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VIDEO: This is peak Scientology, when its big donors were going to clear the planet

 What a treat we have for you today. If, that is, you appreciate dauntless, defiant, and resolute Scientology at its most galactically arrogant.

This is peak Scientology. This is []


You just dropped tens of thousands on Scientology: Could you be any more excited?

 Scientology’s OT levels may cost tens of thousands of dollars to complete, but gosh, can there be anything more exciting than going OT? []

Yo baby! Turning over your hard-earned cash to Scientology never felt so good

 It’s always fun to see a familiar face in the propaganda put out by Scientology, and this week we really got a blast from the []

AUDIO LEAK: Scientology leader David Miscavige announces ‘Golden Age of Admin’

[David Miscavige in Clearwater on New Year’s Eve, also site of the Birthday Event on March 12]

We have another exclusive for you today at the Underground Bunker: We’ve been leaked audio of David Miscavige’s presentation at the L. Ron Hubbard Birthday Event that was held on Saturday, March 12 at the Fort Harrison Hotel ballroom []

Scientology knows it can get your cash with a Great Gatsby party, New Yorkers!

[The Fabos Factor!]

Scientology knows that New Yorkers are a more sophisticated and less gullible bunch, and so the church has to up its game if it’s going to get the kind of cash donations it collects in other parts of the []

Scientology features director’s mom as John Malkovich movie hits theaters

 We want to thank Mark Bunker for pointing out that over at one of its propaganda outlets, an anonymously-edited “blog” at the Patheos site, Scientology yesterday featured one of those POW-style videos praising church leader David Miscavige that we told you about a few months []

It’s a Scientology Easter bonnet parade: Founder L. Ron Hubbard in his best finery!

 We wish a fulfilling Ramadan, Passover, or Easter to all of those who partake in these ancient and venerated religious milestones around the world, and which this year have all happened to overlap with one []

Updated for 2022: Where in the world are Scientologists actually located?

 We told you recently that we had heard some scary news about our old friend, Operation Clambake operator Andreas Heldal-Lund. At his Facebook account, he explained that he’d collapsed in a supermarket and had woken up in a hospital after having some kind of []

Scientology propaganda masterpiece: Grant Cardone’s COO coughs up $1.1 million

 We have some terrific researchers who send us fascinating examples of Scientology social media and propaganda. It helps us keep a close watch on how the organization is doing, and here and at Mike Rinder’s great blog we have watched a steady dwindling of the ‘coolest religion on []

The Scientology oversharer goes Clear! Check out this epic graduation speech.

 The Scientology oversharer is back! []