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OT Phenomena: Ghost stories that entice Scientology members to pay millions

 TODAY AT SUBSTACK: If you’ve signed up for free emails at Substack, you will receive today’s feature story at your inbox: Scientology pretends it’s a totally not weird self-help group. What it actually offers is superhuman powers on its ‘Operating Thetan’ levels. To keep members forking over big bucks, Advance! magazine prints stories by members []


Scientology has a new champion donor for US church construction — $62.1 MILLION!

 TODAY AT SUBSTACK: If you’ve signed up for free emails at Substack, you will receive today’s feature story at your inbox: If you give $100K to Scientology’s ‘Ideal Org’ projects, you’re dubbed a ‘humanitarian’ and you’re pressured to donate even more. This week again we have examples of richies who have given millions for this []

Scientology’s latest fundraising brainstorm: Braveheart and big swords!

[Give us your money!]

Here we go again, campers! You know them, Scientology’s ludicrously long fundraising fliers, which come out after a big money-soaked event. And once again, it’s the marks in Toronto who are being []

OH JOY: Scientology has a fundraising survey for you, space pilgrims!

At Scientology the fundraising never stops. However, you can imagine that the marks get a little wary after a while when they keep getting invited down for the same speakers and topics before they have to open up their []

Scientology salutes ‘humanitarian’ couple for donating $33.8 million to building fund

 Just last week we showed you evidence from Scientology’s own publications that big donors are still turning over huge amounts to church leader David Miscavige’s legal slush fund, the International Association of []

Some winners have emerged from Scientology’s most recent pilgrim shearing!

 This morning, while we wait for the second week of testimony to begin in the Danny Masterson retrial in Los Angeles, we are happy to report that the first hints of what took place at the San Fernando Valley “Ideal Org” the previous weekend have begun to trickle []

Scientology issues pics of LRH Birthday event, when David Miscavige was dodging service

 On March 18 Scientology held its annual birthday party for founder L. Ron Hubbard, who was born on March 13, []

VIDEO: Scientology’s post-pandemic comeback starts right here, space cadets!

 There’s nothing like a Scientology hype video to get our blood pumping, and we knew you’d want to see this latest offering from the []

Scientology propaganda update: The Fabos Factor is back as the entire US goes Ideal!

 We want to thank the readers who send us some of Scientology’s latest propaganda. It never fails to fascinate us, the way this organization gets its members excited about handing over even more of their hard-earned cash for Scientology leader David Miscavige to turn into his vanity construction []

Eyewitness report: Scientology leader David Miscavige at the LRH Birthday Event

[Miscavige presiding over the New Year’s event at the Fort Harrison Hotel ballroom]

One of the biggest dates on the Scientology calendar is March 13, the anniversary of founder L. Ron Hubbard’s birth in 1911. For many years on or around March 13, Scientology’s current leader David Miscavige would preside over an LRH Birthday Event at []