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1950 US Census proves Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard did indeed have a second wife

[L. Ron Hubbard and his second wife, and poof!]

Hey, this was a nice catch we noticed yesterday at Facebook, and so we went to the recently released 1950 US Census records to verify it for []


It’s a Scientology Easter bonnet parade: Founder L. Ron Hubbard in his best finery!

 We wish a fulfilling Ramadan, Passover, or Easter to all of those who partake in these ancient and venerated religious milestones around the world, and which this year have all happened to overlap with one []

Updated for 2022: Where in the world are Scientologists actually located?

 We told you recently that we had heard some scary news about our old friend, Operation Clambake operator Andreas Heldal-Lund. At his Facebook account, he explained that he’d collapsed in a supermarket and had woken up in a hospital after having some kind of []

The origin of Scientology’s notorious prison program: Hana Whitfield’s eyewitness account

 Last week, Louise Shekter gave us a piece about the origin of Scientology’s notorious prison program, the Rehabilitation Project Force. Technically, the order creating the RPF had been written by Ken Urquhart, but Louise wanted readers to know that it was really Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard’s idea to segregate Sea Org members for punishment. []

‘Oh gosh’: Judge views alleged rape filmed on phone of Scientology private eye

[Judge Sharon Gianelli and Yanti Mike Greene]

In January, we told you about a contempt of court hearing that was held at a Nassau County courthouse last summer that starred a private investigator and retired NYPD detective named Yanti Mike []

Scientology wants you to dress up like a pirate before it takes your booty

 Yesterday we talked about L. Ron Hubbard’s legacy for encouraging his followers to blatantly lie to the general public about the nature of Scientology, and specifically in litigation, as a way to get one over on the []

Confused by Scientology’s latest moves? L. Ron Hubbard can explain everything

 We still find people, even very well educated ones, who are caught by surprise when they see Scientology in action. We’re talking about Scientology’s aggressive moves in court cases, and the way it can besiege an educational institution or news organization with threats of litigation.

Yes, even today, Scientology is scaring the crap out of people []

Scientology is trying extra hard to get you to fork over more money, you pesky thetan!

 We always enjoy the Scientology propaganda that our readers forward to us, and over the years it has helped give us a sense of how things are going in David Miscavige’s bouncy castle he calls a church. []

Scientology intervenes at Danny Masterson hearing, judge refuses to dismiss rape charges

[Scientology attorney William Forman and Danny Masterson]

Today’s event in the criminal prosecution of Danny Masterson was scheduled to be a short hearing on a defense motion to dismiss, but it started out with a surprising appearance by attorneys for the Church of []

Another crucial Scientology eyewitness coming forward, starting today at the Bunker

 Louise Shekter is a well known name to Sea Org members who sailed with L. Ron Hubbard. Her career in Scientology is rather astounding, from serving on the Apollo, to a stint in the Guardian’s Office, and much more. She’s never spoken publicly about her experiences before, but we’re incredibly excited that she’s beginning to []