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Overheard in the FreeZone: Indie Hubbardism, one thought at a time

[Captain Bill Robertson]

Beginning on September 7, 2019, we started a new daily feature that quickly became very popular, quoting verbatim from things we ran across in the Scientology universe outside the church itself. (The date reflects when they were published at the Bunker, not when they were first posted in the FreeZone.)

Sep 7: “Levitation is possible. Like making the body float. I imagine with lots of spiritual practice you can do it, i remember some Scientologists could do it back in the 50s. Apparently when someone is possesed by a demon they can start speaking a foreign language they never learnt and suddenly can levitate. The Exorcist movie is literally based on true stories. Preists who do exorcisms know about this. This is all true, people really dont know whats actually possible”

Sep 8: “My feeling is that the strongest beings in this galactic cluster are OTs who were implanted by technologically advanced but more aberrated and weaker beings and sent here. It makes sense to me that this would be the easiest place to introduce Scientology and that the task elsewhere will be much harder.”

Sep 9: “I accept that our pursuit is a spiritual one, but I would expect to see many more people make loads of money along the levels made by aberrated wogs. Something is not right and that is why I am not against new tech as long as the existing, standard tech is not just abandoned.”

Sep 10: “I say LRH had to return like he said he would and he had to create a totally different beingness in order to understand and communicate with the newest most severe levels of degraded beings here on Earth. I myself know: I was a former criminal and even a psych on my track, having done so I could penetrate their veils and then break their spells on others. One never knows all unless one experiences all.”


Sep 11: “My feeling regarding LRH at the moment is that he experienced far more difficulties with implementing Scientology here than he anticipated and is taking his time to destimulate before jumping into the morass again. I suspect that Justin Craig was a BT from LRH who wasn’t fully handled.”

Sep 12: “Many things have happened throughout time which have landed us here, many civilizations have crashed and been condensed, implanters are here on Earth implanting people every day. The way out is to handle Earth. Many people feel that there has to be a techno-space expansion for things to go right, but statistically on the track these civilizations are very degraded and they collapse, only ethical expansion is correct.”

Sep 13: “About 18 months ago, I began to wake up to the fact that I was in the Church of Scientology in my last lifetime. After more auditing and more mind expansion, I realized, ‘oh, maybe I am/was Clear.’ So, I came to believe I was Clear. Today, I don’t think I was Clear, but, I’m almost sure I did believe I was Clear in my last lifetime. In fact, I kind of see I reached OT2. As I said, I’m not sure, and I speculate that I had good auditing, but also bad auditing. I also was probably subjected to Black Scientology.”

Sep 14: “All of Ayn Rand’s books are awesome.”

Sep 15: “People of Jewish race are the almost sole promoters of 1.1 stuff like Feminism, Gay Agenda, Communism, Freemasonry, and others, though the real creators of that are a small number of Illuminati, Illuminati create them, Jews promote them.”

Sep 16: “There is a connection between race and the tone scale, some races are more likely to be 1.1 than others, then they end up gettting kicked out of many european countries and they claim people are mean racists when its like ‘um maybe you guys have some real bad culture business practices’.”

Sep 17: “All truly exceptional geniouses will, and perhaps have to be, quite offensive to us, that’s the way things Have to work in this crazy universe. You just can’t get the GREATEST without also getting some horrible personality qualities. The greatest human beings will learn how to assist the Greatest for the greatest good of all Dynamics despite the horrible qualities they have to maneuover around, quietly, and successfully. God Bless LRH forever, and forevermore.”

Sep 18: “If you do the bridge your not going to be told about secret weather control programs, about vaccines brain damaging people, about the secret space program, about secret depopulation programs (programs run to kill us), about underground bases being built by the new world order in case of a cataclysm (they have literally built underground towns with all this advanced tech) and they fly around in UFOs which they keep secret from us, i mean there is just so much going on that we are not told about in scientology or in mainstream life, but at least scientology makes us smarter so that then we can investigate and find out about all these things.”

Sep 19: “I charge $620 for a Life/auditing repair. That would include repairing TRs.”

Sep 20: “I find Mission Earth insanely good, the only thing is that Hubbard uses so many unusual words, man was he a writer! you have to use study tech all the way through, then read it for a second time and the second time you can enjoy it much more, its so deep that earthlings cant appreciate it.”

Sep 21: “American independents were indoctrinated into believing that the Galactic Confederacy is fairy tales. And that Galactic Patrol stories are as dangerous as Ebola.”

Sep 22: “I wouldn’t be surprised if Mark Twain and LRH were the same being. Both were prolific writers. Both were very well traveled at a young age. Both achieved notoriety.”

Sep 23: “I found studying remote viewing and the data they discover really helps me to understand hubbards philosophy, you really understand that time and the physical universe are not what it seems.”

Sep 24: “As far back as the Egyptian hyrogliphs they called what we know as OT today ‘the advanced spirit being’. On the other side of the coin, Scripture, before its polluted version which exists today, refers to this as sorcery. Scientology is simply the practice of Crowleyan/Satanic sorcery. Thus, we see today its implosion thru all its offshoots, Scientologists at war with one another and the love that LRH talks about in What is Greatness is non existent. In general what we are seeing on Earth, among all its religions and philosophies are simply diluted versions of Egyptian sorcery.”


Sep 25: “When Joe Biden says, ‘This is a fight for the soul of this country’, he is referring to those other beings, non-thetans, who are souls, and country means planet Earth since Thoth considers Earth as a whole, a country. The fight between Thoth and Christ is for Christ’s souls. Without Christ’s souls continuing to be imprisoned here, Thoth loses his matrix. Why? Because Christ’s souls power the Matrix. They are it’s battery. Ha! I just saw on TV, thousands of New Yorkers marching in the Climate Change Strike; the spiritual battle Thoth directed HAARP to create.”

Sep 26: “In case it’s not clear to everyone, Scientologists have a clear advantage over non-Scientologists in almost every way. Let me be even more bold about that. Scientologists are superior to non-Scientologists with regard to a huge number of issues. This is simply a fact.”

Sep 27: “Another idea that I remember some people talked about was that a cleared planet would occur if there were enough Clears that the amount of their theta would, by the laws of theta, disenturbulate the entheta of the other (not Clear) thetans on the planet. This is supported by the first chapter in Science of Survival, with regard to theta in enough quantity causing disenturbulation of entheta.”

Sep 28: “The sheer quantity of detail used to enslave people is almost incomprehensible. How to make a thetan blind and believe he is an organic oddity took many, many minds and extreme dedication. Making the universe and our immediate environment convincing and pleasurable has been purposefully worked out; it has taken ingenuity, vast effort, and money. That work goes on to this day.”

Sep 29: “The Freezone is going to have to be unified so that we can establish orgs where families can go within easy reach. I have been saying this all along. There are no youngsters to train as auditors and when all us in our 50s+ are gone, who will audit anybody?”

Sep 30: “Freezone is much less expensive. Average Class VIII charges between $100 and $200 an hour for auditing.”

Oct 1: “The 8Ds work only here and only for theta/mind but not the different beings and from different universes. I should leave it here since only a handful of people understand the difference, which is massive, between the two consciousnesses. In the Matrix all spiritual beings are lumped under theta. That’s what mankind is supposed to believe and nothing could be further from the truth.”

Oct 2: “I aligned myself with LRH directly after I read, Scientology: A New Slant on Life. It made such sense. But why it made such sense is explained in that I am a part of a vanguard group of beings who knew that Earth is a very sick planet that will likely spread its contagious illness elsewhere if not stopped here.”

Oct 3: “‘Love and Freedom’ is the tool the 1.1s use to win (our own wrong-headed) support, as like, as our government that promotes and talks about freedom and service to all, while taking away freedoms and taking away our prosperity. Homosexuality and related acts are not freedom, theta, or logical in this universe, at least in the part that I live in — instead they are just another extension of the alien deep-state cabal push-and-pull and complete trap to hold us in the lower tones so we can be controlled and eliminated.”

Oct 4: “From my understanding of the tech, Thetans have no sex so sexual attraction itself is a GE abberation. In fact, thetan’s interest in human sexual intercourse and the associated sensations is one of the main reasons we became stuck inside our current bodies (blanketing, putting out tractor beams, etc.) Based on this and the fact that the 2nd Dynamic exists, I would say Hubbard believed that sex for any reason besides creation was abberative.”

Oct 5: “In another universe gays could be fine indivifuals but not in this one, the way things are designed and rigged. Two sexless thetans can share sexual sensations, out of body, no doubt, but why do that — read HCOB Pain and Sex. Play any games you like but not in this universe — go find another and leave us alone!”

Oct 6: “I know that jewish dna tends to produce more 1.1s, but that doesnt mean we are going to single out a whole group of people as being 1.1 and that we should be racist or anything, the free zone is open to all and sadly the atlantean/aryan race is full of bad bodies too, i think its better than other bodies but sadly here on earth all bodies are bad for the thetan and we need to empower the thetan and ignore the corrupted bodies.”

Oct 7: “At OT 34-40 (Games Master) = Games, one of the abilities is to get out of MEST Universe and appear at another time and space of MEST Universe at will.”

Oct 8: “Who thinks LRH is Donald Trump? I think Trump has come in and is derailing the new world order program, the program to ‘make happy slaves of us all’ that is mentioned in the truth revealed breifing. He said he would come back as a misunderstood politician to save the day. Trump is a big thetan like LRH was.”


Oct 9: “I live in Perth Australia which including myself has a grand total of 3 independents that are actually doing anything and no organisation to speak of. One day I’ll be the Captain of this city but not today.”

Oct 10: “I am immediately demanding a Committee of Evidence. Ron 2.0 is threatening to declare me suppressive and cancel all of my certs and refuses to let me use his materials in the future.”

Oct 11: “Apparently OSA’s most sucessfull black opperation was to indoctrinate american indies that Bill Robertson followers were squirrels.”

Oct 12: “Back in the day, we used to refer to certain things as ‘tracky.’ I don’t know if anyone does that any more. But the most ‘tracky’ movie I’ve ever seen is The Matrix. The film’s story arc and dialog are so accurate it’s almost frightening. This universe is a world which had been pulled over our eyes to blind us to the real truth. As you move up the Bridge, the layers fall away until, toward the end, the real truth becomes visible.”

Oct 13: “I’ll say this: any time you think you’ve got a better idea than the Old Man, think again.”

Oct 14: “Like all SPs, Scientology critics don’t have a life, they’re not going anywhere; oblivion is the name of their game. Their main strategies are generalisations, shutting down comm, diversion, trying to be louder, pretending authority. LRH faced all that, even in his own ranks. He dealt with it in the most detailed way, with admin, ethics and tech; a massive body of work. Critics have none of that; all they want to do is shut you up; that’s all they’ve got. Critics, SPs, the CoS, have no solutions for the ills of mankind, the very personal difficulties we face in our own, individual lives.”

Oct 15: “I cared for my father in the last few years of his life in that body. The next day, he left the body. As I stood next to his bedside holding his hand, he let out the last breath. The nurses and doctor left. I was there alone with him and was aware of his presence, just outside of his body, dreaming as he was in his sleep moments before the body died. I communicated with him and let him know the body was finished. ‘Oh you and your Scientology’ he scoffed, communicating telepathically, but as clear as if he was using the body’s voice.”

Oct 16: “Something else is operating the matrix and it can all be re-arranged in a moment — so it wouldn’t matter then, what one did, would it? That is the intention of the Time implants — the most basic on the track and always the most insidious of modern-day psychological operations. To drive one into apathy and plant the seeds of defeat before even moving into implanted suggestions, which depend on this confusion to even take hold. I think Hubbard was one of those who made the greatest strides in seriously breaking that mystery down.”

Oct 17: “The Time psy-ops are numerous and depend for their full force on implants which are intended more than anything else to disrupt a beings sense of Time. They are how a being’s reality is destabilized so that further implanting can even take hold at all. The dark occultists (the whole track implanters) have always known this and they have always used this. They are definitely using it now, and this century’s movies and books are far more geared to disrupt your innate sense of Time itself, than you may realize.”

Oct 18: “In ones own subjective universe, anything is literally possible and time does not have to go forward and many universes can occur together — as many as a mind can invent. But that is not how the Eighth Dynamic and its visible physical Universe of the 6th Dynamic works. Therefore I am wary of the science fiction and intelligence agency campaigns to mess with our minds and entice us into doubting that we are at cause and in control to some small but significant extent, of our own reality in this larger Reality.”

Oct 19: “Cabal bases on Mars surely exist. The secret Earth conspiracy is just a small part of the larger agenda to suppress the rest of the universe.”

Oct 20: “There is nothing better than Scientology, because through it the dynamics make sense, everything becomes clear and obvious. Yet amazingly, we run straight into counter-intention. There’s a lot of people who have staked an incredible amount on perpetuating and strengthening the grip of apparency on us.”

Oct 21: “All the promises of people on this planet are vapor. Except LRH. After millions or trillions of years of being lied to, he’s the one guy who ever told me the truth. You think I’m not gonna follow that guy? Ha! If I was ever going to be loyal to anyone, it’d be Ron.”

Oct 22: “Ron’s invention of auditing: quite probably the single greatest advance in the history of mankind. And it works because life comes before, and is senior to, the physical universe; auditing confirms this. Life errs when thinking the physical universe has domain over it. Auditing undoes this fallacy.”


Oct 23: “I am sure he hung with Allister Crowley in the late 40’s, I’m sure he was in financial stress in the 50’s. I’m sure he did all sorts of dark things in his personal life. But all that just endears him to me. I never judge a man for what he was. I judge him for what he has done for people. LRH has done MORE than his share of good things for people. It’s easy to dig into a guys past and find dirt on him, make the dirt seem uglier than it really is and then use the trumped up ‘dirt’ to do him in because of it. This is the way of man.”

Oct 24: “What kinds of ‘dark’ things did Ron do in his past? I don’t really want to know. I’m a lot more interested in all the stuff Ron wrote about and spoke of which has to do with Scientology. And for which I’m endlessly grateful.”

Oct 25: “You know, with more and more of us dying and coming back (Revenimus?), I wonder if you could actually get away with a business catering to this need? Somebody’d have to store your crap for a couple of decades, and then you’d have to give your passphrase to get it back. ‘Theta-Store Inc.’ Motto: ‘We got your crap. Come get it back.’ Yeah, I’m definitely on to something here!”

Oct 26: “I don’t believe at our current rate of disenturbulation, we will be able to recover this empire. But the goal of auditing isn’t to preserve the American or European way of life. It is to ultimately create a ‘race’ of beings who are no longer subject to the insanities of the past, and can proceed to build a society without war, insanity and criminality. And as such beings would remain that way into the indefinite future, any efforts along this line would be worthwhile. As I see it, we’ve been on this downward spiralling track of repeating the same mistakes over and over for trillions of years. Our individual lives, each one of them, have been full of needless pain and dramatization because of this. Imagine lives without all this! That is the promise of the Bridge and the Tech.”

Oct 27: “Eternity is not infinite. This is a lie. Infinity and eternity are perceptions, postulates utilised to fixate people in the idea that their only option is the Eternal Life Cycle and Eternal Life. We simply vanish our participation in eternity and in doing so restore our ability to choose, decide and act in accordance with our own innate capability for truth. Eternity is a finite cycle of action which audits out. Eternity is Now. Reality is Here. We are Present. We are present, here and now, in this time, space, illusion and form, at this precise location and moment, in the present. It all audits out in PT.”

Oct 28: “The Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF) is in accordance to the fundametals of LRH ethics tech. It handles PTSes and SPs and that is the main points of ethics in society or groups or the Sea Org and in composite cases. And remember, the Sea Org is not a Shan-gri-la paradise for diletantes.”

Oct 29: “While he was able to establish a secure base in Morocco in 1972 with the help of the local government, the former colonial power of France had issued an international arrest warrant via Interpol for L. Ron Hubbard for alleged fraud. When LRH flew to the US within hours due to this on December 3, 1972, in order to defend himself in this matter – which the former basis for operation at sea made impossible – he was taken into custody by US agents at the New York airport and taken into a secret US prison as an enemy of the state, without the chance of a fair hearing and trial. He has been missing ever since.”

Oct 30: “I think that a Seck Check for all returnees (LRH or not LRH) must be a mandatory action.”

Oct 31: “Big Bangers say that a sort of moronic intelligence has somehow evolved to explain organic biology and the spirit of play (their latest theory is the God Comet). They have no explanation for why life forms bother to survive, and go through all that courtship, white wedding, reception, drunk speeches and a scuffle afterwards. Ron’s statement that ‘extroverting the attention (as in Scientology),’ may sound rather mundane, but we already know that some life forms are more extroverted than others, as in say a whale compared to a dolphin. It isn’t just a case of what jeans and chromosomes and complexity the life form is dressed in, what the fashion is. A whole wealth of interest arises from his statement, such as, what is being extroverted, why does it invariably feel better than introverted, and what is attention, anyway – a certain group of molecules facing the same way?”

Nov 1: “My reality on the whole track has expanded many times over. My postulates work far far better. My self determinism and pan determinism is exponentially greater. In many sessions I found myself blowing huge chunks of stuff that had derailed me many times through the years and it’s no longer anywhere around and I don’t think I could re-mock it up if I tried!”

Nov 2: “Captain Bill said in his tech briefing number five, it’s on Youtube, that once you do ot3 and the solo stuff you will no longer be at affect of the implanters. I disagree because once someone has done that stuff they still have to breathe chemtrail air, they still have no idea what chemtrails are, they still can get tricked by a false flag like 9/11, they still can get abducted by an alien and get semen taken then have a false memory implanted as to what occurred during the abduction. I’m sure they’ve had great wins but I think what Captain Bill has said makes someone think they can become invincible just by doing the levels alone. I don’t think so.”

Nov 3: “The Christian principal of forgiveness is fine as it goes, but some of us, maybe most of us, have committed overts of such considerable magnitude that it would be impossible for another to atone for us; this is one we have to face up to on our own, Jesus can’t do it for us, the anonymous priest in the confessional with his five Hail Mary’s and two Our Father’s can’t do it. You could walk away from the therapist’s couch, or the church, and be more spun in than you were before — you’ve still got your motivators, the undeserved low opinion of the person you’ve actually harmed…The degree to which we are monitored by opinions is so fantastic, as to be utterly incredible. It is even more incredible that LRH found a way through.”

Nov 4: “Outside of Dianetics and Scientology, there’s no actual tech capable of as-ising mental mass and shedding our own ball-chains and handcuffs. It is just fantastic to me that people on this planet have fallen for the falsehood of material existence, what they call Reality; and any slightest clue that there is anything else triggers a vast field of booby-traps — all of which are self-imposed. Who would believe that?”

Nov 5: “We are incredibly lucky to be here on this planet at this time, so as to take advantage of this original opportunity to be freed. It hasn’t existed anywhere else ever. From time to time, you can see our ideas reflected in modern culture as time goes forward. And the basic ideas may infiltrate our culture for a long time. But ultimately, Scientology, to be fully effective, requires trained auditors and administrators. There’s just no way around it. That’s where we come in. We are, in effect, the ‘shepherds’ of a new civilization.”


Nov 6: “Real Scientology is safe and busy finding its way to billions of individuals. Like water it will bend and bleed and trickle into every crevice it encounters on its journey into the consciousness of modern Man. A hundred SP dictators could not stop it, no more than they could stop a rainstorm from tumbling down. Those Beings who are ready for it get it; those who are not will not experience its gifts, or the joys they bring. Not at this time, but in their own time, they will I’m sure.”

Nov 7: “I had an excellent psychic tell me amazing stuff about me that was accurate and she mentioned how I was Nicolaus Copernicus, that rings true for me, it could very well be true, I today am thinking totally out of the square and trying to expose the truth similar to how Copernicus was all those years ago.”

Nov 8: “No wonder advance beings don’t say who they were after they reincarnate; so many of us are such extreme doubters; we very much want to hold onto our cushy positions as opinion leaders. To these kind, in their secretly held needs, their very self survival depends upon not having spiritual leaders other than themselves and their friends. This is how PTSs and SPs treat people who do good deeds. I say leave this Lafayette Hubbard alone, becoming silent in your doubts, unless you actually have evidence of tech fraud. Hubbard could have returned WITHOUT reveal but so many of us very much needed and wanted him to return, if for no other reason than we Scientologists are the scientists of the Science of Reincarnation and we ought to be able to publicly demonstrate a successful return that continues where he left off.”

Nov 9: “Apparently and theres evidence for this in my researches, aliens or beings from outside this dimension abduct people and tinker with their DNA, giving them dna that makes them more prone to certain actions like enslaving others, then these aliens dont have to physically invade a planet, they just tinker with the locals DNA and these guys then go setting up a New World Order and they are Earthlings who are doing it to their own planet!…Hubbard seems to be talking about this sort of stuff in the OT8 Truth Revealed Briefing. He refers to beings exterior to time and how they work through others in order to take over certain areas of the mest universe. This is my best guess as to what he is trying to explain in that document.”

Nov 10: “Scientology’s infinite theta journey is the road to infinity which goes nowhere except the in-between lives Saturnian implant station which no one remembers because they didn’t download those pictures into your mind. I wonder if they’re trying to hide something.”

Nov 11: “Once the implant stations, matrix, AI interface, etc are cleared the next gradient of confront is the actual people who orchestrate it and our own participation by choice and decision and at knowing and willing cause-effect. Or in this scenario effect-cause at the bottom of the tone scale in total failure & the unknowable and a state of confusion, trying to figure figure it all out, with zero responsibility & accountability. The lowest and 1st echelon of beings to confront beyond and outside the theta/mest construct are the highly trained, Telepathic OT Programmers.”

Nov 12: “Many gods rule the Matrix. They are the same ones since the Egyptians but names were changed for the Greek and Roman gods. There is one head God, many lesser gods, the watcher gods are in the millions and ultimately the ones that are here in charge of the prison planet and take human form.”

Nov 13: “The ‘beings’ that run this planet are totally controlled by a superior AI outside of this galaxy to such an extent that we ought not think of them as beings but instead refer to them as MEST entities.”

Nov 14: “Aliens used 1/4 of earth animal DNA, and 3/4 theirs from another planetary race. This may explain the wild disparity between different pictures — different places….LRH collected data from Dianetics sessions for a couple of years before he wrote History of Man. A lot of this material was amazing just for the reason that the people had not communicated to each other and had the same incidents. Hubbard really thought he had all of these things correct. It turns out that some of these were in error because of people’s concept of science (their personal belief in ape-man-evolution and use of the faked Piltdown model). Hostile authors like Russell Miller and Jon Atack seized on this to make Hubbard look bad.”

Nov 15: “Do you think the jews are the Marcabs? Cpt Bill and LRH for PR purposes could have used the word Marcab instead. I swear I read somewhere that LRH said the Marcabs were the Elohim or nephilim from the bible, and so they were like the jewish gods, and we all know gods is simply a primitive earthlings word for alien, so aliens were interbreeding or hanging out with the Israelis back then. Therefore these marcab gods have seeded a race here on Earth. And if these Marcabs have police states and controlled economies and suppressive economics planets then that would make sense with what we see here with lots of jews being top bankers and lawyers and apart of the suppressive New World Order economic system. Its all very interesting.”

Nov 16: “Don’t forget that LRH did a lot of research. I.e., why does the body sleep? Because of the photosynthesis cycle? Even if bodies were manufactured, why do cells retain memory in the form of engrams? Hmm. Also if bodies are manufactured you have to have a thetan in them to animate them, yeah? Hence an entity, yeah? Hmmm when people think they are famous well that’s a matter for auditing. The track is very long and there are many similar planets and times and lives operating on the same implants. Before bodies there were thetans and theta traps and war with MEST biengs. I don’t care who thinks what they were and how fantastical it gets just if they blow charge.”

Nov 17: “Thetans, until recently have kept only getting worse, losing their far superior innate abilities and instead buying into MEST livelihoods, MEST ‘solutions,’ bigger computers, AI and now 5G. It’s IT vs PSI. Which will win, and what direction are we Independent Scientologists pursuing, I wonder.”

Nov 18: “We have a society drugged up, low toned, out of comm, and who now hold the fear of easy drone or satellite assassination and surveillance, and today’s peeps are much more interested in MEST tech than theta tech. Sad. I see no advantage to continue to dumb us down further or an advantage for AI running things. Even just using AI for collecting data isn’t advantageous for those of us who obtain full OT — not necessary and counter-intentioned to theta goals.”

Nov 19: “Who is the person who invented the AI interface, where and when and for what purpose? Who, if anyone is behind them? Outside this planet, solar system, galaxy, universe etc… Who is both accountable and responsible. When one finally clears it down to ME, one arrives at a PRACTICAL UNDERSTANDING which may then be tested out and applied out through the relationships and dynamics.”


Nov 20: “I still maintain we are missing the real thing. Sitting on a rock with an OT48 certificate seeing people like Trump actually being an Operating Thetan is humbling. There are other examples of people who change the course of history, make loads of money, handle suppression and an old body and still keeps a seriouly gorgeous woman happy and productive. So I have to ask, how have the OT levels worked out for us?”

Nov 21: “If people really believed in their OT powers then they wouldnt worry about insurance and locking doors, and i kinda live like this. If something bad happens then ive gone a little pts and regardless of locking doors or not that something bad would have happened anyway. So probably avoiding suppressives is more important than getting insurance.”

Nov 22: “In the beginning thetans looked and thus a viewpoint was created. In other words, dimension. You’re not in the mest universe. It’s an agreed upon point of view and you make a duplicate copy of it. Any other mest in your universe that is not a perfect duplicate is an implant because it is something else. You have to have a universe to be implanted and if you are not duplicating A universe then you don’t have a universe, you’re just being. When you look, that’s when all the fun starts.”

Nov 23: “In our role as Scientologists and opinion leaders, some of us know that the use of thetans as actual non-material thetans, those who don’t depend on MEST to accomplish their goals, is the way to go and the way towards spiritual freedom. Whereas others clearly want to buy into MEST extension, development, and advances at the expense of our innate theta abilities and our own thetan usefulness, which is far above MEST activities, and so my position is that we thetans should or only need to accept MEST solutions at an even decreasing amount. We must beat MEST and MEST lovers at their own game. I am using my smartphone to comm with you but we must not let AI and 5G self-coordinate and run our society automatically — the direction already begun.”

Nov 24: “Scientology is the Science of Certainty. You gain certainty in your ability to audit by auditing. I know most of you have given up on the idea of being able to clear the planet. But with thousands of idle OTs (‘do nothing OTs’) to help us if they would just do something, we might still have a chance.”

Nov 25: “OMG i finished Mission Earth! Jesus christ that took ages. Theres no way i could have done it without listening to it while i was working. It woffles on, I could tell LRH was just amusing himself with it, really should have been 8 books long and would have made for the best ever, still totally awesome, love the data, i really know now the type of stuff Hubbard would talk about if he went on the Joe Rogan podcast. The most entertaining bits are when the storys on Earth and mocking our abberated society and when Sultan Gris does his outrageous out ethics behaviour. This story would make for a great games of thrones type tv series, somebody please make it!”

Nov 26: “I think LRH’s own case got the better of him ultimately. Researched alot of processes, but did he GET ALOT? (Hell, even Hubbard’s own auditor tapes of him auditing SUCK!…he double and triple acks….invalidateive and even supercilious.) He put FAR TOO MUCH ATTENTION on NAYSAYERS. You DON’T ACKNOWLEDGE them or give them credence. ACT as if ALREADY disconnected from them. If Arnold Schwarzenegger listened to all naysayers, he’d still be in Bavaria somewhere parking trucks or driving tanks!”

Nov 27: “I have found that all my primary relationships are relationships of long duration with people I have known from many different times and places in not only this universe but also the universe outside this one… The 2D universe of the Spiritual Family… and the universes and dimensions beyond.”

Nov 28: “People need to realize why Scientology isn’t making as many OTs as it should. The purif cannot handle modern problems, Scientology needs to be used in conjunction with expert naturopaths etc to combat modern weapons released on us. I don’t even think we can get OT while we are busy trying to just remain not retarded. Fluoride’s bad effects take awhile to kick in and also I think they combine with vaccines to degrade us, these things take years of accumulation and then it gets passed on to kids.”

Nov 29: “Understanding how theta works in a MEST universe on a continuous basis is reversing the downhill spiral. You can never learn it enough. If you don’t audit thetans you end up alone with unconscious beings. And no comm lines. Scientology is a breakdown of MEST universe into its most basic components. If you even clear a planet that would be like wow, utopia. That’s why I haven’t given up on Scientology like others, just in case it can change. It has the structure there, just needs to get rid of the paranoia. Or run grade 4 on Miscavige so he stops running his 3rd dynamic surfacs.”

Nov 30: “The majority of stuff above OT 2 is mostly false and limiting data. AKA: bullshit. It causes psychosis. No exception. I know many people who are psychotic after doing the bridge past OT 2. I was warned 22 yrs ago, not to go past OT 2.”

Dec 1: “I think it’s great that the church has a healthy second dynamic, like you see young people running their orgs, very likely they are Scientology kids. Maybe it has something to do with marriage being respected and abortion being avoided. We don’t seem to have a young generation in the Free Zone. I guarantee you the church will always exist because it’s got a second dynamic, of course only in a quiet way though but that’s better than nothing. We need younglings and babies so start making them.”

Dec 2: “Now there also exists bad angels/aliens outside this dimension. Beings and some people here on Earth are in telepathic/mind communication with them. Certainly Jews are more likely to have this special communication or spirit guide guidance you could say. Of course not all of them have it, it’s just that they are more likely to have this ability in their DNA which enables this special connection, hence the huge amount of super evil people here on Earth who have Jewish DNA/family backgrounds…In reference to Scientology, implants seem to be able to affect DNA according to OT8 Student briefing, so people could be getting abducted, which changes their DNA which then can be passed onto their children. So basically we could be dealing with bad aliens implanting people so that they have telepathic communication with them forever.”

Dec 3: “For some weeks late in 1982 I remained conscious, even when my body slept. I found that four hours of that kind of sleep was equal to eight of the usual, unconscious sleep, in terms of resting the body. Anyway, one night I was up late, standing nightwatch at Van Org, working on the word ‘postulate.’ When I figured I had it cleared I thought, ‘I want twenty bucks.’ I walked outside onto the street, walked about half a block, and there on the sidewalk were two ten-dollar bills, neatly folded. I picked up the twenty bucks, went back inside and signed off on the word ‘postulate.’ I’m past-life Clear and don’t know what-all I might have had run on me after going Clear way back then, but it was the early ’50s and research was raging ahead. I’m finally getting my Grades now and intend to complete the Bridge, eventually to regain that mastery over unconsciousness that I attained for a short while in the early ’80s. It’ll come in handy next time I want to leave a body for a new one.”


Dec 4: “While most of history’s philosophers were blinded by deductive logic, Ron stuck out his neck and proved that intuition can be right, and millions of success stories back him up. If Dianetics and Scientology didn’t work they would never have got off the ground to start with. Religions and atheism offer only aphorisms, mundane morality, and megatons of pomposity. ‘Do unto others…’ is about the best the world has come up with – but no actual tech….The suicide rate in the UK is at an all-time high. Marriages don’t last, and social ills just get worse and worse: the dire economy, terrorism, drug, alcohol abuse and crime won’t go away, on and on and on. But wait, there is a solution! ‘a tiny group of data’ has come to the rescue!”

Dec 5: “Ron was interested in producing a philosophy which had practical use. That was something which hasn’t been done in hundreds or thousands of years. Instead, philosophers (both east and west) sit around and issue thunderous principles which have little or no relation to anything in the real world. Religion and philosophy have acted to civilize the world to some extent, to be sure. But the wars, conflicts, crime and insanity which are part and parcel of life on Earth haven’t lessened significantly. Proving that religion and philosophy have generally let Man down. Scientology is a colossal advance. I don’t think even most Scientologists realize how profound it is. And for the most part one guy — one guy — came up with it. It’s just about beyond the imagination. I get amused at those in the Field who complain about the arrogance of Scientologists who claim to have the only road out. While arrogance isn’t desirable, no other group on Earth has more right to be ‘arrogant’ than we have. Ron wasn’t exaggerating about what he said in KSW and Safeguarding Technology.”

Dec 6: “Outside of Ron’s, there is no other tech out there. The best others have is a temporary stilling of the mind, which is well-nigh impossible to achieve. Keying oneself out by various means such as physical exercise or going on holiday or re-arranging the furniture is only temporary, bringing a few minutes or hours of relief, at best. The only other recourse is alcohol or drugs, with catastrophic penalties.”

Dec 7: “Ron rules. Academia (as an organization) sucks — today perhaps even more than then. Dianetics and Scientology is an engineering approach to the mind and humanities and they work better than what the establishment produces.”

Dec 8: “I was born this lifetime in 1957. So whatever I may say about the early days of Dianetics and Scientology is generally from my last lifetime, where I was more or less in the thick of things. I did know LRH, and I did attend some, but not all of his lectures. He and I were not ‘pals,’ but I had enough contact with him to be able to size up his character. This lifetime, I ‘returned’ to Scientology in 1976, at the tender age of 19.”

Dec 9: “When and if corporate Scientology will implode, and the even bigger unknown, how? In my craziest ‘conspiracy theory’ mind, I can see a path where they will not actually fold up. I can fairly easily envision a marry-up of Black Dianetics, Psychiatry, and the oligarchy which currently rules my country, the USA. In fact I can already see progression in that direction. Doesn’t have to go that way, but that would be my proposal for Conditional Target #1. Even if most Conditional Targets are wrong, it’s better than the current program which is mostly, ‘Wait and See.’”

Dec 10: “There was another time when I perceived a reptile and it was this disgusting staff member, he was 1.1, and I think I was just looking at him and I got this reptile idea in my head, and I got the idea he was one. He gave me a bad look once after I mentioned I had just seen a UFO, which was the first one I’d ever seen and it was cool and I was excited and he shot me this evil little nasty look. He was totally in a fake PR valence all the time, and guess what, gosh this keeps getting better, he was related to Mike Rinder! Yes that family has bad DNA, maybe this special telepathic connection DNA. Mike Rinder was running around assisting Miscavige with the takeover of Scientology and now he trashes all of Scientology, his life so far as been assisting the enslavers, he is not good for humanity.”

Dec 11: “Ron’s knowledge accurately blasts big holes in Darwin, yet Darwin is miles above ‘Jesus on a dinosaur’ theories.”

Dec 12: “My understanding is that Ron expected Class VIIIs to be the ones to export the Tech to the next planet and the next planet and so on. Otherwise, if LRH is the only exporter around, you’re looking at a universe which will never be cleared until the last sun is just an ember. Now consider the practical aspects of exporting Scientology to another planet. How much time are you really going to spend explaining who the Founder was? Consider that you could be dealing with a population of doll bodies, lizard bodies, insect bodies, no bodies, meat bodies, etc. It’s doubtful you’re going to walk around with 8x10s of Ron in your meter case to pass out. I would never take credit for developing Scientology; I would always say it was developed by this guy who lived on the third planet on your left. But I sincerely doubt I would dwell for any length of time on the personal details of Ron. Someone asks, how many times he was married or how many kids he had… who cares? What brand of coffee did he like the most? Honestly, folks, I have no idea. In the broad scheme of things, Ron and who he was won’t matter much. But the Tech will.”

Dec 13: “The last 20 years under DM particularily, has been devastating….It’s my belief that a real program aimed at recovering every single Clear and OT ever made, along with a generous Amnesty, wherein they were met with 100 percent standard, Ethics officers, CSing, Auditors and Admin Terminals would create the greatest renessance in the history of the subject. The result would boom orgs and the inflow of new (FSMed) public in ways never, ever seen, not even in the haydays of Scientology.”

Dec 14: “There is a big difference between the Hanas of the world and the new public who really don’t know the subject. Hana, and some others, who present themselves as long term Scientologists, worked with LRH, etc, who then bash the subject — I have no respect for them whatsoever or desire to help them as they are doing real damage to the uninformed. (After all, they must know, right?) And damage to me as the bad PR muddies up the general public image. No, they have placed themselves beyond receiving any help and their only course is to get their own ethics in and figure out what they could do to make up the damage.”

Dec 15: “Auditing on SOLO NOTs has really helped me to fine tune my understanding and appreciation of truth. The meter responds when you get that as-isness. The mass blows and the needle/tone arm show the release of the mass that is associated with what had formerly been an untruth or a not-is. If there is an argument or upset that you get into with another person, you can always resolve it if you back track and duplicate exactly what had occurred (the truth) and then it goes and with its departure it takes any residual upset or resentment connected with it. The truth does set you free — as the truth gives you as-isness.”

Dec 16: “There’s an LRH lecture in The Philadelphia Doctorate Course where LRH describes the several races of ETs on Earth. One of those races of ETs is what he calls the ‘Snake Man.’ The first broad public exposure of reptilians was done in the mid 90’s by researcher abductee Karla Turner in her books and lectures. Using hypnotic memory retrieval techniques to peel off layers of false memories, she uncovered that reptilians can disguise as ‘angels’ or ‘ancestors.’ She also discovered that reptilians feed on human bodies.”

Dec 17: “Ron after 1972 was not himself anymore. Whatever happened to him, he was destroyed. Game over for him. He was either a clone or a heavily PDHed messed up shadow of his former self. I can say that I consider Ron as the best genius on this planet. But in my view, clearly after 1972 he is not that anymore. He’s fake after that. Whoever got him, be it CIA/FBI or Aliens, Marcabs, matter less. He was being used by others to destroy Scientology from within.”


Dec 18: “Everyone’s postulates work. They are all working. Old postulates, present time postulates, and future postulates. Problem is, people don’t always know what their postulates are, they are busy convincing themselves that their latest show is the ‘true me’ to the point they don’t even realize they are lying about their own postulates. It isn’t about changing reality according to your will, that is just a side show for an OT showing off when done overtly. When done covertly, it is just painting a false picture around a person by feeding them false information. Future is determined by individual and individual+majority placing their agreed upon ideas of the future there. Individuals mostly not know what their postulates are, many exceptions to this of course, and also they not know that their first postulate is not know. You have to be able to not-know that you are not knowing in order to keep the game (with all its random factors) of life in motion.”

Dec 19: “The MEST universe is basically a theta trap. So some OT abilities does not work until you’re inside a meat body.”

Dec 20: “For those who wonder if I’m a Scientologist, all I can say is: If LRH is the individual I think that person is, I’m pretty sure I’d take a bullet thru the head for that individual. If I felt quite sure it was the best possible way to keep the only Scientology I believe in going.”

Dec 21: “The Universe is a ‘natural’ Matrix — planet Earth is stuck in a distortion of this field as an artificial matrix — mass black magick rituals (wars, etc.) and faked realities and information fuel this matrix and produce peculiar inversions to shield these evil beings from discovery and the consequences of Natural Law (spiritual karma) — military and police are used as their ‘human shields’ — group agreement makes this a ‘hell on Earth.’ The tilting of planet Earth caused mankind to forage for meat to avoid starvation and set in motion the cycle of violence that we are still stuck in.”

Dec 22: “I think there is different levels of beingness and as you advance up you always look at the people below you and think that they are insane, but you think you’re sane, then you progress and then you think about how you used to be and you think you were insane, so it’s all a gradient scale, and earthlings on average are not advanced so therefore we are all insane.”

Dec 23: “I think us Scios need to look after our bodies and live longer as there’s a bit of a problem with div 6 in the Scientology world and until we have a healthy influx on new bodies into Scientology regularly, until the div 6 problem has been handled, we are going to have to make sure the bodies we’ve got are around for as long as possible. Like til you’re 120, no joke, and I actually expect more than that. This is vital for Scientology ATM. So to do this there are great supplements available, I take: Astaxanathin, Niacin, Reishi tea (so happy I can drink a supplement, so good), Alex Jones’s DNA Force, White Powder Gold and Resveratrol. Just a bit of this stuff everyday forever will stop the body from ageing….Our bodies have been designed to age and die, they’ve been programmed to by SPs, well we can get around this. Intelligent, awake people need to live as long as possible. This is no negotiable unless you want to get a new body sometime soon which might be right for you, but for the rest of us, we aint gonna die and we are gonna make Scientology a game for many more.”

Dec 24: “Disconnection is an individual’s choice. Yes, Ethics might encourage someone to do it, but at the end of the day it’s the persons who do it, who are to accept responsibility for it and not blame the church with the ‘following orders’ excuse. I don’t blame the church when my friends in the church disconnected from me. I blame them and their inability to confront the truth, and also just that they were happy with the church and I’m cool with that, it was their personal decision to disconnect from me, not the church’s. But I just don’t like it when people blame big organizations for actions they do. For example, it wasn’t Hitler’s fault for the holocaust, it was the SS soldiers who did it. They believed in the cause, they wanted to do it, they thought what they were doing was right, they should take responsibility for it and should be blamed for it.”

Dec 25: “Dear Mr. President, We Free Scientologists would like to contribute to the task of making America great again. The American writer L. Ron Hubbard developed an advanced technology to free the human mind from past experiences (trauma) so that the people can think freely and manage their lives successfully….Since then Scientology has experienced a hidden influence by intelligence agents, which finally took over Scientology in the 1970’s and put it under the control of the Deep State….As the intelligence community wanted a monopoly on these capabilities, they…put Scientology onto ‘Nixon’s enemy list’ and used the FBI-COINTELPRO to get rid of Hubbard — an Interpol-warrant was issued and he was imprisoned on 4 December 1972 without a chance of legal recourse….The original Scientology — as developed by L. Ron Hubbard — contains the methods and techniques to free the human spirit and mind from past experiences and constraints…We need all the resources available in each person to survive the global crisis which is ahead of us. We need many more people as clear and powerful as you, Mr. President, obviously are. Please help to rehabilitate the true potential of Scientology by ordering these agencies to stop infiltrating and get them out of our church….Thank you for being there and taking the responsibility of the post of US President. I love you too.”

Dec 26: “I’ve been told (scouting various sites and listening to interviews) that certain ‘aliens’ envy human bodies for their sensitivity and ability to emote and feel with sensitivity. Apparently theirs are constructed for war and space duty, and have a pretty drab existence (but less pain and injury — the apparent trade-off in this place and time). That said, auditing doesn’t seem to work as well on bodies being loaded down with animal flesh and animal products and chemicals that the body wasn’t designed to process. Living in such a body can sometimes indeed, fit the description of ‘hell.’ Expecting auditing to make a well and happy body without some attention to detox (Purif), seemingly can’t go too far for too long. Hence, the Purification Rundown.”

Dec 27: “I was in contact with my son before he was born…We come from knowing everything, at least my son did, into a baby body that now is expected to need to learn everything. Seems crazy. But my son told me that he would have to disconnect our link so he could forget everything so he could then learn it again. At three days old he came to me and said goodbye, he told me it was time for him to forget and he could not do that and keep our link. For me it felt physical like a door slammed into my face and then he was gone.”

Dec 28: “You don’t need OT power to get sex, the body has more X-rated stuff in it than 50 universes put together over trillions of years of accumulation. Once the Black V starts to clear up, your dreams will be so XXX-rated it will make you blink.”

Dec 29: “A lot of terminals, I believe, think they were sentenced to MEST. In Christianity the physical plane is not the Garden of Eden, Paradise, etc., but a descent on a gradient? P.S., the future may end up like ‘1984’ plus ten. Chips and AI implants, etc. Do you think an organisation of robots like Miscavige has is worse? I don’t think so. Sure, he likes to play god with the Bridge and has a 1.1 serfac attitude to public (‘I’ll take all their money because they are out-ethics public who need to be sec checked like the SPs that they are,’ etc). I can almost see it in his head. However, I wouldn’t want to see the church end just on the off chance it changes. Even the slightest chance true? This is how you play the game with an SP.”

Dec 30: “There’s a story that’s been going around forever. Heber Jentzsch was taking part in some sort of interview thing with a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist, wanting to portray Heber as a faker, told Heber to exteriorize so everyone could see it happen. Heber, being the clever bloke he was, waited a moment or two, and then deadpanned, ‘Want me to do it again?’ The psychiatrist was, needless to say, left speechless.”

Dec 31: “E=mc2 is a flawed idea. Yes, it’s true that matter is really just solidified energy. But what’s been left out is the thetan. The thetan, who has no location in time and space, adds and subtracts energy and mass at will to the Universe as he sees fit. If, as an OT, I see a bus about to careen into a bunch of school kids and I decide to change the trajectory of the bus to spare the lives of these children, where does the energy to do that come from? Me! I create it from ‘whole cloth’ and add it to this universe.”


Jan 1, 2020: “The science of creating advanced spirit beings is not new. Scientology is simply a watered-down version of original Egyptian technology to create those advanced spirit beings. You see the similarity in symbolism because their “spiritual advancement sciences” (science in this case being a religion) emanate from the same source, the ruler(s) of this Matrix. They (rulers) have had this science for millions of years, compared to this Matrix lifetime which is between 12 and 13 thousand years. This ‘knowledge’ can be altered, improved upon or made less effective. The abilities gained are given and in the same way can be taken away by the same Watchers that rule. The original purpose of Scientology which was not ‘to clear the planet’ failed. So they pulled the plug. What we have now is a chaotic mishmash of Scientology offshoots going in every direction but only after physical body death will most Scientologists see where their own brand of Scientology has taken them.”

Jan 2: “The evil intention of Pelosi and her Democrat followers is there to be as-is and vanished by the Indie OTs and scientologists/ex-scientologists.”

Jan 3: “Earth is being taken over, and unless we get rid of this bad DNA from our gene pool or unless we correct our DNA through doing OT8 we will always have trouble here on Earth. This is exactly what David Icke is describing when he says the elite are possessed by reptilians. Hubbard never mentions the word reptilian but its the same thing, maybe David has taken the research further by discovering they are reptiles? Maybe Hubbard knew this but thought people couldn’t handle that data as it might sound too silly or something so didn’t mention what they look like? And it isn’t that relevant anyway. These evil people are not really people, they are possessed. So we can keep fighting the evil changes to our world they are trying to make which is things like setting up the European Union and turning us all into trannys, or we can do OT8 on mass to fix everyone’s DNA so that these evil beings can’t mind control/posses people here anymore.”

Jan 4: “An implanter would be a controller and controllers work outside of this planet. We here have been fooled our whole lives about everything. But this understanding comes from outside of Scientology. One would recognize every mystery when one understands the Matrix rulers, how they operate, and what supreme being they answer to. One must understand that what we see in current time is a playout of a war between an evil and an all good God. The war is almost over and we are reaching the point that LRH referred to as The Markabian Landing and Christians call Christ’s Second Coming. The truth and deception about this Matrix had to remain hidden otherwise they couldn’t control you. It’s ok. Big changes are coming soon.”

Jan 5: “There is really no more satanism in Scientology than there is actually in the Catholic church. Only the protestant Christians tried to get away from symbol and ritual and authoritarianism — all elements of satanism — but even they did not do nearly well enough….The slavemasters of the planet (Vatican & British nobility — ‘Priests & Kings shall rule’ — the double-headed eagle) have pushed only extremes in order to divide & conquer.”

Jan 6: “I was audited by a class 8 auditor. Further processing something else, I took over the session using her and her meter to guide me to answer some questions I had. I went to the days of the crucifixion and went inside Christ body and some very heavy forces was hitting the spirit of me, not the body. I left the body, looked from a distance, and saw an oval of gold light in front of him and this oval went up into the sky and it was a UFO implanting the area and running beams on the being of Christ. I yelled, it was a trick. Whoever was in that ship tricked Christ into doing that crucifixion for what reasons I don’t know, but the being in me knows.”

Jan 7: “If people think Jesus is God, (he is, but who isn’t), is he the only God? If you want to go the shortest most direct route to God itself, then contact your higher self. There is no route shorter or more direct. But this golden ball is a creation of God that is outside this physical universe, that is YOU. If you contact the golden ball, that is not you, that is a creation of you that is more or less the eyes of YOU, (the you is the you outside of the physical MEST universe). That creation of you has been heavily damaged and filled with endless millennium of lies, misinterpreted painful experiences hidden to the body itself, disinformation, implants of other entities who are not you and histories that are not you to keep you so disoriented you can never find out who you are. If you want to go direct to source, contact the YOU that is outside this physical MEST universe.”

Jan 8: “There is a recognition point that occurs when a person blows the current cycle of existence and rehabilitates spiritual reality where the person understands they have multiple eternities running concurrently, each with its own timeline, or as LRH puts it, theta line, and that they can choose to view that timeline at any moment. So they come up with multiple selves and timelines in independent universes….I am aware of beings in parallel universes who are able to peer into this one. However, to date these appear to be techno based civilisations whose basic intent is some form of manipulation or programming at the level of elsewhereness, albeit the elsewhereness consists of a parallel universe and alternative theta line.”

Jan 9: “Hubbard mentioned Pain-Drug-Hypnosis, the Pilot mentioned Sex-Drug-Hypnosis, could we now be in the era of the now-we-live-inside-an-antenna-farm-based EDH where the EMF fields are being broadcast for the specific purpose of keying in specific phenomena in the body and/or the thetan’s vias? I believe I once read a quote of Captain Bill Robertson mentioning this phenomenon somewhere in the Ron’s Org material but I haven’t been able to find the reference. Its well known that a real, verified security clearance is required of any and all employees allowed to enter those fenced ground facilities at the base of the cell towers.”

Jan 10: “It all just makes it real to me of what LRH says on OT2 about the effect of implants and also just how well the CIA has hijacked the tech for both the church and FZ. What I have been witnessing is one huge confusion. It will require one seriously strong being to find the stable datum around which all else will unconfuse. And then we will still have fucknuts insisting that their version is the only correct one. Much like the circus called Christianity.”

Jan 11: “It’s a choice or at least a potential choice to introvert or interiorise into an alternative theta line at a particular point in time, or to view the past from the future, future from.the past and to zone in on a specific concurrent moment in an alternative universe. Perhaps if the person is OT 30, then OT1 — when they are actually trying to get their case handled — acts like an interiorisation. As far as I am concerned the entire phenomena reduces to unresolved theta programming as Static which is only aligned with the rehabilitation of Spiritual Reality and Native State. If instead the person chooses to plummet back into MEST, that’s their choice. In doing so they also plummet back into MEST case factors and automaticities which are only resolved at a theta level exterior to both MEST and Static.”

Jan 12: “We audit beings, the thetan. Even if it has two different bodies in different planets, the being is the same. So we are facing here the tech necessary to audit the being when it has two or 10 bodies running simultaneously. Do you know the steps necessary to do that? Does the Church of Scientology have that tech? Does Freezone or Ron’s Org? Does the other LRH in the other planet?”

Jan 13: “I’m not indicating this is what happened to LRH. I am just indicating that LRH’s data on Theta Lines is confirmed, and that there can be several reincarnations of LRH on this planet. So far, only Justin Craig has come so far. There was a teenager that claimed she also was the reincarnation of LRH, but didn’t go too far.”

Jan 14: “My current view is that MEST in the form of off-planet AI actually creates its own needs and wants (in its advanced forms) in order to accomplish its mission to destroy/entrap theta…. Two people/two things/MEST/theta can be polar opposites and exist in harmony unless they have gone insane. MEST in the form of advanced AI is insane.”


Jan 15: “I have had recollections of running parts of Scientology on other planets. I have no specific recall of LRH being involved. I do not regard such recalls, my own included, as source data for the tech.”

Jan 16: “I doubt LRH will be back. Probably doing exactly the same elsewhere. You don’t just sow one seed and hope it will grow. You gotta sow many. That’s what the Class XIIs were for, to ensure the technology is preserved and used. Even now many of them have strayed off course in one way or another. Gone off source, beholden to Miscaviage, caved in, gone 1st dynamic or hell bent on revenge. They were meant to continue the upward thrust. All I can do is try to ensure that a pocket of the tech does not get diluted or squirreled.”

Jan 17: “The ideal whistleblower would be one that discloses corruption or wrongdoing without ideas of making nothing out of Scientology. Or one that offers reform. The bad whistleblower would be that one who discloses corruption or wrongdoing with the intent of making nothing out of Scientology to benefit the status quo corruption or wrongdoing of the secret government.”

Jan 18: “LRH said that the release of OT9 and above required a large group of people through OT8 and many orgs the size of old Saint Hill. If OT9 were first dynamic levels then such would not be necessary. The Church of Scientology and the Sea Org are not real groups as they operate on inverted third dynamics to the detriment of the individual first dynamics. True groups involve the interactions of individuals who are surviving on the first and second dynamic. The authoritarian hierarchical structure of Scientology organizations makes that impossible. We have a long way to go.”

Jan 19: “Imagine that you are strong enough to instantly destroy in absolute agony anyone who offers you the slightest offence. Once you have destroyed them then it is done. You cannot reverse it. Might you postulate inability in yourself after destroying a loved one who admired another’s body when they thought you were not looking? We do not trust ourselves to become OT again until we have learnt to control our destructive impulses. The latest OT rundown is not a solution. The solution is spending thousands of hours studying LRH tech and fully understanding and applying it.”

Jan 20: “Best to step out of theta/mind in order to observe whether you’re Saturnian or Adamite soul. In between lives information is not in the mind. It is felt by the soul that has had to live the torture over and over. Also helpful is to know who the Matrix rulers are from the top ruler all the way down to their lowliest; who they really are. They are big on hierarchies. Best to see them rulers (highly advanced evil beings) when they are not wearing their stolen garments, residing in their residence of stolen aspects which makes their place look beautiful. Take away their stolen garments and aspects and they and their place is an ugly hell-hole only them Saturnian souls can tolerate. You can work with theta and the mind till the end of time and this understanding will never show up. Only the live being, he or she, carries this understanding, not androgynous theta, and not beehive mind. Intentionally, to keep souls imprisoned here, these pictures were not downloaded into the mind.”

Jan 21: “I understand the soul types, I understand the soul families, I understand the hierarchies and I also know that a person can spend all eternity searching, multiple eternities, aeons upon aeons, lost… and never restore their Essence. I also comprehend that no amount of auditing the mind makes a scrap of difference to this because the restoration of the essence of the person is found outside the theta/mest construct and all that may be conceived of. Being of Light or Darkness, Adamite or Saturnine, whomever the person actually is, I accompany the person home, all way home and outside all to where the person restores their own divine essence and the person finds they are whole and complete, and completely free. Exit. Gone. So far no-one has left me with a dead body, yet they are well and truly gone for as long as they need to be and tell me they simply return out of compassion and kindness to tell me the story. Its an act of pure love, even for creatures of the dark side, and so now it seem I have free passage to walk the pits of hell as I accompany this type of lost soul home to their divine abodes which are the antithesis of all we know and hold to be sacred and true.”

Jan 22: “Ron was taken out of the game in 1972 and later just ‘mocked up’ to explain all the alter-is of the tech in the next 14 years till his alleged death. In this wise the global enslavers took not only control over the church, but they destroyed the workable technology, the Bridge and made sure, that no one can go Clear and OT any more. Neither in the Church nor in the Freezone. As long as the people believe in all the revisions by the new management since about 1973, especially since 1978.”

Jan 23: “Ultimately the truth is that each of us is here by our own choices, perhaps naively without understanding the consequences, yet it is our own choices and compromises that have ultimately led us through the entire cycle of creation to where we are now. Whilst someone else is responsible for the problem and the solution. The person is basically at total effect. This is a lie, and a trap, a prison of disbelief the person has chosen to adopt as a way of protest. The responsibility is elsewhere with someone else. This is false. A neat trap.”

Jan 24: “I spent 40 years in Scientology. Only 9 months ago did I begin to understand who I was really. So, one would have to, without difficulty, be able to step in and out of theta/mind. The construct recedes so it’s different from exteriorization. There’s no written technology to do it so one would simply have to intend if one is interested. Yet, one does not have to be at effect: In your soul cause/effect is no longer applicable. A soul, little by little can be strengthened and theta/mind does not disappear. It remains with you until physical death.”

Jan 25: “If no one trains to be an auditor then Scientology will be dead in the future. There are two major ‘stops’ to training, time and money. There are people who might want to train who believe they can’t afford it. If someone would start a fund raising campaign and collect funds that could be given as grants for studying that might help. For example if there was a grant available for training, I could advertise for someone who would be willing to become and auditor if he/she had financial help. Just a thought.”

Jan 26: “I popped completely out of this universe to a void of complete nothing. It would be like going from all noise to complete silence on EVERYTHING. Can’t feel body weight or the matter energy space and time of any part of the physical universe. An instant after being in the void I pop back into the physical universe around 750 AD and everything turns on again with the exception is I am out of body in that lifetime looking down at castle in France or England. Took a look and popped completely out of that time back into the void of nothing and then back into the full MATTER ENERGY SPACE AND TIME IMPACT to PT, (present time). It is like nothing you can imagine unless you did it. turning everything off completely and then everything on completely.”

Jan 27: “A natural clear is a baby OT and it has no pictures so a Natural clear must have come from the future created NEW with no MEST (matter energy space and time) memory system. SO this makes me untraceable since they can’t hook a beam onto a static but they can hook a beam on to a physical universe (MEST) memory system. So I assume Natural Clears are the first REAL OT’S because we don’t have to erase pictures does this make sense?”

Jan 28: “For those who say the Purif is not LRH, I want to ask them: What is their solution for surviving the current End Game of food contamination that is currently reducing the population? If it were not for Cal-Mag, vitamins, minerals and oil, several of us would be in very poor shape and others gone.”


Jan 29: “Dear New Era Scientologists, I am feeling very festive at the start of this 2020. 20-20 is the year everyone’s eyesight opens up! The Commodore’s technical advancements deserve a big party. Better yet, I think we should have a big party every month just to celebrate how great a bunch of people we all are. I could easily organize a big party to mark 2020 as the best ever New Era milestone. New Era individuals could be encouraged to celebrate on an appointed date in all of the principal areas where we reside. How say you?”

Jan 30: “LRH might have been part of Brit agendas, but his agenda sided with the white South Africans for the benefit of the blacks. His tape predicted and explained what is happening and is the key for correction not only on South Africa but also in the Middle East.”

Jan 31: “The subject here is the Covert Hostility 1.1 tone level. Disregard of this data (on excuses of politics, religion or human rights) has destroyed the 2nd Dynamic in the USA and the world. Disregard of this data is causing American millenials to vote for Karl Marx’s candidate Bernie Sanders. Sanders’ agenda is for the creation of US Gulags for those stupid millenials in Alaska.”

Feb 1: “I got a private message from someone who was from Ron’s Org. He claims he has done superstatic rundown at Ron’s org. I asked him if a being went completely out of the physical universe to a complete void and re-entered the physical universe in another time then what would that be. He said that is superstatic rundown. Able to leave this physical universe and enter into any other time period. It happened to me when the class 8 auditor was doing integrity processing on me and asked me a question that would take me into a past life. The past life of this orb [thetan with a location] I’m running is blank, because this orb was created new right out of the source, like inelia Benz, but the meter was reading an incident on one of my timelines. I had to go out of this physical universe to source and re-enter in my other timelines track to erase the incident.”

Feb 2: “I was too late to stop Scientology from getting infiltrated. The reptilians came down from the future too, to infiltrated Scientology from inside with these sleeper children that will wake up in the future controlled by reptilians and take over Scientology from inside. I was also audited on my other time lines and there was another million of time lines from the spirit I came from that were also free of this mind too and they would raise the vibrations of the planet. So what we are doing is we are replacing everyone eventually with new entities with no physical universe mind that can be implanted. So they can’t use mind control on us or fill our minds with garbage since we are created new in the future with no mind, because the spirit doesn’t need this mind. A spirit can just know. So that is how we are wining this game.”

Feb 3: “The 1.1 handling in Science of Survival is a handling mainly for people on that tone band. That it also includes communists and sexually perverted people is coincidental. And I don’t think LRH would have been worried that a suppressive puppet would expose him (LRH) in a bad light just because he said that 1.1s should be banned from public office.”

Feb 5: “Because the tech was created in the future then this timeline was created in this future and sent here to this time now I don’t want to confuse anyone. The static creates the new viewpoint but since the real time this universe is running is in a future time then the static created this viewpoint in the now of the future but sent me to this period of time. Does this make sense?”

Feb 6: “The postulate that worked for me that caused the rain in Australia had nothing to do with rain. I just become the planet and covered it with my beingness and decided it was all safe and OK. The thought of rain was also a previous one to this one but this one made it manifest.”

Feb 7: “Given the current athmosphere in the world against the family and the push for the sodomite agenda, it is not hard to predict that some people might discard or ban from LRH books any reference to homosexuality, including the descriptions of the 1.1 tone level in ‘Science of Survival’ as regards ‘sexuality’ and ‘procreation.’ My intention is to demonstrate how those quotes (the dangerousness of the 1.1 tone level as regards to sexuality and procreation) are more valid today than any time in human history.”

Feb 8: “Scientologists that are in the know, myself, likewise, a former exoplanet space-academy member. The more we know and the less the cabal withholds info, spiritual awareness, and their hidden agendas, the easier and faster it will become to get the general population woke to injustice, and knowledgeable or aware enough to want and demand more knowledge, including the knowledge and technology of the LRH Bridge. The Sea Org motto is ‘We Return.’ The old sea was Space, and now, once again, the new sea will be a return to Space.”

Feb 9: “OT III is an incredible level — of all the gains I got in Scientology, OT III was my biggest one. Better than the L’s. OT III is fantastic. There are only two problems with OT III, either the student can’t audit, or he’s not quite ready for it. And if he does well on OT II, then he should do fine on OT III as OT II is part of one of the major incidents we run on OT III. I hope you know that.”

Feb 10: “Scientology really has helped me to become the god I am. I think a lot comes down to taking control of that surfboard (your mind) and surfing it into the parallel universe which interests you. If you understand that there’s probably millions of parallel universes and millions of versions of you and me, then this explains how we can always think something then pop into the universe where that is the case. Its like a computer game that’s got so many mission variations already coded on the CD that you can just select with the cursor whatever experience or mission you want and then it will occur. It’s the ultimate game, endless entertainment. We are universe surfing always anyway even if we don’t believe in it, it’s just that people are surfing into parallel universes where they are powerless, where they can’t affect the physical universe, that’s probably why the powers that be keep trying to scare us, they are getting us to go into and stay in the universes where we are powerless.”

Feb 11: “When I was inside the ship and talking to a gray in telepathy, my body was not there, only me. Therefore there is nothing physical that can create sound, or hear sound. A spirit being normally communicates with radio frequencies, so from my experience it was like this entity was literally putting the sound in me. It is much different than hearing sound. So this would be an OT ability.”

Feb 12: “In the free field, are young Auditors being made? The scenario that I can see (and I hope I will be very wrong) is people in their 50s, 60s, or 70s training in some Freezone Orgs in the world, but I can not see young ones. I’m worried — is there going to be a new generation of Auditors at all? I´m not personally in the KSW protector position frankly, and I have always said that for me some things LRH discovered are just nonsense. But I have also said always that 80 or 85 percent of basic Scientology Technology is pure gold, so IMHO it needs to be passed to the next generation. I’m Grad V Auditor with four internships fully done and I have 39 years in; I’m single and looking for a girlfriend that has Auditor training (this last is a joke, bear with me). Do you know some specific things being done in this particular area, young Auditors in training anywhere in the world? Any of you know Auditors in their 20s or 30s?”


Feb 13: “I am an OT and irregardless of life’s circumstances I cannot be broken. Changing the world? Well that’s another thing. One OT has already proven it can be done. Look at LRH. Or even look at Sadhguru. Both are OTs and LRH was Guatama Siddhartha, the founder of Buddhism, and Sadghuru was vida, the founder of mysticism. Look what both of those OTs have done in their times alone as OTs. Millions of people are going Clear. Thousands of OTs are being born. Have faith in yourself and have faith in humanity and you will succeed. Look at all things in life. Be there comfortably. And look don’t believe.”

Feb 14: “So there is this static potential we call theta. It has no mass, no motion, no space, no time, no wavelength but it has the ability to postulate and perceive. It is a life potential creator that all things you see have been created out of. So from this theta, pieces broke off and pieces of the pieces broke off these pieces, and they became the spirit beings that created this ‘agreed upon universe.’ It is agree upon because we agreed to the laws that it operates, by like for example gravity. Now imagine creating a block of space the size of a swimming pool. This space is NOT a nothing. It appears to be a nothing but it’s NOT. Some of these UFOs travel from one part of the universe to the other by just swapping space. That means take the coordinates of a block of space here and an identical size of space say 10 light years from here and swap spaces. Whatever is in this block of space, (like a space ship), goes to the other block of space and whatever is in that block of space comes to this block of space. The space will vanish the second time we look at it because looking at it twice violates a law that ‘no two identical objects can occupy the same space.’ So we have to trick it somehow to make it persist. We do this by creating another space in the exact same space in an instant later and DON’t LOOK AT THE ORIGINAL SPACE YOU CREATED. In fact lie about it and say someone else created it. By the continuous creation of new space in a new time we have space that persists, a space time continuum. Now we are creating this from the static called theta so we now have to create a viewpoint from the broken pieces (spirits, thetans) to go into this block of space the size of a swimming pool to create and view what we create. We try many different creations over and over again until we got the idea of creating atoms. These atoms are just a new particle created in each new space that is create and had its position in space moved so it can manifest a particle moving in a circle. Over a period of time we make all these combinations of atoms and give them properties we add so eventually over millions of years of experimentation we have finally got a workable model with suns, moons, planets. That is the most basic simple model I can think of.”

Feb 15: “After being audited by trey I was trying to find a source point to all the time lines. I had found about 10 in the stars and a million sent back to raise the vibration of the planet. So if the spirit is in the static it is all knowing so it can’t see the physical universe being source. because if it knows everything then it knows the creation and that would vanish the creation, so there must be another viewpoint that is in the physical universe that can create all the timelines. So I think that is where I go when I pop out of this time and go to a void and then pop into another point in time. And since all the timelines come from the same spirit then I would be able to view all of them from there and even repair them from there. So then if we could get to that point it would be like being 3 feet behind your head you would just KNOW HOW to heal it. So that was my realization. If there was a way we can get to that source point which is in the physical universe and can see it and all its time lines we could fix this place pretty easy.”

Feb 16: “While it seems true that LRH didn’t complete his engineering degree, he had some engineering schooling, he was a consummate engineer in how he thought; and many engineers were confident he had an engineer’s mind, including my father who was a software engineer. I was once shown a 1950 dictionary whose entry for Dianetics read ‘a mental science developed by American engineer, L. Ron Hubbard,’ and so I wonder if history has been revised/files have been corrupted, as dictionary writers tend to do good research work, I think.”

Feb 17: “I entered this body when I was 4 and a half years old. This body was dying and the being inside it allowed me to enter it, because the entity wanted to leave. I was unaware of who I was for a long time. Many amazing things happened and I was able to awaken to who I am. I am one of the first new creations of new Orbs that are being created directly out of the static source in the future. I have never been in this universe before. I was sent from the future.”

Feb 18: “Outside this universe there is no time. There is only this huge movie we see creating itself more and more into the future. Since all of this movie is present outside the physical universe, a being can enter into any time period he wants if he has the level of awareness that allows him to do so. I was sent to this period of time as a new creation. The purpose was and is to raise the vibrations of the planet. This will, by itself, align this period of time and alter the future to make everything better. There were a million of me created from one of the Gods. They might be operating bodies on or off the planet. Most are Orbs that are directly connected to source so they are all around the planet raising the vibrations of the planet. I would say there is less than 10 of me operating bodies on this planet. The rest would be Orbs just observing and raising the vibrations.”

Feb 19: “We need auditors well trained. When I went through the upper sections no one could get on the solo course without the Briefing Course first — that was (and is) the level of understanding it takes to make happy, successful OTs. Unfortunately that no longer seems an option either in the independent field or in the Church of Scientology. No Saint Hill Special Briefing Course offer there, I have heard. I offer it, but so far, no takers, not in 20 years. So how do we get OTs functioning and happy? It takes a lot of personal attention, helping the student solo auditor fill in his missing data, helping him through his levels.”

Feb 20: “According to LRH this is not so. Men are not created equal. According to LRH, there are higher order thetans and ‘puppet society’ thetans. In the Bill Robertson cosmology, there are Source Thetans, created thetans and several hierarchies of thetans. The spiritual world is not ‘democratic’.”

Feb 21: “I just wanted to say that I really enjoy the ‘Overheard in the Freezone’ daily feature. It is the first time I have seen thoughts similar to mine, thought processes and interests and realities of a ‘post-Scientology’ similar to mine in a very long time. And I feel at home for the first time in years, the first time since I left Scientology. Except that I could not trace those comments to their writers and comment back. I wish I could. Many of them are really interesting, and I’d like to get to know them and discuss ideas. Please keep the feature going, it is really interesting and worthwhile. It shows some very interesting perspectives that augment mine in a thrilling way, which is rare anywhere.”

Feb 22: “There are profound differences between American indies and European freezoners. American indies are waiting for the return of LRH as indicated by David Mayo. According to Mayo, LRH instructed him (Mayo) to to find LRH reincarnated some 20 years after death. That probably ‘drives them crazy.’ European freezoners, on the other hand, are aware, mostly, that LRH assumed the identity of a Space Commander after death. That somehow provides peace of mind.”

Feb 23: “I may wind up doing OT 9 in Reno with Rey Robles. I haven’t decided yet. Also, keep in mind that in Marty Rathbun’s 1st book, he recommended that any OT 7 who wants to do more can, on their own, discover for themselves new levels of awareness.”

Feb 24: “The last time I saw Jack Parsons he was now this lifetime an OT 5 and still living in Pasadena, and he did recall an explosion.”

Feb 25: “When I extend my space I feel the presence of the local mountain spirits. I have seen many shift into various other practices and mix them in with Scientology without alignment to the axioms resulting in a somewhat goofy hodge podge. PDC tape 53 is one which I consider a fundamental for any researcher along with the Axioms (Both Scientology and Dianetic), Logics. Pre-Logics and the Data Series. Without those tools thoroughly studied one will wander in the dark overwhelmed by the myriads of apparent complexity that face aspiring students of the nature of existence.”

Feb 26: “In session I’ve taken an exterior viewpoint to this universe – is it still called a thetan when operating exterior to a universe? Is it still called a thetan when it can create a universe separate from other universes?”


Feb 27: “I have much track with Ron, as I’ve run out in my prior auditing, including my participation in what Ron called the OT III incident. It is good to search out a matter, and also good to be aware of the technology that can produce what is colloquially called a ‘chiphead,’ which is of course a degrade of the mind after it is scanned and copied onto a chip. Has anyone come across this?”

Feb 28: “Personally speaking I have no doubt whatsoever on the validity and precision of Original LRH Precepts and the practical reality of such states as Clear, Theta Clear, Cleared Theta Clear, Native State and OT per definition, having seen them demonstrated in session and practical life by people I have known and worked with.”

Feb 29: “Usually the first thing I run out in sessions is myself as the effect point or victim. Interacted with Hubbard last life and came back to finish the job and successfully ‘killed the Buddha,’ metaphorically speaking. In Freezone ran Whole Track fixated Hubbard interactions back to cause point, no more fixed postulates re Hubbard. Very appreciative though, very appreciative. He kept me pointed to ‘static’.”

Mar 1: “LRH admits in the OT2 materials that Clear is unstable. I have also noticed heavy deterioration in people who just scratch the surface of OT3/NOTs and stop for whatever reason. A lot of Clears + OTs have left the body but none seem to have returned with good recall, LRH included. I see living on this planet as a continual pulling down of the individual making regular auditing a necessity just to stay level.”

Mar 2: “Able Body Bill said (in the UFO lecture) that siding with the EU and its Marcabian masters was better than siding with the USA and its gray Andromedan masters. Marcab controls the population through economics and tax, while the grays from Andromeda use brain chips and implants.”

Mar 3: “All of history of man is about off-world implanting during the past long amount of time. It’s quite apparent that meatballs aren’t dead in the head because they made a mistake in 3rd grade about the nature of consciousness. If you push the matter of consciousness is NOT brain, your preclear may die that night. It has happened to me.”

Mar 4: “The current world situation is a conflict of powerful beings without individual identities but who operate as group identities and control first and second dynamic oriented beings. Scientology has barely touched these beings. They do not run individual bodies. I am just scraping the surface of the charge involved. There are probably only a few who will read this and become aware of the higher dynamic beings that they are attached to. Once one has freed oneself of the beings who have been BTs attached to oneself then it is time to look at who has one been a BT to and detach oneself from them. That will require a massive leap in responsibility. How to audit this is not easy to look into. LRH went into this in Class 8 tape one but I have only recently realized what he really meant. OT3 and NOTs are about freeing oneself from one’s BTs. After that one has to realize who one has been a BT to and free yourself.”

Mar 5: “We are still in kindergarten. The US government doesn’t believe in theta traps and we have no OTs so far. It is a work in progress. The ‘Free Being’ OTs of the 50s all collapsed within months without any aid from the US government. LRH observed that instant OTs collapsed rapidly and thus the decision to educate. It is a far longer path than he envisioned and it was only near the end of his life that he realized that it was much longer and even then he underestimated the work involved.”

Mar 6: “I have a vision of an OT (very far advanced of course, nothing like seen here so far) being so cause over banks that this is actually how a planet or universe gets cleared — not one by one that’s a joke — but by being so damn Cause, so damn Big, so damn encompassing and pervasive, that all the negative frequencies and images are transmuted to theta/Light.”

Mar 7: “LRH tried to get an enormous amount done in a short life time and it is somewhat of a miracle that he got as much done as he did. He realized that just shooting people up the Bridge to OT was not enough and OTs can be keyed in again (after all, we were originally) and entheta is so prevalent on this planet in so many levels it is very difficult for even a small group to stay exterior let alone an individual. This is why the focus became ‘Clearing the planet’ and getting more and more people educated and through the lower levels in an attempt to raise the tone level of the planet overall to an environment where stable OTs could be made. The more we retreat into our little close knit community the smaller we will get and we will end up back where we started, newly gain experience notwithstanding. We need to expand, get more people ON the bridge, find out what people so desperately need most of and expand our base.”

Mar 8: “A few have said that they communicate with LRH telepathically, but none that I have found credible. I suspect that he did bypass a lot of charge and that he needs time to recover. I expect to meet him again one day but it might be a while.”

Mar 9: “I relate to Beingness as the primary assumption of a Cycle of Existence, Here and Now which may then be differentiated by relative location in space. For me time is relative location in space. Reality is Here, beyond the dissolution of the mechanical conditions of existence, Mind and the separateness of Identity. Reality as Agreement is exactly that: MEST Agreements and Allegiances. In truth reality is a condition of Isness beyond existence and it is composed of everyone. The reality of people. Life is a product of Imagination, identity I, You, He, She, It, We, You plural, They and Mind which generates the Void of Potentiality and results in Existence through the assumption of Beingness as Source.”

Mar 10: “People have arrived at different times on Earth ranging from the initial invasion of this part of the universe 4 billion to 5 billion years ago to the last 10,000 years up to PT. All the neighbouring civilisations including Markab, the Pleiades and Orion through Aldebaran to Sirius and countless more have been conquered, mined, cloned, implanted and programmed from 5 billion years ago up to the present date. As far as ETs go in this vicinity, there are only heirarchies of power based upon technology and OT Programming. There is no help, except from ourselves. OTIII is a recent effect-point incident which may be classed as a basic lock at Unwilling Effect. There is an 8 point Effect to Cause sequence from Unwilling Effect to Knowing Cause. When this Cause-Effect Sequence is resolved to basic, the natural EP originated is ‘Cause over Life.’ This is below the level of resolution of Right/Wrong Assignments, Substitutes, Reversals, Inversions and Compromised Theta Principles which resolve the subjective level of address.”

Mar 11: “For all practical intents and purposes, we are the only Creator there is to be found in any known space or non-space. I take pride to know that we, collectively and individually, are our own known working masters and it is we that are learning to exert positive control over all of life and matter, and otherwise, I don’t see anything else happening any time soon if ever….You want a new planet, build it. You want a new star, build one. You want peace on Earth, make it happen.”


Mar 12: “Our eyes gather perception stereoscopically with very limited sensors that only map three colours out of millions. When people first go exterior they use their BTs to translate their limited perception into something similar to what eyes see. That gets mixed up with lots of facsimiles. Theta perception is very different from what eyes see. Theta beings in a higher state of awareness do not look AT things. They surround and permeate. Light is actually somewhat of a distraction.”

Mar 13: “The word clearing I did while studying to be a Dianetics auditor kept me from falling asleep the next time I watched a training film, and MU phenomenon reading the book, slowing me down, making me feel dumb. I’d posit though that I should have done more practice runs while I was studying. What good is an unapprenticed graduate? Finally finishing the course and given a PC I realized I had budding competency to help another clear engrams and it gave me great joy. However, working with PCs, there is something to be said for intuition or quiet knowingness and pan-determinism, and of course great TR’s. For example, in my current consulting skill-set I started out knowing only one word and having a strong personal need, and I put in thousands of hours testing out theory and clearing MUs as I went.”

Mar 14: “Unlike the 8th dynamic, MEST can be experimented with and gives repeatable results. Exactly how does a thetan interact with a body? We do it effortlessly but what is the mechanism? Can we interact with another bit of MEST in the same way? Why not? MEST exists apparently timelessly. That is to say, the interactions between MEST particles and fields purely and only exist in the present moment — there is no memory, no effect from earlier states. Obviously things change, but at each moment MEST things only react to present-time forces. We ourselves do not exist in that present moment, by the time our brains have processed information we are most of a second out of date. Hence when we try to affect MEST we can’t since it isn’t there in the past in which we are existing.”

Mar 15: “If people have thought that a few thousand hours was a long time to spend on NOTs then they are in for a shock when they start OT 9. I am guessing 20,000 hours for people in good shape.”

Mar 16: “If I focus on the whole or being one with all, I can encompass all the possibilities. If I focus on ‘me’ or ‘I,’ it seems as if I can also see myself as whole or of component parts such as different types of identities. It is similar to seeing a car. One calls it a car to sum up all the components. Same is with a body. We can look at the planet and say, it is a planet but it is composed of billions and billions of parts and pieces. Same as expanding out even further, and labeling all as One. But, what would you call it other than the One or main thetan or God?”

Mar 17: “This whole planet belongs to Marcab. And they are not ‘evil.’ The games are not about good-vs-evil, but just about domination. Since various Invaders come from older universe to this one, and seeks to expand their space empires, the nearby space empires like Marcab are just defending themselves. Any intelligent and or spiritual beings are staying away from conflicts, they do not care who is in charge. I believe that Ron and Captain Bill have nothing to do with any conflicts, except that while alive they tried to ‘make themselves and other people free,’ and thus got removed and reimplanted and recycled back to weak human state. They may arise again, I hope so. If you wonder what this non-free planet has to do with any of this, it is that Marcab is implanting us and preparing us to become all space soldiers and fight against the next incoming Invader waves. Nice science fiction? Look better, watch for clues, some are too obvious.”

Mar 18: “The RPF was created to remove every one of the good guys who could recognize that the doppelganger was not LRH. Outside of the RPF were only new people who did not know LRH or could be cheated or agents of the enemy. The motorcycle accident helped to keep off people from ‘LRH’ as ‘he was in pain and screaming.’ Who would dare to disturb ‘LRH’ if he was so in pain and crying? Not even family members: ‘LRH’ once shouted ‘Get out of here!’ to his wife, when she was at his door.”

Mar 19: “I have trouble sometimes wondering why many people who became Scientologists did so. LRH observed on the Apollo that most of the people there had little understanding of Scientology and ordered everyone to go to the courseroom and study 2 basic books. The ranks of such cesspits as ESMB are filled with people who barely knew anything about the subject who became disillusioned when they didn’t suddenly become magically all-powerful. For a vast portion of the population, TRs are far too steep a gradient. ARC straitwire is too arduous for them. It is a work for many lifetimes.”

Mar 20: “I doubt there is any Planetary Engram and now believe the K–T extinction — abbreviated Cretaceous–Tertiary extinction, also called K–Pg extinction or Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction — is factually the basis of his claim of a wall of fire, though I know there to be such a thing that is capable of producing perceived heat that can for-fact reduce a self to a blithering idiot. If we go off-world this gets wild but there is just no chance of inter-stellar travel by physical craft. The mind has no such limitations.”

Mar 21: “The hidden datum about thetans is that at static there is only one thetan. There is only one of us. All thetans are one beingness, divided against itself. Because there is only one of us at the top of Filbert’s Expanded Tone Scale, any aberative incident which happens to one of us in the presence of another one of us has to be erased also from that point of view, because that other person’s viewpoint is YOURS too! We experience everything that happens around us from the point of view of everything there. But even there’s more. If for example a person is involved in an automobile accident, to achieve total erasure (not merely partial and a release) it would be necessary to assume every viewpoint possible. This would be what looks like madness from a human perspective: the driver of car A, the passenger in car A, the driver of car B, the French poodle in the front seat of car B, the pedestrian who was gazing into a shop window and heard the crash behind her, car A, car B, the pavement, the sky, the buildings, the lamp post, the stop sign (especially the ‘stop’ sign, ha ha!), the sparrow flying past, the tree growing nearby — Get the picture?”

Mar 22: “I suspect their are insane SPs somewhere who have the power to destroy multiple planets at once.”

Mar 23: “It was LRH’s mistake that he failed to perceive that each major triangle was actually two triangles: a white one and a black one. He should have perceived it because he knew Magick, and must have known very well that when summoning any basic universal force that the negative side of that force must be bound FIRST, in order to receive only the positive. (All primal forces in the universe are arranged in a dichotomy with part at or near the top of the tone scale and the other part at or near the bottom.) He failed to bind the black triangles (the KRC also), and they devoured him. To say it in Scientology terms, he failed to confront the lower scale ‘R’ of the ARC triangle, therefore it persisted. The more he failed to confront it, the bigger it became, and after some years the white triangle vanished under a wave of SO force: ‘What does your material state?,’ ‘Make it go right!’ and other black ARC.”

Mar 24: “The point is not to evaluate who is a squirrel or what groups are squirrel. The point is that they tell the truth about their training and the source of their programs. As long as the PC/Client is aware of what is the true training and the source of their processes, some of the auditors invent their own rundowns. If the person is fully aware and still wants to go ahead and accepts that, it’s up to them. I have seen PCs who don’t care if the person is doing their own invented processes, or Internet auditing, etc. The point it’s not to control what is going on, but to detect who is perpetrating fraud and report them. That way PCs, students and clients know the risks. In other words what is their ethics status.”

Mar 25: “The Church is causing 98 percent of its own troubles by Misapplications of Scientology, such as Fair Game, wherein they drive others down tone. If the Church would stop all of its Misapplications — 98 percent of the critics would go away. For that remaining two percent who would insanely attack the Church for making people happier — you use AS-ISNESS as the ONLY solution to them. Prove they are telling lies….You are God in your own universe. You cannot be the effect of something unless you agree to be the effect…The Church is a DEAD END bridge at this point in time, as we have already said. The Church product is missing. Its stats on stable Theta Clears, OTs and Free Beings is zero. The Upper Bridge exists outside the Church — and the case gain and exteriorization and OT phenomena outside of the Church, far exceeds any inside the Church. The hope of man now belongs to the independents.”


Mar 26: “LRH did not have super OT powers. LRH did not return. Thus it is obvious that LRH tech is not perfect and that following it absolutely will not lead to a state of perfection. LRH, with the Pre-Logics, Logics and Axioms, created a foundation for a science of the mind and spirit that is unparalleled. Critics go poopoo at LRH but they are totally incapable of creating anything comparable. There is no other spiritual practice that has a foundation in logical premises. I anticipate spending many lifetimes involved in the expansion of LRH’s work.”

Mar 27: “Apparently some OTs have been following the method: Become the planet, pervade it with one’s beingness and decide all is well. Health authorities in Italy indicate that only two people have died of the real coronavirus.”

Mar 28: “The many communications regarding Scientology on electronic media that rely on reporting the effects of ‘bad tech/policy’ practiced upon others as their only source of discussion upon Scientology or Dianetics is counterproductive in my opinion, and eventually follows the same path as suppression and insanity, a constant willingness and desire to destroy. Justice has been sadly lacking in application within the Scientology organisation and always has been since LRH disappeared and even he was subject to the extent it was lacking. The ethics guidelines in KSW1 fell on death ears for the most part. The exposing of the abuses and alterations and by whom must continue concerning Scientology, but there is another side which remains mostly hidden or open to instant ridicule upon social media and that is the positives of applying the correct technology. Never has there been truer words than, ‘make the tech your own.’”

Mar 29: “In retrospect the one thing I’m most grateful for was my tenacity to not stop with my studying of the R6 materials until I see its practicality. It took quite some work but eventually I began to see what LRH discovered and was dealing with. I still marvel at the diabolical accuracy by which the bank itself operates, yet creates such incredible confusion. It’s quite something to see the myriad of complexities people squabble over and then do the darnedest of things calling it a solution. Man operating as a meat body and doing the things he does is a ‘result of pattern’ not of evolution or any other fancy terms of pseudo sciences. I certainly don’t profess to be greater, bigger or better compared to another at anything, I left that cyclic & competitive game sometime back. My body is old and is doing its thing and we get on more or less pretty well. We don’t play the dynamic game actively anymore but I see the demise of Church of Scientology as resulting from infiltration and then destroyed from within as the greatest crime ever to be committed in the sphere of suppression inflicted upon our species.”

Mar 30: “SPs behave as they do because they are being manipulated telepathically to do so. This is possibly why OT 8 saved the world, there’s seriously evidence for the world changing after OT 8. We are winning and have won, it’s great, that was a big battle of freedom vs enslavement. And Trump announced the Space Force, it’s been around for years but finally it’s made public, the truth is all coming out bit by bit, the whole enslavement system is being dismantled and we are rising to higher heights. The 20th century was all about machine advancement which was amazing, but now the 21st is all about our personal advancement. Atlantis’ golden age has begun.”

Mar 31: “There is a lot of work ahead. I don’t believe specialist auditors can do the job (they can help a lot of individuals, but there are too many for one or even ten thousand auditors). What is needed is that EVERY person in the world know how to deliver a session, and do so whenever someone near them needs one. Twill eventually get the job done.”

Apr 1: “Membership figures in the Freezone — just like in the Church — have been dropping for decades so that the next generation is expected to be nothing but extravagant buildings owned and controlled by US government agencies like CST and RTC in order to increase illegal earnings of controlled intelligence non-governmental organizations (NGOs)….In the west, however, a toothless Scientology — which no longer audits effectively, thus leaving the reactive mind untouched, and no longer produces real Clears and OTs, but instead studies theory (‘The BASICS’) for the most part or, as in the Freezone, replaces the auditor’s training with ‘discussions about Scientology’s aspects in news groups’ — serves a similar purpose as the Freemasons’ lodges centuries ago: a reservoir for critical spirits, free thinkers and intelligent freedom fighters controlled by secret service circles.”

Apr 2: “PCs don’t return to auditors if the results are poor. So the Freezone is sort of self-qualifying. Auditors that are still in practice have to be good auditors. There are many auditors to choose from who have held their space. It could be compared to a free market, people go out of business when they sell faulty products.”

Apr 3: “Scientology got into bad hands starting in 1972, and it was not done by the young David Miscavige at that time, but by the IRS, CIA, FBI and other such criminals with vested interest to hold down Clears and OTs and grab the tech of ‘remote viewing’ for themselves.”

Apr 4: “Now there is the problem of governments using the virus to impose totalitarian fascist states for the World Government. What are OTs going to do? (OT Kirstie Alley is commending Trump for defending the USA, flowing power to the power as described in the ‘Responsibility of Leaders Policy Letter.’) Is this a move for a One World Government, as predicted by Captain Bill Robertson in the early 90’s in his UFO Lecture? Is the solution to postulate a New Civilization? Who are the experts at postulating? The OTs. How many are aware of this?”

Apr 5: “Several of my high school aged clients have remarked on how auditing has been a game changer in regards to their chosen career paths. The focus is not on the financial gains of MEST, but more towards ‘dealing with the futility postulates’ that many on this planet carry. They have noticed the automaticity of the adults around them leading towards the game of death rather than creating, of a paycheck rather than a purpose, and souls lost in amnesia.”

Apr 6: “The Matrix responds to your thoughts. You decide where this pandemic is going to go. You are not powerless, your attitude and thoughts create the movie of your life. You are navigating your way through parallel universes, why not visit the nice ones?”

Apr 7: “Nothing substitutes the action of people in the field writing knowledge reports on dangerous auditors. The problem is that those knowledge reports written by people in the field have been not-ised (deleted) by Facebook group owners. That only protects and enboldens the dangerous auditors being reported. The problem is at the level of group owners. The ones that protect offending auditors. Look at the WHY Finding post in this group. It describes the problem.”

Apr 8: “I finally accept responsibility (KRC) for how I’ve mis-used this body for sensational purposes against its own biochemistry and anatomy — and ineffective or too little address to the mind too — first dynamics ethics condition formula ongoing — all’s going well now that proper conditions formula is at work Soon ready to declare and work through conditions on the 2D.”


Apr 9: “How do you do a sort out when the man who made that game (LRH) isn’t here anymore? I will tell you. It is being done from the future. I find myself blowing huge amounts of charge and flashing through pictures so fast I can’t see them and I just know they are running something on me in the future. The way I see it we are just different timelines of the same spirit, so whatever is handled on one timeline cleans the other timelines too. I have been getting this all through my lifetime coming up with cogs of processes months before they are released and even wrote it up before the process came out like, why don’t you run the Dianetic Engrams to the thought itself that created it. Next comes out New Era Dianetics that does just that.”

Apr 10: “So this is what’s really going on in regards to the virus event. To fully understand it you need to understand that a cult basically runs planet Earth. Top evil dudes are in it. They are in communication with what you could call the dark side of the force, or the devil basically. Or evil gods is exactly what they are. These evil gods direct them telepathically (put ideas in their heads). These ideas involve encouraging them to turn Earth into some type of futuristic electronic 1984 sci fi movie. So right now we are being changed as a society into a new world that is a police state electronic 1984. To change the world into this new world it requires them to do fake pandemics. Otherwise without these events it would take way, way longer. So they create fake pandemics and fake school shootings in order to have excuses to bring in new changes…As L Ron Hubbard said ‘doing something is better than doing nothing.’ Therefore we fight, we resist, and we do not go into any lockdowns. Are you going to let this cult (called Illuminati, by the way) abuse the economy?”

Apr 11: “Revealing overts in advance is done to protect against the withhold/missed withhold kickback mechanism plus the double whammy basic/basic-basic is standard practice. In Reverse Scientology the 5 illogics are referred to as the 5 Magics which as we know when misapplied with destructive intent are the anatomy of insanity. The entire set of phenomena and reverse Scientology audits out as an implant GPM case mechanism, including the double whammy which concerning the actual virus and the 5G immune sytem suppressor is something to be cognizant of.”

Apr 12: “My Christian friends want me to stop studying Scientology. I think it’s a loyalty thing. I have to choose between Christ and L. Ron Hubbard, apparently.”

Apr 13: “Scientology is booby-trapped to the point where Scientologists are sometimes unable to confront and handle reverse Scientology in PT. False bridges are confronted and resolved as an integral component of life on earth and the dynamics beyond the 8th. That includes the 2 primary BTs plus the primary and secondary assumption of beingness for the current eternity. The person is neither and BTs are a lower level harmonic of relative states of beingness, encountered within this universe as BTs which reduce to functions of awareness.”

Apr 14: “Covid came into being about the time Ron was getting into the OT 9 material and the static anti-static case — i.e. existence non-existence sequence. We are witnessing a planetary response and manifestations of confusions blowing off; massive games conditions being as-ised and converted to no-games condition on a planet-wide scale; just from a small handful of us auditing on it. The solution is for us to continue to audit OT 9; which means a major shift and bettered conditions after this all settles.”

Apr 15: “There appears to be one other state of being above OT that can be theoretically stated to be a True Static. So stay the course as things are about to change for the better. All of the hopes and dreams that we have worked so hard for are not only about to be realized — but surpassed.”

Apr 16: “Lafayette Hubbard, I know you’re on to something great. The simplicity of words is such a skill. I think — and I apologize for evaluating — that your last-life introduction to writing was influenced by the classics. These authors, as was the style of the time, wrote in vast prose using more words than needed to get to the point. It was necessary to prove one was not just smart but educated. You, in your this-life writing style, are throwing the old-school Scientologists for a loop. They expect vast verbiage and you deliver it in concise, to the point, easily understood form. They are confused because it isn’t the way you used to say it or write it. Good. They will come around when they understand you are eliminating the need to spend years studying what can be learned in months.”

Apr 17: “The core of this procedure is in the conversion of enmest and entheta back into mest and theta (aligned and balanced); one creates an equilibrium of forces which was in an imbalance, enturbulated; it converts enmest and entheta back into its rightful condition, which leads to more power, knowledge and beingness for the one causing it. Theta applies the laws of mest for the purposes of conquering it.”

Apr 18: “One applies the capability to postulate at a level of pure static. Previous auditing actually accomplished this in varying degrees but it didn’t knowingly use that residual free theta to wisely postulate at that moment of conversion – a knowing and willing CAUSE. I exteriorized from whole track identities and realized it was who I thought I was. The beingness called basic personality was just a collection of winning identities up the track. I looked at the winning identities and said ‘that’s me’; lo, even these as-is and static regains with more wisdom.”

Apr 19: “There is another life energy that I don’t think LRH addressed and that had to do with the physical body and the trillion-plus cells. Some of these cells are bacterial in nature, they keep some of the body functions balanced. They too have a life force, an urge to survive. Now when a case gets overloaded by stress, plus multiple engrams, a thetan and the body’s immune system gets out of balance, allowing the life force of the micro life forms to have a greater say, stealing theta. To me this is part of the equation and recognizing it helps bodies and thetans who run them in the end be more in PT and have increased telepathy. By the way, being telepathic is a natural state, so one would have to ask what stands in the way of experiencing this ability, both from a theta and body perspective. We are so connected to a body it’s hard to disconnect from the MEST of it. But both theta and MEST/body need to be addressed to be able to reliably be telepathic.”

Apr 20: “We no longer need to address the problems in life via time and energy. We now have a thetan who no longer requires a via to give birth to a positive postulate; one moves forward simply postulating anew. A Scientological being is no longer part of the common denominator of existence: to survive. A higher harmonic, a higher level of ‘survive’ is to live in postulates. He is immortal and he knows it. If there is any time it is simply now. Now is when a true theta being exists continually. If one wants to change a current mockup, all one does is postulate the new mockup. We no longer need to look back into the past to resolve an unwanted condition.”

Apr 21: “Our task is to somehow transform social perception of Scientology. This in the face of a sea of: bad press, entrenched current and former Scientologists, fake news, a general and worldwide disparagement of religion, and a fleet of so called Ideal Orgs which will (probably soon) be embroiled in a maelstrom of bankruptcies. Empty buildings cannot sit that way for long. It is contrary to the laws of exchange, among other things. That will bring more ‘news,’ this time of the ‘demise of Scientology.’ Which is good. It is a law of this universe that death always preceeds the resurgence of life.”

Apr 22: “Over the last 10 years I have been on a structured, methodical, examination of my past. I do positive work as well to stay well and fully in PT, but discovering and understanding my experiences has been the bulk of my activity. With over 10,000 hours of looking, I have built up a fair understanding of my timeline with a pretty good knowledge of the key eras of our existence. These major eras seem to have the greatest affect on who we have become, with additional various incidents acting as locks, solidifying the primary postulates, decisions. For example, most recently the rise of large, common universes and how we were drawn into, then locked into this system of existence.”


Apr 23: “1976. I’m in Scientology. My great aunt dies. I am at the funeral and no one is in the chapel yet. I walk up to the casket and say ‘Get a Scientology body.’ Guess what I discover this morning? She did. She’s been hanging around for quite some time. We now agree she’s done with influencing my life and on to her own future.”

Apr 24: “Scientology and LRH accomplished an effective impact on the world, despite everything! It’s difficult to prove, but this world would have been far different had there been no Scientology whatsoever.”

Apr 25: “I was inserted into a meat body and lived in an age old rural space in ancient buildings. Endless study from books and tablets for several thousand of what I would call years. This space was large and somewhat Earth-like, but still separate from the general population of this universe. I was asked often about what I had learned and what I was learning. This was the portion of training in which punishment was introduced. The pain, and confusion, and disorientation implants. Electronic implants as well as deprivation implants. But it was done in such a way that it was always your fault for making errors. These implants were effective, but depended entirely on previous training and AGREEMENTS for their strength. The most powerful and most difficult implants to find and sort out were the times of ACCOMPLISHMENT. When I learned to keep a balance between keeping harmony and initiating new activity, according to the instructions, I was given praise and graduated to the next step. The abilities that I was not allowed to use in order to keep things ‘fair for all’ etc. Using mental machinery to predict occurrences is an example of things not allowed. These were VERY powerful postulates and decisions that were imposed. And this was just the most recent universe. There were many before with similar training requirements and ‘accomplishment’ implants. Each one more refined and more effective than the previous.”

Apr 26: “There’s no one on Mars. They’re long gone. This planet isn’t worth the gas it takes to get here. At least, not more than once every few thousand years. (Mars the observation outpost was mostly automated anyway.)”

Apr 27: “When I was just a static and nothing else, there was a bunch of us existing in a nothingness with nothing before us or anywhere, and we did nothing, absolutely nothing but observe — you guessed it — nothing. We were all 100 percent connected together and would have shared everything if there was anything to share (one mind, multiple viewpoints) but we never communicated or had anything to communicate, nor did we have any thoughts or emotions, or whatever, but it was better than tone 40 because we were above the dichotomies of serene beingness. I want to do that again.”

Apr 28: “I’ve decided to leave the other Scientology groups I belong to or have been added into. What I’ve been observing and why I’m actively leaving those other groups is while this group has seemed to come together out of common interest for the betterment of ourselves and other members with Ron 2.0 at the head, and now seems to be forming a high-level group, those other groups are filled with snakes in the grass luring people in on a pretext in order to influence and actively put people off doing not just new processes but any form of auditing.”

Apr 29: “Millions of beings knowingly came to earth over the last few decades on a mission to raise the vibration of the planet: Starseeds. This is a small fraction compared to the billions of new beings here that came unknowingly one way or another, but millions is still a lot. Many of them know their previous planetary race (if not direct memories, at least some knowingness). These people also sometimes have knowingness on angels (beings outside the MEST universe) so I would have thought much of the technology being released by Ron currently would be well suited to them.”

Apr 30: “There is no intention here to blame the Church management or the staff. Many are really dedicated guys. I don’t blame either the Scientologists who do not accept the idea of LRH being back in business. They just don’t realize that with the Tech they have, they are not going to make it on a broad scale on Earth. Why, because it is just impossible to train relatively standard auditors with the existing Standard Tech. The proof? Well do you see any volume of active auditors? If I am wrong, may be auditing in the field has become a very secret activity. No, despite any effort past or present in the orgs or in the independent field, there was and there is no auditor training worth its name. Why? Too hard! Too difficult! Too complex! Too complicated!”

May 1: “Ron built half a bridge, but more critically he discovered the materials for construction of a bridge — auditing basics, axioms etc. Why are people worried that he is now attempting to complete a non-complete bridge? A half finished bridge should not be a stable datum for these people, but the materials of bridge construction and the purpose to build a complete bridge should be a stable datum.”

May 2: “Before, I was part of a very known group of Indies on the Internet. Hard core, highly trained, Tech wise and Admin wise old-timer Scientologists. Very good guys indeed. When I told their leader about Ron and his new tech, she made a point to be ‘honest’ and demonstrate to me that he was a crook, a con man, and that the floor was going to drop under my feet. Wow, frightening, really frightening! Well, I never had so much wins in my 40-year career as a Scientologist.”

May 3: “More than a year and a half ago now, an incident happened with my daughter. Her teacher sent home from 5th grade a VERY disturbing writing she had done in class. This prompted removing all sharp objects and placing them in a lock box. I emailed Ron to ask for some remote help. He asked for her name and our location. A few weeks later he emailed me he’d done what he could and hoped it was helpful. (Now, for those here who have no understanding of the spiritual universe, this is very normal. Static, after all, has no location, but Thetans attach themselves compulsively to bodies. The GE seems to have the function to RUN a body. Others are NOT the ‘owners’ but they think they are!) Ron ran various Infinity procedures and the BT’s that were planting bad ideas in her went on to productive spiritual activities elsewhere. Is this a win? Beyond words.”

May 4: “Weird little wins with new found abilities. Today I wondered what it felt like to be a cloud, so I did.”

May 5: “The events we are living and participating to with LRH are nothing short of HISTORICAL. It is nothing less than the publication of what happened before the birth of this universe and the series of events that brought us or some of us to put an end to the former dying civilization so as to offer it a new chance in another universe.”

May 6: “I want to talk about Mars and the implant operation going on there. I’ve audited this implant so it no longer affects me personally, but this to me seems to be of great importance in addressing (i.e. neutralizing) for others, especially in helping those beings newly arriving from elsewhere in the galaxy who get ensnared in that theta trap. Once a being has reached this solar system, it’s common to use other planets as navigation points and anchor points on the way to Earth.”


May 7: “You have to not know to have a game. We want a game. Knowing all is no game. You can convert a game into a no game by knowing, you can convert no game into a game by not knowing.”

May 8: “Suggestion: don’t go into the light after death. it’s probably better to create your own if you want. talk about a mismash of flows, data, beingness and identities. Further suggestion: maintain your own identity at all times. if you want to go into the light after death, at least maintain your own beingness. maintaining a position in space is vital to power and sanity as a thetan.”

May 9: “I realize now what I am exhibiting with all my wins; unbelievable, incredible, so many wins in such a short time… are all happening for a specific reason. That reason is, I am exhibiting a complete and accurate alignment of my basic purpose. My basic purpose on the whole track is to communicate Ron’s discoveries. To explain what the tech does for a spirit in a way that is easy for anyone to understand.”

May 10: “Today I was driving to my university for my work and I was wondering why LRH 2.0 is interested in helping inorganic beings. In his previous life he was not really interested (History of Man) and suddenly my two tires went flat. There is good cause in this.”

May 11: “Trump is no doubt out to end the power of the deep state and he is by some accounts making good progress. But Scientology is nowhere in sight as part of that fight. Or am I wrong?”

May 12: “When media wanted me to adjust to the rules of a radical feminist society, with alcoholism and political correctness and gay propaganda — a free field for psychiatry and antidepressants — I chose to stay home and become a Scientologist.”

May 13: “I have seen the dark energy and dark matter. I have seen the other side of this universe, my hearing ability was magnified just before this happened. A thetan is capable of doing anything and can exist in the absence of MEST or in the dark form of it or in between. I am not sure if dark is the right word to use, however, this is magical indeed. Thank you Master LRH for your return. I wish I can express my gratitude for you in all the world alphabets, master, as you are the alpha (α) and omega (Ω).”

May 14: “After the last session on ENERGY, an hour ago, I started working in the Physical Universe with OT IX technology and I am amazed at how it works. For the first time I stopped giving my dog verbal commands. Just telepathically and it works much better. I have the perception of the flow of energy coming in, how it interacts and how it translates into action. Then I started to ‘see’ the energy that makes up the bodies of the people I meet.”

May 15: “Fifth day on OT IX. There is like a ‘learning experience’ of life in the MEST. Before when I made a postulate, I don’t know how it happened, if it happened at all. I realize now that I was much less conscious. Now I make a postulate and I feel the static energy blossom, as if I am aligning the MEST to get my postulate. It is a conscious feeling. It might be right in my Universe, but no, the thing is happening in the MEST.”

May 16: “Twelve hours processing for a PC cured him from a hardship known in the fucking western medicine by ‘borderline disorder personality,’ something that the old bridge would not achieve. The purpose of Scientology is to make the able more able, the new area of Scientology can make any unable able. Well done LRH, well done great master.”

May 17: “The thirteen senators are alive and well today. Having escaped the effects of the Big Bang — they have resurfaced and disappeared many times throughout this universe’s almost endless history — affecting civilizations to a greater or lesser degree. So me seeing Thoth was correct — one of the senators. The bird-like deity. That is why I am allowed to understand this. Did I receive any help, or it is only my thetan who was the complete cause?”

May 18: “The insanity that the modern western culture has forced upon me is vanished (e.g, radical feminist and social liberalism and political correctness). The new area of Scientology has taken it away and made it disappear. I feel great today, I feel human again, I feel new. I have my space again, my bigness is restored. Finally I can travel with confidence again, with personal culture and space. The damage a man can have in the east concerns some ‘radical religious Abrahamic fucked up view point.’ In the Neo west there other fucked up insanity (post moderation). Scientology saved me from both pig-fucked philosophies. This journey started with my auditor Bernie and today after I finished the Hubbard Certified new ERA Scientologist, I become free again.”

May 19: “Running anything other than composite case after Clear — utilizing New Era Scientology processing and NOT (NOTS) — which only leads one to endlessly run circuits and entities without a subjective reality on actual case factors. Doing so has been shown to be almost fatal at times to one’s health and sanity — and the probable reason why so many have passed away from cancer after having run NOTS.”

May 20: “Scientology is, of course, a body of data. It gives theory and application so one can cause a betterment through auditing and other methods. Scientology is not the cognitions of PCs and OTs. While the wins of PCs and OTs may give a stat for the org, Scientology belongs to L. Ron Hubbard, and the cognitions belong to those who had them.”


May 21: “The local ruling corporeals sit around in their disposable clones in their underground arenas doing figure-figure on who will be the prophesied coming messiah, poor devils. I’m glad you saw this for yourself and on the higher levels of the playing field(s). I can only ask myself, ‘What is your (meaning ‘my’) cause?’ so as not to get into self-defeating contention with those who hold onto non-life and covert goals. Eyes wide open.”

May 22: “The problem is that ‘thetans’ are more than ‘single viewpoint in space’ beings. The Time Track of Theta tapes speak of that. Buddhists are more aware of those issues. They must be laughing at us over this ‘Hunt for the Reincarnated LRH.’ In short, they know that there can be several reincarnated LRHs.”

May 23: “LRH was a high volume thetan. My personal opinion was that he was probably controlling two bodies at once – Cecil Rhodes and Mark Twain. The similarities between Twain and Hubbard are rather amazing.”

May 24: “When I see former corporate Scientologists in the free world expressing doubts or outright disagreements with the truth or workability of Scientology – or railing against KSW, the thought immediately comes to mind that the person was failed by the organization somewhere along the line. Either that, or that person is a true SP who is only interested in using the tech to suppress and dominate others.”

May 25: “With Scientology one has a shot at regaining the ability to create or un-create, by one’s own abilities, either one, or any of the myriad and infinite variations of motion of particles across a distance, given and received in the game of communication.”

May 26: “I think that Scientologist women make very bad lovers. They can not enjoy sex freely. I think that Scientologist women make very bad wives. They put Ron before their husbands. I think Scientologist women make very bad mothers. Too many have shown to be willing to kill their own children if somebody in a position of authority in the Church of Scientology orders them to do so. It would be better if the same way that Scientology states clearly that it does not encompass the eighth dynamic, it also would clearly state that it does not address, handle, or encompass sex and sexual relationships.”

May 27: “There should be an Indie/Freezone OT committee organizing the OTs’ power towards a desirable reality for the planet. There are non-Scientology OTs doing OT committee activities already: Alex Jones, David Icke, Inelia Benz.”

May 28: “If there is no ethics in the field, then American indies will keep ending up in the wog justice system or ignored completely.”

May 29: “The problem with the independent field in the US is that they have forgotten the purpose of training and auditing, they are far from being spiritual and it’s tragic there’s no one here to lead. The situation is very serious, as we see the world being taken over by the implanters, they want to drug people, turn them into robots. Every day more and more people won’t be auditable.”

May 30: “Now that the virus has been shown to be no worse than the common flu, it has emerged that its purpose was to affect the economy of the USA to derail Trump’s re-election. That can be the next job for Clears and OTs to handle as a team.”

May 31: “The video I posted describes that they remote viewed (years ago) the emergence of Q Anon. And further indicates that the arrival of Q Anon was made possible thanks to the LRH Journal 67, where Ron describes who the SPs are on this planet (Bankers and the 12 SPs). Subsequently they describe Ron’s Journal 68 and give a quote by LRH of it. Then the narrator in the video indicates that he has seen that the war was won by Scientology and that is why Q Anon is able to make his appearance.”

June 1: “According to self proclaimed ‘Source Thetan’ Inelia Benz, this is a time to start creating the reality you wish to create for the planet. No longer a time to awaken the sleepers that don’t want to awaken. What are the postulates LRH did for this planet? He said this planet was going to be an OT base for the exit of this universe.”

June 2: “When I’ve surveyed some of the horrendous deeds I’ve done on the whole track, it has occurred to me that no amount of regret would do a thing to make up for those actions. In fact, nothing I could possibly do in PT could compensate for some of the crap I’ve done down the track. And so I concluded that there was no point in dwelling on these things. Best to act in terms of the greatest good now and work it around (with Scientology) so that I’m unlikely to do those things again. Your emotions are within your control, and regret is a place you don’t want to go.”

June 3: “We have made it clear from the onset that we are Scientologists who are all about Ron’s brand. If people want to hear lies about the Founder, or natter about other Scientologists or staff — then this is not the place to frequent. If they do want to hear about standard delivery in the field, the training of auditors, the unsnarling of out-tech, and the resolution and debunking of technical and administrative arbitraries, then yes, we can provide information.”


June 4: “Andy never got a standard ethics handling on his wog ethics cycle (defacing Eurydice Dixon’s memorial) and faking a change of sex. After Andy said he was a student at the AO-GP, he began to promote the use of drugs to ‘go up the bridge’ (increase awareness). The AO-GP never handled Andy’s out-ethics case, with the consequence that he is now in jail, not as an expelled member of the Freezone but as a student at the AO-GP. Andy Nolch and the Advanced Organization of the Great Plains should be applied standard ethics to handle this Public Relations flap.”

June 5: “I’ve recently been cogniting on how life is a game. One cog I had was that in confronting and handling certain barriers I was thinking of applying solutions that would have sufficed a couple of hundred years ago, but had no place in today’s society. So on that 3rd dynamic problem I always became stumped. I was playing, or attempting to play, the game out of PT. When I realised what I was doing, a solution presented itself. It was a hell of a win for me on the 3rd dynamic! I got that from studying an ACC. LRH was a friggin genius, and I would thoroughly recommend that people coming out of the church continue up the Bridge because as you say, it’s the only way to learn what life is about and thereby get above it, and play a game that you really want to play, whatever that may be.”

June 6: “There is the idiotic consideration that auditing alone will set you free, an easy and lazy way to see life. So I’ll just pay some schmuck to audit me and I will become an OT. Or I will do LXX and fix all my problems. As if life was this easy. Co-audit should be the only way to go. You train and you co-audit. No ‘come to Flag and leave home OT in 6 months’ BS. It’s the effort you put in that counts, not the money. Our religion has become more of a business than a spiritual path over the years. I co-audit and plan to do so for all of my Bridge, with the odd session with a highly-trained auditor for repairs and fancy RDs.”

June 7: “I am on Solo Nots outside of the corporate church. I got here by using a highly trained C/S, a tutor and a very experienced auditor. Best decision. It’s just so freeing to be able to do this level without any interruptions and at my own pace. If you’re stalled on training or auditing just find people to deliver. It’s all out here and easy to access. You will be so happy that you are getting the miraculous gains LRH wanted us to receive.”

June 8: “Please read or listen to LRH taped lecture ‘THE FREE BEING.’ In it LRH explains how OTs must work ORGANIZED. Otherwise the individualistic OTs will lose the war when facing super organized Meat bodies, entities and BTs (‘lesser beings,’ the taped lecture actual words). An OT Committee is organization, management.”

June 9: “If Andy Nolch had been handled with ethics since the beginning, he would not be in jail now for drug possession, and would not be smearing the reputation of the independent field. The wog justice system handled him only after he had perpetrated crimes. Scientology ethics should have be applied to him.”

June 10: “Legally, you have no grounds to stand on regarding the defamation of our organization and its members. Human rights trump Scientology. Libel is libel and I have informed you and this group now on where I stand. Further comm is not necessary….One way or another, these posts will come down. We can go the amicable route or another route. The choice is yours.”

June 11: “Much like you have had free reign to spread entheta about our org and our members, I should be allowed to have my voice, so please stop attempting to suppress me by saying ‘stop it’ and ‘stop spreading entheta.’ Per LRH, ethics exist to HELP orgs, not destroy them. Please see references above. Moreover, LRH says that we are protected from ethics because of our up-stats. The case should be closed there. Moreover, LRH didn’t want a dictatorship to exist. As long as Scientology is introduced into the world and we can HELP people, we should. If our org is gone, along goes with it the world’s only online course room for independent Scientologists, video production to increase awareness of LRH and his materials, quotes, the first Scientology games, and then some.”

June 12: “More and more, it’s becoming apparent that the whole thing is being held together by a miniscule army of hard core true believers who are desperately trying to keep the roof from caving in on them. The orgs are empty. There are no new customers. Existing customers are slipping away in the night, and those who remain have been bled completely dry. Meanwhile, the news media is reporting on all the church’s dirty laundry – driving the church’s already wobbly public relations to unprecedented lows. The thing is now feeding on itself and shrinking by the day. At some point, only the Sea Org will be left – manning empty mausoleums and listening to pins drop.”

June 13: “When I would not continue delivering services due to the out-tech of the situation, the C/S took it upon himself to ‘revoke’ my certs and deny, after 223 sessions (with a 98 percent VWD rate) with him C/Sing my NOTS repair auditing to another Pre-OT the previous summer, that I had never done the NOTS auditor course or any other for that matter, and had to be retrained on every course I had ever done. (Most of my training has been at the FSO). If he couldn’t get out-tech applied to his now girlfriend, he was stripping me of my certs, as if he could or had any authority, or had done a Comm EV in the field. But yet HE was not an executive and HCOPL Executive Misbehavior did not apply to HIM in anyway, as he is ‘in love with the PC,’ love trumps LRH Tech. This is a true paradox.”

June 14: “A KR from you is a validation per ‘Signs of Success’ PL. They aren’t KRs to the field. KRs were never intended to be broadly published. What you do is natter in the guise of a Scientology concept, and nothing more. You have incredible misunderstood on what KRs are, what they are for, and ethics itself. You’re no ethics officer. You’re a lonely old man with far too much time on his hands who wants to feel powerful by attempts at making other people feel small under threat of defamation. We know WHO you ARE and WHAT you are doing.”

June 15: “I cannot say enough good things about NOTs — it is the most incredible level there is and there are many incredible levels. I was fortunate in not getting it in the Church of Scientology, but unfortunate in not getting it for so many years that I could have. I have also cleaned up people who have gotten it in the church to where they are really winning with it now. SPs don’t want you to do NOTs correctly as they will fade away into oblivion, which is their correct place in this world.”

June 16: “I have screenshots of this stuff, so there’s all the proof I need. You have played this game for far too long and when I put my intention and attention on something, I win. Believe me, I will put an end to your suppressive actions and this suppressive group. This is NOT Scientology, this is PURE ENTHETA.”

June 17: “We are making an offer to our ‘Clear Package Club’ members, of which we have many, we are happy to say! The org is expanding to larger and more upscale headquarters so, starting Monday, make an additional payment of $5K plus and receive your L11 free. A $5K service normally on its own.”


June 18: “L11 was started and there were tremendous wins in the beginning. During this time I developed the ability to ‘plunge’ into the case of other people, which scared me beyond belief. I recognized I was simply exteriorizing and going straight into the case of other people as I thought of them, I still don’t know why that compulsion to go straight into their cases, but I sort of had it. I realized I was able to ‘read minds’ and communicate ‘thetanically’ with my auditor. We had several actual conversations telepathically and this new world was amazing to me.”

June 19: “The attempt to Black PR those who adhere to KSW, is just that — Black PR, promulgated by those who didn’t and don’t keep Scientology working, and whose results with the materials sure do show that up. Yep, I’m a ‘fundamentalist’ allrighty. Paid my dues on Flag’s Internships, and through thousands of hours of application to earn that epithet.”

June 20: “There is no standard among freezone auditors as to what they charge for services. It is totally up to them. It is a free market. If you don’t like the prices an auditor charges you are free to find another auditor. And it should be noted here that every Independent Auditor or group charges a great deal less than the Church does. No auditor should be faulted for what he decides to charge his clients. As an aside, but I think interestilng, is one time back in the years when $200 a month was a teacher’s salary, L. Ron Hubbard was getting too many people who wanted his personal services. To handle it he raised his prices to $500 an hour for personal auditing! I don’t know what the average school teacher makes today, but consider this was like 2 1/2 times a month’s salary!”

June 21: “Almost every day I audit and all I get are wins and more wins and it is thanks to Ron! I have PCs asking ‘why isn’t everyone doing this?’ Those who INSIST on invalidating Ron and the tech have nasty evil intentions.”

June 22: “I don’t think that Ron was or is perfect. I doubt that even the Tech itself is perfect, otherwise there would be no room for improvement. But the things that LRH discovered and created are so breathtakingly amazing that it is unfair to criticize him, his writing style, or his work without keeping the reality of his accomplishments in perspective. To do so would amount to a false report because it would be an incomplete report. As I once mentioned on one of the other blogs, it is fairly well documented Sir Isaac Newton behaved ‘strangely’ at times and once had what we would call a psychotic break……so now what? Are we supposed to abolish the laws of physics and declare calculus to be bullshit? In my reality Ron’s discoveries are at least as stellar as Newton’s and he deserves comparable respect and consideration.”

June 23: “Many of you have lost perspective of what is Scientology’s role on this planet and its relation to the current state of affairs. Scientology is a ROUTE OUT. It is not just something to make you more able, more happy, more causative. It’s a ROUTE OUT. A route that if followed all the way to its end will bring about FREEDOM AND SALVATION. Something no one on this planet has right now no matter if OT VIII or not, Class XII or not, and something no one have had for eons.”

June 24: “There have been big efforts to solve the mystery of the Third Parties on the independent field. The big outpoint has always been OSA’s false reports, false information and black propaganda furnished in bigoted websites. Indies resorting to those websites to attack other indies should be considered OSA collaborators.”

June 25: “I think Auditors are very valuable and courageous, so no one has a right to fight any Auditor at this point. I also think that the world is in a dire spot. AI is moving in at incredible pace and together with it Automaticity. Supposedly we are fighting Automaticity with Analyticalness. This is what Philosophy does. Wisdom finds ways to handle situations in safe and swift ways. We have moved out from a Church which has lost its grip on that Wisdom. We are all courageous enough to do that. We should grant that beingness to each other and especially to the Auditors. The problem of the Freezone is a problem of Management.”

June 26: “Only a few have made it to class VIII, yet many allege they made it! By themselves! In the Freezone! Imagine that! If it is hard work with course supervisors, a CS, word Clearers, false data stripping and a whole org behind you! I cannot imagine it in the FZ! No, those are just cons!”

June 27: “You are a rabble rouser, a trouble maker, you were kicked out of the Church a very long time ago for that reason! That is why you left in the 70’s, your Tech is not even up to date and you never finished the Class VI course, that is why you don’t have a cert to show. You need a serious ethics handling because you have no qualms in lying.”

June 28: “We all are just being happy slaves without even noticing. I hear Scientologists say ‘In my next lifetime I am going to…’ They actually want a next lifetime with all package included: being born again, not being able to talk or walk for a very long time, having to be taken care of, studying all over again what you already studied, possibly (if you are Pre-OT) getting back in Scientology when you are already an adult and doing some of the services all over again till you cognite you are a past-life Scientologist and even so requiring sometimes long hours of auditing to get your memory back, etc. I know some have been fortunate to discover it fast and even being able to pick up a Scientologist family, but that has not been the norm. Scientology is supposed to end the long cycle of death and birth, not to promote it. Will someone please explain to me where is the freedom in that?”

June 29: “I see there is just no use in reasoning with you. I’m convinced you’re quite literally insane (as per LRH’s version). The one thing that I’ll leave here is that if we don’t at least try to reach for awareness through becoming more Theta and less entheta, we all become objects. You will become part of MEST as will I if I don’t at least try. Your stuckness will literally make you stuck in MEST. It’s funny Because you’re trying so desperately to control the world around you, and in the end the world around you and Thetans will end up controlling you. There is still time. Consider this the last time you have to make changes, because you know what I say is true if you believe in the whole time track. I feel sorry for you, sincerely.”

June 30: “The fact is we are in a continual danger condition as beings, and we don’t even realize it. Anyone, of course, has the right to procure another body and another lifetime, I can’t call that freedom though, can’t even call it self-determinism. I don’t think that there are that many Scientologists out there who really, I mean really, understand the situation in which we all are in this planet and guess what, it has nothing to do with humans and has nothing to do with reactive minds. It has to do with evils and powers we are not even aware of. It is either explained or hinted at in so many LRH lectures and yet, it seems to escape us every time.”

July 1: “Scientology is booby-trapped to the point where Scientologists are sometimes unable to confront and handle reverse Scientology in PT. False bridges are confronted and resolved as an integral component of life on earth and the dynamics beyond the 8th. That includes the two primary BTs plus the primary and secondary assumption of beingness for the current eternity. The person is neither and BTs are a lower level harmonic of relative states of beingness, encountered within this universe as BTs which reduce to functions of awareness.”


July 2: “It takes years to make a good auditor. It takes a lot of courage to be an auditor. An auditor faces in the preclear’s case all the horrors of the reactive mind, and gets the PC through it. Understand for an auditor to do a perfect job, he needs an organization that backs him up. In the freezone we don’t have the perfect set-up as auditors. We are missing the organization. We cope. Some auditors don’t have C/Ses. Some are not even trained in C/Sing and don’t use C/Ses. Some don’t have examiners. OK, so any auditing is better than no auditing, except auditing over missed withholds, but to get a person through the Bridge that takes a LOT of skill.”

July 3: “The tech works and it was meant to be applied. And books are a very secure route onto the Bridge. Another point worth mentioning is that there is a whole generation of young people, say between the ages of 18 and 35 who are severely unemployed, more questioning of authority, and not so sure those running the show know what the heck is going on. Some similarities to the cultural scene back in ’69 — a generation much more open to Scientology than in the recent past. The org at the time was a vibrant and happy place with lots of new people finding out about the subject and using it. Don’t underestimate books and book auditing!”

July 4: “What a messed up group of people who just steal, lie, talk shit all day about nothing and getting no where doing it. Causing upset to really good people. I don’t get it. There is nothing in you people I am interested in. I hate the day I got on Facebook and accepted friend requests from ‘Scientologists,’ people far from being friendly, I know now they just want your money. You should be ashamed, I know I’m disgusted. This is not LRH. It’s criminal. I actually have more respect for a criminal, at least you know what you get and they don’t pretend to be Holier-than-thou instead of mentally deranged posers thinking you represent LRH! The nerve.”

July 5: “LRH does deliver on his promises. The level works. The State of Operating Thetan or Theta Clear do really exist! They are conditions of the static. Thought does influence matter and on OT 7 if you apply the tech and keep your ethics in, the gain will surpass anything you’ve ever imagined. My tip: forget all the noise. Get back onto standard tech. Find an auditor. Find a twin, write your O/W’s, read a book, get back onto session, take a course. Not only will your life will start to get better but you will feel a lot of happiness. Scientology is really the only existing way to spiritual freedom. This technology when properly applied is wonderful.”

July 6: “You are still riding my coattails from last lifetime and that will never change.”

July 7: “I had an OT 2 win regarding postulates. It was not something I had expected to happen at that level, but it did. One time, I needed to have my stove repaired. I called the gas company and was told that the repairman would arrive sometime between 7:00 a.m. and noon on the following day. I decided that the time would be 9:00 a.m. The repairman arrived and as he was standing in front of my stove, about to begin working on it, the time piece in his pocket rang. He took it out of his pocket, looked at it, turned to me and said, ‘9 o’clock exactly.’ Coincidence? Possibly. I told this win to a Sea Org member, and she, with a snotty manner, asked me why I couldn’t postulate getting my Bridge paid for. It crossed my mind that perhaps I was reluctant to give much money to a fascist, totalitarian organization.”

July 8: “Scientology operates on the Organizing Board. It is its own form of government. The Org Board can be used to run an org, the freezone, a country or the planet. The field in Europe has its own authorities. Only the American indies have a cowboy mentality.”

July 9: “It is interesting how our OT perceptions and knowingness can be invalidated by others who have never experienced the same, or who insist on invalidating anything that is not evidenced in the sciences. Their loss!”

July 10: “I should have known you aren’t even LRH-trained because you won’t display your education. You have set the tone in the field for this to be acceptable. No training, take money, no certs provided, take money, no ethics, take money and then laugh at people and make them wrong so you don’t have to deal with what you did. You can trace back those who are connected to you very easily, it’s a noticeable nastiness that you perpetuate. Always being right and others wrong. I have gotten much feedback about this observation. Give me my money and leave me alone. I have better things to do than play in your cesspool of degradation.”

July 11: “Back in the mid seventies I lived in an old Scientologist-owned rooming house on Hoover Street in Los Angeles. It was chock full of disembodied thetans from top to bottom. There were some really scary beings running around that place — and some not so scary. Two not-so-scary thetans inhabited the upper corner of my room just above my door. I perceived them to be two old ladies who were perpetually terrified and clinging to each other. I was young, and just let them be for many months. One day after having gone exterior with full perception, I decided that it was high time the old ladies moved on and got back into the game. I guess I just wanted them to have a chance to get some of what I’d recently experienced in Scientology. Anyway, I fixed my attention on them and told them it was time to go. What was really interesting is that they balked about being told to leave, and actually got angry. What ensued was something of a tussle between thetans as they pushed all sorts of ridges and blackness at me. I suppose you could say that we got into a heated argument, but in the end they did finally take off. That wasn’t the first or last time I had to do that with a ‘ghost’, and I do hope they wound up in a better place.”

July 12: “I believe that DM cannot be alone doing this. We have already some indications that at least the US government is endorsing Scientology through the IRS agreement and more. There are no major attacks on Scientology, Miscavige, no matter what the whistle blowers have said. It is evident that the Global Enslavers are set to make their version of Scientology the next-religion-to-be. And indeed, we see Christianity going down and Muslims of course who are way backwards and all other old religions failing. But Scientology is on the news almost daily and it is a modern, a new religion. So, they want it. But they want it their way. Not with the policy and tech LRH left behind. But as a money making and mind washing machine.”

July 13: “You don’t turn someone who is seeking to rehabilitate himself to the authorities. Otherwise, there is no point in being a church, don’t you think? Involving HCO, OSA, etc, that’s perfectly OK and, in fact, expected for the protection of the group and to really get to the bottom of the situation. But the whole idea besides protecting the group first is to rehabilitate. I don’t see how the ‘authorities’ are going to rehabilitate anybody. Throwing somebody in jail and locking the door hasn’t rehabilitated anybody as far as I know. Do you know of anybody who did? There are ways to deal with any situation with the correct Ethics tools and to take full responsibility for scene (with every dynamic involved) without playing the cop. We are ministers, not police officers. We are a Church, not a police enforcement agency.”

July 14: “A dwindling spiral of confront has been implanted in all of us, a culture of fear. Well, to hell with all this nonsense and Marcab PR. We are the FREE people. This planet is OURS. Times must change and a new breed of Scientologists must arise from the ashes and rise high like The Phoenix. This time is NOW.”

July 15: “Goodbye Kelly. Find a new body and hurry back soon or break free if you can.”


July 16: “As I progressed in Scientology training and auditing my own understanding of telepathy increased. A really interesting instance was just last night, as I watched my dog sleeping in her bed. She was dreaming and her body was twitching and she was even doing muffled barks in her sleep. I easily picked up and saw the dream she was having, could easily see the pictures and feel her reactions to them. I acknowledged her (not vocally), and she settled down and slept peacefully from then on. Never would I have thought I could read the thoughts (or dreams) of animals, but it is now becoming clear that OT is very different to what I had originally thought it was. I know what I know.”

July 17: “I think it is most unlikely that LRH would return despite the never-ending rumors. More likely he will have gone off to sow some seeds elsewhere. He knows, and has pointed out on more that one occasion, that this universe is a universe of plenty and when one is sowing seeds, one doesn’t just sow one. Speculation: There are billions of planets and stars in our galaxy alone, some of which might be more acceptable to such knowledge now that it has been worked out and it would not surprise me if he is elsewhere spreading the word, as it were.”

July 18: “Ever since I can recall I’ve been aware of some sort of interchange between myself and other beings, that was non-verbal, and could span distances in the absence of vias (other than the particles, and distance needed to have the comm in the first place). I didn’t really know what this was, and more or less figured it was my own thoughts and mock ups. I’ve since become much more aware and cause over these lines of communication, and gotten better at spotting whose stuff is whose, and even managed to ease it up for them, when I can, so whatever problem or trouble they seemed to create in terms of my universe, I now surely don’t add to, or mis-own, and even am more able to alleviate it, allowing them to play some other game, since most times, I had no interest in what it was that was going on anyway. Without the truths recovered as a Scientologist, I think I would have rattled around with this phenomena for ages, not really knowing what it was, or how to assume KRC for it all.”

July 19: “Gullible people are there for the status! Not for the real thing! It’s a huge pretend! And the auditors who participate in the sham are suppressive! To say the least! Promoting satanic church members! Shame on all those who had any connection with one or another! They should do their conditions already! Low integrity, low self esteem!”

July 20: “We have auditors who see the Tech as a business, as money making machine and disagree on who is who and what is what. Which Ls are the original, which are the OT levels, etc. We have auditors who invent processes, who acknowledge usurpers, auditors who practice the Code of Silence and cover for each other, who lie. And we also see PCs sometimes who are not qualified or are illegal and are nevertheless audited for the sake of money and later we see the results. Or PCs who just wanted a status but not work hard on the level. Is that the way the independent field is supposed to operate? If so, then those who think so, deserve what they get.”

July 21: “He is part LRH-Tech genius in some ways but he has also a lot of Justin Craig the Gangbanger, Ex-Con, and thug still in him. I can grant beingness to all of that, we are all works in progress, and he admits he has not regained all of the wisdom or charisma or writing ability that LRH had. He may be the same being, he may not, but his universe and his personality is not at all the same.”

July 22: “Never in history have I seen a religion so attacked and so maligned as Scientology, and mainly by its own ex-members and especially by its ex-executives. Look at all the people writing — for years and years — about how bad Scientology is. Well, they aren’t nuts per definition, they just have overts and especially missed withholds.”

July 23: “There is no ‘LRH 2.’ Ron does come back — I have no doubt in that — Ron is on our side, you can trust that. But I can tell you what LRH is thinking or would think about us: ‘Why don’t you do your job, you have the tech. What are you waiting for? When do you start?’ Do you know what is going on in Switzerland regarding the coronavirus? In Switzerland an MD was institutionalized because he called coronavirus a fake. Ron warned us even back in 1952. And also in KSW: There is no democracy. Friends, the situation is more serious than you may think.”

July 24: “Chris Shelton mainly has a voice because some higher profile ‘experts’ are supporting him. These guys have ‘important insider’ information on what happens only when the tech is squirreled and abused. Do they ever report all the successes? The one true expert on Scientology is LRH. He is the one to study and listen to.”

July 25: “An Ethics Court was held on Andy Nolch, conductor of The Indie Scientology Podcast, in absentia, because he is in prison in Australia. Andy’s crime is point 15 of the General Crimes as listed in the first edition of the Introduction to Scientology Ethics book: ’15. Causing severe and disreputable disturbances resulting in disrepute.’ Andy’s previous arrest and the latest incarceration for violation of court orders and on drug possession charges caused severe disturbance and disrepute to the field and to field Scientologists that he interviewed in his podcast. The recommendations are that Andy Nolch should not to be trained or processed on anything other than PTS technology and drug rehabilitation tech. Is assigned the condition of Treason.”

July 26: “The Internet is an excellent way to collect up identities and to offer such identities books and services. But going internationally, targeting new people to Scientology is an entirely different game. The Miscavige problem would have to be under control. The Church image, or rather Scientology image internationally speaking, has to be rehabilitated first and Scientology re-positioned in the public’s mind. A lot of PR work would have to be accomplished first on the media, and the church and Miscavige positioned as something entirely different than the original tenets of LRH. In other words, as not Scientology. Then the general public, at least 80 percent of them, would support the Independent Movement as something really representing greater freedom for the individual.”

July 27: “If you love your car but can’t afford to buy the latest model, then buy some stock shares or make time to promote the car and company to others so they will consider buying it, otherwise, one not-so-fine day, you may not find your favorite brands. Please don’t let others do the hardest, most difficult work alone. Freedom and Relief is a team effort. Give. I always have, in one way or another, and I hope you will too. Give to Ron.”

July 28: “At one point, about 2 weeks into the Rundown, I found that as I ran around that tree, there were literally blue sparks and loud crackings of electrical energy, between myself and that anchor point. I felt like I was recharging, as a being, and as I ran, like a turbine, my energy levels increased and I spotted the cause of this energy – me. I could swing my body around that tree with next to no effort – and while running more than a marathon daily, I was full of energy, life force and zest. The rundown has nothing to do with the physical body — and is all about you, as a spiritual being. So simple, but so powerful.”

July 29: “LRH describes in the Philadelphia Doctorate Course taped lectures, that one can ‘scan’ the time track of a room or a house. LRH scanned the past track and the future track of the room he was doing the lecture at.”


July 30: “We’re not here to have a fun time as if that’s all that mattered. Many of us have a long track record of disappointment and worse on this road, and so our friends are utterly priceless beyond measure; we want to do our best for them because we don’t want to lose them again. It’s hard to imagine any other group anywhere with a higher ARC than the Scientologists. For those folk who fear ethics and justice there are LRH’s beautiful repairs and remedies. And perhaps they might be gently reminded that without ethics they would have no bread on their table, or even a table. Presently, the Church bears the name Scientology, but only by fraudulent means, and its members are charlatans. They have the same tools as us (or did once) but don’t apply them, instead, they’re into off-beat practices like MEST-worship. Maybe they’ll evolve into a flea, or something. We on the other hand, have nothing to fear, but everything to look forward to.”

July 31: “His life consisted of only a few things. He did not work. He listened to these tapes. He solo audited himself endlessly on GPMs and line plots. A VERY bad idea. He drank heavily every night. He had bad hangovers almost every day and took tons of pain killers. What money he did have he spent on prostitutes and alcohol. He was sick, and his teeth were rotting in his mouth to the point where my PCs could not be in the same car with him because the stench was so bad. He was an apathy case that had been doing himself in for many years and he finally killed himself. A very sad story.”

Aug 1: “Justin Craig made statements in a public YouTube video that ‘Scientology is dead’ because his version of Scientology has not been broadly accepted. This enturbulated the field and has brought great disrepute to the independent field and Scientology in general. The flap is now being propagandized in ‘tabloid’ websites.”

Aug 2: “I was born a Jew, migrated to the UK, did Scientology, got to a glorious state called Clear, was then told I am not Clear, tried to get my money back, had a little legal fight, was declared. And then I actually found my truth through Illuminati. I found a world within a world that changed what I know about the world — I found the power within me and within others which make every single atom in this world seem like a full world, and that everything has a meaning, and if searched well, you can find the meaning yourself. But then I noticed that the Illuminati was also promoting bad things, so I searched again and then I discovered NES — New Era Scientology. NES was founded by a person called Lafayette, who is the reincarnation of Ron Hubbard himself. He continues to expand the betterment of an individual, and he expands the technology that stopped evolving since the 80’s. I am thankful for him as I feel I can have a future and I can go OT and will be able to verify my Clear state. Thank you, and may the good eye of the Illuminati be with you always!”

Aug 3: “On a really positive note I attested to my advanced level yesterday. Took a year of slogging away, digging that ditch and blowing away mountains of charge to complete! Feels like a thick concentric layer of case has been handled finally! It’s just awesome. I love the newfound space to stretch my theta muscles and postulate with far less CI! All my dynamics feel calm and focused in alignment. You only know there was a large background noise when it switches off haha!”

Aug 4: “What I find interesting is how critics focus on small details of Ron’s life and try and discredit him with ‘lies’ about them. I don’t care if he went to a particular university or not. These are teeny, unimportant details compared to the unbelievably inhuman ability to put together a whole body of workable tech that is mindblowing.”

Aug 5: “Trey Lotz promoted and supported Justin Craig in his claim to be the reincarnation of L. Ronald Hubbard. He even posted a win accompanied by a picture of himself and his wife with Craig, a/k/a Lafayette, to be seen by all in the independent field. Justin Craig is the biggest deceiver; not only does he allege he is Hubbard reincarnated but he plagiarized LRH’s processes and altered them for his convenience. Trey Lotz promoted and supported those squirrel processes, and in return Craig went onto expelling Trey from his squirrel group and declared that Scientology is dead! This created disturbance and disrepute in the independent Scientology field.”

Aug 6: “As I continued getting auditing — most recently N.E.D. — and studying, I became increasingly more certain that I was Clear. I began having rapid-fire cognitions that not only was I Clear, but a past life Clear, at that. THAT made a LOT of sense. I hadn’t ‘recreated’ Scientology on my own, I had ‘remembered’ it. The funny thing to me is that many times when I heard other past-lifers talk about their feelings of not quite ‘fitting in’ and some of their cognitions, I’d thought, ‘yeah, right. I have that too.’ It never occurred to me that I had that too because I was that too.”

Aug 7: “I consider this Justin Craig guy to be a plant under DM’s control and on a mission to further mess up the FZ Field. His ‘tech’ is squirrel and specifically designed to mess up OT cases with a bunch of fancy sounding nonsense, very well disguised, sprinkled here and there with bits of truths which would potentially resonate to the OT’s reality, in order to pull them more into MEST, and of course onto his lines. It offers a mystery sandwich to those who, by having done their levels partly or fully on the church’s bridge, may of course still have unanswered questions and issues. I found myself that before doing Excalibur (100 percent LRH TECH despite the lies about it) a Thetan is still not an OT per LRH’s definition. The church does not allow their public this Tech as they of course do NOT want real OT’s but zombies who obey without arguing and keep forever coughing up the cash. I in no way intend to invalidate nor evaluate anyone’s case level, knowledge or accomplishments; I just found the above to be a fact.”

Aug 8: “The fact is that Ron had established similar entities in the past such as the Church of American Science and Spiritual Engineering to cover the contingency that the Church would be seized by hostile forces that were inimical to total freedom and were in terror of anyone outside their area of control gaining OT abilities. My speculation is that the success of CIA’s Remote Viewing program and their previous failures to discredit and invalidate the subject since they couldn’t seize control of it with Mary Sue in charge of the Guardian’s Office made them consider another ways and means. In other words a covert take over of the subject which they in my opinion succeeded at by placing it in the hands of a totally compromised individual.”

Aug 9: “Don’t think for a minute that the tech of Scientology and Dianetics doesn’t work. Too much energy was used by the US Government to stop it, so it must have worked its miracles as advertised. Imagine the meeting at the AMA. ‘So Doctor Scalpel, you read this book by Hubbard, do we have anything to worry about?’ The doctor replies, ‘I see a great danger with this book and we need to suppress it now, while we have a chance. I used some of its technology and it does rid people of illnesses with simple applications. This will cost us hundreds of millions of dollars.’ And so it went. Why else would the government spend so much energy on stopping us?”

Aug 10: “Personally I always thought that Mary Sue should have thrown the three stooges Jane, Mo, and Mike under the bus and denied any knowledge of their actions. This would have saved us from the CMOI Junta that followed, but as anyone there knows there was so much confusion being generated at that time aside from Smersh and rogue Government Agencies including the ‘White Elephant’ no one on the Hill talked about until the Church Committee was an effort to go after Ron’s estate launched by Flynn and Assoc. with St. Gerry of Armstrong (another mole who told the LAPD’s CID ‘all ya gotta do is allege’) leading the charge being assisted by Ron’s estranged son who was a poster child for MK-Ultra Mind Control. As far as I’m concerned one of the key reasons Miscavige is where he is (aside from him being supported by rogue factions of ‘our’ Government and Smersh) is that he has become a fixed aberrated stable datum. In other words a walking, talking Ser Fac who has become a stable datum to anyone who can’t confront the prior confusion. That is my opinion and is the reason why I never bought into the ‘lone Miscavige theory’.”

Aug 11: “In the last 100 or so years, science has done very little real advancing and a whole lot of chasing its own tail. Don’t imagine that most of what you see as advances in technology are triumphs of science; they aren’t. There’s a little incremental science in there and a whole lot of engineering, which is not the same thing at all. And unfortunately, most of what the God of Physics, Albert Einstein, had to say is based on false assumption and is thus false. Yet physics has been limited by his writings for a least a century. Interestingly enough, Einstein’s writings, if accepted would be the exact thing you’d promote if you wanted to keep a planetary population bound to their planet. Four years to get to the nearest star, if you could go as fast as light, which Einstein says you can’t.”

Aug 12: “Currently, most of the world has been ordered to shut down. People are told to stay in their homes and no go out. Freedom curtailed. Told not to touch others. Told there is a pandemic and millions may die, Driving people down the tone scale to Fear. Deprived of income due to no work. Financial problems. Heavy fines (in some countries such as Australia) in the thousands if one is caught outside of home without a ‘justifiable’ reason. Penalty for Being. Media and news channels constantly emitting a barrage of bad news on deaths and how bad it is and the favourite phrase to imply agreement and stick all at the same level, ‘We are all in this together.’ Enforced agreement. These are the hallmarks of driving people PTS. This means that the driving force behind this must be an SP or group of SPs. Just knowing this can de-PTS someone who is familiar with the technology. One does NOT have to go into agreement with this socially enforced culture.”


Aug 13: “We get it — there’s no need to repeat your opinion over and over again about ‘Skype auditing is squirrel’ — we have noted your opinion, everyone else has as well, you can seriously stop being critical now and just do your best at whatever it is you do. No need to put others down repeatedly.”

Aug 14: “In 1971 I read Science of Survival. This book appealed to me having just arrived in the United States after getting my ass kicked from one end of Vietnam to the other. I read half of the book and was in a bar one night when I noticed one young girl sitting by herself dressed in a ‘granny’ outfit. she even looked like she was 80 years old. I sat down across from her and gave her a command ‘When I snap my fingers, give me a year!’ I snapped and she blurted out 1898! ‘Give me a month!’ She said ‘February!’ ‘Give me a Date!’ She blurted again ‘The 25th’ and all of a sudden she stood up and held her face. She ran into the bathroom. She came out twenty minutes later. I almost didn’t recognize her. She came up to me and scolded me ‘What did you do to me?’ I said ‘Dianetics!’ She chilled out but spun on her foot and walked out. But she was in valence, I can tell you. I did several more of those dating actions on more people, but with their permission this time. They all went great. Some guys shook my hand and others thanked me. To this day I can Date/Locate like Michael Jordan can slam-dunk.”

Aug 15: “Only PTS people are susceptible to catching diseases, according to LRH.”

Aug 16: “Have been visiting three Church of Scientology places around Copenhagen over the last few days. All of them dramatize the Corona Insanity. All staff go around inside and outside with masks and gloves. When we walked into one place we were told we would be given masks and gloves, which we refused. Then they refused entry. The receptionist said that all Churches of Scientology internationally had the same rules.”

Aug 17: “Who cares about these newbies if they buy such things as Justin Craig? Scientology was for the intelligent, not for tweety sweeties.”

Aug 18: “So how come you keep bashing LRH 2.0 (Justin)? Have you talked to him, have you studied the tech he is putting out, have you run the processes? I have done all three. I have known the being that is LRH for many, many years and lifetimes. I tell you and all who listen that he is LRH and this new tech of LRH’s is magic. Magic that works in days not years. His game had been to find a one-shot Clear process. He never got that, came close on SCS. But this tech is as close to a one-shot OT as has ever been created. So instead of giving your opinion get some of the facts then talk.”

Aug 19: “LRH said, ‘No squirrel has lasted more than 2 or 3 years in the past sixteen years. And there have been many.’ See how Justin emerged in 2017 and by 2020 see how he crumbled and as a revenge, he is declaring ‘Scientology dead’ and developing his own stuff with its own name. He is now in the process of splintering. The same thing that the previous squirrels did.”

Aug 20: “Based on a lot of reading I’ve done over many years I’ve come to the understanding that paedophilia is a standard operating procedure for the planet’s ruling elite, and that these ruling elite are in fact descendants of aliens (Annunaki? Zeta Reticulans? Archons? Marcabs?) which came here a long, long time ago, at which time they created humans as hybrids of themselves and existing earth hominids. These were and are the ‘gods’ of ancient Greek mythology etc. We are their property and they keep us trapped here via spiritual recycling and they persist here on Earth based on the relative degree of their original DNA in humans. This is why the ruling elite, such as the British royal family, are so stuck on keeping only to certain family bloodlines (a/k/a blue-bloods). One of the methods these elite employ to extend their lives is the consuming of Adrenachrome. Ever wonder about the longevity of Rockefellers and their ilk?”

Aug 21: “Justin Craig has initiated from the start a black PR campaign against Captain Bill Robertson’s tech and as such is expected to be an OSA operative at the service of David Miscavige and should be investigated fully.”

Aug 22: “I suspect that the majority should spend time at the level of mission or field group before becoming actual Scientologists and working up the Bridge. Directly working with people on life repair services should be the #1 program for anyone and everyone. It is so obvious that the collapse of real Div 6 in the 80’s is the only reason we have failed as a group to achieve what we should have. Rectifying this is now harder but completely doable.”

Aug 23: “Scientology is a very exact thing. It has no room for different interpretations, it was researched based solely in its workability by a man with an incredible background in science, mathematics, history, philosophy, etc. A research route was followed that resulted in a workable technology that works 100 percent, all times. It has been tested time after time. Many Scientologists are looking for answers who have been overwhelmed by false data from ‘Authorities’ from the Church. By applying to them 100 percent on Source supervisor tech, their confusions will be handled. Long dissertations and ‘explanations’ on top of false data and M/Us just won’t do.”

Aug 24: “How come the more we’ve done to make it easier to survive, the harder it has become to survive?”

Aug 25: “There is no such thing as a personal first dynamic state of OT. I have seen many people in Scientology who want personal power. A self that wants to preserve itself is doomed. The ‘I’ that wants to be ‘OT’ is an aberration. Scientology will not succeed until it starts working from the top down rather than from the bottom up. First dynamic oriented beings will never create a brighter future.”

Aug 26: “This is what Justin Craig left to clean up after he was given free rent for 6 months at the property I am staying at. It has taken me one and a half days to clean it up and haul to the dump. This is inside a giant RV garage and he bought two old motor homes and then gutted them and threw it in a pile for the owner to clean it up. I helped her by doing the work in exchange for some storage space.”

In response to the Bunker’s inquiry about the photo, Craig sent us this: “I should have taken a shit on top and wrapped everything up with a little red bow.”

Aug 27: “I was given a clue that what we have been feeling during these months of 2020 is a kind of ‘blanketing’ low-tone vibration. Probably a Freezone OT committee would be able to identify it and as-is it somehow. What is a fact is that the Dems and lefty Scienos and ex-Scienos have fallen victim to this blanketing of the planet.”

Aug 28: “Great Success Story for OT 9 (CBR). Well, I certainly know why this level is called Phoenix. That is the perfect name! I am only a few sessions in, but let me see if I can describe it for you. We all have constructs we have assembled for one reason for another and by which we operate. Both sides of the bridge, from my observation, serve to dismantle constructs so that we my operate more by postulate and closer to a native state. Constructs are sneaky things in that until revealed by auditing or training they are difficult, if not impossible to find. What Phoenix does is find, reveal and implode constructs. Each session is not at all dissimilar to placing charges on key structural points of a huge building in your city, detonating them and then watching an old, outdated and imposing edifice crumble before your eyes… AND THEN literally emerging from the ashes. There are a few more constructs in my city to address, but without these first few obstructions in the way I am enjoying a view of the blue sky that was hidden behind them.”

Aug 29: “We are getting into the nooks and crannies of LRH’s mind. Few have done that before.”

Aug 30: “It’s NOT ENOUGH to just be Scientologists or going up the Bridge. The World has gone crazy and it will only get worse. The Church of Scientology is nowhere on sight. Scientology has gotten a bad name. Not enough auditing is occurring not to say anything about making auditors. You want more? There is ONE more thing that is even worse: AI is coming, artificial intelligence and that will put even more Automaticity in life. People believe they are soulless bodies or even animals. That’s rather grim. Only a strong group of people who can work together can do something about it and be heard. I don’t see any other way.”

Aug 31: “Clearing this planet is going to take thousands of years and many lifetimes. There is no instant solution involving paying tens of thousands of dollars for ridiculously overpriced auditing from an egotistical self-styled guru or an organization composed of slave cultists. Anyone who really wants to make it will wade their way through the thousands of hours of study needed to understand the tech.”

Sep 1: “Scientology is NOT dead. It is alive and well, much to the chagrin of squirrels and SPs. The only thing that can kill Scientology is reasonableness and allowing SPs and squirrels to dilute and suppress the philosophy and technology. The way forward is to pour the coals on the purpose of Scientology and validate THAT, not the antithesis.”

Sep 2: “I am not a fanatic of Admin. But it is a necessity so that one person can recognise and meet the counter effort of the environment. The definition of rationality. How is one person out there (OK, in some cases with 5 or 6 more people next to him) able to do that? They cannot. I refuse to have gone crazy before I kick the bucket this lifetime. This is my right. The right to my sanity. And I am gonna stay sane as long as I even whisper it to my team mates that Admin is the path. And the org board is the key. LRH didn’t spend his life over org boards for nothing. He wanted to teach us something. He said that was the best vehicle he could find. And I don’t just believe him, I have seen it work.”

Sep 3: “There are people who are more ‘hatted’ than me. However, I do not see them having as much Purpose as I have. Secondly, they are not LRH so they do not know neither apply Scientology 100 percent. Still, if anything moves they are the first to USE POLICY TO STOP. They cannot even see that all those years all they should be doing is Hat, Hat, Hat… But no, they know better. Those who postulated 100 percent policy are still postulating and DO less than they could. A team with any policy is better than a team with NO policy even if it’s the ALL STARS playing. You know that. Or if you don’t know read Org Board and Livingness.”

Sep 4: “Just a note to say that I fully support the ban of Justin Craig’s pseudo-Scientology. LRH was quite clear in stating that after OT8 come actual OT levels, not more chasing of negative gain cosmologies. I suggested earlier that Craig could possibly be a BT from LRH’s left testicle.”

Sep 5: “DO NOT VOTE. Your vote will make zero positive difference in the outcome of the country’s future as all parties and the entire structure of voting is part of a huge negative creation and trap. By voting you immediately become ‘part’ and not ‘whole.’ By voting you become disempowered and no longer the person who decides your experience on Earth. It is the entire ‘democratic’ system that is the trap. There is no democracy. The system of democratic governance is designed and created to oppress the people of Earth. It is based on division, righteousness and aggression. The people are so busy fighting with each other that they do not see or are even interested in what really rules our reality. So… what rules our reality? YOU rule our reality. By giving your power away, you give the power to a system, person or organization to rule reality FOR YOU. So, what do you do instead? DO NOT VOTE. Create and support new educational, living and working structures and organizations. KNOW that covid19, global warming, racism and terrorism are ALL false flag creations made to DIVIDE AND CONTROL YOU. DO NOT get vaccinated for ANYTHING. This is very important.”

Sep 6: “That awkard moment when you do an OCA to somebody and discover she’s crazy.”

Sep 7: “DM is just afraid. He is terrified of OTs just as space opera societies have been. Just as the asshole who put us here in this prison planet was. Get an actual OT made, you know, a NOTs completion followed by SOLO NOTs completion, taken standardly through original IV-VII to their FULL EPs. Then the original OT VIII, not the adultered quickied one on the Freewinds, and you’ll have, indeed, a extremely rehabilitated thetan who can exert a LOT of power and control on his environment. Enough, that just a few of them could revert the whole scene in the Church. DM KNOWS this. He really does.”

Sep 8: “Dems, including Scientologists, ex-Scientologists and ‘Dem OTs’ are getting their R6 implant restimulated, and becoming Ethics particles. They are intent on destroying civilization. This is why LRH created the Sea Org. To escape this dramatization.”

Sep 9: “Squirrels and unethical people in the Freezone routinely use the ‘hidden data line’ argument to try to goad people of goodwill into giving them materials they will then use to spin people in or to deny their existence in order to falsely parade as an Authorities while being a complete ignoramus.”

Sep 10: “What puzzles me is that there is so much opportunity for lawsuits, because none of the shut down laws, social distancing laws, mask laws are legal. They are all arbitrary laws. They are not based on facts. They are only held in place by media lies and fear mongering and arguments. Arbitrary laws are not legally binding. WTF is wrong with all the effing lawyers in America? The most litigious country in the world. This is unbelievably insane! There are 8 billion stupid people on earth. There is no intelligent life on earth. Anthony Fauci is the biggest criminal on earth, along with Bill Gates and company.”

Sep 11: “List of subversive 1.1 Scientologists, ex-Scientologists (OTs) leaders supporting the Marxist Biden-Harris-Bernie campaign. The influential Scientologist most pandering the drum for Bernie Sanders’ commie agenda is a Type 3 PTS. The influential ex-Scientologist pandering the drum for Biden’s destruction of the USA agenda has also gone through gruesome events, including cancer, and better not mentioned here so as not worsen the case.”

Sep 12: “The world is going mad more than ever. The dwindling spiral is speeding up. ‘Reasonableness’ says: oh, no, it’s all fine. (Of course, they want you to succumb with them.) Well, it’s not all fine, at all. You see it everyday. We were given the greatest of the greatest gift, The Technology, the Observations of a man who knew how to observe and he wrote it all down. We are all brothers in arms now and there is a Call to Arms now more than ever. Is this Technology going to be passed on to the children of this world or is it all gonna be AI (Automaticity)? We know better than anyone of Automaticity. So, this is a Call to Arms and no one is exempted. We should all be united. Enough with divide & conquer. Who’s gonna Unite us? LRH Admin Tech. The Big Missing Factor in the Freezone.”

Sep 13: “I am waiting to attest for an advanced level that has created a space around me free from interference and case phenomena! It feels clean, calm and serene! I’m still getting used to it! Before I would make a postulate and it would rebound back at me or get lost in the confusion of counter intentions. Now I simply decide and my space has nothing counter to throw back at me! New business? Check. New car? Check. New house? Check. These are just the surface manifestations occurring recently. Theta wise I perceive a whole new existence. Picture Neo seeing the Matrix for the first time possibly. I’m getting very acquainted with the theta universe and its subtle yet powerful control of the MEST universe. Big shift! Prior to that it was hit-and-miss with Lady Luck deciding mostly. Not any more. There is more composure and certainty than before, it feels as if I’m ready to handle the bigger stuff, cant wait!!”

Sep 14: “At some point (as soon as possible) we need a central organization as Ron envisioned it. I love all his ethics, tech and admin. The only time I saw it not work was when it was misapplied or abused. I completely see Scientology as the solution to this planet and it won’t happen without a large central organization. Period. We just have to get better at the 3D.”

Sep 15: “As far as this society goes, I’m out there in the world, I see the decline. As an example, I work with a couple who are upper middle class and I have gotten to know their friends. My couple are the very few who don’t do psychiatric drugs or drugs of any kind and the only ones winning in their marriage — thanks to this tech. Ron had his hands full is all I can say. Anyone attacking him and the tech are the ‘classifiables.’ I have a much better understanding of why it was hard to have the dynamics in and to make money on staff. Believe it or not it is still the 3D that is going to clear this planet and it has to be done.”

Sep 16: “Well, if there are a bunch of out of touch retards like yourself who are divorced from the society that you live in, aren’t able to get a large group of people together, and aren’t able to get good results visible to other people, then criticism of Scientology technology is merited. Scientology advanced tech doesn’t matter, and is out-gradient. Get 20 million people to do early processes from 1953 or 1956. Force Scientology to be the state religion. Impose it on the land like Islam. Make there be Cohesion and Unity. Then handle other case factors if you want. A group of 5,000 people (the Sea Org) isn’t saving anyone. A group of 10 million would be far better but still would be too low. Apply the Confusion Formula and figure out how to help people at lower levels.”

Sep 17: “Book one? Nobody cares about Book One. That faded away seven decades ago. You need to be less politically correct. What you need is celebrities who actually speak their mind. Not Tom Cruise. OTs, almost by definition, do not organize Book One events. One can’t be an actual OT and involve oneself with that, because it is a waste of time. Napoleon got things done. And he had R6. You are not an OT, and no one should treat you as such. You can’t get things done and refuse to support people who do. You are as causative as a mentally disabled person in a wheelchair. Scientology OTs, putting the tech aside, are probably some of the least effective beings on this planet. I haven’t seen good results. And that’s because of lower grades.”

Sep 18: “Imposing Scientology like Islam could not be done out of gradient. That would be done first on a Scientology country first. Processes for the lower levels are very simple. Change of environment and betterment of conditions is one.”

Sep 19: “When checking out a used car, one can sort of ‘shroud’ it and get a feel for its chronic emotion, look beyond its scuffs into its heart, hear its noises in your mind and home in on the car’s voice, unscramble the frequencies, maybe even spot a postulate or two. You can get a sense of previous owners, scan to where they lived, where they took the car, what the car saw on its travels, if there were children and pets. Was the car happy? Explore its time track back to the factory; are there any hidden moments? It doesn’t take long to do if you can get the seller to shut up for a minute. Service histories can be falsified too, it’s not unheard of. Does the car even want another owner? Dependency on MEST documentation is only one route to knowing something.”

Sep 20: “If you don’t know yet, Ron has reincarnated in a new body in the USA. Right now he is developing new tech which goes much more deeper in the case, and much more easy to audit with real wins! I am using this new tech since 2018, and all my guys who were bogged in NOTs, solo NOTs, Ron’s Org, any level are now flying and are stables! Furthermore a new bridge is being created! and all the bridge will be done in solo auditing even for someone starting! By the way the name of this new Scientology is ESPERIANISM. ESP means extra-sensory perceptions! We are aiming to make real OTs now!”

Sep 21: “Note that after the McPherson Affair there was a radical change in the delivery of Scientology known as the Golden Age of Tech. Coincidence? Sure if you believe in such things. Personally I don’t think many Scientologists can confront that much evil so they create a synthetic terminal like ‘Miscavige,’ ‘DM’ or ‘COB’ and fixate on him as the cause of all evil and that anyone who suggests otherwise is a ‘conspiracy theorist’ or an ‘OSA plant’ or whatever. Worse they support such idiocies as signing a petition calling on the *in*justice department and the FBI to ‘investigate’ Scientology. As far as I’m concerned Lisa McPherson and the ‘Trust’ that followed was a planned covert operation allowing former plants like Robert Vaughn Young and others to ‘defect’ and further discredit the subject and make absurd claims that it was the Introspection RD that caused her demise. Interesting fact is that the Introspection Rundown if properly done would eliminate the need for Psychiatry and their monopoly over the ‘insane.’ An existential threat to their existence for sure.”

Sep 22: “Scientology’s name has been injured badly by the church. We need to reverse that. Also, with all of the corona restrictions all over the world, almost no one is progressing up the bridge. This has harmed the Free Zone like never before, especially with actions done by the church. Scientology WILL grow outside of the church, but it depends on how much volunteer time we are all going to put into it. L. Ron Hubbard managed to hold all those years because of people that have decided to devote a lot of hours a day for his technology and for it to work, so why aren’t we doing the same?”

Sep 23: “We are not all OT so we need each other. The Org Board is the Props of the Bridge. Millions need to walk this Bridge. Who’s gonna hold it, or better say WHAT’s GONNA HOLD IT? World going down… Zombies is the end product of this civilization… Will you take it or allow it to happen? Live in a world full of Zombies? Imagine the ideal scene: Thousands working together, thousands of aware thetans like you and me. Thousands, not hundreds… That’s what I am aiming for… And they all have one thing in common: A strong conviction they are immortal beings. Those are the ones I want. Aware Thetans. The world is going down fast now… we have been losing all the way. There comes a guy who says: Admin is completely out… Too few get it. Other-intentionedness… a disease worse than COVID-19. As long as I am keyed out I am going to post so You, yes You, see this and Re-cognite!! Maybe new people, fresh in mind and mental vigor need to get to know Scientology. At least you can help with that.”

Sep 24: “Your Democratic friends and Democratic PCs are supporting the destruction of the USA, and with that, the rest of the world. You seem to forget LRH quotes on Marxism. Marxists today teach the children and teenagers in USA. The LGBT sodomite agenda is rampant. LRH said that the LGBT agenda had cause the destruction of the USA (he said that in the 60’s) like before with Rome, Greece etc. Finally, you don’t seem to have duplicated the LRH taped lecture The Free Being. In it LRH describes with detail how lower organized beings and entities can and have been bringing down Free Beings and OTs along the track. Those ‘lower but well organized beings’ are the Antifa and BLM communist leaders and their spiritual entities. Yes. Marxism is a spiritual movement pretending to be atheistic. Not to say of BLM and Vudu.”

Sep 25: “The USA Democratic supporters have got the R6 implant keyed in. And to think that some people want to skip OT III.”

Sep 26: “This is my 50th year on the bridge and most sessions are best ever! Up to OTVIII in the Church, Ron’s Org. Grenchen these days. Just translated LRH lecture Beingness (Dec. 1953) into German and highly recommend it. Lot’s of OT data in there!”

Sep 27: “Even the type of wins as an Indie are different, much wider in scope, and MUCH MORE UNIVERSAL AND LESS CULTISH! What a tasty level this NOTs! Endless dishes and menus, some fantastic, some hard to digest (oh yes!), some a piece of cake, but all of them life shaking, life changing. And mood and tone altering, oh BIG time. I started slow and half blind, then got better, and better. And then I was doing difficult, elusive things correctly and more and more RIGHT!”

Sep 28: “I was always aghast at many Scientologists’ willingness to accept verbal tech and policy or the staff’s willingness to follow illegal orders. Most ‘Scientologists’ including many ‘OTs’ are untrained morons and thus are vacuums for verbal tech and policy and false data. Most staff these days haven’t even completed Staff Status II, never mind any actual hatting. Then of course there is what they call ‘Instant Hatting’ which was supposed to be a temporary solution but has become an excuse for verbal policy and tech. Worse there is false tech and policy included like GAT and such things as ‘Message to Garcia’ and so called ‘SRAs’ and what are called ‘Seances’ which are straight out of Communist China’s Cultural Revolution and what was called Brain Washing.”

Sep 29: “We have great news — the Theta-Meter app for Apple Watch has been released. Now you don’t even need the phone to do auditing. Happy owners of bluetooth Theta-Meter e-meter, you can download Theta-Meter Watch program to your Apple Watch in the AppStore!”

Sep 30: “I’ve never seen ANY cause to attack, criticize, blame, and otherwise malign and impugn LRH. I personally went through extreme hell as a result of writing up GAT as a technical degrade when I was Snr C/S of my org, but I never lost my integrity and affinity for the old man, nor his tech. All the reverse sec-checking, imprisonment, wrong indications, etc., never alloyed my affinity. So I’ve little tolerance for that or the badmouthing of Scientology.”

Oct 1: “Frankly, I don’t think ‘discussions’ about history or any other topic ever produce much of any value. Debate is vastly overrated as a way to come to realistic conclusions about anything. Discussion is fun and occasionally someone says something that makes you cognite about something. But it rarely resolves anything. Online discussions also have a value in knitting together a community. In our case, we can’t all descend on the corner bar and have beers together. Now I know of a variety of trained and reliable ‘with-LRH’ people. And hopefully more will follow. Because God knows, there are few enough of us out here as it is.”

Oct 2: “Case in point was an LRH lecture where he found himself up in the Van Allen belt, so the Church of Scientology pulled it, telling Ted Koppel it’s no longer part of current Scientology to appease extant scientific data. With the more recent discoveries, are they going to reissue it? Same when LRH stated he nearly got run over by a train on Venus. No one is going to disagree there are no trains on Venus, but the lecture still nicely correlates and furnishes insight what goes with the case as LRH was about to unravel the implant data on the CC and OT II among other findings. To me, the lecture was a perfect delineation on the power of the case over one’s perceptions.”

Oct 3: “Personally I think that there has been a coordinated effort by certain factions in the Government for reasons of ‘National Security’ to invalidate the state of OT at least publicly and that the Church currently is playing along in this game. It is my opinion that the success of the Remote Viewing Project scared the bejesus out of them and now there is an ongoing effort to put the Genie back in the bottle. But that is my opinion and I can’t prove it. Though what I can pretty much prove is that the Church has now veered away from those abilities covered in the earlier lectures on the State of OT. For instance the original OT IV if run correctly will produce a Thetan Exterior, V and VI give the thetan familiarity with operating outside of the body. Yet these levels are no longer part of the Bridge. Why is that? There is no HCOB or Policy that canceled those levels yet they are no longer considered part of Church doctrine. Omitted levels is a definite out point. One big enough to drive not just a Sherman Tank but a few very large semis through.”

Oct 4: “Some folks said that LRH never conceived of the Internet. Well, he was still alive when computer networks were already in existence, and governments had sent digital transmissions across the country long before that. So why would LRH announce future communications technologies when those concepts had already been in the scope of design since the 60s? So Berners-Lee came up with something practical along that line around the late 80s. Where do some people think LRH came up with the term ‘Terminal’ from? Does he need to get more specific?”

Oct 5: “You can’t measure time in years to another universe, it’s another universe outside the time reference of this universe. So basically incident zero occurs in this universe and that’s it. It’s out-ethics to evaluate incidents to run. The processes quite simply run a person into a network of implant stations which programs people into cycles of action operating across the entire tone scale.”

Oct 6: “So, you are STILL ‘thinking’? Hahaha. Still creating your mind? Hahaha. I just finished OT IX. Lafayette’s Tech is super-laser-fast!! AND I am not ‘thinking it’. I KNOW IT. How about that?”

Oct 7: “Recently I blocked a woman because she was using plain Black Scientology on me. I felt quite relaxed after blocking her.”

Oct 8: “This planet is hungry for help, peace and tolerance. When Christianity came along and offered that in a barbaric and cruel world it grew like mad. Scientology, with its unbelievable tech to help, spread like wildfire. As Ron pointed out Christianity made the huge mistake of becoming intolerant and attacking others. And our Church under DM has become utterly intolerant and attacks people of goodwill. DM has joined the ranks of the WFMH and any government allies of naming us, real Scientologists who are helping others, as his enemies! SPs do not want others to be helped! We are very fortunate to have the full tech of helping others and the full tech of spotting and handling those who would stop us helping others.”

Oct 9: “I did some paranormal abilities training before knowing about Scientology. I remember one of the first paranormal detections I did many times about Scientology: I detected that it would degrade and degenerate; but I didn’t expect it would happen so soon. I’m glad that even though the Church of Scientology has been degraded, there are people outside the church doing sane and good Scientology.”

Oct 10: “I would have to say I was quite neurotic and numb from many years of drug use and alcohol. I took a personality test and read Dianetics and found why I had asthma and allergies for most of my childhood years. That compelled me to dedicate my life more and more to study, first as a public and then on staff. I made gains every step of the way. There is so much to learn and study and big actions to address your case. First the ability to study and detox off drugs and alcohol with a Purification Rundown. You can choose how you learn but for me I dedicated intense study and case handling by joining staff and for 10 months completely studied and twinned up with others to learn practical training. I guess some are afraid to look into their minds and traumas in life. Scientology is a discipline to learn how to study clear words and to become more intelligent. I know it is the reason I love to help others now. I became a much better individual and ethical and now also I know I can learn any subject I choose to and my interests in life have expanded greatly. It is a Science.”

Oct 11: “I badly broke my right arm in 1997, and the doctors told me it was too big a gap to heal, and I would need a false arm. Anyway they put me in plaster for seven weeks just in case it would heal by a miracle. I had touch assists for several weeks, and when I went back to the hospital, the doctor was amazed to see bone was growing across the gap. My arm was saved!”

Oct 12: “When you identify someone you don’t know as a troll who is trained as a ninja, you might give thanks that you are still breathing without the assistance of paramedics.”

Oct 13: “Wise Scientologists are adopting the advice of Captain Bill Robertson regarding this civilization, that is, ‘Do not support the Old Civilization.’ They just need to take the next step. That is to ‘Support the New Civilization.’ Captain Bill Robertson already set an admin structure and definitions for that New Civilization. Examples: The monetary standards is going to be the value of an auditing intensive. Note: It should be noted that Donald Trump, just like Ronald Reagan before, does not fit into the parameters of the Old Civilization.”

Oct 14: “Lesbian Maoists are exporting war for China. (Instead of being put in FEMA camps, as recommended in Science of Survival.) George Soros funds the lesbian Maoists (BLM) burning the USA.”

Oct 15: “The three songs that always struck me as straight off the Whole Track were Van Halen’s Running with the Devil, Edgar Winter’s Frankenstein and Led Zep’s Kashmir.”

Oct 16: “Do you think President Donald Trump is an OT? He must know that focusing on beingness by donating his havingness altruistically makes him even more powereful. The other side has witches practicing magic against him, yet he seems to grow in power. I support him at Tone 40. I shudder to think what Liberty we might lose to practice our beliefs if the communists come into power. It is the same press they control that works to destroy Scientology as works to destroy President Trump.”

Oct 17: “I think Trump might be an angel, or an alien with some of the powers you guys imagine for an OT. He certainly is a ‘Big Being.’ I keep catching glimpses of a column of white light 10 feet across coming down from above surrounding, protecting and empowering him.”

Oct 18: “2.0 and above is where survival kicks in, and it’s way above 1.1 which is much or most of the Left. 2.0 is as high a tone as will impinge at all on the Left. It is the proper tone to adopt to drain the swamp. Trump has to come down from his chronic tone of action, 20.0, in order to communicate at all with the swamp dwellers. Study your materials. Find out who you really are. But we still love you. So I suggest for an amends project when you get up to ‘liability’ as an American, that you watch 50 or more ‘walk away’ videos, then make one of your own.”

Oct 19: “Scientology is a religion that the government has been trying to ban for ages because it creates independent thinkers. Kinda like Joe Rogan’s podcast, it wakes people up to mainstream media lies.”

Oct 20: “The invalidation and refusal to declare the Clear state is one of the most evil crimes I can think of. As can be seen, it causes no end of difficulties, no matter how you look at it. In fact, it can, on occasion, even be lethal. Fortunately, we have a good crew out here who know what they are doing with regard to the state, and how to sort it all out. The Tech is even able to handle situations where it’s been abused or incorrectly applied. Pretty nifty!”

Oct 21: “LRH said that ‘democracy’ in this prison planet is bullshit! Democrats are ‘Demonocrats’ = Tyranny by granting democracy to entities! Lets as-is that. Hopefully some Democrats vanish to source.”

Oct 22: “There are many blogs that publish a lot bad news about ‘Scientology’ when they are not really talking about Scientology at all, but rather about the CHURCH of Scientology and its suppressive ‘leaders.’ After reading some of those, it is such a pleasure to read about the great personal wins that people are having applying actual Scientology rather than the pretend stuff, e.g., GAT. Exposing the crimes of the Church of Scientology is a very important thing to do, but the wins that people are giving and receiving using the TECH will always be the more important story in the long run. The church will die thanks to those who bring the light of truth to expose its contra-survival acts. But people helping themselves and other people with the TECH and enhancing life all over the world are also important positive forces creating a better future.”

Oct 23: “Trump is fighting against the 12 guys that Ron decribed in Ron’s Journal 67. Ron had well spotted these SPs, and as you can see on the planet in the present they are still at work to crash everybody with the Covid, and establishing a worldwide government!”

Oct 24: “For me THIS is the ultimate truth: If you think the situation is bad now — MSM, ‘Climate change,’ BLM and Covid-1984 — think about WWII and how the Jews managed to trick the world to declare war against Germany.”

Oct 25: “I have been busy researching and bringing to light various factors that are working to control this planet right now. I have done some why finding and, using the data series and basic Scientology principles, discovered and now making known what is currently happening on this tiny ball of dirt in the cosmos. LRH was right when he said this was a prison planet and the ‘powers that be’ (off world) are determined to keep it that way. This is what is behind all this draconian lock downs. COVID-19 is an altered importance out of all proportion to its effects. In addition if one is high on the Tone Scale and one does not RESIST it yet IF catches it, it is mild. Much like a common cold. But shove people own into FEAR and repeatedly say how contagious and dangerous it is and you will get compliance. Now I cannot express that directly as of course it would not be believed and I would be considered a nut job. However I can expose the effects that are being created and point out the outpoints. And that is what I am doing publicly.”

Oct 26: “I tried but I had a hard time trying to open an independent Academy close to Clearwater. I supervised and word cleared for 20 years but OSA has a heavy presence here.”

Oct 27: “One of our greatest tools has always been the truth so very soon we are going to be researching and collecting data on individuals in the Freezone. We are then going to do a video series on each and release them to the public so they can see all of the lies and out-tech for themselves. Let us see them lie and tell half-truths with their faces, addresses, and businesses blasted all over the internet for all to see exactly what they are up to. We can just let the truth be the truth and then get on with the job of actually doing the tech as we are now. Much like those who hold public office these individuals have violated the trust of those they swore to serve and made the mistake of thinking Esperianism could not thrive without them. I wonder how that is working for them lately?”

Oct 28: “The fundamental principle of Scientology is in the defining of the nature of our being. We are spiritual beings who do not owe our existence to any Creator or God. In Christian terms that is the ultimate heresy. However, it is also fundamental that we survive in this universe as a co-existence which is God. Our survival is irrevocably entwined with that of others. We are immortal beings who have become involved in games after games of increasing complexity until arriving in this latest manifestation which entrapped most into fallacious concepts.”

Oct 29: “Lawrence Wright is a regular ol’ average human being. He considers he is ‘Lawrence Wright,’ that body, with one life, in that body, living on a lone planet that spontaneously brought about that one life, in that one body, from a sea of ammonia, sometime in the last billion years or so, evolving along until one day, carbon and oxygen and hydrogen and a bunch of chemicals gave rise to his ‘consciousness’ as ‘Lawrence Wright.’ One day that will die and that’s the end. He’s convinced – or at least he’s pretty sure. In order to grasp Scientology, Lawrence would have to attain an awareness level that would somehow approach, at least to some degree, being able to conceive a Static. Scientology is unreal to Lawrence Wright. That’s why he can’t describe it, write about it or comment on it in any meaningful way. He cannot conceive a Static. Lacking this level of awareness, this cognition or degree of understanding, the subject eludes his grasp.”

Oct 30: “The statement: ‘I support Biden/Harris’ is an admission of out-tech and out-ethics and probably a symptom of dementia. Wog democracy votes for those who are going to exterminate them. Of course Democrats might say they are well-intended, but the bank makes them vote for the ones who kill them. I understand politics as a Scientologist.”

Oct 31: “If we don’t do something in an organized way, Scientology may become… another Religion. World going down, zombies is the end product of this civilization. Will you take it or allow it to happen? Live in a world full of Zombies? Imagine the ideal scene: Thousands working together, thousands of aware thetans like you and me. And they all have one thing in common: A strong conviction they are immortal beings. Those are the ones I want. Aware Thetans. The world is going down fast now. We have been losing all the way. There comes a guy, says: Admin is completely out. Too few get it. Other-intentiondess, a disease worst than COVID-19. As long as I am keyed out I am going to post so You, yes You, see this and Re-cognite! Maybe new people, fresh in mind and mental vigor need to get to know Scientology. At least You can help with that.”

Nov 1: “Trump is very OT. He is part of a higher society. He may be being used to help us, but he is not being controlled! A prophet. I think he and Ivanka are from the Pleiadian society, here to fight the reptilians (as strange as it may sound). Regardless, so many have been programmed (brainwashed) into this society that it is difficult for them to wake up. They are still in a dream, but they are waking up! And many are already awake.”

Nov 2: “The answer you’re looking for is Incident 2 programming. This planet dodged a future of unimaginable darkness when that Whole Track SP Clinton lost to Trump. It was literally the only chance for a miracle. Now the satanists who have controlled Earth for millennia are totally fucked. Be thankful you are here to witness this event, the liberation of a prison planet.”

Nov 3:

[Indies doing OT TR Zero over Zoom.]

Nov 4: “I am very disappointed in the decline of civilization as a whole during the last 120 years. I place the blame primarily on the widespread use of drugs and chemicals, and the increase in population in urban areas in relation to rural population. People are generally more restimulated in heavily populated settings and develop or agree with more socialistic philosophies. When you are forced to confront and handle the physical environment, you tend to be more in present time. When in a heavily populated environ, there is more contagion of aberration.”

Nov 5: “What is so remarkable about Ron is he treated us as ‘adults,’ as the thetans we really are. He didn’t treat us as victims. He gave us the straight poop. It was like ‘hey, here is some incredible stuff and if you want to really go free this is how you do it.’ And one big way is to take responsibility for your own actions. Then you have some who started on that path, but because they didn’t step up to higher responsibility levels, or more accurately didn’t use tech to really come clean, are like little kids blaming Ron. And then you dig further and find out they have major crimes! Real criminals. And boy, these guys are the biggest ‘victims’ on the planet!”

Nov 6: “It is not easy to stay afloat, especially now. Scientology doesn’t have a good reputation, so to make a decent living out if it is hard. Being somewhat Indie is easy, but to try it 100 percent for a living, that is hard.”

Nov 7: “Apparently only OT Scientologists know that the Matrix/Cabal/NWO is triggering/keying in the R6 implant against Trump. Namely the implant to force the population to lynch anybody that is trying to save the world. In this case, Make America (and the world) Great. OTs know the handling/destimulation for that… auditing.”

Nov 8: “If a person comes to the freezone offering you to become a super OT that can now bend spoons with the mind and win the one million Amazing Randi Challenge for that, then you know for sure that that ‘tech’ is most probably Ray Mithoff’s reverse Scientology and black Scientology. If on the contrary, a person comes and offers you tech that is making it possible to achieve the abilities for OTs as described in the Philadelphia Doctorate Course Lectures of the Early 50’s, then you know that it is valid Tech based on the Scientology fundamentals. The right thing to do is to be trained on the technology so as to undo any black Scientology that the dark side wants to impose on us or the society.”

Nov 9: “US late night talk show host Jeffrey Daugherty has embarked on a path to deliver ‘White Dianetics’ to the world. I suggest the free Scientology community check out this project and interact appropriately with him. He is someone who is eminently amenable to factual discussion. It would be truly wonderful if someone from the community could come onto his show for an episode of discussing and laying out interesting stuff that could further show his quite open-minded audience what a wonderful technology LRH gifted humanity.”

Nov 10: “We have very good results with Skype processing. There are cases who work better by Skype, there are other cases which prefer processing in person. Wins of a PC is the only criteria of results of processing. What is really bad is when one person starts to make another person wrong for delivery processing, using Skype or not. And this is a real suppression. Skype processing formally is a substitute at havingness scale. It is not too low at this scale. And it WORKS good for many, many, many PCs.”

Nov 11: “It is clear that the ‘experts’ and ‘insiders’ on the secrets of this planet don’t have a f***** clue of what the real traps are in the Matrix that makes this a prison planet. Only those doing the Scientology advanced levels would know the most invidious traps of the R6 implant and could do something about it. And of course, only they can control, manage and govern the implanted R6 population here. The idea that advanced level Scientologists manage the planet was LRH’s idea. Either they do that or this rock in space will keep on being a ‘caveman’s paradise’.”

Nov 12: “I’m not sure if a soul can be a spirit guide and reincarnate, but Ron is my #1 spirit guide. Been with me since birth. I’m a medium and talk to him all the time. I’m surprised Scientologists never hired a medium to talk to him. I only became aware this past August that I have abilities which is why I’m just now searching for answers. I just asked my reader if they can reincarnate and be guides. I’ll let you know. They cannot be spirit guides and reincarnate at the same time. So he has not reincarnated but lives on in spirit. If I’m not mistaken, Scientology has connections to the spiritual realm.”

Nov 13: “I can’t say enough good about Solo NOTs. It is my magic wand in life. What Ron gave us is beyond anything that could’ve been imagined. Just on a daily living aspect, my ruds are IN!! My body is doing great!! 3rd and 4th dynamically, I have handled so much charge!! Anyone out here who feels betrayed and f**ed up from the Church, needs to get into session and get up to Solo NOTs ASAP. As-isness is the real weapon!! Remember, an SP’s only power is to restimulate. Spiritually, it is amazing!! The MEST universe is going from infinity to zero and myself as a thetan is going from zero to infinity. I used to want certain valences and would lament, why can’t I be like that person? Not anymore! postulates are working more and more.”

Nov 14: “I’ve been out of prison now for a week and it’s good to be back! The time I did was good too. I got to sleep in nearly every day and I read and watched a lot of things. It was quite an interesting holiday of sorts. I even got to have some scary experiences around crims which is great character and confidence building. Victoria’s lefty prisons are like summer camps. The powers that be like the crims because they make money off ‘punishing them and use their bad behaviour as an excuse to expand the police state’s power. The sentence I got was an absolute joke. The lefty justice system and Vic police just wanted an excuse to lock me up because I dared challenge their communist feminist agenda.”

Nov 15: “This is a war of implanters vs free thetans. Get more auditing. I recommend the Excalibur course to see the command of the collectivists, ‘we are one.’ I don’t know if you are old enough to remember how many governments and media sources came out with bogus and biased stories to destroy Hubbard and Scientology in the 60s and 70s. The implanters bring spiritual pressure down on their minions to harass and destroy all good people and prophets who make breakthroughs to free thetans. This is the way it’s been throughout human history. It is successful because beings above us in space are suppressing us in real time. I am not even done with Excalibur, but I came face to face with the real suppressive forces and see a direct link to their attacks on Hubbard and now also Trump. If you are against Trump, then you do not know who he is or what he is doing for America and the world.”

Nov 16: “Regarding the FBI who like the IRS and the FDA along with their controlled media are just tools used by various vested interests who consider actual Scientology a threat to their monopoly. Seems they have no objection to what since 1993 has been called ‘the Scientology Religion’ which is based on meaning in a derivative sense as in squirrel ‘the works of L Ron Hubbard’ which is probably why they don’t get all hot and bothered when someone like Mike keeps bleating for an investigation of some kind of the hen house by the fox etc. It sort of emphasized the point that as Ron says there is no other hope but ourselves in straightening up this mess.”

Nov 17: “We are Scientologists. If you don’t like the fact that we don’t believe in psychiatry, why are you here?”

Nov 18: “Of course the interesting question is how does an invader force, any invader force, arise in the first place? What is the fundamental spiritual compromise behind it all in present time, here and now and behind the present time scenario here and now on Planet Earth? Where does this fundamental compromise occur? SIMPLICITY: REKINDLE PURPOSE. This simplicity handles the Circuit/3rdParty/PTS/SP Case, including Meercats, Marcabs, or anyone else. We are all spiritual beings living in a material world who have been displaced from our home worlds, our spiritual reality and our native or natural state.”

Nov 19: “As Ron says in ‘The Reason for Orgs’ there are others who would like to ensure that real OTs are not being made. For instance there were some (not all in fact I ran into quite a few who were and are spooks who think OT is a very cool thing) in CIA and other sectors of ‘National Security’ who feel threatened by it. I mean their job is to keep things secret and hidden and having pesky OTs around totally ruins that game plan for ’em. Then of course you have your average SP who isn’t too thrilled by the idea because it makes ‘the masses’ (probably an appropriate term by those stuck in a GPM) harder to suppress and dominate.”

Nov 20: “Knowing the truth about the body types and races means you can predict things. It’s a science subject which has been kept secret from us and which Scientology almost completely ignored until late in Hubbard’s career, when he fessed up and admitted that he needs to reincarnate into a genetically pure body in order to get anything done next life. For example I was listening to data about Bob Marley and I predicted he would have white heritage. I looked it up and he’s got a white dad.”

Nov 21: “I’ve decided to re-join the ranks of people who have accepted responsibility for the impact of Scientology in the world and want to keep up the good work and move forward with it into society. I’ve got all sorts of ideas banging around and I want to discuss them with people. I personally think that this ongoing idea I have heard many say, that ‘the brand is damaged’ etc., is a little — or a lot — off. There’s enough truth to the idea to make some sense, but there’s also some sort of lie about it that gives persistence to an unwanted reality. In my recent ‘reawakening’ to the subject, I’ve been talking about Scientology to lots of people. All of them have known nothing about the subject other than what they have been told in the recent ‘made for TV’ controversies. I think I have been smart in who I have talked with about the subject. I have been talking with people who are at 3.0 or above on the tone scale! Just as Ron observed, these people don’t readily accept entheta as reality. And they are often very skeptical about media and current ‘culture.’ What’s shoved down our throats hasn’t often been good for us. What I am hoping for in my posting this is to hear back from people who want to FULLY revitalize themselves on the subject of Scientology in terms of applying it again. I am hoping for PMs, and talking, and doing some mischievous planning together! ‘Man, in affinity with man, survives.’ I believe we can all help each other out.”

Nov 22: “Does eating meat suppress your Theta flow on your 5th dynamic?”

Nov 23: “Re the idea of as-ising the universe from a book, I remember once when I was a fairly green newbie in Scientology, my friend showed me the difference between the perceived cycle of action and the actual cycle of action (FOT) and when I really duplicated the actual cycle of action, I realized I was continually creating my body (create-create-create) and that if I ceased to create it, it would disappear, and that’s when it became transparent and I could see the floor through it and that’s when I slammed back in so hard to protect it I had a headache for days! So I grok your ‘as-isness’. ”

Nov 24: “The people who say Scientology is utter rubbish are clearly wrong, the people who say Scientology is utterly the best are also wrong. The truth like with most things really lies somewhere between. So that’s why I’m half a Scio. I’m also not afraid of the Covid hoax and the possible devastation it could cause. Somehow things tend to work out all right for me, so I expect Covid’s not going to cause all this badness. There’s no need to fear. Be positive because everything’s awesome. I also certainly ain’t a Christian, reading the Bible ruined the religion for me. I believe in Trump though so maybe that’s my official religion now.”

Nov 25: “I don’t think it is fair to blame Ron for what the Church of Scientology turned into or for any of its actions either. The only people who are doing that are people who either do not really understand Scientology, have a strong misanthropic streak, are covering up their own overts, or possibly some simply have a compulsion to be in the limelight no matter what cost to anyone. I never expected Ron to be perfect in the first place. He never said he was, and in fact he said that he wasn’t. His many accomplishments, however, pass for perfection for many people, including me. His life work is unprecedented in all of history to my recollection. So no, blaming Ron for anything that occurred back then has nothing to do with anything I said or think.”

Nov 26: “When LRH was on lines in the MEST universe one could always write him a letter with questions about Tech and Policy and he would graciously send us his answer. Now ‘all’ we have is his works which he left for us to study and apply, plus ourselves, plus each other as friends and team mates. That’s ‘all’ we’ve got. Sounds like we’ve been bequeathed a spiritual fortune. Sounds like we’re rich to me.”

Nov 27: “I have experienced the overwhelm that OT3 handles, and it is not pleasant and it invalidates the state of Clear. So I have a firsthand knowledge of what Ron says when he says Clears are at risk. I’m not saying this to frighten Clears or Preclears reading this, mine was, hopefully, an unusual sort of case that got handled on OT3 and then the Nots auditing knocked it out of the park and resultant freedom and relief from those levels are hard to describe. I have met and seen on TV those classified as insane, and it’s obvious that many are in a total dramatization of the OT3 phenomena. For psychiatrists to then drug or shock them, lays in the engram on top of that pitiful state, so I tend to be understanding when Ron gets a tad critical of the psychiatric profession as even well done objectives will do much to help them. I just wanted to comment to those out there wandering whether to keep going or not. Do!”

Nov 28: “OMG there’s talk now of No Jab-No Flight rules and an electronic way of checking at airports if people have gotten the jab. Just today they mentioned this in the mainstream media. Of course, we knew this was coming. When you get good at spotting conspiracies you can predict this sort of disgusting rubbish. The communist world order wants you vaccinated, and they are going to force you to do it. Well I ain’t touching their untrustworthy drugs/medicines/vaccines/advice/science just everything really. Over my dead body, baby!”

Nov 29: “Don’t forget that an infant or toddler has just recently been through the potentially traumatic experience of dying, depending particularly on how s/he died, and need time to sort this out and get some distance from it. Studies of children who recall a past life seem to generally find young children who are old enough to have developed some verbal skills and some distance from that experience. I think LRH mentioned this, too. Thus they need kindness and safety, not evaluation and invalidation.”

Nov 30: “Forgettingness is part of aging. It has to do with shedding responsibility for the stuff of this lifetime. I’m not saying it’s inevitable; I’m just saying that it’s common out in the world. One thing that can happen: thetan goes along, and lifetime after lifetime, he lives to about the same age. He gets used to that. Now along comes a lifetime where he’s surpassing that age. But he starts to experience the symptoms of aging at the time he would normally be dying, even though he’s nowhere near dying this lifetime. Habit. Interesting comment about the body remembering what the thetan isn’t paying attention to. I often wondered about that. I rather suspect the GE has its own bank going on. I think maybe the GE records everything, but I’m (thetan) more selective. I tend to draw a blank during times of injury, and it’s not from being engrammically anaten; rather, I tend to exteriorize when the body is about to get hurt (when I don’t prevent the injury in the first place), because I don’t like or want to experience the pain. The GE probably gets it full force, but I don’t.”

Dec 1: “I used to wonder what if I accidentally ended up in a female body next time around. Oh my god, I couldn’t act like a woman, that’s just not me. Would I also solve this with a sex change or just turn dyke? Well into Solo NOTs, that’s no longer a concern, as these considerations on gender-beingness and identity have gone out the window since and I no longer have any issues or concerns which one I end up with, as I would be comfortable now operating whichever lot fell my way. It’s really just a matter of willingness to assume a beingness and take responsibility for it which I previously would have rejected as … ugghh, puke. I’m pretty sure Bruce Jenner could have been contented with his sex and accepted it for what it is had he gone up the Bridge instead of under the knife. Psych alter-is = complications, non-comprehensibles = professionals trained in the schools of false data = MONEY, STATUS. Who’d wanna mess with a such a good thing?”

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