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Leah Remini’s podcast: Forbes and Time writer Richard Behar on being a target of Fair Game

 What a treat for us this week as Leah Remini and Mike Rinder spoke with journalist Rich Behar for their podcast. Rich, of course, wrote perhaps the single most important investigation of Scientology of all time with his May 1991 Time magazine article that called Scientology the “Thriving cult of greed and power,” and which []


The Scientology spy who wants desperately to come in from the cold

 So you’ve been spying undercover for the Church of Scientology for years. Decades, in fact. You’ve infiltrated squirrel groups and anti-Scientology protests for the church’s spy wing, the Office of Special Affairs (OSA). You’ve even infiltrated psychiatric facilities in order to feed information to Scientology’s most unhinged front group, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights. []

Nan McLean, 1923-2019: One of the bravest women who ever exposed Scientology’s abuses

[Nan with Jon Atack in Toronto in 2015]

Last night, we learned from Nan McLean’s granddaughter Phaedra Fairwell that Nan, a veteran of vicious Fair Game attacks after leaving Scientology and going public in the 1970s, died yesterday at Southlake Regional Hospital in Newmarket, Ontario. She was 96 years []

Leah Remini mourns the estranged father who denounced her on behalf of Scientology

[From the photo Leah posted to Instagram last night]

Last night on Instagram, Leah Remini revealed that she had received the news that George Remini, her biological father, had died in August and there had been a funeral and she was only now finding []

Scientology trots out new propaganda ploy: Pretending to support journalists

 First, it’s important that you need to understand how much Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard hated reporters. He called them “merchants of chaos” and created voluminous policies detailing how to fool reporters, how to “double curve” their attempts to expose Scientology, and essentially how to destroy their careers and ruin their []

It’s an anniversary of shame for Scientology: Will they go for a repeat?

[Taryn Teutsch at Denim Day last year]

One year ago, Scientology took its disingenuous attacks on Mike Rinder to a new level when his estranged daughter, Taryn Teutsch, tried to co-opt the message at the Denim Day rally in Los []

Slimed by Scientology, Cierra Westerman says she’s still feeling good about coming forward

[Cierra Westerman]

Before last night’s episode of Scientology and the Aftermath even aired, Cierra []

Eric Saldarriaga, private eye who took the fall for Scientology, 1973-2017

 We have just learned that a little more than a year ago, a man named Eric Saldarriaga died after battling esophageal cancer. He died the day before his 44th birthday, leaving behind a wife and two young sons. []

Someone is faking Lawrence Wright emails — and this one is about the Underground Bunker

[Lawrence Wright (Credit: Jana Birchum)]

More than five years after the publication of his epic history of Scientology, Going Clear, and three years since the hugely successful HBO documentary of the same name, Lawrence Wright is still the target of stupid dirty tricks and []

A Scientology ‘Fair Game’ tactic from way back: Sexually degrading harassment

[PAC Base, Los Angeles. Ana, you there?]

Jeffrey Augustine reveals some of Scientology’s dirty work, and we’ll caution you to be prepared for some off-color language []