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PODCAST: She spied on the FBI for Scientology and lived to tell about it

 Readers have been raving about the pieces that Val Ross has been writing for us lately, so we thought it would be fun to have a conversation with her for our latest podcast []


PODCAST: Trish Conley returns for more dish on Scientology abuses

 Last week, we had a great time talking with Trish Conley and her sister Liz about what it’s been like for these former third-generation Scientologists to struggle with parents so dedicated to this abusive, totalitarian []

PODCAST: Jonny Jacobsen, our man in Paris, was on Scientology’s abuses before most

 We’ve had a lot of fun recently talking to great reporters who have covered Scientology like John Sweeney, Mark Ebner, and Steve Cannane. So of course we wanted to check in with our man in Paris, one of the very best journalists we know, Jonny []

PODCAST: Sands Hall updates us on her Scientology memoir adventure!

We’re such huge admirers of Sands Hall, a luminous writer and musician, whose memoir about her time in Scientology was first published in []

PODCAST: Spanky Taylor and Karen Pressley assess Leah Remini’s damage on Scientology!

 Karen Pressley is in Los Angeles to celebrate the 25th anniversary of her decision to leave the Church of Scientology, and she’s visiting other escapees, including her good friend Spanky []

PODCAST: ‘Chicago Fire’ star Christian Stolte on his Scientology experience

 We had heard from some of you about our video interviews not going out on the usual podcast feed, so we think we have figured it out this []

PODCAST: Tory Christman on visiting the Danny Masterson retrial

 We first wrote about Tory Christman in 2001, and 22 years later it’s still one of our favorite stories of all time — about a woman who went from one of Scientology’s most reliable foot soldiers to one of its most resilient []

Pre-trial Scientology special: The new episode of Up the Bridge, for everyone!

 In 2013 we began a very popular series at the Underground Bunker which lasted more than a []

PODCAST: John Sweeney stops by to chat about Scientology’s ‘dark nonsense’

 [NOTE: Make sure you saw last night’s depressing breaking news. Another lawsuit forced into ‘Scientology arbitration.’]

When we took a photo of John Sweeney pouring a cup of tea on a visit to London, we didn’t know that in a few years he’d not only be a best-selling author of multiple books, but that he’d become []

PODCAST: Clarissa Adams on Scientology ripping apart families right now

 One of the people who reached out to us about the unfortunate news about Jenny Burpee was Clarissa Adams, who knew Jenny in the Sea []