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Scientologist attorney gets her first ‘head on a pike’ with OC health officer resignation

[Leigh Dundas in full cry]

On May 26, we told you about David Miscavige’s rising new Scientology star, anti-vaxx “human rights attorney” Leigh Dundas, who is making a name for herself by pretending that public health officials asking people to wear masks to protect against a deadly pandemic is constitutional heresy and is tantamount to []


Scientology mega-donor ABCMouse family is more complicated than we realized

[Seeing double: ‘Veronica Mars’ actor Jason Dohring is flanked by his brothers Rob (right) and Jon.]

A commenter alerted us to a pretty interesting situation that we thought deserved its own post. You know that for years we’ve kept an eye on Doug Dohring and his education software empire, which runs the hugely profitable subscription service []

Scientology’s rising new anti-vaxx star, coming to a ‘re-open’ protest near you!

[Leigh Dundas, sudden Scientology star]

Last year, the quarantining of Scientology’s private cruise ship the Freewinds for a case of measles had reporters scrambling to find out how the organization felt about vaccinations. Was the outbreak on the ship a sign that Scientology was part of the dumb anti-vaxx hysteria becoming so depressingly epidemic in this []

Scientology provides all the proof you need that Narconon is more than ‘tied’ to it

 We’ve seen enough reactions to know that it irks you as much as it does us when a press outfit reports on another Narconon debacle and says that the drug rehab network is “tied” to Scientology, or “supported by” Scientology, like there’s some arm’s-length distance between the []

Scientology says it’s ‘partnering’ with Miami police for Super Bowl anti-drug quackery

 Is it really too much to expect a police department to enter the words “Foundation for a Drug-Free World” into a search engine and get a clue that this is one of Scientology’s sneaky front groups looking to rook law enforcement into its L. Ron Hubbard-burnishing, quack anti-drugs []

Georgia puts legislator who promotes Scientology anti-psych efforts on mental health panel

[Donzella James, in gold, with David Miscavige at the 2016 Atlanta Ideal Org grand opening]

The state of mental health is so bad in Georgia, the federal government stepped in and sued the state, resulting in a 2010 settlement that required Georgia to improve conditions in its psychiatric hospitals and find more neighborhood-level solutions to behavioral []

Why isn’t Scientology’s ship the Freewinds hauling emergency supplies to the Bahamas?

[Scientology’s 440-foot ship was last in the news for a measles quarantine.]

The Church of Scientology is presently trying to make news by having its ambulance-chasing and photo-op-opportunists — a/k/a the Volunteer Ministers — rush emergency supplies to The Bahamas in the wake of Hurricane Dorian. In one photo not intended for publication, we see a []

Charles Barkley becomes a slam dunk photo opportunity for Scientology

[Sir Charles gets double-teamed by Scientology]

Our thanks to the tipster who helps us keep an eye on the sneaky ways that Scientology’s “Foundation for a Drug-Free World” infiltrates various institutions and events, looking for opportunities to rope in unsuspecting politicians and law enforcement officials. And yes, athletes.

This time, they really landed a big []

Scientology: So much effort and heartache, for such little effect

[Emily Jones and John Goodwin]

Does it ever strike you, the way it does us from time to time, the sheer amount of effort that Scientology puts into its various initiatives that are forever chipping away at the []

Scientology’s anti-drug hero is an ex-con who is coming for your school kids

 In March, we sent an email to a man named Michael DeLeon. He’s a motivational speaker who tries to convince kids that they should stay away from illegal drugs, and he draws on his own years of addiction and crime to keep them []