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Sinéad O’Connor and Scientology: How she dodged a Thetan-tipped bullet

[O’Connor on The Graham Norton Show in February, 2012]

Sinéad O’Connor’s death at the age of 56 has produced an outpouring of tributes to her as a transformative artist and political figure, as well as moving portraits of her struggles with mental illness, something she was more open about than most. (See, for example, this superb []


Pete Griffiths on the unbearable rightness of being Scientologists

 On a recent post of Scientology’s success stories from Advance! magazine, Pete Griffiths spotted a name he []

My Scientology wins: A personal testament of OT powers

 I’m not totally certain when I began to get OT wins, but I knew when I first came across them that I had to get me some of that wondrous []

Pete’s journey: The long, scary bus ride from active Scientologist to active protester

[Pete Griffiths, emceeing ‘Dublin Offlines 2012.’ Photo by Lisa Tiffany.]

The bus journey from County Mayo to Dublin takes about three and a half hours and I am on the back seat pondering my insane decision. What am I doing? What am I thinking? These people are dangerous. Scientology comes after its critics to lie about []

Pete Goes to Hollywood: The grim reality of Scientology servitude in La-La-Land

 It is September 1987 and I have just spent the past few months at Saint Hill Manor near East Grinstead in West Sussex, former home of noted conman L. Ron Hubbard, studying his Organization Executive []

Lured into your own past: The seduction of an initial Scientology session

[Pete Griffiths, fully hatted]

My first ever Dianetics session had a bizarre twist which at the time meant nothing to me. Years later it made me go, wow! Really? Did that really happen? Am I making this up? How accurate are memories []

PODCAST: Pete Griffiths, the SP who ran a Scientology mission

 We’ve known Pete Griffiths for years and we’ve written numerous stories about him, but the piece he wrote for us recently really seemed to hit a chord with the Bunker community. []

How Pete Griffiths sued a Scientologist and ended up being vilified by former friends

[Pete Griffiths]

On May 1, 2013, ex-Scientologist Pete Griffiths gave a talk about Scientology to some Dublin secondary school students (what we call high school in the U.S.). Griffiths was the guest of a teacher who had his own run-in with the []