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John P. Coale, OT 6 Scientologist, among attorneys suing Big Tech for Trump

[Greta and John]

Back in 2015, we had a lot of fun writing about attorney John P. Coale and his wife, former Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren, who were not only both longtime Scientologists but who had both also completed Scientology’s bizarre auditing level “OT 4,” which helps a person put the invisible alien entities []


More minor Scientology celebrities making news, and not in a good way

[Eddie Deezen and Marissa Ribisi]

Is Eddie Deezen still a Scientologist? We have to assume he is, because he’s been involved for a very long time (since John Travolta got him interested in Dianetics while they were filming Grease in 1977), and he was most recently mentioned in a Scientology magazine as completing a level, OT []

The celebrity Scientologists going out on a bit of a media blitz right now

[Minkoff and Kasem]

We’ve been hearing from some readers about this, so we thought we’d acknowledge it at the blog. If for no other reason, we wanted to make you aware of it so our tipsters and researchers can keep their eyes on []

Can’t someone ask Erika Christensen a real question about Scientology?

 Once again Erika Christensen has been given the opportunity to act outraged that people don’t understand Scientology, while not saying anything about what Scientology actually []

Matt Willis pressured to divorce by Scientology? Our experts back him up.

 Matt Willis is better known in the UK, where he was part of the pop band Busted and starred in a number of reality shows, and he’s married to another reality TV figure in England, Emma Willis, but the story Matt is telling about his brief foray into Scientology has reached our shores, and it’s []

Kirstie Alley’s daughter: ‘Everyone’ is ditching Los Angeles for Clearwater

[Lillie Parker and her husband Chaffee Burkhart Graham]

For a few years now, we’ve been telling you that all signs point to it: Scientology is fleeing Southern California, formerly its most formidable []

Recent Scientology defector: ‘I did the Purif with SNL’s Chloe Fineman’

[“It’s Britney, bitch.”]

Last week we first revealed that Saturday Night Live’s sophomore sensation Chloe Fineman is the child of Scientology Clears, she has her own record of taking Scientology courses, and halfway through her first SNL season she provided tickets for a taping to a hardcore Scientology celebrity, actress Denice []

SNL produced the best parody of Scientology ever — and then hired a Scientologist

[Chloe Fineman]

[UPDATE: Please see our follow-up to this story with a recent defector who knew Chloe Fineman in Scientology.]

Our readers are very familiar with Saturday Night Live’s absolutely brilliant 2015 parody of Scientology, the music video []

Scientology icon and double OT 8 Chick Corea dies at 79 of cancer

[Corea at the Scientology 1977 ‘OT Summit’]

Chick Corea’s Facebook account announced this afternoon that the legendary jazz artist died Tuesday of a “rare form of cancer which was only discovered []

Scientology nostalgia: Never-before-seen photos from a 2001 celebrity wankfest

 Hey, we’re going to have a little fun today. We recently managed to get our hands on some photos from a 2001 event that may represent an apotheosis for celebrity-driven Scientology. And for that reason, we think it’s worth []