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Celebrity Sunday: John Travolta, Anne Archer, and ‘rising star’ Joy Villa

 We mentioned earlier this week that we were thinking about Scientology’s Celebrity magazine, which appears to be a victim of the pandemic. We’ve gathered some of the last issues Scientology published, and today we thought we’d look at Issue 434, which came out in December, []


When John Travolta first opened up about his Scientology involvement

 One of the casualties of the pandemic appears to be Scientology’s Celebrity magazine, which has not, as far as we can tell, put out an issue since late 2019. And that’s a shame, because the magazine over the years has provided some interesting insights on Scientology’s obsession with its famous creative []

Elisabeth Moss declines Valerie Haney’s nomination as arbitrator, says Scientology

[Valerie Haney and Elisabeth Moss]

Valerie Haney has finally heard back from Scientology’s “International Justice Chief,” a Sea Org official named Mike Ellis, who has informed her that Elisabeth Moss has turned down the opportunity to serve as an arbitrator in Valerie’s “religious []

VIDEO: Katie Holmes in the front row at a 2007 Scientology event with Tom Cruise

 A sharp new copy of a Scientology video from 2007 has been dropped on the Internet, and wow, is it making us feel []

The Scientology celebrity exodus from LA to Clearwater continues

[Michael Peña and Brie Shaffer]

A year ago, we noted that there was anecdotal evidence to back up an assertion we’ve been making for some time, that Scientology’s gravitational center has been moving from Los Angeles to Clearwater, []

Tom Cruise’s hit movie couldn’t come at a better time for his Scientology best bud

 Your proprietor is big at the Daily Beast again today with a new story about everyone’s favorite Scientology topic: Tom []

Continuing to chat with a Scientology celebrity: On ‘SP’ Danny Masterson, and more

[The LA Ideal Org, a shining example]

Our conversation with a foreign Scientology entertainment celebrity continues.

 The Bunker: This really struck a nerve with []

A Scientology celebrity emailed us the other day. And it started an exchange.

 We received an email from a non-American Scientology celebrity recently, and it started a brief exchange, which we have edited here only very lightly for clarity. We are not identifying this person other than to point out their foreign origin and that they have had international success in a field of []

Letters from Scientology’s celebrities that charmed the pants off LA’s city council

[Isaac and Anne, Church of Scientology photo]

Mike Rinder, over at his blog, pointed out last month that Scientologists were celebrating the 25th anniversary of the renaming of North Berendo Street in Los Angeles to “L. Ron Hubbard []

What the New Yorker left out of its story about Elisabeth Moss and Scientology

 It’s a simple formula. A successful Hollywood star has a new vehicle launching, and publications line up to interview them to coincide with it. []