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ABC gives platform to Scientologist named one of 12 biggest sources of vaccine disinfo

 We’ve been telling you for years that Rizza Islam is a menace. And now it’s []


Scientologists facing felonies try ‘sovereign citizen’ gambit in tense L. A. court hearing

[Rizza Islam and his mother, Hanan]

Almost four years ago we broke the story here at the Underground Bunker of a wild criminal case developing in Los Angeles. A woman named Hanan Islam and three of her children and others were arrested and faced felony charges for running a multi-million dollar scam involving a jackleg Scientology []

Once again, Scientology celebrates a Nation of Islam bigot tonight in Los Angeles

 Scientology is very quick to label those of us who have exposed their controversies and abuses with the word “bigot.” You’ve seen them call us that countless times. They throw it at Leah Remini and Mike Rinder and so many others. So for that reason this flier for tonight’s “graduation” celebration at the Hollywood Celebrity []

Scientology and Nation of Islam figure picks worst week to rail against measles vaccine

 Rizza Islam picked the worst possible time to go on tour spreading misinformation about vaccines used to prevent the spread of []

Nation of Islam takes a bigoted swipe at Leah Remini and the ‘Jews’ behind her show

[Tony Muhammad is a recipient of Scientology’s highest honor, the ‘Freedom Medal’]

Nation of Islam figure and Scientology Freedom Medal winner Tony Muhammad was apparently pretty unhappy about Leah Remini’s recent episode about the strange relationship between the two []

Tonight, Leah Remini examines her own role in the bizarre Scientology – Nation of Islam dance

[Minister Louis Farrakhan and the woman whose name he can’t recall correctly]

In 2010, Louis Farrakhan formally made the call for his followers in the Nation of Islam to embrace Dianetics. A year later, at the Village Voice, we remarked for the first time on what a bizarre idea it was — that two small but []

Scientology is quick to cry ‘bigotry,’ but these photos prove David Miscavige’s hypocrisy

[Miscavige at the IAS event in October]

On Monday, we had a lot of fun bringing you the latest list of Scientology donors who were celebrated at the October IAS event in East Grinstead, England. But the richies and their big donations are not the only reason for celebration at the annual shindig held under a []

Another sign Nation of Islam members are moving from Dianetics to full Scientology

[Black Scientologists conference held in April on the ‘Freewinds’]

Our tipster Communicator I/C keeps trying to convince us that the Nation of Islam/Scientology mashup is more substantial than we’ve given it credit for. And we have to hand it to him this time for digging up a new piece of evidence that bolsters his point of []

VIDEO: Scientology gives its highest award to Nation of Islam minister, who thanks Allah

 We have an interesting video for you today, a segment from the International Association of Scientologists celebration in England that took place last month. Each year, the IAS holds a weekend of galas at Saint Hill Manor in East Grinstead, England, and a couple of thousand Scientologists get to listen to church leader David Miscavige []