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Scientology veterans fend off attack in vicious new Clone Wars offensive

[The perps: Janis Grady and Ken Urquhart]

The Underground Bunker is compelled to report witnessing a murder, committed by two of Scientology’s most storied former members, Janis Gillham Grady and Ken []


Scientology is not a cult: The reasoning of an OT 3 Scientologist

 In the name of equal time, we’re going to turn over the blog today to an OT 3 Scientologist who recently posted a defense of his 50-year involvement in the organization. We look forward to reading your responses to his description of Scientology and its []

Fun new leak: The current Scientology staff application and contract

 Over the many years we’ve been at this pursuit, we’ve posted numerous examples of Scientology price lists, life histories, employee contracts and other internal forms. But it’s always nice to get the latest versions to see what Scientologists today are filling out and swearing []

Scientology social media: Does an E-meter count as a concealed weapon?

 Once again we’re dipping into Scientology’s social media feeds, and this time on Easter Sunday. []

Another Scientology success story: Real Water liver failure lawsuits proliferate

 Things keep getting worse for Real Water president and former Nevada legislator Brent Jones as the lawsuits pile up accusing Real Water of poisoning customers, particularly children, and causing them to have liver failure. []

Jokes aside, there is quite a bit of crossover between QAnon and Scientology

 Before last night’s two new episodes of HBO’s series on the QAnon phenomenon, Q: Into the Storm, some of the QAnon-debunking journalists who are featured in the series told their readers to prepare for the new episodes by checking out the trailer for a 12-minute film about illustrator David Dees that premiered recently at the []

Scientology whistleblower Steve Fishman: Out of prison and getting younger every day

 The last time we checked on Steve Fishman, he was serving a 21-year prison sentence in []

Gary Beeny, 1949-2020: Scientology figure in notorious takeover of anti-cult group

 We learned yesterday that Gary Beeny died last June. An OT 8 Scientologist, Beeny is a notable figure in Scientology history for his role in one notorious church operation: The takeover of the Cult Awareness Network, which people to this day cite as one of Scientology’s most sinister []

Scientology at its peak, part 2: See the excitement for ‘OT’ secrets in leaked 1991 video

[Tory Christman loves the new OT materials!]

Yesterday we showed you the first half of a secret Scientology briefing held at the Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater, Florida in May 1991. In today’s second half, we pick up with Captain Ray Mithoff as he continues to reveal the nifty new “OT” releases and then we get []

Scientology at its peak: A 1991 confidential briefing to take you into orbit with OT secrets!

 May 1991. You Scientology historians know what a crossroads that was for the organization built on the ideas of L. Ron []