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Photo appears to confirm small Scientology service for Kirstie Alley at Flag Land Base

 We like to brag on Sunny Pereira, one of our favorite correspondents at the Underground Bunker, who has given us many good pieces over the years describing what it is like to grow up as a second-generation Scientologist, what it was like to work at the Hollywood Celebrity Centre, and what it is like to []


Kirstie Alley: Forgotten by the Scientology Hollywood Celebrity Centre?

 I’m glad I won’t be dying at the hands of Scientology.

I don’t even know (or care) if my death will ever be remembered, but hey, a couple of “goodbyes” would be nice, when the time []

SOURCE: Kirstie Alley will be memorialized at Scientology’s ‘spiritual mecca’

 The readers of the Underground Bunker know that when Scientologists die, even fairly well known ones, they sometimes get more of a memorial here than they do from Scientology []

Kirstie Alley is wrong on Leah Remini & Shelly Miscavige. We know because we broke the story.

 Yesterday, Kirstie Alley actually responded to a Twitter reader who asked her about Leah Remini and Shelly []

Kirstie Alley lets her Scientology hang out and fans react with predictable hilarity

 Kirstie Alley is an oversharer on Twitter, and we try to not to get too caught up in her online drama. She’s crass and comical, and on occasion we see our readers giving her some pretty clever comebacks. But for the most part she merits little more than an eyeroll. []

Kirstie Alley calls on her fellow Scientologists to pounce on another disaster

 Rod Keller keeps his eye on Scientology front group operations, and he landed a doozie this []

Kirstie Alley goes OT 8, celebrates her ‘confront’ level on Scientology’s cruise ship ‘Freewinds’

[Finally, she’s ready to blast off!]

Kirstie Alley has finally gone OT 8! []