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PPP small-business coronavirus bailout loans went to Scientology and Narconon centers

[Scientology’s ‘Ideal Org’ off Times Square got a PPP loan]

Yesterday the Trump administration released data about thousands of companies that received loans of $150,000 or more that were intended to help “small businesses” get through the coronavirus health crisis.

Multi-billion-dollar international religious organizations don’t appear to fit that description. But among the recipients of loans []


Brian Statler’s sister reveals new details in shooting death at Scientology org

[Brian Statler]

Yesterday, Brian Statler’s sister Krystle Statler posted a petition online demanding that the Inglewood Police Department finally begin sharing information about what happened when police officers shot and killed her brother in []

‘Scientology is dead’ says the ex-con claiming he’s the reincarnated L. Ron Hubbard

 Rod Keller has the week off and we need to get through the holiday weekend, so forgive us for taking a momentary break from reality. But, hey, what the []

On this day of declaring independence, we want to hear about your own fight for freedom

 Here in the United States we are celebrating our independence, and we hope you are too, wherever you []

Tom Cruise at 58: Scientology’s biggest asset continues to avoid the tough questions

 We have yet to see a reporter with access to Tom Cruise ask him about this: Sixteen years ago, in September 2004, Cruise dazzled the Scientologists assembled at an “Ideal Org” grand opening in Madrid by delivering a short speech in Spanish. When he was finished, he came off stage and shook hands with his []

A family’s Scientology drug rehab nightmare: The Narconon ‘Fresh Start’ scam strikes again

 Twice recently we heard from families going through the now-familiar Narconon nightmare: Desperate to find help for a son or daughter, they are fooled by Scientology’s slick online operation that convinces parents they are talking to a legitimate drug rehab. And only after sending their loved one across the country at great expense do they []

Who knew? Scientology Volunteer Ministers bring ‘spiritual’ aid to disasters & not just PR

 For years we’ve been keeping an eye on Scientology’s attempts to take advantage of natural (and man-made) disasters as public relations opportunities with the use of their “Volunteer Minister” corps. []

That time Laura Prepon helped silence a Danny Masterson victim for Scientology

 Laura Prepon, through her publicity team, tried to “handle” the New York Post this weekend with a suggestion that the Orange is the New Black actress is “not currently active in the []

Scientology’s global virus playacting was supplied by giant California slave labor plant

 For months now we’ve been getting reports from readers on several different continents that Scientologists have been out in their neighborhoods, clad in PPE and looking like government or medical officials, and are handing out booklets about the coronavirus while wearing masks and gloves and other []

Scientology will see you now! Orgs are reopening in safe and not so safe places

 Scientology orgs around the world are reopening as the world continues to struggle with the coronavirus pandemic. Some of them are opening in places where it’s relatively safe, but others may be exposing members to []