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Special series starting today: The best TV show on Scientology you never got to see

[Phil Jones]

TODAY AT SUBSTACK: If you’ve signed up for free emails at Substack, you will receive today’s feature story at your inbox: We’re starting a new limited podcast series about a subject we’ve been curious about for years — the emotional, action-packed TV series about Scientology that never got to air. ALSO: We have an []


PODCAST: Checking on our predictions about Scientology celebs with expert Geoff Levin

[Geoff has the Celebrity Centre dope]

We know that many people are drawn to Scientology watching because of its celebrities, and we also have a certain fascination with them. And certainly, there’s a lot of press about them. Seems like just about every week you’ll see a breathless piece somewhere counting down Scientology’s celebrities, or listing []

PODCAST: Pete Griffiths, the SP who ran a Scientology mission

 We’ve known Pete Griffiths for years and we’ve written numerous stories about him, but the piece he wrote for us recently really seemed to hit a chord with the Bunker community. []

PODCAST: Sunny Pereira spills secrets of Scientology’s Hollywood Celebrity Centre

 One of our favorite correspondents here at the Bunker has been Sunny Pereira, a former Sea Org member who served in the Hollywood Celebrity Centre. She’s written devastating pieces for us not only about what happens there, but also how her own family was ripped apart by Scientology’s toxic []

PODCAST: Bruce Hines on Scientology Sea Org insanity, and a Shelly story we hadn’t heard

[Bruce Hines]

We have been so fortunate that Bruce Hines continues to mine his experience as one of Scientology’s top auditors in a series of pieces that he’s written for the Underground Bunker. His tales from the Sea Org not only capture the paramilitary group’s insanity, but Bruce is better than most at describing what he []

Podcast: Claire Headley on the questions Tom Cruise never gets asked

 This week, Tom Cruise reached a new milestone as his movie Top Gun: Maverick became his first ever billion-dollar box office smash. But amid all the hoopla, several people have dared to dampen the party by pointing out that Tom, besides being a movie star, is also the face and the symbol for a certain []

Scientology’s own publication shows how much David Miscavige worship is growing

 Something interesting is going on in Scientology. For years, we’ve been telling you that the movement has been shrinking, and more recently we’ve said that the church’s gravitational center has moved from Los Angeles to Clearwater, []