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Pre-trial Scientology special: The new episode of Up the Bridge, for everyone!

 In 2013 we began a very popular series at the Underground Bunker which lasted more than a []


Kirstie Alley: Forgotten by the Scientology Hollywood Celebrity Centre?

 I’m glad I won’t be dying at the hands of Scientology.

I don’t even know (or care) if my death will ever be remembered, but hey, a couple of “goodbyes” would be nice, when the time []

What the jurors didn’t hear: How Scientology keeps crimes under wraps

[Scientology’s Hollywood Celebrity Centre]

Our frequent contributor Sunny Pereira, a former Scientology Sea Org official at the Hollywood Celebrity Centre, came to the Danny Masterson trial on the last day of testimony. She was there as an advocate for her friend, Rachel Smith, who was the final witness to testify in the trial. We asked her []

Watching Scientology lie to foreigners about ‘religious’ visas: A very personal account

[The Hollywood Celebrity Centre]

A thorough new piece in New York magazine about Scientology’s abuse of R-1 visas not only reminded us of research by RM Seibert for the Bunker that we published in 2016. It also inspired Sunny Pereira to send us this memory of what the R-1 visa abuse actually looked like at the []

A shaky day handling life and death at Scientology’s Hollywood Celebrity Centre

 I had just finished an interrogation session that I was doing on a Scientology registrar, because she wasn’t making enough money for the org. It wasn’t even actually my job, interrogations, but I was the preferred auditor for whatever []

After ‘Roe,’ can Scientology continue to force Sea Org women into unwanted abortions?

[From ‘No Kids Allowed’: Claire and Marc Headley and their then 2-year-old, Kaiden]

It was a question we heard from a number of our readers and sources after news broke Friday that the US Supreme Court had (as expected) struck down the landmark 1973 opinion Roe v. []

How I know your Scientology files weren’t confidential: It was my job to dig through them

[Sunny at the Hollywood Celebrity Centre]

I was called to the Bosun’s office with no explanation. It wasn’t the first time, and certainly wouldn’t be the last time []

In Scientology the ‘executive’ bossing you around is likely to be half your age

 You can rest when you’re dead. That should be the motto of Scientology’s Sea Org. (It’s actually “We come back,” a not so subtle reference to being an indentured servant working under a billion-year contract, lifetime after lifetime.) []

Kirstie Alley, the Scientology Celebrity Centre, and that time we lost a teenager

[The Hollywood Celebrity Centre]

“Where’s my thisther?” I asked the lady on the other end of the []

How Scientology wrecks the lives of people who never even go near it

[Three generations, taken at the pergola at the Hollywood Celebrity Centre]

Some people don’t have to read a single word about Scientology in the media to know that they will never, ever, be part of that group. They haven’t read anything negative about Scientology, nor have they read anything positive about Scientology. They have never been []