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Monthly Archives

Scientology proudly now displaying miserable secret deal it offered Clearwater leaders

[It’s a swimming pool paradise!]

We’ve been looking a little more closely at the special “Clearwater edition” of Freedom magazine that recently came out after Freedom had not put out a new issue for a []


Scientology threw its annual IAS party on L. Ron Hubbard Way, and once again we had a mole

[Time for another party on LRH Way in Los Angeles]

Just a week after throwing a party on L. Ron Hubbard way to celebrate another “season” of propaganda on its television channel, Scientology threw another shindig this past Saturday night so the locals could watch video of David Miscavige’s nearly three-hour presentation at the IAS event []

For $100, Scientologist sorcerer will share secret of living to 150 (and we have the secret!)

[Rey Robles on CNN’s Believer]

You might remember that we were not very impressed with Reza Aslan’s short-lived Believer series that aired in 2017 on CNN, in particular its dishonest episode about Scientology. Admitting that he had “a soft spot” for Scientology, Aslan pretended that the teeny tiny “indie” movement of Scientologists was so potent, it []

No, RadarOnline did not discover a new underground bunker at Scientology’s Gold Base

[Circled, the non-scandalous non-story’s location]

We want to start out by saying that we have had a fine relationship with RadarOnline in the past. Sure, it’s the online sister to the National Enquirer and very tabloidy, but it has employed people who were passionate about getting Scientology stories right and who enjoyed working with []

Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard has some ideas about your ‘eternity’

 The new Source magazine is here, and as usual it’s just one big advertisement that’s meant to convince Scientologists to drop everything, write a big series of checks, and go to the Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida for Scientology’s upper level []

London, Scientology is coming for you!

 One thing we have told you repeatedly over the years is this: Scientology never, ever gives up. []

Has Scientology’s leader David Miscavige gone underground in the face of a legal onslaught?

[Has anyone seen C.O.B. since Maiden Voyage?]

DISCLAIMER: What you are about to read is your proprietor’s speculation, and nothing more than that. We’re trying to read the tea leaves here, and we reserve the right to be completely and utterly wrong about everything in this post. So, with that said, we beg your patience as []

Driving people away (and begging them back) was built into Scientology from the start

 As the Church of Scientology continues to hemorrhage membership, its losses in income and labor are increasingly hard to replace with new members. As the Bunker has been documenting, the church is spending a lot of its resources not so much on bringing in new people but instead desperately trying to convince former members to []

YouTube permanently shutters channel that exposed Scientology’s bigotry

[Abdul Malik Sayyid (Tony) Muhammad]

A researcher who goes by the moniker Independent Scientology News has learned that YouTube rejected his appeal and permanently shut down his channel for posting videos that were “severe violations of ourCommunity Guidelines on Hate []

Ignore the apologists: Yes, L. Ron Hubbard lied about having an engineering degree

[L. Ron Hubbard and W.F.G. Swann]

[Make sure you don’t miss yesterday’s late-breaking news about Scientology and David Miscavige being sued in a new lawsuit.]

It only recently came to our attention that an apologist journal, CESNUR, published a couple of breathless articles in recent months trying to prove that L. Ron Hubbard never claimed to have []