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Now this is the kind of celebrity endorsement Scientology desperately needs

[Terry McMahon and Scientology’s Dublin Community Center]

Tom Cruise’s appearance at this weekend’s IAS gala was obviously a big thrill for his fellow Scientologists, and it no doubt helped convince them that leader David Miscavige has the church headed in the right []


Jenna Elfman will emcee Scientology concert in England that sees David Miscavige’s return

[Jenna Elfman will introduce the Jive Aces before they perform Sunday at Scientology’s concert]

Our friend Alexander “Apostate Alex” Barnes-Ross has come through again as he prepares for a major protest at the IAS gala this weekend, including a march on []

VIDEO: Scientology’s IAS tent is up, and the London staff is so stoked!

[Sandrine loves the big tent!]

Much thanks to Alexander “Apostate Alex” Barnes-Ross who tipped us that the London Org kids are at it []

Check out how excited the kids at Scientology’s London org are about the IAS gala’s return

Yesterday we told you about how excited some former Scientologists are about the return of the IAS gala and Scientology leader David Miscavige to England for festivities on the weekend of November 3 to 5 in East []

It’s spooky season, and Scientology doesn’t want to miss out on the recruiting opportunity!

As we’ve pointed out many times before, no matter how grim things seem to be for Scientology — with the pandemic hitting when the church was already dwindling, and with the bad press just never stopping — no matter how bad it gets, Scientology just never gives []

Philadelphia freedom: Scientology proves that it never gives up on brotherly love!

Once again, we have to differ with all of the negativity out there being forwarded by merchants of chaos: Scientology is taking this country ideal, and Dave’s troops are on []

Why Scientology’s reclusive leader would risk re-emerging in England for the IAS gala

Several weeks ago, we told you that we were hearing from some of our sources in England that the IAS gala was going to be held there after an absence of four []

Scientology targets another international capital city, and we have the hype video!

 We’ve had something of a Down Under theme here lately at the Underground Bunker. On Sunday, we appeared in another 60 Minutes Australia segment, about Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. And the next day we got to hear about the Conley family and its connection to Kate Ceberano, Australia’s most well-known []

How Gwyneth Paltrow is helping out Scientology this 9-11

 Since Scientology’s TV channel (we hesitate to call it a “network”) first debuted in 2018, we’ve mostly kept away from it because it’s 24 hours of propaganda and nearly []

Today at Daily Beast: Joe Reaiche threatens to sue Danny Masterson’s sibs over court letters

[Former rugby player Joe Reaiche has a scrum on his hands with his kids Jordan and Alanna Masterson]

Hey, gang, we’re back at The Daily Beast this morning, and how sweet it is.

The publication reached out to us during this week’s chaos following Danny Masterson’s sentencing to 30 years to life in prison and our subsequent []