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Scientology can’t get enough corrupt South American police generals under its wing

 When 2020 began, so many of us had hopes for a new year and a new decade. And well, you all know what happened next. 2020 was a disaster in so many ways, but we don’t want a couple of small disasters that befell Scientology last year slip through the []


Scientology is always coming up with sneaky new ways to snag actors and other artists

 It’s not easy keeping up with all of Scientology’s sneaky front groups, especially when they change names or reconstitute []

ABC gives platform to Scientologist named one of 12 biggest sources of vaccine disinfo

 We’ve been telling you for years that Rizza Islam is a menace. And now it’s []

Another Scientology OT jumps from a tall building

 We hadn’t heard of him, but apparently Frank Suárez and his weight loss empire, known as “NaturalSlim” and “MetabolismoTV,” was very popular in Latin America, and had made inroads in the US as well. A quick tour of his websites shows us that he was not only selling magic pills to help speed up your []

Let’s bring one of Scientology’s most notorious bag men out of the shadows

 The last two days we’ve remarked on Chrissie Carnell-Bixler’s remarkable letter to Congress, and how she is trying her best to explain what it is like to be a former Scientologist who is being harassed by an organization with a very well-earned reputation for retaliating against people who expose its secrets.

Simply put, Scientology is built []

Is ‘Balance of Nature’ actually Scientology? Well, they have a Hubbard College in their HQ.

 For a few weeks now we’ve been hearing from eagle-eyed former Scientologists who noticed something odd about those ubiquitous ads you run into for the dietary supplements company “Balance of []

Portlanders, did you receive Scientology’s love letter?

 We noted in a previous story that a remark on social media indicated Scientology was making a big play in []

Political dupe of the day: KC councilman helps Scientology front group with ‘murder’ signs

 In 1980, Scientology was in big trouble. A 1977 FBI raid had resulted in 11 top Scientology officials being convicted of conspiracy as documents and testimony proved that the church had engaged in a years-long infiltration of the US and other governments, and had broken into sensitive offices and stole documents by the []

What’s it like at Scientology’s ‘Hogwarts’? This 14-year-old vlogger will show you!

[Does this make Ella (right) Scientology’s Hermione?]

In Clearwater, Florida, spiritual home of the Church of Scientology, a well known local Scientologist-owned business is PostcardMania, a direct-mail firm, whose owner and CEO Joy Gendusa is an OT 8 Scientologist and a star of both Scientology’s official website and its propaganda magazine, []

As Los Angeles schools prepare to reopen, Scientology keeps trying to worm its way in

[Tom Cruise at the 2003 grand opening of the new Applied Scholastics headquarters in Missouri]

As if Los Angeles educators didn’t have enough to worry about with school re-opening in a couple of weeks, Scientology has chosen this moment to make another push with its “Applied Scholastics” front []