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Scientologists are trying to convince each other that the new TV network is a roaring success

[Scientology TV ads are being shown on airplanes]

Rod Keller checks in with how the new Scientology Network is playing with Scientologists []


A Scientologist is running for lieutenant governor in Nevada — and it’s who you probably suspect

 Brent Jones is back, and this time he’s aiming []

Georgia police department closes its case on Arnie Lerma attempted murder-suicide

[The small apartment building on the right is where the March 16 tragedy took place]

 We spoke yesterday with Lt. Tony Taylor of the Sylvania Police Department in Georgia, which investigated the March 16 death of noted Scientology critic Arnie []

Leah Remini on Scientology’s stalking — nothing is going to stop her third season of ‘Aftermath’

 Leah Remini continues her mini-publicity blitz, this time talking with our correspondent Jeffrey Augustine for his latest podcast. We asked Jeffrey for a []

Scientology TV was launched with a massive ad campaign — is it working?

 It’s been more than two weeks since David Miscavige premiered Scientology TV, a project he’s been working on for years. And not only is he spending a boatload for his TV channel — carried on DirecTV and a mess of apps — but it’s pretty obvious that the church has paid for a truly massive []

Scientology’s secret vaults get their star turn on the new TV network, and it’s nutty!

[Scientology’s time capsules can survive a nuclear holocaust!]

Last night, the show about Scientology’s “Archival Project” aired, giving outsiders a pretty amazing look at some of the inner workings making sure Scientology’s wisdom can survive natural disasters and a nuclear holocaust. []

Leah Remini is still being stalked, and now Scientology has turned to an ex-NYPD detective

 In December, a retired NYPD detective was sitting in a silver minivan with Texas plates when our source, who we’re not going to name, got into a conversation with []

The Ideal Org grift isn’t complete until Scientology’s ‘Birthday Game’ is won

[Denmark Org displays the cup for winning in the EU continent]

Rod Keller continues to take apart David Miscavige’s ‘Ideal Org’ strategy for []

Leah Remini talks ‘Aftermath,’ developing a new show, and more with Chris Shelton

 Chris Shelton has a treat for us today — he talks with Leah Remini! []

Stop interacting with Scientology’s Internet trolls. Here’s proof it can backfire on you badly.

 Please believe us when we say that we really, really never wanted to write a single word about the pathetic Internet trolls known as John Alex Wood and Gemma []