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Scientology has perfect metaphor for their operation in industrial wasteland

 TODAY AT SUBSTACK: If you’ve signed up for free emails at Substack, you will receive today’s feature story at your inbox: After our last discussion with Valerie Haney, we still can’t believe that Scientology is getting away with abusing her once again under the excuse of ‘religious arbitration,’ tucked away in a sea of warehouses. []


Valerie Haney describes 2 more days of Scientology ‘arbitration’ torment

TODAY AT SUBSTACK: If you’ve signed up for free emails at Substack, you will receive today’s feature story at your inbox: Valerie Haney updates us on how her L. Ron Hubbard-inspired court martial is going, which Scientology is calling an ‘arbitration.’ We have details from two more days of accusations and recriminations that she has []

Today at the Daily Beast: What Valerie Haney’s Scientology ‘arbitration’ was really like

 Over at The Daily Beast, we have a story today with one of the closest looks at what Scientology is putting Valerie Haney through as she experienced three days of the church’s “religious arbitration” in Los []

Coming Sunday: Valerie Haney talks to Aussie 60 Minutes in first TV sitdown since ‘Aftermath’

In 2019, we had a happy accident: We just happened to be in Los Angeles visiting family when Tara Brown and a 60 Minutes Australia crew were in the area, and asked if we could go with them up to the Twin Peaks compound in the San Bernardino mountains where Scientology has stashed Shelly Miscavige []

Valerie Haney: Here’s why the press should be asking Tom Cruise about Shelly Miscavige

[Valerie Haney and Tom Cruise]

Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One hasn’t done quite the business that its creators were hoping, but still, with $91 million in domestic sales and $168 million overseas for a total of $259 million as of yesterday, it was well along to making up for its whopping $290 []

Scientology gaslighting courts about arbitration? Valerie Haney has proof of it

 Just this past Friday, we expressed to you our amusement when we noticed Scientology’s attorneys doing their usual gaslighting of a US court, in this case the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, where Valeska Paris and Gawain and Laura Baxter are attempting to get their labor trafficking lawsuit against Scientology and David Miscavige []

Meet John Blosser, Scientology’s new shill, who is targeting Graham Berry

[John Blosser, dulcimer enthusiast and Scientology’s man of the moment]

 A few days ago at Facebook, attorney Graham Berry notified his friends that he appears to be the target of a new “noisy investigation” by the Church of []

Scientology got its arbitrators, but also wants $107K in sanctions from Valerie Haney

[Scientology attorney William Forman is not happy with Valerie Haney]

Last week we told you the surprising news that Scientology revealed that two arbitrators are now in place in Valerie Haney’s case, but it is keeping quiet about who those two arbitrators []

Scientology tells court: Two arbitrators have agreed to serve in Valerie Haney case

 Last week we told you that attorney Graham Berry had taken charge of Valerie Haney’s case in a big way, submitting filings which included new names for possible arbiters in her lawsuit against Scientology, which has been forced into “religious []

Valerie Haney: Scientology changed the rules after I nominated Elisabeth Moss, Tom Cruise

[How did Valerie nominating Tom violate Scientology’s rules?]

[See our report from the court hearing here. Judge Killefer has decided to give Valerie one more chance to submit a ‘reasonable’ nomination.]

Today, Valerie Haney and the Church of Scientology will once again be sparring in a Los Angeles courtroom over something the court is supposed to have []