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 TODAY AT SUBSTACK: If you’ve signed up for free emails at Substack, you will receive today’s feature story at your inbox: It’s not every day that we get a Scientology private investigator under oath, so this is really something. This former NYPD detective was quizzed this week about stalking Leah Remini in Manhattan in 2017, []


Scientology attacked us with new social media ads, and the reactions are hilarious

[Scientology finally gave us our close-up]

For many years now Scientology has spread a lot of garbage about your proprietor, and we do our best just to ignore it. The exception we’ve made is to talk a little, for the movie Going Clear and for Leah Remini’s series, about some of the in-real-life stuff Scientology has []

Scientology spying on Amy Scobee and Mat Pesch: Cameras pointed in their home

[The Ebb Tide Resort in Clearwater Beach]

 Alanna Warren is back with even more details about what it was like to work as a private investigator for Scientology in Florida around the year 2010. Previously, she told us some details about her task of following Mike Rinder and Christie Collbran and the people who came to []

Alanna Warren: What a Scientology PI report looked like when I was following Mike Rinder

[Mike Rinder and Christie Collbran going shopping, photo by Alanna Warren]

We got a huge reaction to Saturday’s story by Alanna Warren, who came forward as yet another former Scientology private investigator who regretted her work for the []

Scientology PI comes forward: I was stalking Mike Rinder, Amy Scobee and many others

[Mike Rinder and Christie Collbran, photographed surreptitiously in 2010 by Scientology]

My name is Alanna Warren. In 2009 I started school at City College in Casselberry, Florida in the Private Investigation program, run under Michelle Morton. Several months after I started, Michelle approached me about an internship opportunity, and she had me go to Clearwater for []

Former Scientology private eye wants to haul us into court in rape lawsuit

[Can Yanti Michael Greene convince Judge Francis Ricigliano to subpoena us?]

 On the morning of Monday, March 27 we left our underground bunker and schlepped out to Nassau County again for another hearing in the saga involving a private investigator who at one time was stalking Leah Remini and Jennifer Lopez — and also your proprietor []

Private eye firm that spied for Scientology throws up the white flag in sordid lawsuit

[TV polygraph expert Dan Ribacoff and his son Lance]

Yesterday we told you about a disgraced former journalist who was hired by the Church of Scientology to investigate the proprietor of this website. Today, we have an update on a disgraced private investigations firm that was also caught stalking us for []

Meet John Blosser, Scientology’s new shill, who is targeting Graham Berry

[John Blosser, dulcimer enthusiast and Scientology’s man of the moment]

 A few days ago at Facebook, attorney Graham Berry notified his friends that he appears to be the target of a new “noisy investigation” by the Church of []

Scientology private eye found guilty of contempt after judge sees alleged rape on video

[Yanti Mike Greene/Michael Moretti Ford Cruz]

Former NYPD detective and Scientology private eye Yanti Mike Greene has been found guilty of both criminal and civil contempt by a Nassau County judge after she got the chance to view video Greene had taken of an incident a woman alleges was a sexual []

Journalist John Connolly dies at 78, was outed in 2011 as Scientology spy by Mike Rinder

[John Connolly in 2013, photo by Rommel Demano/Getty Images]

The New York Post has reported that journalist John Connolly died Saturday at 78 after a brief illness, according to his longtime []