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VIDEO: Scientology shill admits infiltrating NAACP to forward crusade against psychiatry

 We have a video from CCHR International this week featuring staff members Eitan Celender and Rev. Fred Shaw. The Citizens Commission for Human Rights is a Scientology front that has agitated against the psychiatric profession since 1969, and is easily Scientology’s most brazen and unhinged front []


Georgia puts legislator who promotes Scientology anti-psych efforts on mental health panel

[Donzella James, in gold, with David Miscavige at the 2016 Atlanta Ideal Org grand opening]

The state of mental health is so bad in Georgia, the federal government stepped in and sued the state, resulting in a 2010 settlement that required Georgia to improve conditions in its psychiatric hospitals and find more neighborhood-level solutions to behavioral []

A new drug shows promise for depression, so naturally Scientology is fighting it

 Rod Keller keeps an eye on Scientology’s most unhinged front group and its quixotic battle against modern mental []

A dispatch from the front: Protesting Scientology’s anti-psych quackery

There’s always been strong interest in Scientology’s controversies from concerned Canadians. We’ve written at length about some of them, and we’ve noticed an uptick in Canadian activism at Facebook in recent months. One of our longtime readers, M.C. Mayo, who goes by EmmaDaoust here at the Bunker, sent us an interesting dispatch from her adventures []

XENU VICTORIOUS: Scientology bamboozles USA Today to help it fight the ‘evil psychs’

 You really have to hand it to Scientology. It just never gives []