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When Scientologists talk Scientology, we all benefit from it

 We really miss the days when Dave would send out a new copy of International Scientology News that came packaged with a CD of goodies, including a new testimonials video. Those were good []


Scientology social media: The world’s coolest religion is on fire!

 Once again we want to thank our source who gives us a look inside Scientology’s social media streams. This week we have another collection of theta energy to help you get ready to rocket up the Bridge to Total []

Here’s Scientology’s 2021 Super Bowl ad: A pandemic-flavored ‘mystery sandwich’

 So much has been different this year, but Scientology remains consistent and is serving up another mystery sandwich for the Super []

Scientology celebrates its pandemic response in latest Impact magazine

 Oh, Impact magazine, how we’ve missed []

Scientology social media: Stop being afraid to turn over all your hard earned cash!

 Once again we’re indebted to our social media source who lets us in on what Scientologists are sharing with each other []

Scientology social media is like space age Christmas, praise Xenu!

[Remember us?]

Our thanks once again to the source who keeps us plugged in to what Scientologists are sharing with each other on social media. Let’s catch up with what church members are excited about as the year nears its end, shall []

The expensive set of nutty experiences Scientology is pushing hard right now

 As much as Scientology is slow to change because it’s based on the words of a guy who’s been dead for 36 years, it does evolve over time, and it’s something that has always fascinated []

Secrets of Scientology ‘Super Power’: The best testimonial we’ve seen yet

 Nearly nine years ago, we first spilled major secrets from Scientology’s giant “Super Power Building.” []

Scientology social media: Gearing up for R6, or what you humans call ‘Christmas’

[Marcabian invaders disguised as jolly old elves]

Our thanks again to the source who gives us a glimpse into what Scientologists are sharing with each other on social media. This week, the usual miracles continue to salvage this planet, and Scientologists, like everyone else, are gearing up for the holiday []

The 2020 Scientology holiday catalog is here! What are you getting for your favorite thetan?

 The orgs might be boarded up, and the pandemic has put a stop to the international events, but Scientology soldiers on and still wants your []