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Monthly Archives

Scientology front group claims it fed an anti-psychiatry story to the L.A. Times

[Kenneth Kramer]

We’ve told you about Kenneth Kramer before. He’s a Scientologist and private investigator who operates, part of Scientology’s “psych busting” activities aimed at utterly destroying the psychiatric profession so it can be replaced by L. Ron Hubbard’s mental health []


David Miscavige misses out on $30 billion building project proposed by Scientologists

[The would-be super city]

Poor David Miscavige. As if he doesn’t already have enough problems with declining membership, horrible press, and all those nagging questions about banishing his wife to a small mountain []

Pageant official: Miss New Yorks are clueless about Scientology and we’re OK with that

[Miss New York Rahmeka Cox, helping to peddle Hubbardism]

You might remember that we got some help last month from a health journalist who elicited an interesting reaction from the organization that runs Miss New York pageants, which in turn feed the Miss America []

Miss America organization says it’s looking into Scientology’s use of Miss New York

 Our readers know that we like to keep an eye on two of Scientology’s sneakiest front group operators — Queens dentist Bernard Fialkoff and his daughter Meghan. As far back as 2013, we were examining how the Fialkoffs were infiltrating New York City schools with their quack L. Ron Hubbard drug abuse literature and getting []

Scientology school sinks to new low, but the federal dollars keep pouring in

[Our man Down Under is once again on the case]

Yesterday we spotted a story in the Australian press about a local school that sounded familiar. Then we remembered that it was a school that had been exposed by our friend and colleague, Bryan Seymour. We asked him for comment on the new story, and he []

AUDIO: Scientology fundraising throws in a little conspiracy-mongering for effect

[Dr. Ben and his glamorous daughter, Meghan]

New York City school infiltrator, NYPD gladhander, Queens dentist, and Scientology Freedom Medal winner Dr. Bernard Fialkoff just never rests. []

How a Scientology-run business preyed on Silicon Valley icons in the name of ‘wellness’

 Today we have a remarkable account from a woman who asked not to be named. We’re also not identifying by name the business she has written about. But considering stories we’ve done recently (and some in years previously), we feel that her narrative is very timely and provides a really stunning look inside a Scientologist-run []

A dispatch from the front: Protesting Scientology’s anti-psych quackery

There’s always been strong interest in Scientology’s controversies from concerned Canadians. We’ve written at length about some of them, and we’ve noticed an uptick in Canadian activism at Facebook in recent months. One of our longtime readers, M.C. Mayo, who goes by EmmaDaoust here at the Bunker, sent us an interesting dispatch from her adventures []

Scientology’s newest infiltration — Rebecca Minkoff and Meghan Fialkoff at Nasdaq!

 You have to hand it to Scientology. No matter how much L. Ron Hubbard’s creation is battered and bruised by bad press, shrinking numbers, and ridicule on social media, Scientology never, ever gives []

Designer Rebecca Minkoff’s involvement in a Scientology front is pretty perfectly bad timing

[Rebecca Minkoff at a Scientology front group gala on Saturday]

Yesterday, we had a pretty big scoop — a public statement from Leah Remini’s stepmother, Donna Fiore, about being harassed by Scientology operatives to turn over dirt about her stepdaughter. But we also had a secondary story, and it turned out to kick up some dust []