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A fight against Scientology ‘disconnection’ now a remarkable illustrated book

 We first told you about Brian Sheen’s struggle to reconnect with his grown daughter Springsong in 2015. []


Tom Cruise doesn’t want you to visit his camera-heavy condo in Scientology’s mecca

 It’s fun to hear from Clay Irwin again, who sent us some snapshots. []

Tom Cruise rant reminds Tom DeVocht: Miscavige eyed Cruise as high Scientology official

[Tom DeVocht and Tom Cruise]

You’ve heard from Mike Rinder and from Leah Remini about Tom Cruise’s Covid rant that is the talk of social []

EXCLUSIVE: Leah Remini on Tom Cruise’s Covid rant in its Scientology context

 Leah Remini sent us this statement about Tom Cruise’s on-set rant that was caught on tape and released by the Sun []

Tom Cruise rant: Sensible Covid frustration, or insane Scientology screed?

The social media reactions to the Sun’s big scoop, a recording of Tom Cruise going off on the Mission Impossible 7 crew for not being careful enough about social distancing, are all over the []

EXCLUSIVE: The real Tom Cruise — Leah Remini exposes Scientology’s biggest asset

 News of Leah Remini’s departure from the Church of Scientology, which she had grown up in since she was a child of 5, was made public by the Underground Bunker in July 2013. Over the next two years, she worked on a memoir that was published in October 2015 with the title, “Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood []

Leah Remini blames Tom Cruise for the spiking of Aussie Scientology investigation

 On July 2, Australia’s 7News teased an upcoming ten-part news investigation about the Church of Scientology that would feature specific allegations about actor Tom Cruise and his personal connections to the church’s well-known penchant for bullying, spying, and []

Tom Cruise at 58: Scientology’s biggest asset continues to avoid the tough questions

 We have yet to see a reporter with access to Tom Cruise ask him about this: Sixteen years ago, in September 2004, Cruise dazzled the Scientologists assembled at an “Ideal Org” grand opening in Madrid by delivering a short speech in Spanish. When he was finished, he came off stage and shook hands with his []

Tom Cruise in orbit: Why it makes sense for NASA to launch Scientology’s space cadet

 What a welcome distraction it was yesterday as news spread that NASA, Elon Musk, and Tom Cruise were in talks to launch the Mission Impossible actor to the International Space Station in order to film scenes for an as yet unplotted []

Tom Cruise on InTouch cover: Another completely oversold Scientology clip job

 For years we’ve pointed out the dishonest tabloid formula that gets used again and again in stories about Scientology: The publication promises a huge bombshell on the cover but when you turn to the story inside, it’s almost always just another clip job with breathless expressions of amazement about how incredible it would be if []