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Half-million dollar man: Scientology donor gives pep talk in leaked video

[Paul Seymor, third from right, earned Patron Meritorious in 2016]

Paul Seymour is one of Scientology’s leading donors. We haven’t seen him receive a new trophy for donations to the IAS since 2016 when he earned reached the level of Patrons Meritorious for donations of over $250,000. He has since moved up to Silver Meritorious at []


VIDEO: Portland unrest inspires $250,000 donation from Scientology lifer

 If you haven’t been paying attention to the news in the U.S. you might not be aware of the clashes between Black Lives Matter protesters and police in Portland, Oregon. It’s been a sometimes bloody street fight with protesters hurling rocks, eggs, and paint, while police attempt to take back control wearing riot gear and []

Leaked Video: Scientology’s anti-psychiatry front talks strategy with psych professor

 Meet one of Scientology’s long time allies in their war against psychiatry, Lisa Cain, who talks with the church’s anti-psych front group, Citizens Commission on Human Rights, in a new leaked video.

Internet outages caused our source to lose part of this CCHR briefing with staff members Eitan Celender, Fred Shaw, and Cain, a Professor []

VIDEO LEAK explains how to rope in the unsuspecting: ‘We don’t explain Scientology’

 We have a leaked webinar from Scientology’s Belleair Mission on being a Field Staff Member, or FSM. The mission is not actually in Belleair, Florida but rather the city of Largo and only about four miles from the Flag Land Base in Clearwater.

Field Staff Members are supposed to help Scientology bring in new people, []

Scientology donor in leaked video: ‘You’re going to pay this money fucking eventually’

 Tom Cummins is one of Scientology’s top donors, having given at least $32.5 million just to the IAS, the church’s defense fund. He’s also given millions more to the various “Ideal Org” projects that replace older churches with new ones, even though there’s no evidence that Scientology is []

New Scientology video brings up past lives, the nuttiest and most gruesome part of Hubbardism

 We have another leaked video from inside Scientology, this time from the Melbourne org. Australian musician and Scientology Volunteer Minister Rob Meister broadcast a lecture on past lives, a major aspect of Scientology’s teachings. (We previously heard from Meister when he was stranded on the Freewinds during its measles quarantine.)

L. Ron Hubbard’s 1958 book “Have []

Scientology will see you now! Orgs are reopening in safe and not so safe places

 Scientology orgs around the world are reopening as the world continues to struggle with the coronavirus pandemic. Some of them are opening in places where it’s relatively safe, but others may be exposing members to []

What are Scientologists being told about the Danny Masterson rape case?

 What are Scientologists being told about the Danny Masterson rape case? Very little. They don’t say “Danny Masterson,” “rape,” or “Scientology.” They’re being told he’s innocent, even if they can’t say his name or mention the charges. They claim it’s all because of the enemies of Scientology. Most of all, members shouldn’t watch or read []

The unanticipated pandemic benefit: Nutty Scientology online videos

 One of the most surprising results of the pandemic and subsequent lockdown has been Scientology’s efforts to put more of its activities on video and online, and in recent weeks we’ve brought you the very strange results of that change. Today, we have two more leaked Scientology videos, this time from Down Under. []

VIDEO: Scientology shill admits infiltrating NAACP to forward crusade against psychiatry

 We have a video from CCHR International this week featuring staff members Eitan Celender and Rev. Fred Shaw. The Citizens Commission for Human Rights is a Scientology front that has agitated against the psychiatric profession since 1969, and is easily Scientology’s most brazen and unhinged front []