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Why the Golden Globes is joking about Tom Cruise, Shelly Miscavige, and Scientology

[Jerrod Carmichael made a funny]

 Thank you to everyone who messaged or tweeted us last night about host Jerrod Carmichael’s joke about Tom Cruise, Shelly Miscavige, and Scientology on the Golden Globes []


VIDEO: Katie Holmes in the front row at a 2007 Scientology event with Tom Cruise

 A sharp new copy of a Scientology video from 2007 has been dropped on the Internet, and wow, is it making us feel []

Tom Cruise benefiting from Scientology Sea Org slave labor: The photographic proof

 Talking to a source about some Sea Org matters recently, we happened to notice that one of our most important stories about the Sea Org at the Village Voice is now missing a set of very important photos. So, as we have done with some other older stories at the Voice that have lost media, []

Podcast: Claire Headley on the questions Tom Cruise never gets asked

 This week, Tom Cruise reached a new milestone as his movie Top Gun: Maverick became his first ever billion-dollar box office smash. But amid all the hoopla, several people have dared to dampen the party by pointing out that Tom, besides being a movie star, is also the face and the symbol for a certain []

Le Monde & Vanity Fair: FBI probes Russian oligarch financing of ‘Top Gun: Maverick’

 [Yesterday’s breaking news: California supreme court denied Danny Masterson petition.]

On Sunday, just after our story about Tom Cruise and Scientology hit the home page of The Daily Beast, we received an email from a man named Andrew Eksner. He claimed that he was working with the FBI’s “Transnational Anti-Corruption Partnership with the headquarters at the []

Tom Cruise’s hit movie couldn’t come at a better time for his Scientology best bud

 Your proprietor is big at the Daily Beast again today with a new story about everyone’s favorite Scientology topic: Tom []

‘Top Gun: Maverick’: The only movie review you need if you’re being honest about Tom Cruise

 When Luke Y. Thompson (AV Club) told us he’d screened Top Gun: Maverick but hadn’t been commissioned to write a review, we knew that we needed him to write one for the Underground Bunker. Our association with Luke goes back more than 20 years, to a now defunct publication, New Times Los Angeles, where he []

Scientology royalty: Why it makes sense for Tom Cruise to host the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

 A few days ago ITV announced plans for next month’s elaborate celebrations of Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, which will be broadcast live from Windsor []

Tom Cruise, looking puffy again between movie shoots, gets booed at SF game

 The San Francisco Giants put Tom Cruise on the Jumbotron last night during Game 2 of the division series with the Los Angeles Dodgers. This set off a storm on Twitter, with lots of jokes about how puffy Tom looked (again) and wondering if he was preparing to play recently deceased SNL comedian Norm MacDonald []

A very brief note on Tom Cruise and his daughter Suri

 Short post []