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WHOA! Scientology to Judge Kleifield: Wrecking human lives IS our ‘commerce’

[David Miscavige: “Bite down on this, judge.”]

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Steven Kleifield shocked us last month when he vacated a hearing in the lawsuit between Danny Masterson’s rape accusers and the That ’70s Show actor and the Church of Scientology. Kleifield wiped out the hearing and then asked Scientology’s attorneys to submit a []


More Scientology orgs and missions got Covid bailouts than we knew: The detailed breakdown

[Scientology worked the pandemic to its advantage in various ways]

This summer when the Trump Administration first released limited information about which businesses had received Covid bailout loans, we reported that among them were three Scientology churches — the New York and DC ‘Ideal Orgs,’ and the Belleair, Florida mission — as well as two Narconon []

The Top 25 People Enabling Scientology, No. 8: The ghost private eyes

 One of the hallmarks of Scientology harassment is the “noisy” nature of it. Usually, when you’re the target of a Scientology “Fair Game” campaign (and your proprietor can confirm this from personal experience) you know very well that it’s happening. Scientology wants you to know that your friends and family are being called and visited []

If the feds are sniffing around, they might look at Danny Masterson’s besties

[Danny Masterson stalwarts: Ben Shulman and Brie Shaffer]

In October we reported on a new development in the lawsuit filed by Danny Masterson’s rape accusers against the That ’70s Show actor and the Church of []

Kirstie Alley is wrong on Leah Remini & Shelly Miscavige. We know because we broke the story.

 Yesterday, Kirstie Alley actually responded to a Twitter reader who asked her about Leah Remini and Shelly []

Another social media harvest that reveals Scientology’s planetary takeover

 Once again our source has given us a sampling of the sorts of social media posts that Scientologists are sharing with each other on their way to taking over the world. Got your TRs in? Great, let’s dive []

Chris Shelton: What it’s like to spy for Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs

 This week I interviewed Shane Rybacki. He is a former Scientologist who had a short stint on the EPF, worked for the Office of Special Affairs in Orange County and was eventually kicked out of the Church and disconnected from his family because he dared to disparage Scientology in a public forum. He reached out []

Superhuman Scientology OT 8 makes news for being unable to control matter, space, and time

 This is my Scientology OT8 sister. She has made the local news for becoming the victim of a misunderstanding: Her business has a similar name to an online camera vendor, and angry customers unable to find a phone number for the camera company are calling her Niagara Falls resort on her toll-free phone line. The []

On a Thanksgiving like no other, we’re thankful again for people we will never forget

 It feels so strange to say that we hope on this Thanksgiving Day that you are not gathering with friends and family to celebrate the []

Steve Cannane vindicated as Australian judge denounces ‘Deep Sleep Therapy’ doctors

 In a thorough and lengthy thrashing, Justice Jayne Jagot of the Australian federal court dismissed a case of defamation brought against journalist Steve Cannane and his book about the history of Scientology in Australia, Fair []