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Scientology icon and double OT 8 Chick Corea dies at 79 of cancer

[Corea at the Scientology 1977 ‘OT Summit’]

Chick Corea’s Facebook account announced this afternoon that the legendary jazz artist died Tuesday of a “rare form of cancer which was only discovered []


Scientology nostalgia: Never-before-seen photos from a 2001 celebrity wankfest

 Hey, we’re going to have a little fun today. We recently managed to get our hands on some photos from a 2001 event that may represent an apotheosis for celebrity-driven Scientology. And for that reason, we think it’s worth []

Riley Keough to outdo Elisabeth Moss for most hypocritical Scientologist?

[Riley Keough and Elisabeth Moss]

Yesterday, Deadline announced that Riley Keough will be joining Dakota Johnson to star in a limited television series based on an upcoming memoir of a woman who escaped the “Children of God” cult.

Johnson will play the Children of God escapee who will team up with her friend, played by Keough, to []

Scientology to the rescue: After losing son and wife, Johnny Lewis’s dad is happier than ever

 On September 26, 2012, Sons of Anarchy actor Johnny Lewis went on a rampage, killing his 81-year-old landlord Cathy Davis and her cat, then attacking a gardener and a neighbor before either falling or jumping to his death at the Los Feliz home where he’d been living for a few days. It was the sad []

Scientologists mourn the loss of Kelly Preston, say nothing about former member Ben Keough

[Kelly Preston in a 1990 Scientology promotion]

The shocking news about Kelly Preston’s breast cancer death at 57 has led to public outpourings of grief and tributes to the actress, who was married to actor John Travolta and, like him, was a longtime and very dedicated []

Kelly Preston dies; Lisa Marie Presley loses son to suicide; Scientology remains useless

 We had just finished writing a story late last night about the shocking suicide death of Lisa Marie Presley’s 27-year-old son Benjamin Keough when we were blindsided by the news that Kelly Preston, 57, has died of breast cancer. We didn’t even know she was []

Christmas in July: Videos of Scientology stars raising money for their pals at the LAPD

[Mila Kunis and Wilmer Valderrama, pitching in]

We got a big reaction to yesterday’s story about LAPD officer Cory Palka’s emails showing how cozy the relationship is between LA police and the Church of []

Leah Remini calls Beck’s sudden Scientology defection a ‘pussy move’

[Scientology’s former celebs, Beck Hansen and Leah Remini]

Musician Beck Hansen’s fans were celebrating the news this weekend that in an interview he gave to an Australian newspaper he said in no uncertain terms, “I’m not a []

Scientology not only wants Danny Masterson rape lawsuit quashed, it wants sanctions

[Team Miscavige: Riffer, Forman, Hinks]

Yesterday we told you that when we learned Scientology leader David Miscavige notified the Los Angeles Superior Court that he had been improperly served a lawsuit regarding rape allegations against Scientologist actor Danny Masterson, we took a stab at what we thought might be the argument his attorneys would be []

Woman who fled Scientology after being lured in by Jason Dohring acting class goes public

[Jason Dohring and Christina]

In July, we told you that an unnamed woman had gone to the Los Angeles Police Department with a dramatic account of how she had managed to escape from Scientology after being lured in through an acting class that featured Scientologist and Veronica Mars actor Jason []