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When will governments get that Scientology has been breaking bad for 70 years?

 In the penultimate episode of the fourth season of Breaking Bad, Walter White becomes determined to wipe out his former boss Gus Fring with a car bomb. While he waits for Fring to go to his car on the fifth floor of a distant parking garage, White watches from the roof of a downtown Albuquerque []


Wait, Scientology has Mary-Ellen of ‘The Waltons’ on the hook for how much now?

[And does John-Boy know?]

Recently, we’ve been learning how much Scientology’s wealthy donors have been forking out as church leader David Miscavige makes a big fundraising push for his remaining “Ideal Org” projects in the []

VIDEO: Scientology’s post-pandemic comeback starts right here, space cadets!

 There’s nothing like a Scientology hype video to get our blood pumping, and we knew you’d want to see this latest offering from the []

Chicago’s big Scientology event looked like a bust: Will this city ever be ‘ideal’?

[Straight up and vertical!]

 On Saturday, a longtime reader of the Underground Bunker who lives in Chicago volunteered for what we hoped might be an exciting []

Something big is happening with Scientology in Chicago today: But will Dave be there?

 All week we’ve been getting ready for Scientology’s big event in Chicago today, but what exactly is going on []

Another Chicago Scientology hype video! But is the Saturday ‘Ideal Org’ event happening?

 Over the weekend, Mike Rinder at his blog suggested that recent materials put out by the Church of Scientology seemed to indicate that the Chicago ‘Ideal Org’ — which has long been finished — might be getting its grand opening this []

VIDEO: Scientology begs for staff in Chicago as it prepares to go ‘ideal’ — as soon as Saturday?

 This weekend, Mike Rinder suggested at his blog that recent chatter coming out of Chicago may indicate that Scientology’s “Ideal Org” there may be having its grand opening as soon as this []

David Miscavige says 4 new Scientology ‘Ideal Orgs’ are coming soon — but where?

[The whales came out for New Year’s Eve]

 We’re still thinking about what Scientology leader David Miscavige reportedly promised on New Year’s Eve (which we know about thanks to some reporting by Mike Rinder): That he plans to open four new “Ideal Orgs” just in the first quarter of 2023 (which ends on March 31, if []

Yes, Narconon IS Scientology, and we have video that settles the matter

 We’re continuing to mine some material that a former Scientology large donor sent our way, including some videos from what we call “peak Scientology,” the era when leader David Miscavige obviously felt pretty []

Let’s help the new Scientology ‘Ideal Org’ in Austin get staffed up!

 We understand that a lot of our liberal friends are unhappy with the state of Texas right now, thanks to its insane new law that aims to turn the state’s residents into anti-abortion bounty hunters. But Scientology has a new “Ideal Org” that needs opening in the hippie-liberal blue island of Austin, and we’re here []