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Monthly Archives

It’s move-in day for Tom Cruise in his new Scientology Town penthouse!

 Our friend Clay Irwin is on the spot and alerted us to the joyous news that today is move-in day for Scientology icon Tom Cruise! []


Is Tom Cruise buying up downtown Clearwater to create a Scientology entertainment mecca?

[Tom Cruise and the Skyview in downtown Clearwater]

Clay Irwin signed a deal today to sell his downtown Clearwater bar, the Lucky Anchor, after a little less than two years operating a watering hole in the shadow of Scientology’s spiritual []

What the Australian press can’t say about James Packer and his Scientology adventure

[Before the fall: Mariah Carey and James Packer]

You may have been seeing stories out of Australia about actor Tom Cruise and an Australian billionaire named James Packer. These stories caught us by surprise for two []

Surprised Tom Cruise called Scientology a ‘beautiful religion’? You shouldn’t be.

 A week ago, Tom Cruise was in London for the opening of his newest film, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, when the rarest of occurrences happened on the red carpet: A reporter asked Cruise a real []


[Tom Cruise and the building he’s said to be making his home, The Skyview in Clearwater]

Last year in September, a developer submitted new plans for a ten-story condo building in Clearwater, Florida that he’s been transforming for several years. That developer, Moises Agami, is a wealthy Scientologist from Mexico City whose family has donated millions []

As Scientology sinks, does Tom Cruise really have to go down with the ship?

 Sunday night we were still reeling from what we’d just seen on HBO and a scene involving three little words — “hold the door” — so when we turned to AMC at ten pm, we weren’t really in the best shape for taking in the craziness in the pilot episode of Preacher.

We knew that there []

EXCLUSIVE: Tom Cruise Scientology video shows the actor praising the church — in Spanish!

 Thanks to former Scientologist Tiziano Lugli, we have a world exclusive for you today here at the Underground Bunker. It’s a previously unreleased video made by the Church of Scientology and intended only to be seen by members. It’s a short segment that’s part of a larger, hour-and-a-half grand opening celebration, and it captures Tom []

No, LA Weekly, Tom Cruise’s career was not ruined by a GIF

Amy Nicholson is the film reviewer for LA Weekly and she is disappointed that Tom Cruise is not the movie star that he once was.

OK, fair enough. But Nicholson doesn’t bemoan Cruise’s choice of movie projects. She wants to place the blame on us — the Internet consumers who ruined Tom’s career because we thought []

Tom Cruise Sues, UK Scientologists Sue, Narconon Is Sued: It’s a Legal Free-For-All!!

By now you’ve no doubt heard that Tom Cruise has filed a $50 million lawsuit against Bauer Publishing and two of its magazines, Life & Style and In Touch, for claiming on the covers of a couple of issues in July that, following his divorce to Katie Holmes, Cruise had “abandoned” his daughter, Suri.

Cruise, in []

Rumors That Tom Cruise is Breaking with Scientology: “Bullshit With a Capital B”

On Sunday, we reviewed Marty Rathbun’s new book, which makes some startling claims about the relationship between Scientology leader David Miscavige and actor Tom Cruise.

Rathbun is in a unique position to talk about that relationship, since he acted as Cruise’s Scientology auditor during a campaign by Miscavige to reinforce Cruise’s commitment to the church following []