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Monthly Archives

Scientology’s sleep cures are enough to keep you up at night

 The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) has a new article on its blog that deserves comment. CCHR has a harder time than other Scientology front groups who can keep their writings based on some truth in their chosen issue. Foundation for a Drug Free World can write truthfully about how using illegal drugs is []


Scientology banned his book and trashed him as an apostate. Here’s his full-throated reply!

 Last Saturday, we had fun posting a 1995 Scientology bulletin that banned Scientologists from reading the 1989 ancient aliens book The Gods of Eden and warned against interacting with its author, former church member William Bramley. In our comments section, Bramley reached out to us and said he was interested in answering Scientology’s criticisms of []

The new leaders of ‘Scientology’ tell us about their fight to free the world

[Meet the new owners of the Sea Org, Christopher (Left) and Matthew Brady]

We want to thank the reader who stumbled upon something strange in the state of Florida’s files, and thought we’d be interested in it. []

Scientology’s David Miscavige served again: This time in a sick case alleging child abuse

 Scientology leader David Miscavige has now been served in the third of three highly visible lawsuits filed against him earlier this year, court records in Miami show. []

Hubbard family member: Mary Sue griped about Scientology leader’s ‘Napoleon complex’

[Guy White]

We first got to know Guy White in 2012, when we were researching a story about Keith Relkin for the Village []

Woman who fled Scientology after being lured in by Jason Dohring acting class goes public

[Jason Dohring and Christina]

In July, we told you that an unnamed woman had gone to the Los Angeles Police Department with a dramatic account of how she had managed to escape from Scientology after being lured in through an acting class that featured Scientologist and Veronica Mars actor Jason []

Scientology snags an elected official (and JAG!) for its Central Ohio ‘Ideal Org’ ceremony

[Miscavige and more accomplices]

With his second ‘Ideal Org’ grand opening in only a week, Scientology leader David Miscavige managed to round up more local shills to make speeches, and this time he actually snagged an elected official, something we haven’t seen in a []

Scientology promotes its expensive propaganda TV channel one flier at a time

 The Scientology Network (Scientology TV) may be the only digital property in the world being marketed primarily by hand. []

The Scientology-‘Ancient Aliens’ tie-in we just know you were waiting for

[Bramley on Ancient Aliens]

We want to thank the reader who went deep into their personal Scientology documents collection to find the weird entry we have for you on this Saturday, which just happens to be the day of the week when we consider “Scientology []

Columbus going Ideal! David Miscavige to open 2nd Scientology cathedral in a week

[Scientology video emphasizes the soft target of OSU]

We expect that tomorrow’s Ideal Org grand opening in Columbus, Ohio is going to be a lot like the one that took place in Kansas City last Saturday. Some music. Some speeches from local shills. Some balloons. So the thing we’re most curious about at this point is, []