good, there would be steady improvement in the planet itself. And there isn’t. This goes directly back to Man’s failure to solve the riddle of himself. This failure then opened the door to domination by destructive personalities. If we ourselves get rid of the idea we are just drifting along with the tide and begin to demand and deliver high level performance on every post, we can get there while there’s still a planet left. We must raise our sights as to what we expect from ourselves and each other. Only then can we arrest and then reverse the decline. For this reason I am following a policy of demanding high competence on post and a total intolerance of slackness. We must be and can be a very sharp smart organization. I am doing all I can to make it so. Help me out.” — The Commodore, October 24, 1971

Oct 25: “In the exact place Christopher Columbus, returning from his first voyage, got blown off that bay just like we did. He had anchored and half the crew went ashore to give thanks in a church-hermitage at that place and were seized by the islanders. Columbus, still aboard the Nina, his smallest ship, lost both his anchors and with only 3 sailors and some ships boys had to get out of there as a gale struck. He came up to where we are now, rode out the gale, went back, PRed his crew out of the goal, recovered an anchor and sailed on to Lisbon and into history.” — The Commodore, October 25, 1970

Oct 26: “FAIR GAME for the current week for NO REPORT of stats are: Dave James, Gilbert Black, Donna Tidman, John Stevens, Adele Vonnie, Doreen Smith, Murdock McBride.” — Lt. Jeff Walker, I&R, October 26, 1970

Oct 27: “Deutchland Uber Alles was Germany’s WWI slogan and song — Germany over the Allies. An East German (Commie) ship not only dropped their anchor over ours and fouled it but also had its lines over ours when we went to move the ship. The anchor was unfouled by Karl Rosenkranz our master diver and the operation was competently supervised by Captain Robertson. Condition I is congratulated on a smooth move. As it is shallow here, we can only leave at high tide to avoid ticking a propeller on the bottom.” — The Commodore, October 27, 1970

Oct 28: “AOLA: It is reported very quiet there — still peaceful. People very polite. No hum. No body traffic. Way below confusion. My guess is when our CO Mission hits it will go up into total confusion, find a major stable datum, began to cool off, find the new CO and begin to be an org again. A Former CO of AOLA is flabbergasted at the number of 41 staff members to run an AO. AOs run on high volume with half that many. We are putting in a big stable datum. The terminal of a ‘backed up CO.’ The two orgs we’ve sent ‘backed up COs’ to are zooming! Here goes the third.” — The Commodore, October 28, 1969

Oct 29: “In the early days of the ship the entire crew consisted of only 79 to 90 people. When the ROYAL SCOTMAN became an AO, students crowded aboard and the ship was forced into cope in order to handle them. Spaniards made up the bulk of the stewards and cooks. A non SO chief steward, who later blew, kept the Department in, for him, a suitable state of chaos. After the AO was moved to Alicante, the Stewards Department did well when Mary Sue was Captain and afterwards began to have its ups and downs.” — The Commodore, October 29, 1971

Oct 30: “The ship lately has been lying too much in the harbor, has not been at sea enough. This is usually very bad for a crew. A ship, by definition, is something that goes to sea. After a day or so, people who tend to get queasy get over it and on short jumps do not get a chance to do so. You will also notice that the first few days at sea, a crew tends to stand around and not work. But after it has been at sea for three or four days, they get their sea legs and work and routine go on as usual.” — The Commodore, October 30, 1971

Oct 31: “A person found on a post who is not fully hatted is liable to ethics action. Awareness of the scene does not seem to exist in the absence of hatting. Thus unhatted persons look sort of blind. Mystery on post equals mystery of environment. You see this as a sort of frightened no confidence. I think hatting even changes eyesight. We ought to test it out. We already know that unhatted people get hurt more than hatted people. We know overts stem from misunderstoods. And we know running overts changes eyesight. it then probably follows that unhatted people couldn’t see a tiger if it was biting them! So, how to be mystified by it all and afraid — remain unhatted. But leave that to the old Catholic Church. They wanted everyone ignorant. So they would be terrified and blind? It figures. So get hatted and see.” — The Commodore, October 31, 1971

Nov 1: “The cause of war is incompetent government. The cause of ‘secret intelligence wars’ is incompetent intelligence services. We have no intention of getting loused up here so be alert and handle it both as ship organization and with your own personnel PRO ashore. We are honest legitimate people. Where we go money flows in. The enemy must not be permitted to cut income off from our local friends because Jewish international bankers hate anyone who help such a country as this.” — The Commodore, November 1, 1969.

Nov 2: “WEATHER: It was a lovely day yesterday. It was quite warm and sunny. A cable, however, came in from ‘Sublime Headquarters,’ very garbled. ‘You were supposed to move SOUTH not to the south SIDE of the island. On the (illegible) of (illegible) spread (blank) jellybeans.’ I put this through our code machine but could make nothing of it at all. It is very aggravating to be hit when we have already obeyed the order. Miscommunication or something. They haven’t got all the facts. On the other hand our own intelligence agents have uncovered a conspiracy campaign put out by Nelson Killafeller, Head Vulture of Smersh to knock out all the Duck beams and disrupt the entire migration. Killafeller originated the ‘Vultures for World Conquest’ movement. This evidently requires, according to a long, long report that came in on lines that all other birds must be stockaded and implanted to make the world safe for vultures. I don’t know but I don’t think Webspread ought to be off post at this time.” — The Commodore, November 2, 1970

Nov 3: “ETHICS: Fair Game for current week for no report of stats are, Annabelle Buchanan, Jo Albert, Donna Tidman, Clarisse Barnett, Ron Stone.” — Lt. Jeff Walker, I&R, November 3, 1970

Nov 4: “WINDS OF CHANGE: Advance indicators from the UK point to a change of government attitude and a better future for Scn there.” — The Commodore, November 4, 1970

Nov 5: “No need to get too excited about ‘la grippe.’ It is about a 36 hour malady if correctly treated with Kemacetin. Kemicetin (or any anti-biotic) is given to get the temperature sub-normal and kept sub-normal until the temperature can’t be depressed any longer. Then the person is well. M.D.s don’t know this. It’s the secret of using anti-biotics. YOGHERT must be given for several days to anyone who has been on oral anti-biotics. It restores the natural colonic bacteria. This is killed (along with bad germs) by oral anti-biotics and must be restored. I think the consul’s cancellation of the big-wig reception and the ‘reporter’ made people a bit PTS. It’s unusual for Scns to get ill unless they’re PTS.” — The Commodore, November 5, 1969

Nov 6: “HYGIENE: Step up all hygiene standards, personal, berthing and food. With the turn of cold weather I’m going further north. There is a bit of flu about and the World Health Organization has not been doing all that well in keeping ports’ public health in good shape.” — The Commodore, November 6, 1971

Nov 7: “SUCCESS: My sincere gratitude to L. Ron Hubbard, Commodore, for my recent auditing program. Thanks to Tommy Klingvall my auditor for helping me to see the TRUTH and as-is the lies and take responsibility for the overts on the old Time Track. This IS what Total FREEDOM is. Nothing there but me.” — Lt. N.F. Starkey, Clear OT, November 7, 1971

Nov 8: “BEEF: Not all the meat on a haunch of beef can be used for steak. If you want steak you have to have two or three haunches and plan what to do with the rest. Roundsteak has to be floured and pounded, peppered and salted before frying. If not pounded it will be tough.” — The Commodore, November 8, 1969

Nov 9: “THIS PORT: This is a very upstat area and our general relations with the shore are very good. We will be here for 15 days or more, at this or some other dock, as we are getting heat into the tween decks and holds and having some other repairs done. So if you have any extensive work or actions that need doing, now is the time to do them. As the World Health Organization is not all that good in restricting epidemics and although there is nothing particular wrong here, you are warned not to eat fresh fruits without peeling them and fresh uncooked foods ashore. Also do not drink any fresh water that has not been chlorinated.” — The Commodore, November 9, 1971

Nov 10: “We may or may not have been responsible for the demise of the scandal sheet l’Opinion which was suddenly shot down and seized, statedly because it had printed adverse materials on corruption in the government. This was a vehicle used by MI-6 (British Intelligence), and CIA, the US agency that specializes in false reports. We have clashed with l’Opinion a few times in the past and have generally gotten the better of them. We were about to clash with them again but why bother with a dead body. The other newspapers in that area have now been nationalized and the former company which ran them has been bought out or pushed out by the government.” — The Commodore, November 10, 1971

Nov 11: “Nov 11 was Armistice Day, the end of World War I. Whistles blew and mobs screamed with joy because ‘the world had been safe for Democracy.’ Then Smersh really moved in, babied Bolshevik Socialist Russia, later spawned National Socialist (Nazi) Hitler. And a hundred million war dead later, the world is only safe for Smersh. Ah well, enough to make anyone cynical! But in all this time only ourselves has been burying Smersh top cats one by one. So there’s no need to be cynical. Get industrious. We’re winning whatever else is happening!” — The Commodore, November 11, 1971

Nov 12: “Radical sweeping changes based on the wrong why can crash an org or area. When stats are awful or near zero it doesn’t much matter what you do. But when they’re on a nice steady week after week rise DON’T CHANGE ANYTHING! As one’s pay and morale and Scientology advance depends on this know-how, it is very very important!” — The Commodore, November 12, 1970

Nov 13: “ENEMY ACTION: We have discovered exactly who has been shooting at Scientology for 18 years and know all the names. They are a small group with international ambitions founded by a madman, taken over by a politically ambitious few. This is turning out to be a bitter and fundamental war. The forces which seek to bring light and freedom to the world — us — have run squarely into the No. 1 engram of the planet, kept alive by a dark and secret enemy of Mankind. These insist on torturing or killing the insane. It is the age old battle of truth and light against the powers of darkness. But, with the enemy active in legislatures and the press, we haven’t much choice but to fight. And we hav begun to fight. We have already hurt his morale and finances enough to make him move his HQ. Our forces are closing in on it again in the new location. This one we’ve got to win. We may not have another chance.” — The Commodore, November 13, 1968

Nov 14: “At Group Muster last night the FSO was not satisfied that the requirements were met by S. Moreau, A. Tabayoyon, C. Varga and E. Hayes, so the above are still restricted to the ship and given 24 hrs to: Get all shore passes of those restricted to ship removed from QM desk and given to AMA. Run a series of drills on QMs to ensure they won’t goof again. Draw up a proposed watch stat for QMs which includes a heavy penalty for watch goofs. Get a list of all QMs given to Dept 13 so that gangway QMs be post purpose cleared.” — Lt. N.F. Starkey, Captain, November 14, 1971

Nov 15: “BIRTH CONTROL PILLS — these apparently cause severe depression and severe damage to female sexual organs. It is of interest that these four things are the direct product and tools of the same people who for 20 years financed and pushed the attacks on Dianetics and Scientology. Thus we are looking at the current center of psychosis on the planet. The drug companies and their primary pushers — the psychiatrist and medicos. About half the ringleaders in attacks on us are disabled or dead. It’s like audint a planet already.” — The Commodore, November 15, 1970

Nov 16: “You know, I get an idea of what it must be like for the Space Command Vessel ‘Astra’ to land amongst the Ooglie-Booglies and try to explain their perfectly innocent but super modern procedures for measuring gravity and communicating. They turn on an intercomm and the Ooglie-Booglies go into terror rumours that the Astra keeps live men in little boxes! Even staid old England has it that we deal in black magic! Certainly anything that works as fast as our tech and admin MUST be magical! REASSURANCE is the keynote of showing anyone around this ship. Show them the fire dectors, the gyro room, the electro-log, the two radars, where they are on the chart, how lifeboats work, copies of the SWPB. Feed them well, give them lots of drinks. Whoever is in charge of the guests should be inventive of things to interest them and be REASSURING, noting and cheering up any misunderstoods. Make good friends out of the guests.” — The Commodore, November 16, 1969

Nov 17: “WEBSPREAD: Today Colonel Webspread begins an amazing fantastic and horrifying new adventure. All those who are not Grade – 47 are cautioned not to follow his auditing experiences as they will be found far too restimulative. The management takes no responsibility for heart failures or lost chewing gum while following the Colonel’s Adventures.” — The Commodore, November 17, 1970

Nov 18: “TIME MAG: Probably the bitterest news opponent to Dianetics in the US was TIME MAGAZINE. It started lying loudly in 1950 in its flip entheta style and gave me more space that year than it gave the president. All lies. We did not identify Why until last year. Their ‘medical health’ editor (Keller) is a member of the World Federation of Mental Health and in their pay. It is TIME policy to enturbulate America, cause riots and disaffection. If you read it in Time it isn’t true. A movement such as ours is the death knell of Fascist fear masters. As much US press is Communist, and as the active Communists organization numbers 400,000 in the US, I am very happy to see Time making a false claim about ‘having Krushchev’s memoirs.’ Time would forge same, get Russia to deny it for publicity. World press is full of this dispute and has been for some time now. So Time has bitten off too big a bite, told too big a lie. It is in financial trouble already. It would be a happy day if they crashed. The more WFMH network collapses the better chance man will have to survive. What a PR trick! Forge ‘memoirs’ get the author to deny it — all for big publicity — typical Time tactics. There’s no bitterness involved. It is always amusing to see a biter bit.” — The Commodore, November 18, 1970

Nov 19: “WORD TO WISE: When you are told it was by my orders you were moved, shot, demoted, denied a place in line at the canteen, forced to eat spinach with sand in it, ask to see it in writing. If it isn’t written it isn’t true.” — The Commodore, November 19, 1970

Nov 20: “Recent surveys have revealed that the great and glorious Welfare State period is about to come to a screeching halt. A world recession is already in progress. U.S. currency, the only international money, is rapidly devaluating and may become completely worthless in the very near future. Scandinavia, wehre Welfare Socialism was the order of the day for decades, is on the verge of a crash. Welfarism is the idea that the people can get something without exchanging anything. Over 50 percent of the U.S. population at this time is on a hand-out kick. The Great White Father in Washington is supposed to be able to endlessly spend money which it itself is not covered by production. This brings about money worthlessness because the money isn’t buying anything.” — The Commodore, November 20, 1971

Nov 21: “PORT: Well, we sure left that port cool. Ship’s Rep rounds taking the usual presents, found all very high ARC hoping we’ll come back. The hostile newspaper was ordered to suspend publication. You all did very well there and I’m proud of you.” — The Commodore, November 21, 1969

Nov 22: “Stats trended the same over the world last week, paid completions soaring, GI a bit lower. WE are at least winning back the field and building strong orgs that deliver.” — The Commodore, November 22, 1971

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