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What’s happening right now in Scientology’s independent ‘Freezone’

 Yesterday, Chris Shelton gave us another interesting look at what “new religious movement” academics are up to in regards to Scientology. And this time, he looked at a professor who, according to his own bio, has made a bit of a name for himself examining the []


13,046 DAYS: David Miscavige goes ahead of L. Ron Hubbard as leader of Scientology

[Illustration by Observer]

On May 9, 1950, L. Ron Hubbard began what would become the Scientology movement by publishing his bestseller, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. For the next three and a half decades he oversaw Scientology’s growth.

Then, on January 24, 1986, Hubbard died in seclusion on a ranch near Creston, California. In the []

Is this a list of all of Scientology’s active subsidiary corporations that a tipster fed us?

[Scientology’s Nashville Celebrity Centre]

Now that we’re plunging into our tenth year together, dear readers, we appreciate more than ever what our longtime regulars bring to the []

Scientology’s new campaign to get you to sign its billion-year contract is here!

[Jasper has company!]

We started seeing new ads for Scientology’s Sea Org a few weeks ago, and now it’s coming in a []

On this Labor Day, some insane stories of labor in Scientology’s ‘Sea Org’

 It’s Labor Day here in the United States, when we celebrate the struggle by brave workers in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to bring us such things as the weekend. []

Hot new progress reports from Scientology’s massive world takeover!

 Our Scientology oversharer is back, and you tell us — has Grade 4 left her a lot less effusive, or is it just []

More Scientology euphoria: What it looks like to finish Grade 3!

 How do you top your Grade 2 success story when you finish Grade []

A Scientology escape saga, which includes serving L. Ron Hubbard a bad meal

 I read this website every day. For a while I even commented (nobs and nobs2). But I’m not particularly good at social interactions and may even have a bit of envy for the camaraderie, so I stopped. Now I’d like to tell a few []

How many Scientologists are in your town, part two: Getting down to the details

[Dave’s beamed up the videos sent in by his followers, and we’re soaking in the data]

Yesterday we told you that we waded through the 2,079 individual videos that Scientology had posted at its website over the last 15 months that were submitted by their members around the world. The point of the videos was to []

How many Scientologists live in your town? Surprisingly, Scientology has an answer

 Scientology is secretive about so many things. And of course, when it does come forward with information, it has a decades-long record of prevarication. You can take none of their pronouncements at face value. Especially when they’re claiming that they have “millions” of members around the []