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The Scientologist who played a role in Tuesday’s historic Blue Origin launch

 Woohoo! Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard always predicted that Scientologists would eventually be central to spaceflight on this planet, and it’s finally become []


Here’s our motion to quash the subpoena Danny Masterson’s attorney slapped us with

[Danny Masterson and Tom Mesereau leave court on June 7]

We post a lot of court documents here at the Underground Bunker. It’s one of the things that sets this news site apart from others: We often show you the documents in a case rather than simply describe them to []

US Supreme Court: Valerie Haney fires back at Scientology about its ‘religious ritual’

[Marci Hamilton and Valerie Haney]

After Scientology told the US Supreme Court that Valerie Haney’s predicament is not a First Amendment issue, Valerie has fired back with a reply we think you’re going to want to []

BRIAN STATLER WAS UNARMED: Police say he grabbed their gun in Scientology org shooting

[Brian Statler, with sword, fan, and cane, when he first came into the Inglewood org]

In the 2019 death of Brian Statler at the Scientology “Ideal Org” in Inglewood, California, much was made of the “samurai sword” that witnesses said he had with him. But we pointed out at the time that breaking news coverage seemed []

Scientology wants you to take this survey like yesterday. So pencils ready!

 Yes, another survey. And this one our reader received yesterday with this []

This is your brain on Scientology: Watch woman express euphoria after brutal interrogation

 We want to thank our reader who sent in this video. It’s such a good example of the kind of euphoria that Scientologists express after a new completion. []

How many Scientologists are in your town, part two: Getting down to the details

[Dave’s beamed up the videos sent in by his followers, and we’re soaking in the data]

Yesterday we told you that we waded through the 2,079 individual videos that Scientology had posted at its website over the last 15 months that were submitted by their members around the world. The point of the videos was to []

How many Scientologists live in your town? Surprisingly, Scientology has an answer

 Scientology is secretive about so many things. And of course, when it does come forward with information, it has a decades-long record of prevarication. You can take none of their pronouncements at face value. Especially when they’re claiming that they have “millions” of members around the []

Valerie Haney’s Supreme Court petition gets a date for discussion, but don’t get your hopes up

 Yesterday, we noticed that there was a new notation at the US Supreme Court in regards to Valerie Haney’s petition: “DISTRIBUTED for Conference of []

Another hype video! Scientology still begging members to go to the cruise ship’s ‘OT Bubble’

 For the past sixteen months Scientology’s private cruise ship the Freewinds has been stuck in port in Aruba, and there’s no sign that it’s hitting the high seas again any time []