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Scientology will see you now! Orgs are reopening in safe and not so safe places

 Scientology orgs around the world are reopening as the world continues to struggle with the coronavirus pandemic. Some of them are opening in places where it’s relatively safe, but others may be exposing members to []


What are Scientologists being told about the Danny Masterson rape case?

 What are Scientologists being told about the Danny Masterson rape case? Very little. They don’t say “Danny Masterson,” “rape,” or “Scientology.” They’re being told he’s innocent, even if they can’t say his name or mention the charges. They claim it’s all because of the enemies of Scientology. Most of all, members shouldn’t watch or read []

The unanticipated pandemic benefit: Nutty Scientology online videos

 One of the most surprising results of the pandemic and subsequent lockdown has been Scientology’s efforts to put more of its activities on video and online, and in recent weeks we’ve brought you the very strange results of that change. Today, we have two more leaked Scientology videos, this time from Down Under. []

VIDEO: Scientology shill admits infiltrating NAACP to forward crusade against psychiatry

 We have a video from CCHR International this week featuring staff members Eitan Celender and Rev. Fred Shaw. The Citizens Commission for Human Rights is a Scientology front that has agitated against the psychiatric profession since 1969, and is easily Scientology’s most brazen and unhinged front []

VIDEO: Proof Scientology still promotes Hubbard’s bizarre ideas about evolution

[This illustration only makes sense to Scientologists]

We have another leaked video of a webinar that was promoted to European Scientologists this week. In “The Evolution of Life: The True Story” by Barna Gombos we can see the anti-science nature of Scientology. Gombos denies the existence of evolution and the webinar is based on the writings []

Leaked audio of Scientology ship commander giving marching orders during the pandemic

 We have an unusual leaked conference call from Scientology’s private cruise ship the Freewinds. It was intended to be heard only by Scientologists in the ANZO continent (Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania). []

Scientology boasts about members keeping up online — and once again reveals its true size

 During the worldwide shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic Scientologists have been encouraged to enroll in extension courses — online courses that one pays for just as if they were studying in the orgs and missions. []

Scientology shows that if government gives it even an inch, it tries to take over like a virus

On April 13 the South African Department of Social Development established a partnership with Scientology to disinfect their offices. The Volunteer Ministers then used a letter given to them to canvas door-to-door telling residents in the Gauteng province that they were authorized by the department to disinfect homes and businesses. []

Scientology: Earth is a prison planet and the virus just another fake threat. So study LRH!

 As the pandemic goes on and on, this bizarre video is being promoted to Scientologists that the end of the health crisis (whenever it comes) will be the start of something new and exciting. []

Scientology continues to see the pandemic as a public relations opportunity

 Scientology preaches social distancing on the web and in booklets it has produced. Members are taking extension courses at home rather than coming into their local org, which is a good way to prevent infection. But some members can’t resist making alliances with other groups, even if it means bringing people into close proximity. []