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Valerie Haney reacts to setback in lawsuit against Scientology: ‘I will continue to fight’

 Last week, we reported that Valerie Haney’s attempt at a do-over in her lawsuit against the Church of Scientology had failed, the latest setback in what appeared to be a major legal attack against the church and its leader, David Miscavige, when Valerie first filed it in June []


Scientology not only opposes Valerie Haney’s do-over, but wants $160,000 in sanctions

[Attorney Matthew Hinks wants sanctions against Valerie Haney]

On August 11, a hearing is scheduled at Los Angeles Superior Court for Valerie Haney’s request for a do-over in her kidnapping and libel lawsuit against the Church of Scientology. []

Valerie Haney asks judge to reconsider ruling, and has some excellent arguments

[Valerie Haney has asked Judge Burdge for a second look]

On January 30, Valerie Haney’s lawsuit against the Church of Scientology was stopped in its tracks when Judge Richard Burdge Jr of the Los Angeles Superior Court granted Scientology’s motion to force her to take her grievance to “religious []

What are Valerie Haney’s options after Scientology won its arbitration motion?

[Valerie Haney]

We’re still reeling after Thursday’s court hearing that dealt such a blow to Valerie Haney’s lawsuit. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Richard Burdge Jr. granted the motions submitted by two of Scientology’s entities to compel the case into “religious arbitration,” and stayed the lawsuit []


[Valerie Haney]

[BREAKING:] Jeffrey Augustine reports that Judge Richard Burdge Jr. has ruled in favor of Scientology, granting its motion to force Valerie Haney into ‘religious arbitration.’ The lawsuit is on ice, and the judge asked them to come back to report in April 2021.

Reports from Jeffrey Augustine in the []

Game over? Scientology claims it’s already won arbitration motion against Valerie Haney

[RTC attorney Matthew Hinks and Valerie Haney]

More documents filed in Valerie Haney’s lawsuit included a surprise. Attorney Matthew Hinks, representing Scientology’s nominally controlling entity the Religious Technology Center, claims that Haney’s law team blew a deadline, and therefore the motion to compel her into religious arbitration should be granted by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge []

Scientology files anti-SLAPP, says stalking and smearing Valerie Haney is free speech

[Valerie Haney]

When Luis and Rocio Garcia sued in 2013, Scientology answered with a motion to force them into religious arbitration. When Monique Rathbun sued later the same year, Scientology answered with an anti-SLAPP motion. []

VALERIE HANEY’S OPPOSITION TO ARBITRATION: A strong no to Scientology’s legal gambit

[Valerie Haney]

On January 30 there’s going to be a huge early showdown for the major lawsuits filed against the Church of Scientology last summer. On that date, Scientology is going to try to convince Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Richard J. Burdge Jr. that Valerie Haney’s lawsuit should be put on ice so she can []

Scientology asks for emergency hearing Monday to force Valerie Haney into ‘arbitration’

[Valerie Haney]

New court documents indicate that the Church of Scientology has asked for an emergency “ex parte” hearing on Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court so that it can ask that Valerie Haney’s lawsuit alleging kidnapping and slander be stayed so the church can force her to take her grievances to an internal Scientology arbitration []

David Miscavige: Valerie Haney’s lawsuit is a publicity stunt and I want no part of it

[Scientology’s leader and his former steward]

Poor Scientology leader David Miscavige. You know, you give someone a job for years as an indentured servant out at your Worker’s Paradise on a secluded 500-acre California compound, make them cater to your every need 24 hours a day in your private quarters and blow a gasket every time []