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Amy Scobee: ‘Even on her deathbed, my mom was fighting Scientology and disconnection’


[Mat Pesch and Amy Scobee, while Angelo Pagan photobombs]

When we called up Amy Scobee last night, she still hadn’t seen the episode of Leah Remini’s A&E show that featured her so prominently. But she had a pretty good idea of what would be in it.

Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath premiered last night with an opening segment that had Leah quickly recounting how we got here, with her defection and her best-selling book, Troublemaker, and the intense media coverage it kicked up. But her high profile escape from Scientology produced more than just headlines; Leah heard from many other people who had also struggled to break away from the notoriously vindictive organization.

In particular, she heard from Amy Scobee about how Scientology had forced her mother to ‘disconnect’ from her after it had labeled Amy an enemy of the church. Amy herself had been a high-ranking member of the Sea Organization who had broken away after being forced to endure the Sea Org’s prison detail, the Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF), multiple times.

Bonny Elliott, Amy’s mom, had been put into an impossible situation: Scientology forced her to make a choice between her husband, a dedicated Scientologist, and her daughter, who the church considered a “suppressive person,” and had excommunicated. And at first, Bonny went along with the church and cut Amy out of her life, disconnecting from her. But eventually she changed her mind and they had a reunion.

And the person telling us this story last night was Bonny herself, in an interview she gave on her deathbed. She passed away just two weeks after Leah Remini had sent a film crew to get her on tape.

“Can you believe that?” Amy said to us last night, still marveling that her mom was interviewed in time.

“Even on her deathbed, my mom was fighting Scientology and disconnection, and Leah gave her an avenue to do that. I’m just so happy that was the case,” Amy said. “I’m happy that she could talk about what she was fighting against, and that more people will become aware of what happens in Scientology.”

Also startling in last night’s episode was to see Amy speak so plainly about being subjected to sexual abuse. She was 14 when she first joined staff in Scientology, and she was soon targeted by a 35-year-old male staffer who had sex with her. It was statutory rape, but Amy said it was covered up by the church, which not only didn’t report it to the authorities, but also kept it from Amy’s mother.

We asked her how hard it was to talk about that with Leah knowing that it was going to be used in a nationally televised show.

“I said it knowing that Scientology is probably going to use it to smear me. But I’m willing to put myself out there to warn other people,” she says. “There might be things that I’m embarrassed about, but it will make other people aware and I wanted it known.”

She says that during her career as a Sea Org officer she saw plenty of other people abused in Scientology, but she knew it was important for Leah’s show to focus on what she could testify to about her own experiences. “I didn’t talk about what happened to other people, I just stayed on what happened to me. And I’m willing to go to court and repeat that,” she said.

And she laughed at the thought of Scientology calling her a liar and trying to smear her the way it has for years. “It just shows how sleazy they can be. They just can’t let it go and own up to things they did that weren’t OK. If they just apologized for that behavior, people would let go and move on. But they can’t do that. They have to attack and try to harm people, and it’s a sign of how sick the organization is.”

At one point during the show last night, a title card tells us that Bonny’s husband, Mark, eventually left Scientology, and we asked Amy about that. She told us it was an interesting story, actually.

“My mom called me and she asked for my help to get Mark out. He had told her he was going to join Scientology staff, and mom asked, ‘Amy, can you help? I don’t want him to join staff.’ So I basically did an intervention.”

We’ve witnessed an attempt at a Scientology intervention, and they are not easy to pull off. We asked her how she managed to succeed.

“We hadn’t seen him in years, but we showed up at his house. I told him all about what was going on at the top levels of the church, and he decided to walk away.”

Really? It was that easy?

“Information is a major component of mind control. You don’t have the information you need, so you can’t make proper decisions. You’re kept so cloistered you’re acting like a robot. And just giving him that information had an immediate effect,” she said.

“I started it out by saying, this family separation was devastating mom, and he knew that it was. That let me know how to open the conversation. ‘You know me,’ I said. ‘I’m not just an SP. I left and spoke out because these are the the things that are going on. If you join staff now, you’d be supporting those things.’ So he changed his mind about going on staff, and then eventually left Scientology itself.”

We’re glad to hear it worked that easily in her family’s case. And it was a privilege to have been let in on her family’s story last night.

We asked Amy to drop us a line after she’s seen the episode and let us know what she thinks. And we’d like to hear from you, too. How well did it work? What are you hoping to see in upcoming episodes? Let us know.

UPDATE: Here’s the meat of the letter that Scientology’s Karin Pouw sent to A&E on November 2 about Amy Scobee. Take note of how vague the accusations are. Scientology never learns. All this does is embolden a media company to expose someone who would write a letter like this…


The rest of the letter, as well as a “white paper” (what a stupid term) that the church sent over can be seen at the A&E website.



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  • Dave Reams

    Looking at Scientology’s [cue Batman TV show fight scene music and sound effects] “BLAAAAM! SPLAAAT!! K-POUW !!!” frothing psychotic letters to A&E one has to feel grateful to those upper level Scientologists, who have absorbed the clusters of BTs and reactive mindlessness of those whom they have cleared (of financial liquidity).

    • Harpoona Frittata

      BTs to all, and to all a good night!

    • Taffy Sinclair

      HA!! K-Pouw. Karen Pouw, that is… heh heh

  • Taffy Sinclair

    Second RPF-related question. What’s the deal with the RPF’s RPF? There’s not a lot of info out there on the internet.

    • Taffy Sinclair

      All’s I know is what Nancy Many said in her bio.
      Love her!!

    • Missionary Kid

      It’s been discussed by different people subjected to it. While in the RPF, people can talk to one another, but in the RPF’s RPF, they aren’t even to speak to anyone else, unless it’s to answer a question of acknowledge an order. The RPF is mindfuck, but the RPF’s RPF is pure, cruel, more sadistic, mindfuck.

      The food and living conditions are even worse.

      • Taffy Sinclair

        Unbelievable. I can’t with this…

      • LongtimeLurker

        You have to run everywhere…

        …just sheer assholery, that.

    • pluvo

      Hubbard created the RPF’s RPF when sb on the Apollo Ship was not taking the RPF seriously enough.

      Here some info about the RPF’s RPF:

      • Taffy Sinclair

        whats sb?

        • Taffy Sinclair

          BTW, thank you for the info, I certainly will look at it.

        • pluvo

          short for “somebody”

          • Taffy Sinclair


      • Missionary Kid

        Thanks, Pluvo. So the RPF was an LRH creation. IIRC, it was of much shorter duration.

        • pluvo


    • Nat-leficent
      • Taffy Sinclair

        OH MY!!!!

      • daisy

        It has been a while but that looks like a heart, No it doesn*t

      • Newiga

        *has a seizure* O_O

    • LongtimeLurker

      RPF – Stop punching yourself. Stop punching yourself. Stop punching yourself. Why are you punching yourself? Stop punching yourself.

      RPF’s RPF – Stop punching and kicking yourself. Why are you punching and kicking yourself?

      • Taffy Sinclair

        Nelson Munz, are you an RPF’s RPF goon???

  • Frodis73

    I just watched this bit from John Oliver on Trump. At the end they did a special segment dedicated to our favorite year ever, 2016. /s I thought of you guys while watching. It should go directly to where the send off to 2016 starts if I did the link right…if not it starts at 23.22 in. Enjoy!

  • LongtimeLurker


    Looking forward to a new TV show called “Chance”…

    …really enjoying it so far.

    …get halfway through first episode and a freakin’ clam pops up in a major supporting role.

    • Jack99

      Which one? How high on the clamometer?

      • Taffy Sinclair

        It’s a reading of CLAM-TASTIC!!!

      • LongtimeLurker

        Not very, although given how few are left he might have moved up and be considered B list now.

        Ethan Suplee, the brother from My Name Is Earl.

    • Taffy Sinclair

      We have been blessed with TWO types of clam chowder.

    • Graham

      Like a giant turd on the living-room carpet 🙁

    • daisy

      Which clam ? Australian ? I liked that Australian show Rake. I can*t sleep.

      • Jack99

        Ethan Suplee, it looks like.

        • daisy

          OH, his mate Jason Lee got out , right ?

          • Jack99


          • Taffy Sinclair

            I hope so

          • ReallyMGM

            Supposedly. He now lives in Denton Tx.
            Kevin Smith posted a selfie Instagram of them at his show at the Denton Arts Council show around the same time people were talking about it. He announced “Mallrats 2.” Both Jason and Ethan Suplee were in the original. Will be interesting to see if Ethan takes part in it or not. He might have to avoid Jason’s SP status.
            Photo from Denton TX Arts Council (sorry I couldn’t share the entire thing, but his page is public)

        • LongtimeLurker

          Sorry, I wandered off.

      • Ella Raitch

        Rake is awesome. “What the fuck happened to Wednesday” is a catchcry in our household.

      • LongtimeLurker

        My god woman, what time was it there when you wrote that?

        Ethan Suplee. –

        He was in My Name Is Earl with Jason Lee who I think got him in? Or vice versa?

      • LongtimeLurker

        That’s cool you got Rake.

        Richard Roxburgh is always good, I think.

  • LongtimeLurker

    Draco, you around ?

  • Vault Digger

    OSA has a lot of work to do to counter this kind of exposure:

    “Leah Remini Scientology documentary premiere draws 2.1 million viewers for A&E”

    • LongtimeLurker

      You just wait until they really ramp up the rate they hand out The Way To Happiness flyers.

      Then you’ll see some confront and shatter!

      • PickAnotherID

        I’ve always wondered, do they count Sea Ogres snagging them for bathroom use in the “positive” stats for number handed out??

        • LongtimeLurker

          If they count “thrown in the trash immediately”, then anything’s


    • PickAnotherID

      Yeeeeeeeha! (Emphasis added)

      “Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath” had a gangbusters premiere for A&E Tuesday night. The 10 p.m. airing drew 2.1 million viewers in total for the network — the best premiere since “Big Smo” in 2014. More than half those viewers, 1.1 million, were in A&E’s target demographic of 25-54, and the show brought in a healthy number of viewers in the 18-49 demographic (913,000, or around a 0.7 rating).

      For comparison’s sake, “Scientology and the Aftermath” outdrew a few broadcast shows in total viewers and the 18-49 demo, including Fox’s “Scream Queens” and the CW’s “No Tomorrow,” by a wide margin.

      I suspect they did pretty good in the 60+ demographic too.

      • Sherbet

        It outdrew “Scream Queens” (with Kirstie Alley)? Oooh, that’s gotta sting!

  • Sine qua non

    Truth to power, y’all. Truth to power!!!!