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With lawsuit in limbo, Danny Masterson accusers still trying to serve David Miscavige

[Danny and Dave]

So here’s the situation: We’re now only ten days away from the all-important preliminary hearing in the criminal rape prosecution of Scientology celebrity Danny Masterson, and everything he and defense attorney Tom Mesereau have thrown at the case has failed to push that date []


The nanny task list from a Scientology couple that is driving Twitter insane

[Hollis Jane Andrews]

Our thanks to the several people who forwarded us something that’s getting considerable attention at Twitter this morning, and we can certainly see []

Can’t someone ask Erika Christensen a real question about Scientology?

 Once again Erika Christensen has been given the opportunity to act outraged that people don’t understand Scientology, while not saying anything about what Scientology actually []

The Scientology-QAnon connection that showed up in HBO’s ‘Q: Into the Storm’

 A few weeks ago we first brought up the crossover we were seeing between our coverage of Scientology here at the Underground Bunker and the stuff we cover over at our other blog The Lowdown — specifically, the QAnon phenomenon which has become such an obsession literally for millions of []

Scientology is back! Fundraising back on to turn the entire country ‘Ideal,’ praise Xenu!

 Scientology is back!

Oh wow, it’s been so long since we’ve seen this version of Scientology — Dave’s push to get all of the orgs ‘Ideal’ and all at once — that we nearly forgot how fun it []

Scientology can’t get enough corrupt South American police generals under its wing

 When 2020 began, so many of us had hopes for a new year and a new decade. And well, you all know what happened next. 2020 was a disaster in so many ways, but we don’t want a couple of small disasters that befell Scientology last year slip through the []

In Scientology, ‘making it go right’ is everything, even if it wrecks lives

[Sunny, C/Sing at the Celebrity Centre]

We lived a very different life in the Sea Org, with a completely different understanding of how things were done in the “outside” world. []

IN HER OWN WORDS: Danny Masterson accuser rips LAPD miscues in 2017 letter

[Danny Masterson in 2017]

We’ve been telling you for four years now that Danny Masterson’s accusers have overcome incredible obstacles to get heard in a court of law, and now we have for you one of the most eye-opening pieces of evidence of []

Danny Masterson prosecutor: ‘Scientology is inextricably connected to this case’

[Danny Masterson and Deputy DA Reinhold Mueller]

Danny Masterson’s criminal defense attorneys Tom Mesereau and Sharon Appelbaum were back in court yesterday for a hearing that wasn’t listed on the publicly available docket. We learned about it through the court’s media relations department, who told us that Masterson had made yet another attempt to delay the []

‘Almost Andy Reid’ says he’s unhappy that Scientology used him in propaganda video

 We had kind of a wild time last night, and we thought we’d tell you all about it. Yesterday, we posted a new Scientology hip-hop video, notable, we thought, because it didn’t feature Scientology’s longtime in-house rapper, Chill []