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Austin, Chicago & Mexico City: Here’s why you’re getting new Scientology churches now

[It’s been more than four years since the last time Dave released balloons]

TODAY AT SUBSTACK: If you’ve signed up for free emails at Substack, you will receive today’s feature story at your inbox: It’s looking like Scientology leader David Miscavige will open new ‘Ideal Orgs’ in Austin (Feb 24), Mexico City (March 1), and Chicago []


Love, Scientology style: How hard can it be to find a Clear date?

 TODAY AT SUBSTACK: If you’ve signed up for free emails at Substack, you will receive today’s feature story at your inbox: You can imagine that it might be difficult for young people in Scientology to find each other for romantic reasons when the organization has been battered and bruised in recent years. ALSO: Danny Masterson []

Ribbon watch: Will Austin outsprint Paris for Scientology ‘Ideal’ glory?

 It’s like Kremlinology over here as we attempt to read the tea leaves and figure out where Scientology leader David Miscavige is going to have his next “Ideal Org” grand opening and make another of his very rare public []

As Scientology tries to cut down lawsuit by Danny Masterson victims, more allegations

[Judge Upinder Kalra and Danny Masterson]

Today, in Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Upinder Kalra’s courtroom, Scientology will be trying to derail the Bixler v. Scientology lawsuit, the one that was filed by Danny Masterson’s victims in 2019, even before he was charged []

Here’s the 2024 Scientology Super Bowl ad, this year’s ‘mystery sandwich’

Right at midnight on February 11, the day that the Super Bowl will take place, Scientology revealed its ad for the big game this year. And once again, it’s a mystery []

Is it another un-Ideal weekend for Scientology? What gives, Dave?

 We can still hear the roaring from the crowd, cheering their dear leader, David Miscavige, who told his followers in November and December that he would have the Paris Ideal Org open in January, and three more were coming by February in Austin, Chicago and Mexico []

Chris Shelton marks a Scientology milestone, and reveals something about himself

[Chris Shelton, Sea Org, circa 2009]

On the day before Christmas, Tony posted something here at the Underground Bunker that really caught me by surprise.

It was the latest roll call of Scientology’s wealthy donors, dressed in their finest to receive their latest trophies for turning over $1 million or []

Report: Elisabeth Moss’s father still trying to get back in Scientology’s graces when he died

[Ron Moss]

In April 2022, the New Yorker magazine published a profile of actress Elisabeth Moss and interviewed former Scientology Celebrity Centre fixture Geoff Levin.

At the time, we gave the magazine credit for asking Geoff about Moss’s Scientology involvement, something Moss herself is generally not very talkative []

38 years ago: The eerie Hollywood Palladium sendoff for Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard

 Thirty-eight years ago yesterday, Scientologists in the Los Angeles area were instructed to come to the Hollywood Palladium for a special []

PODCAST: The three lives of Dennis Erlich, Scientology’s original Internet nemesis

 November 1966. February 1995. December 2021.

Those are the three epochal turning points in a remarkable life that is the subject of this week’s []