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Monthly Archives

Tom Cruise’s sister Cass the real superhero in the family, now with Scientology SUPER POWER

[Tom Cruise and his sister Cass Capazorio, with her husband, Freedom Medal winner Greg]

What’s the appeal of Scientology? That’s a question we get asked frequently by people trying to understand why anyone would want to go near the ideas of founder L. Ron Hubbard and his bizarre space opera cabal. []


In Touch sold out to Enquirer’s parent, so now it starts up with the Tom-foolery

 Last year, German publishing giant Bauer sold In Touch magazine to American Media Inc., the company that owns the National Enquirer. []

Scientology not only wants Danny Masterson rape lawsuit quashed, it wants sanctions

[Team Miscavige: Riffer, Forman, Hinks]

Yesterday we told you that when we learned Scientology leader David Miscavige notified the Los Angeles Superior Court that he had been improperly served a lawsuit regarding rape allegations against Scientologist actor Danny Masterson, we took a stab at what we thought might be the argument his attorneys would be []

Tom Cruise at the IAS gala with his kids Connor and Isabella? We think it’s likely.

Is this our best evidence that Tom Cruise, was, in fact, at Saturday night’s Scientology Patron’s Ball at Saint Hill Manor in East Grinstead, []

David Miscavige made the scene in England: But how about his best Scientology bud?

 Well, our wild speculation was wrong, wrong, []

TOM CRUISE CAUGHT ON TAPE: Saving face after a Scientology disaster

[Tom Cruise in 2006 — from ‘Mission: Impossible III’]

In November 2006, Tom Cruise was at a major crossroads in his charmed life. Early that month, he and his producing partner Paula Wagner had become heads of a studio and were about to meet their new []

Fans feeling conflicted about Tom Cruise and Scientology after seeing Top Gun 2 trailer

[He’s feeling the need, again]

Twitter lit up yesterday with people agonizing over the new Top Gun 2 trailer showing Tom Cruise playing his old character Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, some 34 years after the first film was []

Tom Cruise’s son Connor to marry Scientology staffer in the church’s Florida mecca

[Connor Cruise and Silvia Zanchi]

In yet another sign of just how dedicated Tom Cruise and his older children are to Scientology, Australia’s Woman’s Day magazine is reporting that Cruise’s 24-year-old son Connor is preparing to marry Silvia Zanchi, a Scientologist from Bergamo, Italy who is a staff worker at Scientology’s mission in Belleair, []


 We were stunned this morning to receive a copy of an email sent out to Scientologists on March 19 that contained a bizarre “success story” from a parishioner encouraging other Scientologists to do an “internship” to become an auditor at the London org. We did a real double-take when we realized that the Scientologist in []

Tom Cruise, John Travolta and some other rare celebs made Scientology event in Florida

[David Miscavige and his galaxy of stars]

We noted yesterday that Scientology posted images from its L. Ron Hubbard Birthday Event which was held Saturday at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater, Florida. And now we’ve had a closer look at those images and found some []