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Monthly Archives

An eyewitness report from Scientology’s LRH Birthday Event Saturday in Los Angeles

 Once again our correspondent attended a Scientology event in Los Angeles. In this case, it was the LRH Birthday Event that was held on Saturday. The week before, on March 9, the actual live event with David Miscavige was held in Clearwater, Florida. So on Saturday video of that celebration was played for the members []


Cops, soft porn, and psychiatry: The curious origin of Scientology’s Snow White Program

[Hubbard in his Queens hideout, 1973. Photo by Jim Dincalci]

Chris Owen once again dives into Scientology history and comes up with new evidence and new perspectives… []

Michael Jackson and Scientology: When the Hollywood Celebrity Centre went on lockdown

 After the airing of the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland, we’ve been getting questions from readers about one of the odd moments in the film: The Gloved One’s marriage to Lisa Marie Presley in 1994, and whether it had anything to do with []

Scientology pitches a fit about sensible mental health reform in wake of Parkland shooting

[CCHR Florida President Diane Klein, center]

Rod Keller keeps us up to date on Scientology’s latest anti-psychiatry []

Miss America organization says it’s looking into Scientology’s use of Miss New York

 Our readers know that we like to keep an eye on two of Scientology’s sneakiest front group operators — Queens dentist Bernard Fialkoff and his daughter Meghan. As far back as 2013, we were examining how the Fialkoffs were infiltrating New York City schools with their quack L. Ron Hubbard drug abuse literature and getting []

Tom Cruise, John Travolta and some other rare celebs made Scientology event in Florida

[David Miscavige and his galaxy of stars]

We noted yesterday that Scientology posted images from its L. Ron Hubbard Birthday Event which was held Saturday at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater, Florida. And now we’ve had a closer look at those images and found some []

David Miscavige presides over Scientology’s holiest annual celebration of L. Ron Hubbard

 Yesterday we told you that we didn’t expect Scientology to post images from its LRH Birthday event held last Saturday in Clearwater until the rest of the orgs get to see the video this Saturday. But the church surprised us by posting photos from Saturday’s event last night, on Hubbard’s actual []

Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard is celebrating another birthday, and it’s a party!

 It’s the holiest day on the Scientology calendar again, L. Ron Hubbard’s birthday! Ron is 108 today, wherever he is, and so we’re sending our annual birthday wishes to the Great Thetan while he’s researching OT levels off at Target []

Scientology TV debuted one year ago, and it’s still unwatchable propaganda

 What a buildup Scientology leader David Miscavige orchestrated last year before premiering his long-awaited television channel on DirecTV. Based on all the fundraising he’d done, and the slick nature of the programming, it was obvious that Dave was blowing a mighty chunk of change on his pet project. []

New government docs show Scientology trying to snow the Justice Dept after Snow White

[Randy Levine and Lawrence Hoffheimer]

Thanks to the indefatigable efforts of researcher R.M. Seibert, we have more government documents about Scientology that have never seen the light of []