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Scientology’s global conquest: Founder L. Ron Hubbard stressed ‘put in ethics’ to foil enemies


We were going through a pile of early Scientology materials and ran across a 1966 account of his African travels from L. Ron Hubbard that we found particularly entertaining. It has been posted to the Internet before, but we don’t think we’ve discussed it here at the Bunker. We do remember a few years ago []


Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard in WW2: Notes from a prohibited war diary

[Shipmates: Hubbard and Nolan]

PickAnotherID is a member of the Underground Bunker community who is a veteran with expertise in military records. Previously, he documented more thoroughly than anyone ever has the extent of the Church of Scientology’s “stolen valor” concerning bogus claims about founder L. Ron Hubbard’s World War 2 record. Now he’s back with []

L. Ron Hubbard prepares his Scientology fans as he changes his ‘science’ into a ‘religion’

 Looking back through Scientology’s history, as we do, we ran across an interesting announcement by L. Ron Hubbard in January 1954 that we were unfamiliar []

Before and after Jonestown Bob Dole looked into cults — so Scientology targeted him

 Former Kansas Senator Bob Dole died yesterday at the age of 98. He was a WW2 veteran, a respected lawmaker, and sought the presidency multiple times, becoming the GOP candidate in 1996, losing out to Bill Clinton’s re-election []

Scientology founder’s breathless promotion of his ability to ‘endow another body with life!’

[Hubbard in Arizona in 1954]

Several days ago we dipped into the Scientology publications archive and brought you a rather bombastic boast by founder L. Ron Hubbard that he had, for the first time in history, sussed out how arthritis actually works, and said that with his Dianetic processes it was a cinch to []

Jon Atack and Chris Shelton answer the question: Are cult members stupid?

 Jon Atack and Chris Shelton teamed up for a new video this week. Jon’s helper Spike Robinson describes what’s in []

Lest we forget: Scientology started out as quack cure-all, selling electronic snake oil

 On occasion, we like to remind readers that Scientology’s troubles did not begin with current leader David Miscavige. []

Finally, a (mostly) full and accurate transcript from one of Scientology’s darkest days

 We hope you have some time for a trip into the past. Because it’s going to take a while to get through everything we’ve posted here this []

Israel’s Ministry of Justice threatens to ‘dismantle’ Scientology’s Tel Aviv Ideal Org

[The Tel Aviv-Jaffa Ideal Org at its 2012 opening]

We just became aware of some interesting reporting in September by Israeli journalist Nir Ben-Zvi which revealed that Israel’s Ministry of Justice has threatened to “dismantle” the Ideal Org in Tel []

What’s happening right now in Scientology’s independent ‘Freezone’

 Yesterday, Chris Shelton gave us another interesting look at what “new religious movement” academics are up to in regards to Scientology. And this time, he looked at a professor who, according to his own bio, has made a bit of a name for himself examining the []