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Gary Beeny, 1949-2020: Scientology figure in notorious takeover of anti-cult group

 We learned yesterday that Gary Beeny died last June. An OT 8 Scientologist, Beeny is a notable figure in Scientology history for his role in one notorious church operation: The takeover of the Cult Awareness Network, which people to this day cite as one of Scientology’s most sinister []


Scientology at its peak, part 2: See the excitement for ‘OT’ secrets in leaked 1991 video

[Tory Christman loves the new OT materials!]

Yesterday we showed you the first half of a secret Scientology briefing held at the Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater, Florida in May 1991. In today’s second half, we pick up with Captain Ray Mithoff as he continues to reveal the nifty new “OT” releases and then we get []

Scientology at its peak: A 1991 confidential briefing to take you into orbit with OT secrets!

 May 1991. You Scientology historians know what a crossroads that was for the organization built on the ideas of L. Ron []

The pandemic isn’t over, but Scientology leader David Miscavige is ready for his bow

 A big thanks to attorney Graham Berry for giving us a head’s up that at Scientology’s website right now there’s a slick new online slideshow that’s long on the kind of glitz and glam that church leader David Miscavige loves, especially when he’s busy congratulating []

Scientology’s tough marketing sell, from the man who sold Dianetics to the masses

 Chris Shelton and Jefferson Hawkins. Now that’s a combo we want to hear from. []

Date night at the Scientology Sunday service: How one teenager was lured into Hubbardism

[Illustration of Ron by R.G. Taylor]

Longtime reader Ron Kasman, a Canadian comic book artist, sent in this account of how he first fell into Scientology, a half century ago. We thought you’d like to see it, and we’d also like to hear some accounts of others and how they were first attracted to L. Ron []

Scientology social media: Gearing up for R6, or what you humans call ‘Christmas’

[Marcabian invaders disguised as jolly old elves]

Our thanks again to the source who gives us a glimpse into what Scientologists are sharing with each other on social media. This week, the usual miracles continue to salvage this planet, and Scientologists, like everyone else, are gearing up for the holiday []

More former Church of Scientology members describe life after Miscavige

[Ready to say goodbye?]

We had a strong response to a recent posting that featured former Scientologists talking about what they would have missed out on if they hadn’t left the church. Scientologists are indoctrinated to believe the outside world is mysterious and dangerous, making it difficult to break away. []

Trouble in the Scientology FreeZone! Even ‘Indies’ are suing each other

[An AOGP image representing Scientology’s Bridge to Total Freedom]

Since we started it more than a year ago, our “Overheard in the FreeZone” feature has become one of the most popular daily sources of commentary here at the Underground []

How Scientology can prove us wrong about L. Ron Hubbard’s ‘sheep-dipped’ valor

 What set off our longtime reader PickAnotherID about Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard’s military record (see part 1 and part 2) was not only the obviously faked document and medals that the church fed New Yorker writer Lawrence Wright for his 2011 magazine story “The []