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Monthly Archives

Hey, slacker, come on back to Scientology — things are peachy now!

[Working for Scientology is so much fun now!]

On Saturday, we posted a strange, one-line letter that a Church of Scientology subsidiary sent to Sylvia DeWall. The letter was creepy, but it was difficult to tell whether it was an intimidation attempt or a hapless recruitment []


Scientology failed to destroy Sylvia DeWall, but its latest letter to her is simply bizarre

[Sylvia and Tim DeWall]

We hope you remember the stunning tale of Sylvia DeWall’s exit from Scientology, a story we’ve told a couple of times. “Declared” — excommunicated — because she dared to watch Leah Remini and Lawrence Wright on television, her expulsion was caught on an audio recording, which we think is one of the []

Measles-free, Scientology’s cruise ship holds its annual ‘Maiden Voyage’ celebration

 Sure, go ahead and laugh, you doubters. It’s true that in May Scientology’s cruise ship the Freewinds was a world-wide laughingstock when it was quarantined for a measles case and overnight became the symbol of our dumb era of anti-vaxx panic. And subsequently (and perhaps because of it?) the annual June “Maiden Voyage” week celebrating []

YouTube permanently shutters channel that exposed Scientology’s bigotry

[Abdul Malik Sayyid (Tony) Muhammad]

A researcher who goes by the moniker Independent Scientology News has learned that YouTube rejected his appeal and permanently shut down his channel for posting videos that were “severe violations of ourCommunity Guidelines on Hate []

Spend hundreds of thousands on Scientology, and the rain will part for you!

 We know you, like us, can’t get enough of Scientology’s “OT Phenomena.” These are the ghost stories that Scientologists submit to Advance! magazine which prove that their promised Scientology super-powers have arrived with the secret upper level “OT” auditing []

Scientology trots out new propaganda ploy: Pretending to support journalists

 First, it’s important that you need to understand how much Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard hated reporters. He called them “merchants of chaos” and created voluminous policies detailing how to fool reporters, how to “double curve” their attempts to expose Scientology, and essentially how to destroy their careers and ruin their []

Justin Bieber in the octagon? Why he couldn’t handle Tom Cruise’s Scientology powers

[Newsweek won the competition for best Justin Bieber-Tom Cruise comparison with this shot]

Yesterday, the dumbest news story in our stupid era broke out and naturally the media fell all over itself covering it. In a Sunday night tweet, Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber, 25, challenged Tom Cruise, 56, to a fight “in the octagon,” and []

YouTube runs interference for Scientology and its Nation of Islam bigot problem

[Scientology Freedom Medal Award winner Tony Muhammad]

The Underground Bunker recently received a notice from YouTube that one of our videos has been taken down without recourse. We were informed that this removal will not count against us as a “strike,” but our video did not meet YouTube’s “community standards” and so it has gone poof []

Scientology’s slick new ‘Freewinds’ magazine surprisingly makes no mention of measles

[Freewinds captain Mike Napier and C/O Sharron Weber]

A big thank you to our tipster for sending us the brand new issue of Freewinds, Scientology’s publication that tries to convince Scientologists to fork out the big bucks to spend time on the church’s floating cathedral of the same []

Scientology planning new series of books to rope in children?

Some of our correspondents, especially the tireless Rod Keller, have brought us plenty of examples over the years of Scientology targeting children for its quack ideas about the human mind. []