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Scientology delivers superpowers, and here are the miracles to prove it!

 It’s that time again! Thanks to one of our correspondents, we have a new column from Scientology’s ‘Advance!’ magazine, its beloved feature, ‘OT Phenomena.’ We can’t get enough of it and we know you can’t []


Scientology scores major success with powerful new publicity effort

 We don’t give Scientology enough credit. We never would have thought the church was savvy enough, or that it had such a good sense of humor about itself, that it could convince Second City Television to reunite for a killer satire of all things L. Ron []

Scientology fundraising is getting both desperate and weirder than usual

 For years now, we’ve posted the especially lengthy fliers that Scientology puts out crowing about the latest fundraiser. And recently, we’ve noticed something new: Scientologists in one part of the country being asked to fork over huge amounts of money in order to fund a new “Ideal Org” in a completely different []

Of course Scientology works — it has graphs and charts and stuff!

[Stuck in life? LRH has a chart for that!]

Leaks like the one we have today are really fascinating to us, because they allow us to put ourselves in the position of Scientologists being hit up by this relentless organization that asks so much from its members, and of course asks for so much of their []

‘Top Gun’ event brings Scientology huge donations from deliriously happy pilgrims

 We told you a few weeks ago that the fundraisers at Scientology couldn’t help themselves and they jumped on the Tom Cruise bandwagon, trying to get a piece of that ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ []

Scientology is uniting vastly different countries to take over the world!

 At a time when there’s so much strife in the world, isn’t it heartwarming to know that Scientology, at least, is creating bridges across this troubled []

Scientology’s own publication shows how much David Miscavige worship is growing

 Something interesting is going on in Scientology. For years, we’ve been telling you that the movement has been shrinking, and more recently we’ve said that the church’s gravitational center has moved from Los Angeles to Clearwater, []

Scientology fundraising is soaring to new heights! Scientology says so!

 We’re trying to get our heads around what is revealed in a new flier that one of our great tipsters sent us. It purports to describe a fundraising event held in Atlanta, but for the purpose of raising money for an as-yet-unopened “Ideal Org” in Philadelphia. And in order to get the Atlanta folks into []

Scientology is bursting with news about its aging cruise ship, which is totally not sinking

 On Monday, after we’d wondered about Joy Villa’s lowly schlepping of Scientology at a seaside vendor’s table in England, we posted Joy’s own ringing endorsement of the gig. She said that she was having a whale of a time selling copies of Dianetics to the punters, and who are we to say otherwise, []

Spend enough on Scientology, and you too can bend the universe to your will!

[It’s a steering wheel and an OT symbol. Clever!]

We know you, like us, can’t get enough of Scientology’s “OT Phenomena.” These are the ghost stories that Scientologists submit to Advance! magazine which prove that their promised Scientology super-powers have arrived with the secret (and very expensive) upper level “OT” auditing []