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DA wants Toronto woman to testify as fifth accuser in Danny Masterson retrial

 TODAY AT SUBSTACK: If you’ve signed up for free emails at Substack, you will receive today’s feature story at your inbox: This morning in Los Angeles, defense attorney Philip Cohen will be objecting to the DA’s plan to include a new witness to the Danny Masterson retrial — and she’s someone you first heard about []


TRANSCRIPT, PART 2: Experienced auditor is taped talking about E-meter, the OT levels

 And now we have for you the second half of the remarkable recorded conversation between a recent high school graduate and the OT Scientologist auditor, which ranged over a number of fascinating []

TRANSCRIPT: Experienced OT auditor secretly taped dishing on the state of Scientology today

 It doesn’t matter how many former Scientologists come out and tell us what’s going on in Scientology, the church itself denies what they’re saying, and some gullible academics and others fall for it, telling us that we really don’t know what it’s like to be a rank-and-file Scientologist []

Scientology turns you into a fundraising dynamo — you know you want this energy!

 Holy Xenu’s E-meter, campers, we love the long, skinny fliers that Scientology for some reason thinks are the bomb when it comes to prying money out of the hands of their []

After Cruise, Moss, and Shelly noms, Valerie Haney called ‘obstructionist’ by Scientology

[Scientology attorney William Forman and Valerie Haney]

In advance of Thursday’s court hearing in Valerie Haney’s kidnapping and harassment lawsuit, Scientology’s attorney William Forman has filed a declaration accusing Valerie of “obstructionist tactics and bad faith selection of unavailable []

37 years ago: The eerie Hollywood Palladium sendoff for Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard

[David Miscavige, master of ceremonies]

 Thirty-seven years ago today, Scientologists in the Los Angeles area were instructed to come to the Hollywood Palladium for a special []

PODCAST: Karen de la Carriere on the ‘Ls’ — Scientology’s nuttiest ‘technology’?

 On Wednesday, we showed you a new promotional video that Scientology has recently put out that is intended to lure its wealthier members to the Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida for some arcane practices known as the “L []

Shelly Miscavige and her beagles: A Group Therapy podcast extra

 A couple of weeks ago we started a new podcast for our subscribers that we call Group []

Why the Golden Globes is joking about Tom Cruise, Shelly Miscavige, and Scientology

[Jerrod Carmichael made a funny]

 Thank you to everyone who messaged or tweeted us last night about host Jerrod Carmichael’s joke about Tom Cruise, Shelly Miscavige, and Scientology on the Golden Globes []

PODCAST: How Tory Christman saved Rosie O’Donnell from joining Scientology

 One of the people we were happy to see in Los Angeles when we were covering the Danny Masterson trial was our old friend Tory []