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Scientology in England faces huge tax bills on its properties, and keeps failing to evade them

[The staff at the swingin’ London Ideal Org]

In a recent blog post, Mike Rinder reports Scientology’s failure to obtain tax exemption for three of its buildings in England. On this side of the pond, an annual tax is paid on the ratable value of a building – whether domestic or []


Jon Atack and Mike Rinder on Scientology’s wackiest book: ‘A History of Man’

 We’re very glad that Jon and Mike have taken on this awesome task, and you might also look at the fun we had when we read this most insane of Scientology textbooks with biologist PZ Myers in 2013. Now, here’s Jon’s introduction to today’s video, which is worth the price of admission all on its []

Mike Rinder on the myth of the ‘reactive mind’ and how Scientology still ropes in new people

 Jon Atack is back with another conversation with his old nemesis, former Scientology spokesman Mike []

When Rinder met Hubbard: A Scientology story for the ages

 Jon Atack and Mike Rinder are continuing their conversations about Scientology and we are the []

VIDEO: Jon Atack talks to Mike Rinder about his first months aboard Scientology’s ‘Apollo’

[Mike Rinder at 18, in Madeira]

I’ve spoken with more than a thousand Scientologists over the years, but Mike Rinder’s interview is the most vivid and appalling account of daily life aboard the ship run directly by []

Jon Atack quizzes Mike Rinder: Scientology’s former spy chief on L. Ron Hubbard’s paranoia

 Hey, this is fun. Jon Atack, the legendary author of ‘A Piece of Blue Sky’ and a major presence here at the Underground Bunker, has a conversation with former Scientology spokesman Mike Rinder about the formerly secret documents that underlie Scientology’s spying and dirty tricks []

He was the drummer in a rock ‘n’ roll band: Eddie Stratton’s Scientology story

[Eddie Stratton, on the far left in this One Minute Silence lineup]

Jon Atack introduces us to yet another former Scientologist today, drummer Eddie Stratton. What a treat.

In 1996, I received a hilarious 11-page hand-written letter from Eddie Stratton detailing his experiences in Scientology. I responded and received a 20-page letter by return of post. It []

It’s not hard to figure out where L. Ron Hubbard came up with Scientology’s space cooties

[A couple of Burks covers]

After Ron Hubbard had sold the rights to Dianetics to Don Purcell in 1952, he had to create a new subject from whole cloth. Much of the “new” material that he now called “Scientology” came from Aleister Crowley — including the notion of “entities.” But entities proved unpopular, and would only []

Jon Atack: Seduction, recruitment, and Scientology’s hard sell

Our thanks to the readers who wished Jon Atack a happy birthday recently, because it inspired him to check in with us…

Thanks to all for the good wishes on my birthday! It was most gratifying to read so many kind []

Atack: What David Mayo told me about L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology, and the upper levels

[David Mayo]

After we brought the news that prominent Scientology figure David Mayo had died last year in New Zealand, there was a pretty huge reaction from many former Scientologists, as well as a lot of discussion of his legacy. One person who had lengthy talks with Mayo after he left the church was historian Jon []