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Luis Garcia steps in to help Danny Masterson’s accusers: Scientology ‘arbitration’ is corrupt

[Luis Garcia and his attorney Ted Babbitt]

On November 2, a California appeals court will hear oral arguments in the lawsuit filed by Danny Masterson’s rape accusers, who allege that they have been subjected to years of harassment by Masterson and the Church of []


Is it really possible to study Scientology and ignore the people who were damaged by it?

 Chris Shelton continues his look into a new academic volume, an issue of the journal Implicit Religion dedicated to Scientology. Here’s his previous []

New allegation: Woman says she was raped by Danny Masterson at ‘Dracula 2000’ cast party

[Kathleen Jenkins today]

Late Friday night, a woman named Kathleen Jenkins made a startling claim on Twitter.

Responding to a tweet that Bobette Riales had posted in 2017, Jenkins said that she too had been raped by Danny Masterson and had been too afraid to talk about []

When L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology followers put him on the spot about space opera

 While we were tracking down a few L. Ron Hubbard references to put some finishing touches on last week’s piece about Scientology and astronomy, we ran into something kind of unusual that we thought we’d share with []

Our story about Scientology front group in Broward Schools kicks up a fuss

[Video still from ‘The Right to Move’]

On Monday, we showed you a flier that a tipster had forwarded to us, showing that not only had one of Scientology’s sneaky front groups, Youth for Human Rights, managed to infiltrate the public school district in Broward County, Florida, but that the school district was actively helping to []

Scientology and cryptocurrency: Has there ever been a better investment opportunity?

 Hey gang, we thought we had better alert you that later today there’s going to be some big news about a new cryptocurrency, and the elements coming together to create this opportunity are really []

13,046 DAYS: David Miscavige goes ahead of L. Ron Hubbard as leader of Scientology

[Illustration by Observer]

On May 9, 1950, L. Ron Hubbard began what would become the Scientology movement by publishing his bestseller, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. For the next three and a half decades he oversaw Scientology’s growth.

Then, on January 24, 1986, Hubbard died in seclusion on a ranch near Creston, California. In the []

He was a student and teacher at Scientology’s elite boarding schools: Now he’s dishing

 Scientology’s boarding school The Delphian in Oregon — where wealthy Scientologists send their kids for indoctrination in the L. Ron Hubbard way and also where the church recruits for the Sea Org — has been in the news here at the Bunker a couple of times []

The country’s 6th largest school district is helping a Scientology front group reach kids

 Has it really been almost 16 years since Hurricane Wilma zipped across Florida after doing incredible damage in Mexico? We happened to be in the path of Mrs. Flintstone, and we never want to be stuck in such a nightmarish storm again. We were without power for a []

Tom Cruise, looking puffy again between movie shoots, gets booed at SF game

 The San Francisco Giants put Tom Cruise on the Jumbotron last night during Game 2 of the division series with the Los Angeles Dodgers. This set off a storm on Twitter, with lots of jokes about how puffy Tom looked (again) and wondering if he was preparing to play recently deceased SNL comedian Norm MacDonald []