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Jon Atack packs a lot into a new short book — ‘Scientology: The Cult of Greed’

SciCultOfGreedWhat do you do if you’re Jon Atack and you’re already known for writing one of the best and most comprehensive books about the history of the Church of Scientology? Apparently, you do it again, but in digest form!

We’re pleased to announce that an 83-page, 13,000-word e-book by Jon that gives an excellent overview to L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology is now available at Amazon under the title “Scientology: The Cult of Greed.”

Atack’s lengthy previous book about Scientology, A Piece of Blue Sky, came out in 1990, and after 1996 Jon retreated from the field. We noticed that he began to resurface in 2012, and we thought it would be amazing to make his acquaintance and perhaps interview him. But things turned out even better, and Jon became a regular contributor here at the Underground Bunker. We’re still stunned at our luck.

But besides contributing here, Jon has also been making personal appearances to deliver addresses about Scientology. Having to think about how to cram a lifetime of research into a short talk was a tough proposition, but the result is what he’s now put out in e-book form.

The richly illustrated book hits all of the highlights of L. Ron Hubbard’s actual history and the controversies surrounding Dianetics and Scientology. And, since this is Jon Atack, it packs a punch. Even for a longtime Scientology watcher, this short book will have you running for the endnotes to see where Atack found such startling facts.


Sunday comes early at the Bunker

We thought we’d share this flier sent to us by one of our excellent tipsters. Just for fun.


This planet will be cleared in no time!


Posted by Tony Ortega on December 12, 2014 at 07:00

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  • Ardent

    I have a great expletive to use, but…

  • scottmercer

    That graph on the flyer is worse than useless because there’s no data along the bottom axis. Get it together guys! You could make up the figures but not put in some fraudulent dates? For shame!

    • Bury_The_Nuts


    • chukicita

      it’s that whole tracky thing. so many zeroes.

  • nottrue
    • L. C. Spencer

      I love Tory. I also love how in this particular video, she got completely derailed after a single sentence about racism in Scientology. Because Christmas! Merry Christmas, Tory! So glad you’re celebrating it to the hilt at last! May you have many more.

    • Newiga

      Tory is awesome! Such a sweetheart!

    • Jon Atack

      Isn’t she just the greatest stand up since Joan Rivers? Wonderful!

  • The Dude
    • Sherbet

      Have you seen the Quincy location? You could have popped by on your way to your Weymouth gig last week.

      • The Dude

        I live right near there. Put up DM Wanted posters(since been taken down).

        • Sherbet

          I grew up on the South Shore. I don’t live there now.

        • Chee Chalker

          That’s a great idea!!! The DM Wanted posters

      • The Dude

        Perhaps I should snap a few pics of their new digs over there.

        • Sherbet

          Don’t let anyone see your license plate.

          • The Dude

            I’ll take the T.

          • Todd Tomorrow

            I put mud on my plate and dress like a priest.

        • Captain Howdy

          Get one of the Landmark Education office if you can also.

  • Jimmy3

    Bunker recap, Friday, December 12th:

    – Jon Atack has a new book that you should read.

    – The Church of Scientology would like you to believe that lots of people are interested in their scam. They still have not discovered x-axis tech. I have a Microsoft Office 2007 guidebook that I will sell to them for $4.70. Message me on an older article.

    – The Church of Scientology’s vacant building in Boston, the historic Alexandra Hotel, is way too small. They’re selling it because their new policy regarding vacant, fundraise-able buildings requires a minimum of 50,000 square feet. That’s not a joke.

    – Hamtaro is tops on the Bunker charts with a hilarious breakdown of theoretical visitors to an org.

    – Many commenters in the Bunker love Captain Howdy, possibly a major factor in their decision to express their wishes that he not die.

    – Bunker people also love cookies and wish to know more about cookies and how to make them.

    – Surprise! There are funny pictures today, including a great shoop from Mark.

    – You can “win” a trip on Grant Cardone’s private airplane, but you would be losing.

    – Hansje Brinker brings good news from Holland:

    – I’m not very good at recaps, but I try very hard. Please add anything notable below.

    • Todd Tomorrow

      Don’t forget that, “body routing'( or flirty subway flirting) is getting 100 credit cards a week!

    • Stacy

      “I’m not very good at recaps, but I try very hard.”

      Awesome recap Jimmy. All the salient points are there, with a dollop of lulz. You and SDNE need to alternate. You complement each other’s recap styles very well.

      • Jimmy3

        I can’t work with her, she’s the one I stole the idea from.

        But seriously, the idea of a recap with links to important discussions or funny comments is a good one. For the benefit of those who just browse, or just for a laugh. I don’t plan on doing it every day. But a few of us could do it by committee.

    • 0tessa

      Good idea, this recap. I missed the good news from Hansje Brinker.

  • PreferToBeAnon2

    Quick hello to everyone, and hugs and all that stuff. Anyone know wazzup with Howdy? Tying to keep track… the Bunker comments section needs one of those scrolling bars on the bottom of the screen with up-to-the-minute highlights…

    • Jimmy3

      Scroll down to the most recent post started by Baby. The Bunker raised funds and Howdy is now technically a cyborg. But he still has a human heart and brain.

      • PreferToBeAnon2

        Thanks Jimmy. I didn’t see any link from Baby about fundraising … still not sure what is going on–unfortunately, I need to get some sleep now. Whatever it is, I wish him the best and all that mushy stuff which no doubt will make him squirm. If there is a fund site–can someone post the link?

        • Jimmy3

          I was kidding about fundraising, for the exact reason you stated. There’s no fundraiser. But the thread does start at the most recent post by Baby.

          • PreferToBeAnon2

            Thanks and love the recap!

      • Jo

        Just like that game Deus Ex.

      • Captain Howdy

        Once again I would like to reiterate I don’t want people sending me money. Cookies are ok, and that’s the last i want to hear about it for awhile.Thank you all for the kind thoughts though.

        • Jimmy3

          It’s obvious that you’ve never thought of soliciting money here and it’s obvious that you don’t even want the attention… But cyborgs are cool, right?

          • Jo

            I’ve always wanted a bionic mad eye, I hate wearing glasses.

          • Captain Howdy

            Yes. Jimmy.

            • Jimmy3

              I thought so.

            • Captain Howdy

              OT but do you wanna see the craziest F’ing around with dangerous animals vid of all-time? This surpasses free swimming with great whites or trying to make friends with grizzlies in Alaska.


            • Jimmy3

              Sure, I love snakes.

            • Captain Howdy

              Did you know a Black Mamba can beat a human in a race?

            • Jimmy3

              I don’t think so. Snakes don’t have feet.

            • Vaquera

              He didn’t say a foot race.

            • Jimmy3

              They don’t have feet or foots.

            • Vaquera

              Or inch wives

            • Jimmy3

              Or maybe he did.

            • TheMirrorThetan

              Now I have this image of a black mamba wearing a tiny helmet in a drag race.

            • Jimmy3

              “People charge me for Satanism, and then after investigation, of the police, they realize this is only a snake, and not the Devil at all.”

              Oh, okay.

            • TheMirrorThetan

              Cool video, I don’t think I will be in a hurry to visit his house though.
              I would argue that the One eyed Trouser Snake is much more dangerous- look how much trouble they cause 🙂

          • Captain Howdy

            Thanks, Beverly.

  • Pepper

    The flyer about 600 “new” public walking through LA org is a whopper. It was the weekend that David Miscagive visited LA Org and calls went out for people to come in that weekend because it had to be full just for him. All the good cultists went into the org that weekend whether they were on course or not. Pleasing the cult leader is vitally important.

  • just a little bit more on the total clam lockdown/blocking on twitter that happened a couple of days ago… FTR I always made a point of not following clams so for any of them to block me they would actively have to search for me or be given my twitter handle…. anyway, remember back in summer we had that stupid puff piece on Cruise written by Amy Nicholson the “film critic” for LA Weekly [there were a lot of comments here]… anyway I double checked her twitter account and, yep, I’m blocked… to me this is pretty close to conclusive proof that she’s a clam or is being paid by them to big up tiny tommy…. or “gotcha!” as we say in the UK!


    • Whoa!!! I never followed clams’ twitters either. I’m not blocked by Amy. Were you blocked by same ones I’m blocked from? I really hope something comes out about this clam lockdown on twitter. Well wait, yeah it will, eventually, I’m just not patient! 🙂

  • Pierrot

    *** RED X +–+ RED X +–+RED X +–+ RED X *** Saturday the 13th of December

    Good morning early birds and night owls,
    Yesterday’s score is 65 new or refreshed ads bringing our Last 4 Days DOWN from 414 to 377 and the 7 days Regional List slightly DOWN from 663 to 658

    RedX write up :
    RedX spreadsheet:

    DON’T route out, BLOW, Get HELP, get OUT. CALL 1-866-XSEAORG

    Thanks AP :

  • Good morning.

    • Eivol Ekdal

      Good morning Sir, and how are you this fine day?

      • Eivol Ekdal

        I just had a knock on the door,
        My Bare Faced Messiah and A Piece of Blue Sky have arrived.

      • Splendid.

  • richelieu jr

    “Key to their success is body routing directly from the Metro station…

    The fact that we built the entrance tot he org as a fake ‘exit’ from the metro, and by saying it was connection hub had nothing to do with it

    We cannot help but think that whatever fat, garrulous, halitosis infested form our beloved source, L Ron Hubbard is currently infesting is smiling with pride when he sees that 600+ commuters per day taking his name in vain! It has been decades since so many toungues ahve formed the sacred syllables of his most truthful moniker.

    They say thing’s like “Goddam Hubbard! I need to get to work!” and “Pull your collective heads out of HUbbard’s a**! Just because you think you’re a swarm of space ghosts doesn’t mean I don’t have to show up for work on time!” and ‘NIce lie-detecotr. Pity it was never used on the f*t F**k you believe in utterly!”

    Ye, it’s a total success here at the brand-new org where hundreds of people a day fail to shake out faith in obvious lies that 90% of third graders wouldn’t believe even if it were coming from their own parents! They may all ahte us, but have you counted them? And it’s nearly 2pm! Maybe they’ll let me spend an hour with my kid tonight if I pretend to be psyched about this obvious failure!

  • carpe canem

    Is it significant that no faces are visible in this ridiculous bit of make-believe? Are these people already Scientologists, bussed in to pretend to be new Scientologists (while assiduously keeping their heads down and their faces pointed at everything else but the camera)? If they are “new Public,” wouldn’t Scientology already have dossiers on all of them? Either with signed privacy waivers or at least contact info for acquiring a privacy waiver (in case Scientology decided to start following laws about this stuff)?

    Could they in fact be random people off the street? Naaah, surely not.

  • PinxEngrayz

    No definition of X axis necessary. Heck, could be over the course of a billion-year contract or all that “growth” is occurring in, say, the year 16376.

  • Yeah !!!!! Another book ! Thanks Jon !! I don’t think for one minute those statistics posted on that promotional piece are true . NO WAY !!!! Its bullshit !

  • Peter Robinson

    Has anyone else noted/commented on the use of the words ‘Raw Public’? So, if those ‘Raw Public’ are then ensnared by scifiology do they become cooked? Their goose certainly is. What’s more they will definitely be well done.