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Charles Barkley becomes a slam dunk photo opportunity for Scientology

[Sir Charles gets double-teamed by Scientology]

Our thanks to the tipster who helps us keep an eye on the sneaky ways that Scientology’s “Foundation for a Drug-Free World” infiltrates various institutions and events, looking for opportunities to rope in unsuspecting politicians and law enforcement officials. And yes, athletes.

This time, they really landed a big []


Scientology: So much effort and heartache, for such little effect

[Emily Jones and John Goodwin]

Does it ever strike you, the way it does us from time to time, the sheer amount of effort that Scientology puts into its various initiatives that are forever chipping away at the []

Scientology’s anti-drug hero is an ex-con who is coming for your school kids

 In March, we sent an email to a man named Michael DeLeon. He’s a motivational speaker who tries to convince kids that they should stay away from illegal drugs, and he draws on his own years of addiction and crime to keep them []

‘Aftermath’ supporters put Scientology on notice in its own ‘spiritual mecca’

 Now that’s what we call getting up in C.O.B.’s []

For once, a target of Scientology gladhanding did his homework and said no thanks

[Dr. Patricia Adelekan, at the 2016 grand opening of the South Coast Mission]

One thing Scientology counts on is that if you puff up your local police, politicians, and public advocates with enough praise, they will gladly pose for photos and accept small trophies and other []

Miss New York organization changes course, ditches Scientology front group

[Meghan Fialkoff, right, with a then-current and former Miss New York]

We have some stunning news for you. Yesterday, we received an email that really took us by surprise. Former Miss Kansas Sloane Lewis, who co-chairs the Miss New York organization, sent us an email to inform us that Miss New York would no longer be []

Scientology front group claims it fed an anti-psychiatry story to the L.A. Times

[Kenneth Kramer]

We’ve told you about Kenneth Kramer before. He’s a Scientologist and private investigator who operates, part of Scientology’s “psych busting” activities aimed at utterly destroying the psychiatric profession so it can be replaced by L. Ron Hubbard’s mental health []

David Miscavige misses out on $30 billion building project proposed by Scientologists

[The would-be super city]

Poor David Miscavige. As if he doesn’t already have enough problems with declining membership, horrible press, and all those nagging questions about banishing his wife to a small mountain []

Pageant official: Miss New Yorks are clueless about Scientology and we’re OK with that

[Miss New York Rahmeka Cox, helping to peddle Hubbardism]

You might remember that we got some help last month from a health journalist who elicited an interesting reaction from the organization that runs Miss New York pageants, which in turn feed the Miss America []

Miss America organization says it’s looking into Scientology’s use of Miss New York

 Our readers know that we like to keep an eye on two of Scientology’s sneakiest front group operators — Queens dentist Bernard Fialkoff and his daughter Meghan. As far back as 2013, we were examining how the Fialkoffs were infiltrating New York City schools with their quack L. Ron Hubbard drug abuse literature and getting []