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Hey, everybody, Scientology’s sneaky school front, Applied Scholastics, is hiring!

 While Scientology leader David Miscavige is evading process servers and trying to convince the federal government to keep its legislation out of his E-meters, he also has sneaky front groups to []


Scientology quietly acquires $13.5 million converted church near Big Blue: But why?

[The former church at 4975 Sunset Blvd]

 We’re certainly used to hearing that Scientology has acquired new buildings, but the location of a new $13.5 million acquisition has us a bit puzzled: It’s a set of creative offices in a converted church just a few blocks west of the “Big Blue” Scientology headquarters complex on Sunset []

WACKY: Scientology flack Ben Shaw’s unhinged letter denying ties to Clearwater developer

[Scientology’s Ben Shaw and developer Rodney Riley]

On March 17 we shared with you an over-the-top, ranting letter sent by Scientology’s spokesman in Clearwater, Ben Shaw. He had sent the letter to Tracey McManus of the Tampa Bay Times, accusing her of being unethical, and he copied it to the mayor of Clearwater, which made it []

Tampa Bay Times identifies developer acting as Scientology’s front in Clearwater

[Rodney Riley]

 We’ve told you how Scientology leader David Miscavige really wanted to get his hands on a small parcel of land in downtown Clearwater, Florida that is surrounded by other Scientology properties, but in 2017 the city stopped him from getting []

The Scientology oversharer becomes a faith healer: It’s a Dianetics miracle!

While we wait for the Danny Masterson jury to come back from its holiday week, we thought we’d catch up with one of our favorite Scientology oversharers to see what she’s been up []

Ukrainian refugees might think twice about Scientology offering ‘help’

[Scheduled to perform: Ukrainian singer Maryna Odolska]

Ireland is such a strange animal in the Scientology universe. In the last Irish census, only 87 people — yes, 87, in a country of 5 million souls — identified themselves as Scientologists. But that hasn’t prevented church leader David Miscavige from spending tens of millions there in recent []

Endorsed by the Oregonian, Scientology school is full steam ahead with its real purpose

 Remember not too long ago we said that Scientology’s expensive boarding school, the Delphian, was named best small employer in the state of Oregon by the state’s largest newspaper, the []

YouTuber takes a deep dive into Teami Blends and its connections to Scientology

[Adi Arezzini of Teami Blends]

Several weeks ago we heard from YouTuber Mary Betsy, who had some questions for us about Scientology and a family we’ve mentioned in numerous posts over the years, the []

A Balance of Nature employee wanted to prove Scientology’s influence, so they sent video

[L. Ron Hubbard’s blue WISE manuals sit on desks at Balance of Nature]

Last year in February we revealed that an employee at the dietary supplement company Balance of Nature had contacted us, wanting to expose that the company has a cozy relationship with the Church of []

Scientology holds its ‘Writers of the Future’ awards back on schedule, same garish display

 After having its schedule disrupted for a couple of years by the pandemic, Scientology’s sci-fi front operation, “L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers & Illustrators of the Future” is back to having its Achievement Awards gala in the []