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This changes everything: Scientology ups its cool quotient in swanky London

 OK, now wait a minute. This changes []


Scientology once again confirms our estimates for its tiny size

 Oh, Dave, you did it again.

We want to thank the tipster who sent us the most recent issue of International Scientology News. In recent years, ISN has emerged as the biggest, glossiest snoozefest put out by the church as David Miscavige has turned it into the print version of his interminable event []

The skateboard hero & the anti-Semite: Insider report from Scientology’s bizarre celeb event

[The future of Scientology? Aaron Kyro and Tony Muhammad]

Monday afternoon, we received a copy of a flier advertising what sounded like a fairly bizarre event happening that night at Scientology’s Hollywood Celebrity []

Professional ham hock Grant Cardone: I’m giving up the Super Bowl for Scientology

[Grant Cardone]

Some churches require that you give up pork. Others that you give up short pants.

But professional ham hock and OT Scientologist Grant Cardone has announced on a Facebook video that he’s making the ultimate sacrifice for his space-age religion: He’s not going to the Super Bowl today that is being played right in his []

Scientology’s 2020 Super Bowl ad is just like all the others: A mystery sandwich

 It’s another mystery sandwich this year.

In a 1990s court case, Hana Whitfield testified that Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard had said in her presence, “To keep a person on the Scientology path, feed him a mystery []

Glam for Xenu: When Scientology celebrities ruled the world

[Kelly Preston, Hubbardite]

We want to thank Karen de la Carriere for digging out of her huge collection some pure, unadulterated apex-Scientology nostalgia for us all to []

In Touch sold out to Enquirer’s parent, so now it starts up with the Tom-foolery

 Last year, German publishing giant Bauer sold In Touch magazine to American Media Inc., the company that owns the National Enquirer. []

Scientology not only wants Danny Masterson rape lawsuit quashed, it wants sanctions

[Team Miscavige: Riffer, Forman, Hinks]

Yesterday we told you that when we learned Scientology leader David Miscavige notified the Los Angeles Superior Court that he had been improperly served a lawsuit regarding rape allegations against Scientologist actor Danny Masterson, we took a stab at what we thought might be the argument his attorneys would be []


 Just checked the court file in the lawsuits brought by Valerie Haney and Chrissie Bixler, et al. (the lawsuit against Danny Masterson), and what do they both []

For you doubters, here’s proof of Scientology miracles that demonstrate the power of ‘OT’!

 It’s that time again, campers! And we like how much we introduced this idea last time, here it is []