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More Scientology euphoria: What it looks like to finish Grade 3!

 How do you top your Grade 2 success story when you finish Grade []


A Scientology escape saga, which includes serving L. Ron Hubbard a bad meal

 I read this website every day. For a while I even commented (nobs and nobs2). But I’m not particularly good at social interactions and may even have a bit of envy for the camaraderie, so I stopped. Now I’d like to tell a few []

How many Scientologists are in your town, part two: Getting down to the details

[Dave’s beamed up the videos sent in by his followers, and we’re soaking in the data]

Yesterday we told you that we waded through the 2,079 individual videos that Scientology had posted at its website over the last 15 months that were submitted by their members around the world. The point of the videos was to []

How many Scientologists live in your town? Surprisingly, Scientology has an answer

 Scientology is secretive about so many things. And of course, when it does come forward with information, it has a decades-long record of prevarication. You can take none of their pronouncements at face value. Especially when they’re claiming that they have “millions” of members around the []

My family followed Scientology from the start, and here’s how I managed to escape

[L. Ron Hubbard and his flagship]

Recently we heard from Pamela Williams, who told us she was working on a book about her life, titled “Clearly, Lies Are True.” She says that a part of her story involved Scientology, and she sent us the prologue. We told her we thought she had put together an interesting []

Scientology’s cruise ship isn’t going anywhere, but the new hype video is here anyway!

 The new Freewinds hype video has arrived, and we knew you’d want to see it. It’s []

What lessons from the Nxivm prosecution should Scientology watchers take?

[Dr Stephen Kent does it again]

Our community is, once again, helping academic researchers gain perspective on Scientology and on other abusive groups. The International Journal of Coercion, Abuse and Manipulation just published a special issue devoted to Scientology and Nxivm individually, and to drawing parallels between the two groups. This journal is a new publication []

Scientology veterans fend off attack in vicious new Clone Wars offensive

[The perps: Janis Grady and Ken Urquhart]

The Underground Bunker is compelled to report witnessing a murder, committed by two of Scientology’s most storied former members, Janis Gillham Grady and Ken []

Scientology is not a cult: The reasoning of an OT 3 Scientologist

 In the name of equal time, we’re going to turn over the blog today to an OT 3 Scientologist who recently posted a defense of his 50-year involvement in the organization. We look forward to reading your responses to his description of Scientology and its []

Fun new leak: The current Scientology staff application and contract

 Over the many years we’ve been at this pursuit, we’ve posted numerous examples of Scientology price lists, life histories, employee contracts and other internal forms. But it’s always nice to get the latest versions to see what Scientologists today are filling out and swearing []