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Monthly Archives

A letter of surrender, written from the basement of Scientology’s ‘Big Blue’ HQ

[Three floors down from that entrance door]

Last time, Sunny Pereira described how she was declared a “suppressive person” because she had briefly dated another woman in the Sea Org. (Homosexuality is considered a “perversion” in Scientology.) Sunny’s punishment? Four months being held in the basement of Scientology’s “Big Blue” headquarters in Los Angeles, three floors []


In homophobic Scientology, you are required to write up your sins or else

 Sunny Pereira was going through some old things recently when she came upon a bit of a goldmine — some handwritten letters she had been required to pen while she was being punished in Scientology’s ‘Sea Org.’ We asked her to explain the significance of one forced confessional letter which we found particularly []

When the person who certified Scientology ‘Clears’ discovered that there were no Clears

[Sunny and a Clear]

We have a very special item for you today, one of Sunny Pereira’s best pieces yet. There were few people in a better position to raise these questions about one of Scientology’s central mysteries — the []

Growing up in Scientology, and growing together outside of it: An appeal

 I wanted to open up a bit more about my experiences since leaving Scientology, and adjustments, some rather large adjustments, I’ve had to make. I hope this hits a note with other second and third generation Scientologists, and helps others better understand us.

I grew up in Scientology and spent many years working in the Sea []

Scientology ‘disconnection’ and the incalculable damage it does to children

 This photo shows the day my mom disconnected from me. []

Why Scientology is a haven for sexual abusers — it’s the way L. Ron Hubbard designed it

 After yesterday’s disturbing report about a convicted child molester being a featured performer at Scientology’s exclusive “Maiden Voyage” celebrations, we received this sobering report from former Sea Org member and Scientology “technology” expert Sunny Pereira. We think it pairs pretty well with what we learned in yesterday’s []

Scientology spilling the secrets of the universe on an LA street!

 What a rare treat we have for you today, thanks to an alert tipster who snapped these photos in Los Angeles recently near the “Big Blue” Scientology []

Here it is, your passport to Scientology godhood: Next stop, infinity!

 Sunny Pereira has come through with a great treat for us today. It’s her Scientology “passport,” and we have it complete for you. []

In the Sea Org, no one can hear you scream: Another small slice of Scientology horror

 Sunny Pereira has another startling tale from her days in Scientology’s Sea Org today. With medical standards like these, it’s a miracle there haven’t been more deaths (that we know []

First person: In Scientology, children are punished for being kids

[Sunny Pereira at 15]

Once again, our technical expert Sunny Pereira has supplied us with a remarkable glimpse into growing up in Scientology and serving in the Sea Org. We learn that when you have a planet to clear, terrorizing children is just an unavoidable feature of the []