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Monthly Archives

YouTube permanently shutters channel that exposed Scientology’s bigotry

[Abdul Malik Sayyid (Tony) Muhammad]

A researcher who goes by the moniker Independent Scientology News has learned that YouTube rejected his appeal and permanently shut down his channel for posting videos that were “severe violations of ourCommunity Guidelines on Hate []


Ignore the apologists: Yes, L. Ron Hubbard lied about having an engineering degree

[L. Ron Hubbard and W.F.G. Swann]

[Make sure you don’t miss yesterday’s late-breaking news about Scientology and David Miscavige being sued in a new lawsuit.]

It only recently came to our attention that an apologist journal, CESNUR, published a couple of breathless articles in recent months trying to prove that L. Ron Hubbard never claimed to have []

Why the quarantine is such a fail: Scientology ship was set up as an interrogation factory

 Two weeks ago today Scientology’s floating cathedral the Freewinds arrived at St. Lucia and was put under quarantine. Officials in the Dutch islands of Aruba and Curacao had confirmed that there was a female crew member with measles on board the private cruise ship, and they alerted St. Lucian officials so that no one disembarked []

Scientology, breaking bad: Signs of desperation here and abroad

 On Monday we posted a report from Phil Jones about how dead the Cambridge, Ontario “Ideal Org” is. Among the reactions to that piece were a couple of additional dispatches from our tipsters. Is Scientology dying? And how []

VIDEO: Danny Masterson accusers face down Scientology ploy at Denim Day rally

[Chrissie Carnell and Cedric Bixler Zavala with a mostly concealed additional Masterson victim]

Yesterday, we told you we were anticipating that Mike Rinder’s estranged daughter Taryn Teutsch might repeat her ploy from last year and attempt to co-opt the message of the Denim Day rally in Los Angeles for Scientology’s disingenuous smear campaign against her []

COMING MAY 9: Silvertail Books publishes Chris Owen’s ‘Ron the War Hero’

 We’re extremely excited to tell you that Chris Owen’s masterful investigation of L. Ron Hubbard’s World War II experience, Ron the War Hero: The True Story of L. Ron Hubbard’s Calamitous Military Career, will be published on May 9 by Silvertail Books. (Full disclosure: Silvertail is also the publisher of our book, The Unbreakable Miss []

Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard is celebrating another birthday, and it’s a party!

 It’s the holiest day on the Scientology calendar again, L. Ron Hubbard’s birthday! Ron is 108 today, wherever he is, and so we’re sending our annual birthday wishes to the Great Thetan while he’s researching OT levels off at Target []

New government docs show Scientology trying to snow the Justice Dept after Snow White

[Randy Levine and Lawrence Hoffheimer]

Thanks to the indefatigable efforts of researcher R.M. Seibert, we have more government documents about Scientology that have never seen the light of []

Scientology’s founder L. Ron Hubbard on the ‘God trick,’ Christ implants, and Muslims

 Our regular readers know that besides looking into the breaking Scientology news of the day, and keeping track of court cases, and asking around about church leader David Miscavige and his missing wife, we also, from time to time, like to dive into the source material of this wacky thing that calls itself a []

If you thought Scientology’s ‘Axioms’ were dumb, the ‘Logics’ are even dumberer

 Chris Shelton had fun with L. Ron Hubbard’s ‘Axioms’ on Friday. Now, he takes another one for the team and tries to deal with the illogic of Hubbard’s []