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Scientology’s personality test is a hit on TikTok: Can David Miscavige capitalize on it?

 Why didn’t Dave think of this earlier? It’s how things work now, and Scientology has finally stumbled on []


Oregonian newspaper names Scientology prep school best small employer in the state

[The Delphian, Scientology’s Hogwarts]

We want to thank the reader who made us aware that a newspaper we’ve long had a lot of respect for, the Oregonian, this week named Scientology’s pricey boarding school, Delphian, not only the best small business to work for in Oregon, but also the small employer, get this, with the best []

Scientology wants you to take advantage of the CARES Act and donate to Dave while you can!

 Ah, Scientology and the Covid bailout programs. How often we’ve followed this bouncing ball in the last []

VIDEO: Scientology turns to rock ‘n’ roll to save its soul, and you’re invited!

 We just can’t get enough of Scientology’s hype videos. Not only are they entertaining, they always get us amped for another off-the-hook party of pure theta []

Scientology makes another attempt to defeat its terrible image, this time with Millennial OTs!

 As many of our readers have commented over the years, because Scientology’s heyday was several decades ago, many of the people we see in the organization’s social media, fliers, and videos today tend to be on the geriatric side of the []

Scientology sends out creepy letters to lure you back in, and other gems from our mailbag

 We have great tipsters, and some new helpers have started sending us things and we wanted to say how happy that makes []

Let’s help the new Scientology ‘Ideal Org’ in Austin get staffed up!

 We understand that a lot of our liberal friends are unhappy with the state of Texas right now, thanks to its insane new law that aims to turn the state’s residents into anti-abortion bounty hunters. But Scientology has a new “Ideal Org” that needs opening in the hippie-liberal blue island of Austin, and we’re here []

VIDEO: Scientology prepares Chicago takeover, will target college student dorms downtown

 Are you ready, Chicago? Scientology is itching to open its new Ideal Org downtown, which has been delayed because of the pandemic, and a new video sent out yesterday to members suggests that the grand opening is just around the []

Gerry Armstrong hits back at apologist journal for questioning Hubbard ‘pinks & greys’ letter

[Gerry Armstrong and Hana Whitfield, Toronto, 2015]

You might remember that a couple of years ago an apologist publication that goes by the acronym CESNUR tried to claim it was a myth that Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard ever lied about having an engineering []

Scientology wants your money coming & going: Two new hype videos to loosen up your wallet!

 Our thanks to the tipster who smuggled out two new hype videos from Scientology for us. Are you ready to pony up as the church begs for your []