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Scientology leader David Miscavige’s IAS speech in its entirety — the transcript

Are you ready for three hours of David Miscavige, pilgrims?

We’re partnering with Alex Barnes-Ross and his website,, to bring you the full Friday night program at Scientology’s IAS gala that took place on November 3, when church leader David Miscavige gave the crowd his usual report on the organization’s expansion news and handed out Freedom Medals.

Alex is posting the full audio for you to listen to, and here at the Bunker we have the entire transcript of Dave’s address. It’s huge, people. And it contains a lot of really interesting claims, many of which we know you are going to want to fact-check.

And yes, John Travolta, though he didn’t attend the event (as far as we can remember, he never does), gets a shout-out from Miscavige for his work with Volunteer Ministers in Florida, so there goes another tabloid theory about a major celebrity moving away from Scientology. (Gosh, the National Enquirer just can’t catch a break.)


Anyway, the event started with Jeff Pomerantz introducing Miscavige, followed by three solid minutes of ovation for Scientology’s leader. And then, he began speaking. And speaking. Let us know if you manage to get through it all, and of course, let us know what you think about his claims and promises! (If all of this speech doesn’t fit in the emailed version you receive of this story, please go to to see the whole thing.)

Good Evening! Thank you, Thank you very much. Thank you, Thank you, the more I say it the more you go. All right, thank you. All right, all right and thank you very much. And yes, I too am happy to see you.

Now, of course, it’s not that any of us went anywhere, then again, that’s the point. Because as LRH said, religion is the first sense of community. Moreover, a sense of community occurs by reason of mutual experience with others, such as the case, and it most definitely is the case, then let me now state as absolute fact. There is no communal experience that compares to when our clans descend from north to south and east to west, all to this prime meridian of East Grinstead and Saint Hill. And especially when I tell you by the end of this evening, our mutual experience is going to metaphorically blow the roof right off the top of this marquee. And who knows, maybe even blew a hole right through the north star and that’s why I say welcome to this 39th anniversary of the IAS.

Of course, always in the elapsed time since we last met, this evening’s event will cover a lot of ground, although make no mistake, trying to fly as if in a flash. But as a first preliminary word, let’s begin with another mutual experience. We all had the very reason for how long ago we last celebrated. Now, I could speak up COVID pandemic, lock downs, and restrictions. But everybody knows all that. Rather, I’m speaking of why it was a defining moment. In fact, making the urgency of our mission so manifest.

For suddenly, in an instant, society went into a turmoil, outweighed the props, or as LRH describes people who live in a system of correctness and things went right, so long as nothing was going wrong. Then one day things go wrong until all that mattered was that question of questions from which comes the supreme test of a being. One that reads: Who will make things go right in spite of anything and everything? To which we answered, the IAS.

And as of tonight, this is what it looks like. Before the beginning, and in the beginning, as of 1984, Scientology spanned 39 nations. But as of tonight, with IAS members planting flags in every habitable zone of earth, from the tip of South America’s Patagonia to the rim of the Arctic Circle, the IAS torch burns bright in no less than 158 lands.

And that movement is united in a flash of yellow to enter the global call for a help of a Volunteer Minister force like never in history. In fact, expanding eight times overall to prove something can be done about it. And so while time ticked inexorably while the world went on lockdown, our VMs clocked in 9 million hours of one-on-one indiscriminate help for the rest of humanity. We reached out with all our help over the airwaves and online, all of which only drove further demand. UNICEF, Salvation Army Amnesty International combined with every one of them and we answered with more than four times the solutions for a populace in desperate need. While in turn, the world replied with an avalanche of gratitude from US Federal Emergency Management for restoring values to the lives of others, Canada’s House of Commons for raising awareness on drugs, the African Union for advocating peace building in our societies, and so keen partnerships with every other sector and strata of societal influence, including Human Rights Commissions, civic forums, ministries, legislatures, parliaments and national governments until in full and overall, you are looking at 29,000 new partnerships in just the last four years.

But if that is recognition in the herein now, this is recognition for all eternity. Beginning with “the war is over” in the USA, we relentlessly pushed forward to create the same everywhere else. And so comes an unending parade of religious recognitions, year after year all over this globe, and now extending to the gateway to Europe in the Netherlands, where a 20-year battle culminates with full recognition, and the same again in the land where LRH himself christened the flagship Apollo, and where this year the nation of Greece likewise bestows full recognition.

And finally, a third to be revealed later tonight. But even so everything thus far only takes us to the starting line, the entrance gates to Scientology itself. And today, it begins with the Scientology Network, launched just one year before we last met. Our timing could not have been better. For when the pandemic hits, the universal watch words suddenly became binge watching, and we’re talking no less than 20 million new viewers to Scientology TV. But they aren’t just binge watching. They are also been studying our network episodes, driving them to online courses, Problems of Work, Fundamentals of Thought, Tools for Life, and altogether amounting to 1.2 million course completions. Yet, if everything thus far is out there, let’s now return to our world where no pandemic restriction or lockdown could ever stop the infusion of source.

The Basics, the Congresses, the ACCs and all mounting to highest-ever course completions. And so it continues up the Bridge as the floodgates open in his brief breadth of eternity, an academy completion every 25 minutes, a release or Clear every seven minutes. And then a set from Clear to eternity and whole new orders of magnitude blowing the doors open to heights not previously envisioned with new OTs highest ever in all areas. Although in the end, the one that says building the Bridge right to the stars is our ever expanding cosmos of Ideal Orgs. So for your action definition of not on pause, how about the acquisition of 20 new buildings for future Ideal facilities, spanning 10 countries at almost a million square feet, while just for good measure another 10 new Ideal facilities done and ready for a grand opening. And yes, that’s why I say welcome to the universe of boundless expansion and this IAS anniversary 2023.

As is traditional, tonight we will review all that ensued from our IAS pledge to mankind and to that extent the meaning of full responsibility. So yes, tonight’s presentation will include epic accomplishments through our planetary rescue operations from global salvage, to Volunteer Ministers for indiscriminate help, while following from that same equation, you will also meet this year’s IAS freedom medal winners, thus, those who have epitomized uncompromising commitment to which I will further add a first ever: Namely — and not that it is a requirement — but every medal recipient tonight happens to be a New OT8.

And finally, you will also see not one, not two, not three, but actually four new ideal facilities. By the time you’ve seen them all, they will have taken your breath away. So with that, let’s get going. And for openers, let us begin where we always begin at basic on the chain of planetary aberration. In that regard, it is neither overstatement or a cliche to say, if you are looking for the greatest evil on earth, look no further than psychiatry. But now let’s combine that whole track fact with these past four years in the wake of the global pandemic.

First, what with government ordered lock downs, stay at home orders and a constant barrage of nothing but bad news. And next, adding to the games environment. The factors of no space, not to mention no work and no production. And yes, I say that was the level of oppression and suppression. It would be unusual if a lot of people were not depressed. But the psychs have never seen any sort of expected human behavior they could not diagnose as a disease, just as they have never failed to profit from human misfortune and catastrophe.

Hence, the psychs announced that one in three adults planetwide are living with the so-called disease of anxiety disorder, and hence a rise in prescription psych drugs to nearly 25 percent of the adult population in the US alone. And don’t forget, while the pandemic itself may be over, all those adults are still hooked on the drugs. So no, this is not some allegory. This is real. That’s why the mission of CCHR is more vital today than ever. All of which brings us to the overriding CCHR strategy of inform, expose, prosecute, obliterate, and to once again remind you of how it all rolls out.


Here is the recap. All commences at the Citizens Commission on Human Rights headquarters in Los Angeles. It’s home to the Industry of Death Museum, exposing the history of psychiatric crime and horror. Museum contents are then replicated in mobile death exhibits to inform, enlighten, enrage across six continents. Simultaneously CCHR disseminates materials and evidence to the best equipped and the most inclined to take action. Regulatory officials, malpractice attorneys and investigative journalists. Meanwhile, continuously, Scientology network television broadcasts of CCHR documentary expos, which point enlightened viewers connect with CCHR’s online activation network and they’re engaged tools for immediate civil and criminal complaints to stoke the flames of retribution. The pressure continues to mount as CCHR engages their enforcement arm, prosecuting their crimes, slashing psych budgets and shutting down their institutions. At which point anti-psych legislation indeed descends to forever read this world of psychiatry and hence CCHR campaign tagline, psychiatry global eraser.

And with that, let’s now take a look at that first stage of CCHR strategic rollout, namely to inform. It takes on added significance when you consider the pandemic restrictions prevented the psychs from holding their annual get-togethers and conventions, which in turn prevented CCHR from greeting them that same set of events. All of which poses the interesting question, as in, perhaps the psychs thought CCHR had forgotten about them. If so, if that’s what the psychs thought. I’ll give the diagnosis free of charge, delusion! And with that, here’s what a sampling of CCHR activity up close and personal.

Morales, Mexico at the express request of the state Undersecretary for youth, CCHR lands a death exhibit in the capitol Central Square. Leading the ribbon cutting is a government youth director who sounds the alarm on psychiatry’s link to rising suicide rates whereupon no less than 5,000 peruse the panels on the first day. Those touring include outraged social workers for the fact they’ve been kept in the dark on psychiatry, and the havoc gets wreaked on children’s lives. At which point work continues to spread light: Chain lightning, until CCHR has informed 14,000, one-on-one. And Morales’ leading news outlet carries the message to half a million more.

Canada where CCHR steps up right inside the University of Ottawa. The exhibit opens with a University alumnus now lawyer who scorches the psychiatric agenda for children in particular. Whereafter scores of psych undergrads are burning up at being lied to all along, and CCHR’s president fans the flames with the big picture across a national Canadian network.

Milano, Italy. CCHR rolls into the landmark medieval palace at city centre. Among those taking the podium is a regional councilor who is demanding to enter the dark ages of psychiatric institutions and coercion and instead urges a new enlightened age of human rights. The message resounds with Italian media who carry it region-wide. While in every other dark corner psychs thought they could carry on with impunity, there blazes CCHR, enlightening yet another new person every 20 seconds, criss-crossing 10 nations on four continents and delivering 130,000 booklets, portfolios, and DVDs into new found psych-buster ends. But all of that is just the appetiser for CCHRs main course, United Kingdom.

The psychs think they can slip into London under the radar for a World Congress. But CCHR is charged and ready, firing out a public warning on the horrors of ECT. CCHR allies flank the action with the demand for a public inquiry on psychiatric brutality, all while CCHR troops fan out with key facts everyone needs to know. And if you’re wondering why those psychs look forlorn, lost, and altogether mystified? Well, it’s because congress organizers locked the doors to hide from CCHR and consequently locked out their own people and hence their week seminar with a whopping six attendees. But no worry, members of Parliament filled the void with a call to ban electric shock.

Fatally, the World Congress of psychiatric genetics thinks they can find cover behind fortress walls. Well, think again because some 500 psych busters are out in force to expose what really makes up the psychiatric DNA and call for an end to the abuse. Hence, Florentine headlines calling for an end to violations of the dignity of people. Germany, the psychs convene for their annual Congress in Berlin, so CCHR converges for their annual strike bust. It runs for seven kilometers along the central shopping streets where Berliners are treated to a dramatization of what psychs inflict.

But that was just an opening salvo what with the CCHR death exhibit entrenched right outside the congress entrance, much to the relief of psychiatrist now turned whistleblowers and who can’t wait to work with CCHR. But much to the chagrin of congress leaders who try as they might can’t cure the disorder that has plagued German psychiatry since day one. Although in the acidity of understatement, they do admit they aren’t mentally challenged on the subject of ethics, and that from the association president himself.

France: Paris plays host to the European Congress of psychiatry. So CCHR sends out the 300 band welcoming committee. They do banners, placards and drum corps until fan clubs formed on street side balconies. But here’s what you can’t see from the street. The psychs hold no less than six debates and forums in a futile attempt to counter CCHR exposé of their coercive treatments and druggings. And the punch line, there’s a reason those people with the posters at every one of our congresses.

Finally there is San Francisco, the annual APA forum gathers beneath the tagline mental health filled with challenges, and never more so than now since CCHR plants a death exhibit right around the corner, and where nearly 400 psychs get a reality check on their profession. Whereupon a legion of CCHR psych busters advanced from the Embarcadero Plaza and straight on down Market Street. So yes, talk about shock and awe. Psychs watching from the rooftop, psychs glued to their iPhone cameras, all while more than 500 news feeds magnify the impact.

But what truly makes this story a CCHR classic, are the candid confessions from the psychs themselves: You don’t actually need a test to make an ADHD diagnosis. Even worse, antidepressants will trigger full blown manic episodes. And worse again, the stimulants do the same things with a brain as cocaine does, even more blunt. “It feels like what we’re really doing is hitting people over their head with hammers.” And cutting right to the chase, psychiatrist are a dying species. So no, it’s no wonder what preoccupies their days. It’s right in the Congress agenda with lectures like “Am I ready for my patients to see their records” or seminars like “risk mitigation strategies”, and finally, “ethics and engagement in mental health.” Although in fact, they had to cancel that one since apparently, no psych had the expertise to deliver it. And when you combine it all across the length and breadth of psychdom, that’s how CCHR exposed this psych con. Both one on one and all over the media awakening more than 50 million to the horrors of psychiatry and all of it thanks to your support of the IAS.

Of course there’s one thing to enlighten and inform, but the one that gives psychiatrists an anxiety disorder that no prescription will ever calm. The stage two of CCHR strategy, namely, prosecution. CCHR International in Los Angeles is the global clearinghouse for documentation, analysis, and pursuit of psychiatric criminality. And with real time tracking across both hemispheres, here is but a sampling of how CCHR brought the culprits to justice. An incoming alert tags one Dr. Chima of New York’s upstate psychiatric clinic, suspected crime, health care fraud of astronomic proportions, so CCHR zeroes in and takes pursuit. From a small town office the doctor touts his skills at treating thousands of patients, when in fact he lives in his own alternate universe because video surveillance reveals a pathological liar as in making up in person visits for non-existing patients and falsely billing insurance. All told he submits more than 5,000 fraudulent claims for an estimated $1.8 million. CCHR passes the evidence to New York office of professional misconduct with an official complaint, at which point it breaks on ABC News, and Chima is not only stripped of his license, he also goes down for federal fraud.

Next is a Tennessee psych by the name of Richard Farmer. He specializes in opioid addiction, which is ironic, considering he comes under scrutiny for over-prescribing. And that’s putting it mildly since apparently, anyone can get a fix from the doctor: Addicts, Facebook friends, you name it, altogether totaling tens of thousands of prescriptions. So CCHR immediately alerts the state health department. The story first hits on local news and then goes national when a Tennessee Attorney General skewers the doctor for helping fuel the opioid epidemic. Whereupon Farmer gets to swallow two pills, license revoked and four years in a federal penitentiary.

Then there’s the celebrity psychiatrist out of Massachusetts, Dr. Keith Ablow. He is touted as one of the five most influential psychiatrists alive. Ablow thrives on dishing out his psychic advice, lending hundreds of appearances across network and cable news. But he also lands in CCHRs tracking system when he’s reported for illegal prescriptions. Among the many reports is that the doctor likes to give double dose prescriptions, meaning he keeps the extra dosage for his own enjoyment. CCHR packages the evidence detailing Ablow’s crimes and dispatches a formal complaint to the Drug Enforcement Administration field office in Boston. And when DEA officials next take matters into their own hands. Ablow is once again all over the news with ratings he never imagined. A daylight raid on both his home and his office. And all for the fact he poses a serious threat to the public health, safety and welfare whereupon Ablow is out of a career and permanently off the air.


But if you want the full readout for the likes of forgery, violent assault, and even murder, then here’s the tally now stamped on global rap sheets 69 counts of flagrant fraud 132 counts of substance abuse and professional incompetence, more than 200 counts of immoral conduct human trafficking and other sorted felonies, all of which gives more than 400 psychs a lifetime prescription of their own medicine. And yes, that’s sending psychs to a place they can finally call their own on this 39th anniversary of the IAS.

Beyond exposing psychs as the single most criminal profession on Earth, we come to the next stage of CCHR operations, namely, shutting down their criminal institutions. And while that word institutions can sound quite official, don’t be fooled, because today, it’s become a private industry of profit making hospitals, in fact, no less than a corporate empire in the biggest money making machine in the mental health market. But here’s CCHR, reducing their return on investment to zero.

Torino. Italy’s Piedmont region is where welfare agencies run a rip-off scheme, removing kids from their families for any imaginable reason and filling psychiatric foster homes to collect as much as 400 euros per child per day. But now enter CCHR Torino, they’ve been tracking the alarming numbers and in 2020 they convene a joint CCHR death exhibit and conference to mobilize a coordinated response. At the fore is the chief of staff of Piedmontese Regional Council, who is also a CCHR Commissioner. Joining him is the regional counsellor for families and she vows to fight with all her force to end the reign of terror on Piedmont families, after which, to dailies illuminate the issue for 800,000 region wide.

Consequently, CCHR is next fielding an urgent abuse report that a child’s life hangs in the balance at the Gaffney Youth Center, where upon that regional counsellor for families immediately enlist a national TV news team for a surprise inspection, and is just as bad as CCHR feared kids drugged into oblivion. Kids all but incapacitated, all for profit. And while reporters liken the place to Dante’s Inferno, the Regional Health Department, sent the Gaffney Centre straight to Hades.

Then there’s the UK Home to the British mega chain of private institutions known as Signet. It’s one of the UK’s biggest psychiatric cash cows with headline news of their booming profits. But now enter CCHR UK, because they’ve been fielding an influx of abuse complaints that are likewise booming, so CCHR digs into Signet finances with incisive forensic accounting, and suddenly, the penny drops. Although supposedly private, Signet has actually conned the National Health Service to pay for every patient with taxpayer funds. And the numbers are astronomical, upwards of £700,000 per patient per year.

CCHR assembles a blistering white paper exposing the scheme and they fire it out to every single member of Parliament and every UK oversight agency. CCHR flanks it with a barrage of formal complaints to UK Care Quality Commission, the agency responsible for monitoring all UK health care. Finally, it erupts with care quality prying open Signet doors with unannounced inspections exposing the House of Horrors. The Yew Tree Centre in Essex, patients restrained and tranquillized just for the hell of it. It blows up in the media and 10 staffers immediately take the fall. That is until Yew Tree is chopped down for good. Thor’s Park in North Essex, patients are put in harm’s way while staffers sleep on the job, which in turn sparks immediate probe revealing rampant negligence, and so the hammer drops on Thor’s. The Garden Green child’s psych Clinic in Kent inspection reveals rampant bullying by the older kids who in turn are bullied by clinic staff. And so Garden is the next to go down. At which point institutions are soon falling all over UK’s private psychiatric industry and no, all the King’s men can’t put the pieces back together again, not with 11 institutions shut down forever.

All of which takes us to the USA, source point for the entire scheme of private profit making hospitals and the largest psychiatric market on Earth. But it’s also where CCHR International has been dismantling psych facilities for years. Nevertheless, even they have never seen the likes of CEQUEL, which blew sky high right in the midst of the pandemic. The flashpoint is a Michigan at a CEQUEL centre known as Lakeside, a 16-year-old boy tosses a sandwich in the cafeteria. seven adults restrained and smother the kid and 12 minutes later he suffers a fatal cardiac arrest. Appropriately it goes incendiary all over the news. In fact, even igniting an online petition from the masses is demanding justice. Yet, believe it or not, two months later Lakeside is still standing.

CCHR was not in any way finished, as in CCHR next compiling a scorching expose and demand for action firebomb to every Michigan State legislator. And response was swift. That too guilty caretakers go down for manslaughter, and that Lakeside facility is shut down with prejudice. But CCHR still wasn’t finished, not by a long way, because in the wake of Lakeside, their website was practically melting down with abuse alerts from all over the CEQUEL Empire. Hence CCHR is next detailing and assembling all the facts and crimes, physical abuse, over drugging, even more fatalities, and all of it disseminated to every major media outlet. Which point no less than NBC is running with it, airing an expose to 7 million nationwide, and which in turn, triggers governmental demands for a federal investigation and talk about apocalyptic what was CEQUEL centre shutting down first in North Carolina, next in Wyoming, then their mother facility in Iowa, one after another, a chain reaction across the US until it’s no less than 14 CEQUEL facilities out of business, dead and gone. And when you consider that sort of action across the rest of the psychiatric money making machine. That’s the story of how CCHR triggered a domino effect, putting nearly 100 institutions out of business and thereby gutting 1.6 billion from the psych balance sheet for this IAS anniversary 2023.

For all that however, there is one final story of CCHR accomplishment. And truth be told, embraces and punctuates everything you have thus far seen, because this one not only demonstrates how much ground psychiatry has lost, but it’s also one that affects psychiatry’s future in ways which cannot yet be predicted. Of which is to say, there are wins rightfully labelled as victories. And then there are accomplishments that can only be classified as milestone victories. Of course, such victories don’t just happen. They’re the result of a lot of doing this, a lot of persistence, a lot of dones, to give the blow by blow, and this one would take hours because it is the result of decades of CCHR work to achieve no less than a sea change, a profound transformation in the powers that beat mindset regarding psychiatry. So without giving the one thousand and one details, let me distill it down to the bottom line situation.

First, it goes right to the heart of CCHR. After all, they are the Citizens Commission on Human Rights. Now believe it or not, it has actually been quite a challenge to get human rights and governmental bodies to correlate psychiatric barbarities with human rights abuse, and especially in European nations. How can that be? Well, believe it or not in Europe, coercive psychiatry, abusive, involuntary and forced treatment has actually been considered to be a human right. You did not miss your main. So as for the how it all began post-World War Two when the European Convention on Human Rights was formulated and adopted to prevent another Holocaust. It is a very important document and quite well founded, but unfortunately, and that is putting it mildly, there is a loophole.

Specifically, article five of that Convention on Human Rights gives one the right to liberty and security. It states no one shall be deprived of his liberty save in the following cases and in accordance with a procedure prescribed by law, whereupon those following cases include the lawful detention of persons for the prevention of the spreading of infectious diseases of persons of unsound mind, alcoholics or drug addicts are vagrants. And right there you have it. The lawful detention of persons of so called unsound mind has been considered a human right. It’s right in the convention. So, a human right intended to prevent another Hitler and Nazi Party has been misinterpreted to allow and enforce exactly what the Nazis themselves and done.

Even more, Article Five is what the psychs have used to get governments to enact laws in the name of course of psychiatry. Now, while one could attempt to change every psych-inspired law in nation after nation, that could be an endless exercise, quite honestly with little chance of full success. But on the other hand, one could bypass the massive government machinery and go right to the source of the problem. That is, by instead addressing the most senior human rights body on earth, and to which every member nation is answerable. In brief, and with great velocity.

Here’s how CCHR did just that. Today, across the planet, no less than 98 governments have laws authorizing involuntary commitment. In fact, another person is involuntarily committed every 30 seconds. But now let’s go to Brussels, Belgium, capital of Europe and the site of the European Commission, the Council of the European Union, and the European Parliament. More to the point it is also the site of our IAS sponsored Ideal Org and European Human Rights Office. Their CCHR unit has been tracking and investigating European coercive psychiatry for decades. Moreover, they are also the coordinating point for international CCHR action directed to international human rights bodies, all of which are headquartered in Europe, as the combined force CCHR has compiled official white papers and human rights complaints exposing abuses world over.

By way of example, in Australia, exposing forced drugging of children; New Zealand, exposing torture and cruel treatments; Denmark, exposing coercive measures, and more again in Finland, Norway, Spain, Iceland, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Japan, on and on, directly to the United Nations Council on Human Rights and all to expose coercive psychiatric abuses across 18 nations. Well, finally, it broke with an official invitation to CCHR from no less than the Office of the High Commissioner, whereupon CCHR is next in Geneva, Switzerland, at the United Nations European headquarters, and it is historic the first ever UN consultation on Human Rights in Mental Health.


Moreover, CCHR has a rarefied seat at the experts table. They also have a voice, then coercion and the deprivation of liberty in mental health. Such was the sum and substance of the official recommendation of that UN consultation and which next landed before the UN Human Rights Council itself. And when the High Commissioner put it to vote by the full assembly, psychiatry’s reign of abuse with impunity was over because from the world’s most senior human rights body, coercion and involuntary treatment are outdated, ineffective and incompatible with human rights. All nations should cancel forced institutionalization, all nations should be ending voluntary treatment practices and the creation of new psychiatric hospitals is prohibited. And yes, that’s by UN decree to 193 nations of Earth. Yes, that’s CCHR for the eradication of Psychiatry in the name of human rights for this 39th anniversary of the IAS.

With that we’ve come to the final word on psychiatry and the first Freedom Medal winner of the night. It’s a tale that exemplifies every facet of the CCHR campaign strategy. And in this case, what it takes to face down the criminal psychiatric empire on behalf of 120 million people, moreover, is a tale in emphasis of the fact that a single individual motivated by the purpose of CCHR, armed with truth and supported by an invisible third dynamic, and indeed can take on even the most daunting enemy and win and here it is.

There’s a Japanese proverb that dates back to the eighth century, a maxim that is woven into the cultural fabric to this day, and it’s one that allows Japanese psychs to hide the crimes in plain sight. Because when it comes to psychiatry in Japan, it’s see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. But shattering the silence and exposing psychiatry secrets is CCHR warrior and IAS freedom medal winner for 2023, Yuzuru Ogura.

As a native of Kawasaki, Yuzuru followed in his father’s footsteps, taking over the family’s network of sports clubs. After discovering Scientology at a WISE seminar, he took his first steps on the Bridge, and today, he is a new OT 8. But it was when he saw a young swimming prodigy turned into a zombie by psych drugs that he learned about CCHR stepping up as a frontline psych-buster, and ultimately ascending to Executive Director CCHR Japan.

Yuzuru begins with a traditional CCHR strategy. If you want to expose psychiatric abuse, first you got to get someone to talk. He hits social media to coax whistleblowers to come forward. Yuzuru punctuates this message with an invitation to win the Industry of Death exhibit at the very birthplace of Japanese psychiatry, the University of Tokyo. There, exactly according to Yuzuru’s plan, a victim’s mother steps forward. She speaks for her 27-year-old daughter, who killed herself while under the care of a psych named Yamaguchi. The mother discovered why: The psych hooked her on drugs, then had his way with her. With CCHR in the mother’s corner, she takes her story to the press, fueling public outrage. And when another emboldened whistleblower speaks out, Yuzuru uncovers 10 more Yamaguchi victims. At which point CCHR slices the facade to ribbons, filing a criminal complaint with a Kagoshima police, which in turn sparks narcotic departments raids on the psych clinics and Yamaguchi’s Walk of Shame airs all over Japanese TV. Whereupon it’s the land of a setting sun for the psychs. His clinics obliterated, His license eviscerated and Yamaguchi himself, behind bars.

Yuzuru’s next target: A psychotropic monster drugging people to death. The CCHR team tracks the correlation between over-drugging and suicide. It’s a psych practice known as polyphonic. Since psychs get paid by the prescription, they put patients on a suicide-inducing cocktail of psychotropics up to 80 pills a day. To strike a blow against the drugging scandal Yuzuru connects with a prominent physician, one Dr. Soetoro Atsumi. Yuzuru downloads the sordid tale of psychs and psychotropics, giving the doctor a glimpse into the black heart of the demon. The results: Dr. Atsumi unleashes a book exposing phoney diseases and killer drugs. It’s entitled Psychiatrists are terrible, even today. Yuzuru and the doctor follow with a series of tell-all anti psych lectures, an expert panel on World Mental Health Day and industry of death exhibit in Tokyo’s Asakusa Hall and another right on the floor of Japanese Parliament. But what ultimately sets up our psychs busting tsunami is a CCHR inspired national Expose on NHK television and a relentless march of newspaper headlines until the Ministry of Health has no choice but to punish psychs for over-the-top drugging and stamp black box warnings on no less than 66 psychrotrophics, all of which culminates in suicide rates dropping a dramatic 34 percent.

Yuzuru and CCHR zero in on reported abuse at a psych Hospital in Kobe City. Uncovering footage of six nurses brutally assaulting a patient. Yuzuru’s advances on Kobe City Council demanding action. The council answers with a petition calling for patient protections, addressed to no less than the Prime Minister and every member of National Parliament. Yuzuru repeats the pattern in Yamato, in Yokohama, in Osaka and another 50 cities more. Raising a collective voice of 45 million citizens in Japan. Until there are no more secrets in Japanese psychiatry because by order of national parliaments, anyone discovering patient abuse must report it immediately. And a patient suffering abuse has the right to report it and any and all whistleblowers are fully protected under the law. So yes, that’s forever guarantees psychiatric abuse will be seen, heard and spoken of in the Land of the Rising Sun

IAS Freedom Medal Winner for 2023, Yuzuru Ogura.

Thank you very much as someone who inherited Bushido, the code of a samurai. There is no bigger honor. A samurai does not blindly swing around is Katana sword and thanks to LRH and the tech I have aimed my sword of truth for more than 20 years at my only enemy psychiatry. Other samurais saw how we fought and then those who were betrayed started to wake up one after another. We trained up those courageous samurais as psych busters uniting them under the banner of CCHR, together we put psychiatry back under the law a samurai knows that after victory you must tighten your helmet because there are many more battles ahead and I will be ready to face psychiatry again and again until we win the total victory, global eraser of psychiatry. Thank you to my wife Chizuko even though you did not always know what I was doing and where I was going, you have always supported me. I would like to acknowledge the first Japanese IAS freedom medal winner koji Manami and Tokyo DSA staff norioso Yoneda for your competence and courage and to all my CCHR volunteers in all of Japan this is our team win. This to COB our true leader, in any darkness of this world you have lit up for us all LRHs path to total freedom, Thank you sir! And to LRH, you exposed our true enemy and society and you provided us with the best weapon to confront it. You are the only being who has guaranteed our survival for eternity. I promise firmly that I will continue to fight to eradicate psychiatry completely from this earth.

And with that, Let’s now move on to the next frontier of IAS might in the name of human salvage. In that regard, it follows directly from all you have just seen, namely, the devastating consequences of psychiatric influence since the middle of the last century. By that I am referencing the most insidious psychiatric abuse, the false data that they have inflicted into every sector and echelon of society. So yes, we can and do work to end psychiatry’s barbaric abuses. And yes, we will carry on until it is done. But the moment you obliterate psychiatry, you are left with its misbegotten children, including drug abuse. Because what difference does it make when you are already hooked on psychotropics in morality? Because there is no such thing as right when everybody is wrong, and a one time disregard for human rights because what’s another human being one way or another.

Now, combined those factors with these last four years is the onset of the pandemic drug abuse soaring with overdose deaths for adolescents doubling in the US alone. Human Rights Violations rising in nearly 150 nations. And after a years long improvement, crime rates now flipping for the worst worldwide, all of which is to say our IAS sponsored campaigns designed to uplift populations from societal collapse, could not be more imperative. And so once again, to remind you, here is a recap of the strategic rollout.

Drug Free World to arrest a biochemical decline, United for Human Rights to make those right a fact, and The Way to Happiness to restore lost dignity and honor. Each campaign commences with targeted mailings to initiate a popular groundswell among guidance counsellors, prevention specialists, and law enforcement officers all now embracing the Truth About Drugs. Instructors, professors, and social activists adopt Ynited for Human Rights on behalf of student bodies. Even as curriculum directors, correctional officers, and human resource managers spread the 21 presets across their spheres of influence. Concurrently, and continuously, all companion documentaries and related programming on our Scientology network, thereby drawing viewers to websites where they enroll on online courses, while also acquiring materials requisite to driving programs even farther afield. And that’s how community by community and nation by nation we inspire a movement to rebuild this world as drug free, crime free, moral and humane, and so we accomplish operation global salvage.

Make no mistake, the scope of our IAS-sponsored global campaigns today has grown to astronomical proportions. So while I’ve already highlighted statistics on the societal consequences of the pandemic, there is another side of the coin, namely the vital need to address the factors of human rights, drug abuse, and immorality has never been more real to the populace out there. Yes, they are reaching for our answers. Case and point, more than 45 million requests fulfilled with our printed educational materials since we last met. And here’s what a sampling of how that translates into action.

The first campaign in our planetary salvage agenda stems from the hard-won fact that all human rights require a populace to be ever-vigilant. It’s all the more relevant given that during the pandemic, authoritarian leaders exploited emergency measures, populations took down their guard, and consequently, a global human freedom index saw liberties fall for 90 percent of the world. You better believe our Human Rights Campaign emissaries were ready to reawaken vigilance anywhere and everywhere. That’s exactly what they did, raising high the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, now celebrating its 75th year.


By way of example, El Salvador, the country fell 16 positions on the global Freedom Index, but Youth for Human Rights brought its mission to the National Legislative Assembly during a world educational tour, at which point a legislative commissioner of youth calls for human rights education to salvage all of Salvadorian society, the Secretary of Culture answers the call endorsing mandatory teaching of all 30 articles in Salvadorian schools, and that in turn sparks a pledge from the alliance of Central American leaders to carry it forward nationwide.

Mexico’s Nayarit state was near the bottom of the nation’s Peace Index. But new government leadership wants to change course. And so they sponsor a Regional Youth for Human Rights summit for all of Latin America. It draws representatives from 15 nations and all 32 Mexican states, and at which point the governor himself announces a crusade to educate every citizen on the Universal Declaration. Consequently, program delivery is next running through regional schools were upon a first 15,000 games solid footing on the 30 articles and hence the words of gratitude from the state congress for creating ambassadors of tolerance and peace, all of which propels us to a global stage in South Korea. It’s a beacon of peace in one of the most precarious zones on Earth. And thus, she hosts the world summit of Nobel Peace laureates, the annual gathering of the world’s most eminent human rights champions.

The Summit features a Youth for Human Rights workshop on stepping stones towards sustainable peace, and they seal it with a Nobel Laureate partnership for human rights education. Well as for every other point on the globe, our Human Rights Campaign is front and center whenever and wherever the International Day of human rights, which commemorates the anniversary of Universal Declaration, and its adoption by nations all over this earth, hence emissaries rally in force on six continents. All together, you are looking at a slice of better then 200 campaign chapters, raising awareness, sparking action, and so inspiring citizens of every race, color, and creed to stand up for their inalienable rights.

While as for every other day of human rights observance on international calendars, Youth for Human Rights inspire in the streams of signatures on petitions, demanding that governments mandate human rights education in every land. And when you combine it all. That’s how campaign emissaries carry the torch for human rights through more than 5,000 defense and marches, thereby surpassing half a million signatures on pledge boards, all while uniting 600,000 citizens to ultimately impact 170 nations. And that’s also the weight and power represented in New York at United Nations headquarters for the annual International Youth for Human Rights Summit. In attendance is a Global Assembly from 44 nations comprised of more than 400 human rights experts, advocates, professors and diplomats, including presentations by legislative collaborators and Nobel laureate partners whereupon dignitaries and delegates through their collective weight behind a new proclamation to world governments and urgent declaration in the name of human rights through education. And that’s bringing human rights to life. Yes, that’s also making the dream of the Universal Declaration a reality, for all generations to come, this IAS anniversary 2023.

Now it’s one thing to make people aware of and enforce their rights they have as human beings. It’s quite another to restore any dignity and honor, as in The Way to Happiness, and 21 precepts to better living. And while I could show you innumerable examples from these past several years, with the booklet restoring calm and hotspots of turmoil and violence, let’s instead take a look at its power to restore the very joy of life itself. Moreover, this one stands in emphasis of the fact that when one has lost their bearing in the societal wilderness. A single Air Drop package courtesy of the IAS can serve as a compass to guide them out. And it’s all the more fitting when the compass is used by that time honored Youth Movement found all over the globe, the scouts, and in this case, the South American nation of Brazil.

It’s one of 200-plus countries and territories that make scouting the world’s largest youth activity. Overseen by a handful of international organizations, scouting represents a bastion for children, instilling lifelong values and preparing them to survive in this world. And it’s all the more critical here, considering half of all Brazilian youth live below the poverty line, and so risk falling into a life of violence and crime. But now we arrived in the Brazilian state of Sergipe. Home base for one Marcos Antonio Korea Santos Jr. Otherwise known as chief Marcos. He’s a Scoutmaster and founder of a Brazilian International scouting organization. They call it UORIS which stands for the universal organization of scouts, and they live by their purpose to develop the maximum potential of youth through scouting.

It now entered the pandemic, where Brazil was hit particularly hard, and where historically high poverty rates now skyrocketed to unheard of levels, Googling the question, ‘Is there a way to happiness,’ Marcos is soon immersed in the full online curriculum, but it was when he reached preset 21 — flourish and prosper — that he knew he had the tool to uplift his scouting empire. Whereupon Marcos no sooner receives the educator’s kit, than he is next mapping out implementation of the 21 precepts right into the scouting curriculum itself. Hence, he begins by guiding Scout masters through the full lesson plan, which chief Marcos now mandates as required study for every troop leader.

Next, determining that every Way to Happiness precept forwards the scout motto — be prepared — and the scout slogan, “do a good turn daily.” Chief Marcos commissions the design and manufacture of a new series of merit badges: Set a good example, be worthy of trust, be industrious — one for each of the 21 precepts. And with that Chief Marcos now equips every one of his scout masters which are on their way to have him as educators for proliferation nationwide. He launches them along a scouting trail that runs as follows; To the south at Joinville in Santa Catarina State, and where scout leaders prepare the ground with a first orientation to The Way to Happiness, followed by presentation of their own personalized copies, precepts perfectly aligned with the scout oath to keep physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.

And so precepts are immediately linked to camp activities. Lessons in the four food groups, essential for taking care of oneself, uniform inspections by section leaders who put “be of good appearance” into practice. Precision tent assembly in emphasis of “be competent,” and that’s troop number two proudly earning their first three precept merit badges. Scout masters similarly blaze new trails to the north, infusing the precepts through the ranks right down to Cub Scouts. Core Next initiating neighborhood cleanups to safeguard and improve their environment, all of which then culminates in an official ceremony, acknowledging exemplary service to the scouts outdoor code, with a first well earned Way to Happiness merit badge.

Chief Marcos drives the precepts still farther north into Para Eva state, and where the Way to Happiness provides a path to fulfil another scouting promise to help other people at all times. And that inspires application of love and help children and its corollary, honor and tell your parents, whereupon chief Marcos is next marking another historical event, conferring a first ever week happiness scouting medal for attainment of every one of the 21 merit badges.

And that’s a sum and substance of what rolls out across the rest of Brazil, from the Amazon Basin to the Real Coast, and from the southern grasslands to Sao Paulo’s urban jungle, until no less than 42 troops are adopting the precepts, with a Way to Happiness integrated into scouting across 17 States of Brazil. But where this story goes positively epic is when chief Marcos is next driving the precepts beyond Brazilian borders, first to Ecuador, and then to Colombia, at which point it goes fully international all the way to Africa, Nepal, India, Pakistan and beyond, where upon the gratitude of scouts is rolling in from all over this Earth: Chile, Mexico, Spain, Kenya, on and on until even in the face of the pandemic chief Marcos brought The Way to Happiness to scouting in no less than 16 nations. And yes, that’s forging the path for youth to flourish and prosper. Thanks for your support of the IAS.

Next campaign is the one that begs the question: Have you heard there is a global pandemic? And I’m not referencing the COVID pandemic. That one only lasted a few years. No, I’m talking about the global pandemic that has been killing another human being every three and a half minutes for the past decade, and right on up to present time. So what else needs to be said as to why the IAS is sponsors The Truth About Drugs crusade. Well, how about a saga and it takes us right to the center of the playing field, meaning when tackling colossal levels of consumption. You need the muscle to reach millions at the snap of a finger. Or in this case, at the toss of an American football.

The game tops two ratings as the country’s number one sports obsession. Thus, it’s no surprise National Football League players are among the most popular role models for American youth. And on that account, I give you NFL legend Marshall Faulk, one of the most celebrated running backs of all time. He was a centerpiece of a St. Louis Rams team considered to be the greatest NFL offence of all time, earning them the moniker greatest show on turf. In fact, Marshall not only powered the Rams all the way to Super Bowl victory, but throughout his career he was named Offensive Player of the Year three years in a row, won the NFL’s most valuable player award, and today is enshrined in the NFL Hall of Fame. So yes, Mr. Faulk is NFL royalty. But now fast-forward to another sporting event altogether, a celebrity golf tournament where by chance Drug Free World volunteers are distributing booklets.

Turns out Marshall, an avid golfer, had seen them at an event after event and curiosity finally got the better of him. And so came his first introduction to the program. It immediately struck a chord for the fact he had seen so many youth lost to drugs while growing up in the projects of New Orleans. So he fully engages himself, reading and viewing all campaign materials, at which point he is next contacting Drug Free World with a proposition as direct as it gets: I think you guys need to make me the national spokesperson. And he announces it with his own personalized card, complete with a quick response code and linking right to the campaign homepage with his own gift of the booklet and online course. With that Marshall sets the game plan: whenever I do an event, Drug Free World is there.


On-field action begins in the schools in this case, home to the Arizona State champion football team. Marshall delivers his personal message to hundreds of up-and-coming athletes, and I quote, “Hey, I’m not trying to tell you what to do. I’m just trying to educate you so you know what to do.” Whereupon students immediately gravitate to Marshall’s webpage, connecting to online courses at Marshall repeats the pattern coast to coast by way of example, in this California high school, and the same again in this Florida School repeating the message, learn the truth about drugs. But now let’s take it to the playing fields and grassroots action in nationwide NFL youth football camps.

Marshall brings the Truth About Drugs on site with pledge boards and sports packs containing booklets, documentary and Marshall’s card for every camper, at which point NFL players across the league are picking up Marshall’s play. The Baltimore Ravens, the Miami Dolphins, Chicago Bears, Houston Texans, Atlanta Falcons, Arizona Cardinals, New York Giants. Altogether 20 NFL teams following Marshall’s Drug Free World playbook. All of which brings us to what you have been waiting for and the greatest spectacle on earth, the Super Bowl. Miami 2020 pregame action begins in Miami’s Ideal Org and we’re Marshall leads a pep rally for 100 volunteer lineman. His strategy, Drug Free World, runs the ground game, while Marshall plays the air game at Super Bowl media week leading up to the game.

His message gets right to the point. We are educating kids about drugs and with Truth About Drugs booklets front and center. He takes it across every network and sports news outlet right up to game day, at which point every play goes into action on the field where Drug Free World volunteers do massive Truth About Drugs distribution all over the fan zones. And by the time the Kansas City Chiefs take home the trophy, Miami was infused with 250,000 booklets all while Marshall’s Drug Free World message reaches 31 million more. Skip the year 2021 pandemic restrictions, but enter 2022 with a vengeance at LA’s SoFi stadium. Super Bowl action repeats with Marshall breaking into the open fields all over TV and radio disseminating his personal message for youth across the country.

Drug Free World again runs the ground game, handing off 275,000 booklets in just one week. All while another 48 million viewers now know of The Truth About Drugs. All of which takes us to the crescendo at this year’s Super Bowl in Phoenix, Arizona. And where Marshall once again sprints across national networks, coaching American parents on how to help their kids stay off drugs. And that one goes viral with digital downloads and materials multiplying eight times over all while volunteers distribute yet another 300,000 booklets. Total it all and you are looking at over a half a million Truth About Drugs online course completion, more than 2.4 million campaign materials into public hands, all of it driven by Marshall Faulk enlightening 88 million to live a better life and yes that’s drug free world’s Super Bowl dynasty for this is anniversary 2023.

For all that I’ve shown you along our multiple campaign trails, it is still only but a glimpse of our IAS-sponsored salvage crusade through these past four years. So here’s the stratospheric view and Global Report in the name of uplifting humanity every waking hour of every day. You begin with strategic mailings in the name of human rights, enlightening professors, community groups and social activists, who in turn reach for Educator kits with better than 4,000 adopting our program just since we last met, then again while other schools and universities offer a virtual curriculum, united for human rights now boasts, four times the number of students online. Combine it all and that’s how we have now educated more than 41 million on their inalienable rights.

Then there is what The Way to Happiness engenders, in the name of moral resurgence. Look no further than hand to hand distribution into every flashpoint of pandemic turmoil, and immediately dropping crime rates by double digits. Combine that with targeted mailings engendering still more collaborations across the social strata, totaling nearly 4,000 new partnerships, thereby impelling a movement that has now placed more than 130 million books into the hands of humanity. Finally, there’s our Drug Free World campaign, now spanning more nations than any other drug initiative on Earth, consequently inspiring ever increasing adoption by like-minded groups and organizations, amounting to 13,000 new partnerships, thus driving Truth About Drugs distribution to a cumulative 150 million worldwide, combine it all in our global salvage campaigns have now uplifted more than 300 million thanks to your support of the IAS.

With that we advance to both a final word on global salvage and our second Freedom Medal winner of the night. The story is testament to persistence and perseverance in the face of an unrelenting onslaught of drugs and society. So, if you’ve already seen Drug Free World in the largest drug consumer nation on earth, what about those who work in the ground zero of narco trafficking? Then again, while many may ask, What could I possibly do about that? Well, those you’re about to meet not only asked that same question, but they have lived the answer for two decades. And this is their story.

For too many Mexican children, the trajectory of life goes from cradle to cartel because by the age of nine, they’re recruited as lookouts and drug mules. 12 year olds, guard hideouts armed with AR15s. Turning 16 means earning their stripes as cold blooded assassins, or die in the attempt. But rescuing our generation with The Truth About Drugs, our drug free world Crusaders and IAS Freedom Medal winners for 2023. Solomon and Lucy Dabbah,

Born in a burgeoning Mexico City, Solomon and Lucy met in 1965 and married the following year, searching for a way to successfully raise their family. Together they discovered Scientology in 1978, ascending the Bridge all the way to New OT8 and expanding across the dynamics. Solomon and Lucy felt the urgent need to take on greater responsibility for what most threatens their nation’s survival by establishing the foundation for a drug free Mexico.

“We could see what society had became, we had to reach as many people as we could with the truth about drugs. I believe humanity does not wait for you. You are the one who makes the change.”

Given Knowledge equals control. Solomon and Lucy’s plan is simply get the truth about drugs to as many people as possible as quickly as possible. They begin at Mexico City’s Independence Monument, and the timing couldn’t be better. It’s teeming with football fans celebrating Mexico’s Olympic victory. The Drug Free World teams scores big, distributing 1600 booklets an hour. Next at the historic centre of the city. They commemorate the International Day Against Drugs with another 1000 booklets and at the pyramids of Sun and Moon it’s 1200 more to tourists. Thereafter Drug Free World Mexico is everywhere vulnerable kids congregate and families gather, disseminating the Truth About Drugs to more than 140,000. While to extend their reach exponentially. Salomon and Lucy bring on board the head of a leading advertising firm, securing sponsorship to take the campaign into Mexico City’s metros. At which point, Its public service announcements playing three times an hour 19 hours a day across 70 metro stations, until Solomon and Lucy connect with some 5 million commuters each and every day, thereby permeating the Truth About Drugs across the length and breadth of Mexico City.

“We wanted to bring information everywhere. We wanted to arm the people who were confronting the program head on. And we did it on a huge scale.”

Solomon and Lucy set out to forge partnerships with those on the right side of the narco trafficking equation. They connect with the commander of Mexico state’s auxiliary security forces. His men hold the line in strategic facilities like hospitals and airports. The upshot? He green lights our first workshop, Solomon and Lucy march 2200 officers through the program, He essays on the most abused drugs, interactive lessons, and truth about drugs booklets. It’s the same again for the school safety police who work prevention with kids on campuses. And Solomon moves up the law enforcement ladder with seminars to the Federal Police. Were upon with military precision police units unleash the truth into some of the busiest points on the state map, tally it up. And that’s drug free world and law enforcement infusing nearly 200,000 booklets, all while a battalion anti drug officers, more than 4000 strong steer the state of Mexico to a drug free future.

“Kids were being recruited by the cartels. We wanted ways of reaching them before the cartels did.”


The plan, train an army of teachers to educate entire student bodies. Solomon And Lucy implement their top down strategy at the state of Mexico’s Ministry of Education. Meeting with a ministry representative, they seal the deal for an initial pilot. It comprises paying for secondary school teachers, some of whom face death threats for teaching drug prevention. With one of those 2400 instructors, each receiving their own educator’s kit. It’s the biggest drug free world training program ever.

After two days of intensive study and drilling, they launched into classrooms across the state, and Nicholas Romero, a territory carved up by five competing cartels. There it is a first lesson for teams caught in the crossfire. And now Calpan were students specifically request a lesson on opiates and in Toluca, targeting the local drug of choice, marijuana. So it goes in secondary schools all across Mexico state until more than 2 million students learn the truth about drugs. And that’s how husband and wife Drug Free World crusaders trained over 8,500 Truth About Drugs instructors, educated better than 120,000 Parents, place booklets into the hands of two and a half million. Ultimately changing the trajectory of a generation because by authority of the ministry of education the drug free world curriculum will now be taught in every school and universities across the state of Mexico.

IAS freedom medal winners are 2023 Solomon and Lucy Dabbah

Thank you! What a special moment! What an incredible acknowledgement from the IAS to be awarded the freedom medal. These medals represent the passion and courage we have for the drug free world campaign. For us, this is an honor. For us, this is an honor we will forever wear with pride. Thank you! Now, when it comes to creating a drug free world, you have no intention, you get no action and no result. To achieve what we have, we had to knock on a lot of doors. When we made an appointment, we would be told you only have 10 minutes. But, but the campaign materials were the key and that 10 minutes always turned into 90. Thank you. We know we have many more doors to open but now it’s not just the two of us because we created an army of principals, teachers and supervisors, teaching the truth about drugs and themselves multiplying the campaign. So yes. If you want to see the future just talk to the students and teachers because they will tell you we are one thing, united for a drug free Mexico. First and foremost, we want to thank our family for all their support, which are here. Thank you. Thank you Thank you to drug free world for the privilege of using these miraculous materials to Scientology Media Productions for working with us to tell our story. To the IAS for making it possible for us to achieve our goals and to all the staff and every Sea Org member for your eternal dedication. To COB, our eternal thanks for all the responsibility you have and all the responsibilities you are taking, thank you. And finally thanks to LRH for his vision to uplift and salvage humanity. Thank you sir.

And with that we arrived at the IAS campaign, following from that timeless LRH statement, a Volunteer Minister does not shut his eyes to the beam, evil and injustice of existence, such as the mandate of our worldwide VM force presenting frontline technology for survival, no matter the circumstances. Well, I’m going to remind you this is the overview of our Volunteer Minister crusade. Our Volunteer Ministers provide all fundamental Scientology tools for immediate application in survival, in both everyday crises and cataclysmic scenarios.

Simultaneously, strategic mailings are sent to similar aimed organizations for enlightenment and activation, thereby engendering a world wide voluntary Minister network. And all the while VMs propel global cavalcades extending from orgs to city centres while to extend VM technology everywhere else. Our Scientology network also now broadcasts the full range of tools for life films, after which viewers log on to our virtual cavalcade, and enroll in online courses for all 19 hand book chapters. And I might add with graduates now hailing from 200 nations and territories, combine it all and that’s how our VM crusade brings help and succor to restore spiritual values and to otherwise demonstrate something can be done about it.

To begin, let us consider that arena where VM action is now the stuff of legend. Of course, today when speaking of disaster response, what immediately comes to mind is the pandemic. But I will go one better, as in a cataclysmic natural disaster in the middle of the pandemic, because even if the rest of the world went on pause, Mother Nature certainly never did, nor did our Volunteer Ministers. And here’s what it looked like since we last met.

Kashmir: Two tectonic plates collide, setting off a shallow 5.8 earthquake that demolishes roads and slows emergence response. But these are Pakistan VMs both organising medical camps and delivering better than 3,000 assists altogether, helping more than 9,000 survivors. And so earning recognition for volunteer life support in times of greatest need.

Japan: Typhoon Hagibis makes landfall as the country’s heaviest storm in 60 years, swelling rivers to the breaking point. But Tokyo VMs rise above in worst hit zones, bringing relief to nearly 2,000 displaced and dispossessed.

Australia: Her cataclysmic fire scorched 46 million acres, more than the size of England and Wales combined, but VMs run non-stop logistics and assist lines for two straight months, reviving exhausted firefighters and ultimately helping 39,000 in the burn zones.

Indonesia: Nearly 15 inches of rain in six hours unleashes flash floods inundating the capital of Jakarta, but VMs connect with local community groups and health care centers and train more than 100 caregivers on tech for trauma relief.

Croatia: The strongest earthquake in well over a century strikes near the capital, reducing entire blocks to rubble. But these are neighboring Italian VMs lugging 12,000 round trip miles to donate supplies for rebuilding homes. And that response plays out on national news highlighting VM cross border assistance.

St Vincent: Her big volcano blows its stack for the first time in decades and chokes the Caribbean island and a foot of ash. But VMs out of Miami and Clearwater mobilized for supply runs to villages cut off from all creation and clear 50 tons of ash from Island drainage systems altogether, helping 20,000 in dire need.

Haiti: The most powerful quake in two centuries shatters the southwest coast, laying waste to 53,000 homes, but 120 Rapid Response VMs trained on site deliver a battery of assist seminars for community leaders and relief and rescue teams, all of which in turn, boosts VM ranks and puts nearly 5000 Haitians back on their feet.


Pakistan: A monsoon on steroids and melting glaciers put 30 percent of the country underwater, displacing 8 million. But teams of VMs including medical doctors perform triage and dispense emergency rations across 11 inundated sites. They also run volunteer administer seminars, morning to night, all of which is why 13,000 will never forget the yellow shirts.

Florida hurricane Ian slams the southwest coast making landfall at category four. But IAS Freedom Medal winner John Travolta air lifts urgent provisions for utterly decimated communities whereupon Florida’s Mega Force of VMs takes over distribution, relieving stranded families everywhere, all to help 5.000 get back on solid ground.

Turkey: A 7.8 earthquake goes on record as the nation’s deadliest in 15 centuries. But an international VM contention becomes the first nongovernmental organization to enter the hardest hit province, streaming distribution lines for 160 tons of necessities, thereby uplifting 43,000 amidst the rubble. And if you were already hot, sweaty and breathless, just from watching.

There’s also Puerto Rico’s biggest quake in a century, Tennessee tornadoes tearing through Nashville Metro, volcanic eruptions on Spain’s Canary Islands, Sardinia wildfires burning up 50,000 acres, hurricane Ida pummeling the Gulf Coast and Cape town’s fire torching the National Parliament. Now combined that with every other quake shattered, storm drenched, fire ravaged landscape, where VMs answered the call and you are looking at disaster response across 20 nations and no less than 45 sites of catastrophic upheaval and more than 8 million hours of indiscriminate help in the worst of times and places. And yes, that’s proving something can be done about it for this is anniversary 2023

From outstanding epic VM responses at natural disasters, let’s put it all in the category of first aid. Meaning just as with a traumatic physical injury, where one applies a tourniquet to stop the bleeding until a surgeon can take over and handle the rest. Likewise, VM disaster response immediately addresses the traumatic mental and spiritual shock until every other tool can be brought to bear. In that regard, no one who has been helped by a VM will ever forget it. Then again, if only because of their unforgettable yellow shirts, a Volunteer Minister always leaves a calling card, whereupon begins the greater mission of our global VM crusade. In fact, it is the very foundation upon which LRH created the role of a Volunteer Minister, and I quote, he uses the technology of Scientology to change conditions for the better for himself, his family, his groups, friends, associates, and for mankind.

Of course, LRH is referencing the Scientology Handbook, and all the technology contained there in. Study tech, the dynamics, ARC and its Tone Scale, Assists, Ethics, Marriage, Children, not to mention tools to the workplace and basics of organizing. In other words, the technology for all of life. So yes, the VM motto is very true. And by that I am referencing the full motto. No matter how bad your problem is, something can be done about it. Now, that’s a fairly embracive statement, no matter how bad your problem is, certainly leaves no room for any ifs, ands or buts. Well, here’s a story that proves it is true. A story of Volunteer Ministers uplifting an entire nation, South Africa.

Although she finally threw off the chains of apartheid, the full promise of a new future goes on unanswered, for with no educational system or infrastructure. Her people continue to suffer from what was intentionally denied them for 50 years. Hence a crippled economy with one of the highest unemployment rates on record. And just when it began to turn around, the pandemic hit and hit hard, with a government implementing a level five hard lockdown including police checkpoints, even military patrols. But now we enter our new IAS sponsored Kyalami Castle, serving a central base of Sea Org operations, and which immediately transforms into national disaster response headquarters.

Owing how rapidly our Sea Org VMs mobilized, the Brigadier of Midland police immediately declares us an essential force to the health and safety of South Africa. In fact, making our VMs the only non governmental organization authorized to travel anywhere and everywhere across the province and country. And such as the backdrop of now legendary VM sanitization of every sector of South Africa is the essential services necessary to keep the nation running. If only for the history books it included daily sanitization of 300 buses across 54 stations for accumulative 50,000. Same again for South Africa’s primary mode of public transportation, with daily sanitization of 14,000 taxis and accumulative 1.1 million.

More again for emergency services, including daily sanitization of fire departments across the Gauteng province, totaling more than 150 million square feet. Weekly sanitization of 70 Metro Police stations for almost 400 million square feet, same again with weekly sanitization of 300 medical facilities and health clinics, at which point by invitation into South Africa’s National Defense bases, one per day every day. And finally to keep the gears of the nation turning sanitization of judicial offices and courthouses, as well as city, provincial and national government administrative buildings more than 600 every week until total it all, and you are looking at more than 11 billion with a B square feet.

Now, this story gets interesting, and the greater mission begins, for with VMs leaving their calling card everywhere. Those who had been helped to begin streaming to Kyalami. Beginning with the Department of Health, what most captured their attention far more than D7 sanitization was our organization and competence in the face of utter turmoil. So they asked what do you know that nobody else does? Our answer, the Scientology Handbook, and so began a Training Partnership that would soon ripple out across the veritable pillars of South African society in the name of empowerment.

First responders are the first to arrive. The seminar starts with an introduction to the Scientology Handbook, at which point every attendee is enrolled directly on line. The site contains the full handbook and lesson plan. Naturally, the training begins with study technology. Attendees watch the Tools for Life film, followed by full study of the entire chapter. And there is no student wait, because lessons are graded automatically. In fact, for a passing grade, the site immediately generates a certificate the student can download and print. And if you ever wondered how we can train the masses, there’s your answer, whereupon with Study Tech under their belt, those students are now set to continue through the rest of the online curriculum, chapter by chapter, all while putting the tech into immediate application as in those first responders at community shelters applying the chapter on assists, same again at local hospitals, after which they return to Kyalami. And with all certificates in hand and evidence of application, they complete their final course assignment. And next graduating as brand new full fledged Volunteer Ministers charged with carrying the mission Further still, as such and such is the pattern and curriculum that rolls out day after day, week after week.

Across the agriculture industry were beset by no organizational technology. Ninety nine percent of all farms literally fail. But with training of officials from municipal, provincial and national Departments of Agriculture, more than 800 professionals in all, they are next employing basics of organizing in outlying farms, where yields immediately increase more than three times over. There’s more for civic and community leaders, including municipal councils and provincial governments, all of whom seek answers to record levels of unemployment. But with councils and organizations trained through more than 400 seminars, they now use targets and goals to bolster community development, at which point their citizens are voluntary. Two and a half million hours on behalf of their communities. All well more than 9,000 officials are now trained as Volunteer Ministers.

There’s more again for educators with seminars drawing professionals from every echelon, pre kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, vocational colleges, universities, not to mention learner support and tutoring, thus empowering no less than 6,000 educators. And it was application of study tech into classrooms, including daily word clearing sessions, the number of students at risk of dropping out of school plummets by 80 percent. And with implementation to nearly 1,000 schools, that’s 160,000 Students also now empowered.

Finally, and most importantly, there’s our religious brethren from every Judeo Christian religion to Islam, Eastern and African traditional, more than 3,500 leaders from all denominations, and to whom we provide Scientology tools, so they may help their congregations and achieve their aims. Consequently, clergy are next delivering sermons and counselling using the Scientology in book until their church attendance is next rising by a full 30 percent with a VM program embracing more than 2,000 houses of worship, ultimately helping uplift 2.2 million. But if that’s the whirlwind overview, then here’s the grand view.


Just since lockdowns in the face of the pandemic, no less than half a million individual handbook course completions, while across every sector of society. We graduated more than 22,000 fully trained Volunteer Ministers to uplift South Africa. And if you still wonder how far and why. I give you a Joburg City Hall forum headlined by South African President Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa, and seated just beside him, the VM Public Relations Officer Africa, while asked for the message from the President, Scientology works on empowerment of communities. That is why we want to engage with you. And yes, that’s fulfilling the vision for the volunteer members at the very cradle of humanity for this IAS 2023.

For all of that however, there yet remains one final statement as regards our VM movement to these past four years. And let’s put it under the heading of global view and all inclusive view, or better yet caught the incisive view. Here’s what I mean. First, well, one could speak of the COVID pandemic itself, where it came from, how it spread, who it infected, and affected on and on. Let’s just skip that. It’s about the only thing anyone heard for years and factually, none of that talk benefited anyone except the talking head news media generating booming ratings. After all, they aren’t called Merchants of Chaos for nothing. And what they were selling was a message of nothing can be done about it.

Second, while one could also speak about all else that ensued in the aftermath of the pandemic, what with lockdowns consequent no production, no education, not to mention rioting in the streets, and even the halls of power. Well, all that proves is that the so-called solutions were enough to trigger a planetary psychotic break. And finally, consider the last time this planet suffered a pandemic was 100 years ago. History shows it took two years for that one to run its course about the same time as the one we just suffered. Seems to me 100 years later, somebody should have been able to do a better job. Yes, somebody could have done a better job. In fact, we did and having done so it’s time to tell the rest of the world so they know as a new feature length documentary in full demonstration that something can always be done about it. here’s a preview.

With that we appropriately arrive at our final freedom medal winner of the night and his story embracing virtually all you have thus far seen from response to natural disaster to baseline human salvage and from a first restoration of spiritual values to total freedom itself. Moreover, it’s a story in dramatic demonstration of what it means to be a Scientologist with a purpose and dedication to achieving the very aims of Scientology that it all unfolds in defiance of these pandemic years makes it all the more astonishing. So I give you a tale of total responsibility.

It’s one of the seven wonders of the modern world, a 50 mile engineering model that breaks the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. When ships began flowing through the Panama Canal. This idyllic slice of Central America became an ever national economic force. In the wake of that came crime, corruption and drugs, threatening to turn this paradise into a Paradise Lost. By leading our moral and spiritual revolution, on behalf of our nation is Scientology pioneer and IAS ‘s freedom medal winner for 2023, Giselle Lima.

Growing up in Venezuela, Giselle graduated university as a production engineer. Thereafter, she and her family emigrated to Panama, where her story comes to life, is when Giselle travelled to Spain to pursue her master’s degree. by happenstance, she moved right across the street from Madrid’s Ideal Org, where she soon after discovered Scientology and never looked back, rising up the bridge all the way new OT8 and then completing Cause Resurgence, Super Power, and the L Rundowns. All while graduating as a class 4 auditor. Whereupon Giselle determined to plant a first Scientology flag in her adopted homeland of Panama.

“I did Super Power and I realized I had to do more. I wasn’t doing enough after that the Scientology network opened. And this when I say OK, wow, now I have this amazing tool and I can disseminate but I have nowhere to route people in.”

As a first step, Giselle contacts local book buyers living in Panama, inviting them to a first ever their Panama event. Her message help me build a Scientology mission. And before the night is through Giselle is signing on new staff. Next she begins her search for ideal mission premises. As the first physical presence of Scientology in the country Giselle knew the mission had to be prominent. And so it was at the heart of Panama City’s business district. Giselle then launches into planning and renovation, flanked by family and future mission staff. She brings her vision to grand opening. All coalesces on October 6, 2019. Where Giselle announces Scientology’s presence in Panama with authority. The opening is attended by opinion leaders from across the spectrum of Panama society, even including an author of a national constitution, and when Giselle pulls the ribbon it’s not only the first Scientology mission on Panamanian soil, but it’s also the first ideal mission in Latin America. Whereupon the entrance gates to the voyage are indeed open. And Panamanian embarked on every Scientology introductory route. Simultaneously, Giselle permeates a city wide bookstore chain, laying the foundation for our future book one boom. And with new public now flooding the mission, Giselle has indeed firmly established a first Scientology foothold in Panama.

“I saw that the only thing that could actually save mankind and could save a society was LRH Tech. So I did everything I could and that I had at my hand to make this happen.”

And specifically to address rising criminality, the nation’s biggest ruin by bringing on The Way to Happiness. Her top down strategy begins at that government ministry overseeing Panama’s armed forces. Giselle introduces The Way to Happiness, leading to a first seminar no less than a national police academy. To all the guarantee success Giselle requests reinforcement from the Freewinds, Colombian legends general Carlos Menem and Colonel Prado. They commence with a crash course in the Way to Happiness through booklets and all 21 public service announcements. It’s more of the same at the national border service. And again, at the arrow naval national headquarters and more again to every branch of Panama’s security forces. With the national armed services now educated on the booklet, they deploy into the fabric of Panama’s culture, to the marine of portabella, in Panama City’s fish market, in the heart of the Old City, and everywhere else across the nation’s capital. But all culminates with Panama’s annual carnival. It’s the largest such celebration in Central America, and historically sets off a spike in crime. Giselle starts by assembling her Way to Happiness troops. Officers unload boxes after boxes of booklets. Then take them hand to hand along the mile long parade route. By the time the massive street party ends, it’s not only 100,000 booklets in five days, it’s also an unprecedented zero incidents scenario without a single act of criminal violence.

“Just after we finished with a way to happiness, we were about to do more, than we had the pandemic. Then I say no, we can still get outreach there.”

Panama was locked down for months. But even after reopening, churches were still in a crisis with congregations remaining at home. So Giselle sets out to restore the first sense of community. Specifically, she rallies a team of Panamanian Volunteer Ministers, doubling solutions to all faiths. They launch into the Metropolitan Cathedral, with every stay well sanitization protocol. The VMs repeated at a 17th century church in San Jose, the Church of St. Francis of Assisi, the National Shrine of the Immaculate Heart and across every religious denomination. Until Giselle’s next assembling no less than the leaders of Panama’s faith community, to form a permanent alliance united under the banner of freedom of religion, belief and practice for all. And that’s how in just the first 1,000 days since grand opening Giselle not only laid the foundation of the brave, but she also spearheaded a movement delivering every humanitarian solution at the Central American paradise instilling calm to some 160,000 and partnering with organizations at every strata and sector of society. That’s also the story of how in the face of a pandemic. Giselle blazed the trail for true spiritual freedom not only with religious recognition, but full tax exemption by orders of our national government of the Republic of Panama.

IAS freedom medal winner part 2023 Giselle Lima.

Thank you. I have to say that when I started walking this path, it never crossed my mind that I would, I would be standing here. However, I couldn’t be prouder to receive this medal. Serving my religion to the best of my capabilities, and using my position to lay the foundation for Scientology in Panama has been the best decision I have ever made. It is my honor to represent and stand up for Scientology in my country. And the satisfaction of waking up every day, knowing that I’m working to make this a better world doesn’t compare to any other job that I have ever done. Being able to take Scientology in Panama from zero to where we stand today, in just a few years of hard work is my greatest accomplishment. And as of tonight, that accomplishment is a win for all of us and all of Scientology. Of course, I would have never been able to achieve what I have on my own. So I would like to express my gratitude to those who have helped me through my journey as special thanks to my brother Mariano, who has been both my right and left hand in each of the activities that have been created in Panama. I have no words. My father, for supporting all my crazy ideas. To the rest of my family for their theta and their help. I’d like to thank my staff for their continued dedication and service and to the many executives of the Church of Scientology International, the Freewinds and PR officers around the world. Thank you for your constant help and for always believing in me. Look at what we created. To say COB RTC, you are the source of my inspiration to carry on and keep doing the job until it is done. Thank you sir. And of course, my deepest gratitude goes to LRH to whom I owe everything I am, you can count me as your soldier from now to eternity.


And with that the time has come to put a final stamp on the past four years, all which is another way of saying it’s time to ignite the afterburners on a rocket right into the future. Because make no mistake, the word future is synonymous with expansion. That is not a metaphorical concept. Rather, it is a law the entire universe obeys. We as Scientologists understand that nothing ever remains the same, things are either getting better, or they are getting worse. And that is why survival as a group demands expansion. Then again, it also explains why pandemic restrictions inflicted on the entire planet were so suppressive, no matter the wording, they always spelled stop. But of course that word stop is not and never will be part of our vocabulary.

First, and as you’ve just witnessed, we harnessed the power of all our dissemination facilities established through the last decade to bring our solutions and technology at previously unimaginable orders of magnitude. Hence, even if lockdowns in parts of the world temporarily prevented some of our orgs from opening their doors to the public. We now have an international dissemination and distribution center, which made it possible to take those solutions to the public by the 10s of millions. Moreover, with Scientology TV all over the airwaves and innumerable streaming platforms, broadcasting programs that drive viewers to our websites for online courses. We are factually introducing more people to Scientology every year than in previous decades combined. The lest there be any doubt, all of that is just a means to an end, meaning the achievement of the aims of Scientology, requires the application of LRH technology in our groups, centers and organizations, all of which is what returns us to the future we are creating in the name of expansion and the very substance of not on pause.

Yes, it is true that when the pandemic hit global supply and logistics lines were shattered. And yes, that also meant that construction lines were temporarily shut down as well. But they didn’t mean we had to stop. No, we continue to press forward to flourish and prosper in spite of all. As a first step and while everyone else went on a course of contraction, even closing rockets and making work at home, the new order of the day, we relentlessly push onward acquiring new buildings for future Ideal Orgs in Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and of course, the USA. That’s 10 nations totaling nearly a million square feet.

Next, we massively expanded our planning and construction lines. Until today, where we partner with the largest design firm on earth, and the largest project management firm on Earth. If that’s a nebulous concept to you, then here are the numbers to put it in black and white. Take all of the ideal orgs and ideal advanced orgs we have already opened. Since inception of the ideal strategy. They total a staggering 5,352,159 square feet. Make it easy to remember, just think 5.3 million square feet, by the way that includes Flag but now take all the buildings we currently have moving through planning and construction for future ideal. And it totals 5.1 million square feet. So yes, we are on the runway to double our ideal presence planet wide. Yes, that’s the future.

But if that’s the future to roll out next year and beyond, let me now present the immediate future meeting, it’s time to start cutting some ribbons. Now ordinarily IAS event we would strictly focus on new IAS sponsored projects, but bearing in mind where we are, it is only appropriate we begin at Saint Hill. And although not strictly an Ideal Org, this building’s importance cannot be overstated, especially when you consider Saint Hill is where OTs are made for the UK continent. Moreover, is from continental management at Saint Hill that UK expansion is generated. And since the power that makes it all possible is the staff of Saint Hill, well what more needs to be said and so I give you our latest done in the name of an ideal UK Sea Org base here it is.

Bearing in mind more than half the audience in attendance tonight are from the European continent. Our next one likewise could not be more appropriate. Moreover, considering the UK’s departure from the European Union, or what is otherwise known as Brexit, it becomes even more significant to European Scientologists who can freely travel and cross all EU borders with no red tape. I’m of course speaking of Saint Hill’s sister org in Copenhagen, Denmark, established by LRH to provide the advanced levels to multilingual Scientologists from across the scores of nations that make up the European continent. Moreover, Denmark is also home to European continental management, responsible for all groups, missions and churches from across that vast continent. Well beyond even that, Denmark is also the home of New Era publications responsible for the publication and dissemination of all translated LRH books, lectures and materials. But naturally, every organization that comprises our European headquarters is aligned to a single purpose to help every beam from Europe move up the bridge to the high states of OT, and here’s a new facility to advance that very purpose. So if you have just seen another milestone in the creation of an ideal sea org base for the United Kingdom, then this next is a final milestone in the creation of a fully ideal sea org base for Europe.

With that let’s shift our gaze to a different hemisphere altogether. And in this case a strategic done in the name of the IAS. The inception of this particular strategy stems from the fact that no matter our efforts to expose and prosecute psychiatric atrocities, no matter our efforts to disseminate by the millions for fourth dynamic salvage. Well the road upwards doesn’t really commence until we apply LRH technology before human salvage. indeed the immediate aftermath of 911. And in response to the wake up call the IAS sponsor, the establishment of international footholds for LRH social betterment, it began with Narconon arrowhead as the flagship facility for drug rehabilitation and that was soon followed by flagship facilities for both Applied Scholastics and The Way to Happiness, the purpose of such facilities is not just the one on one application of their respective technologies. Rather their purpose is to serve as the International centers for the training of professionals who in turn open new centers far and wide. Today and in full application of the LRH formula for expansion the strategy extends to the creation of social betterment training centers in every continental zone as for the one you are about to see all you need consider is what you have already seen this evening and here it is.

And now let’s put an exclamation point on expansion, for we now advance to the official strategy of the IAS Vis-à-vis our ideal org empire. Namely the creation of IAS sponsored ideal in cultural epicenters of Earth, mega cities of significance to our entire global movement. Thus, places that affect Every single Scientologist on the planet. To date they have included New York, Madrid, Berlin, Brussels, Dublin, Harlem, London, Rome, Taiwan, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, and Washington DC. But if you know your geography and geopolitics, then you will have realized there remains one glaring omission. Especially since it doesn’t get much more mega than this one. Take virtually any index World’s Best Cities, most livable cities, most powerful cities and best destinations, this one ranks in the top most spendings across the boards. In fact, she is the most visited city on Earth at 44 million people just last year if that still doesn’t say it. She is also known as the cultural capital of the world. What’s more most pertinent to our story, she is home to the very first church of Scientology on European soil.

Thank you! Then again, anyone familiar with our history in this land also knows it has been the site of epic battles through the decades, in fact a city where we once marched in the streets raising our voice in the name of religious freedom. But now a city we are soon to be dancing in the streets raising our voice named total freedom and with that my friends, I give you the ultimate example of the ultimate handling because this is how we flourish and prosper today.

And now that we have metaphorically blown the roof right off this marquee, and that hole is likewise pierced through the Great North Star would come to the close of this evening’s event. As such, it is traditionally the moment when I ask that you ponder what it means to support the IAS. So yes, well, I could tell you that it is everything is both our mythology and our history. And is both the legacy we bequeath and the legacy we inherit. Yes, well, I can also tell you what it means to ascend the ladder of IAS commitment as lifetime patron, patron meritorious, silver, gold, platinum diamond, and on up to exalted status. that transcends this earth’s atmosphere. Well let me do it another way. I think you already know all of that otherwise you would not be here tonight. Second and most importantly, if not leave me time to say the two words, I would most like to say before I sign us out.

Because what it really shows upon is this. At no time in the past 100 years has the planet experienced a group engram that has just occurred these past few years, a planetary population in confusion, in effect, in fear. But there we were a stable datum at cause, bringing real help. Then again, in a world where the workforce was wiped out, all while entire industries went bust. There we were keeping the bridge open, and even expanding into the future. Until we arrive at tonight, not just on the runway to infinity, but fully airborne at Mach speed. And while others may ponder the whys and wherefores, and how it could possibly be. The answer is quite obvious, as it’s sitting right in front of me. So my final two words for this evening could not be more true and they are quite simply.. Thank you. Because yes, tonight and for eternity now in forever, we are the IAS!


Hip hip Hooray

Thank you very much, have a great evening



Technology Cocktail

“The Service Facsimile is usually a this-lifetime effort only. It might better be called a SERVICE COMPUTATION but we’ll hold to our old terms. The pc is doing it. In usual aberration the bank is doing it (the pc’s engrams, etc). Where you can’t clear the pc by auditing just bank, you have to get out of the road what the pc is doing to stay aberrated. If you clear only what the bank is doing the clear state rapidly relapses. If you clear what the pc is doing the bank tends to stay more quiet and unrestimulated. It is the pc who mostly keys his bank back in. Therefore the pc who won’t go free needle clear is himself unconsciously preventing it. And by knocking out this effort we can then key out the bank and we have a fast clear who pretty well stays clear (until sent on to OT).” — L. Ron Hubbard, 1963



We first broke the news of the LAPD’s investigation of Scientology celebrity Danny Masterson on rape allegations in 2017, and we’ve been covering the story every step of the way since then. At this page we’ve collected our most important links as Danny faces a potential sentence of 45 years to life in prison. NOW WITH TRIAL INDEX.


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Source Code

“Every thetan is, unless he’s knocked flat out — you know, unless he’s been eating some of the recent food preservatives — this fellow is operating to some degree, even if he’s just an effect. You see, he’s, he still can put out an impulse. See, he’s mostly effect, but he can put out a little bit of an impulse, see? Well, actually that would be an interiorized thetan who was very wog. And the word ‘wog,’ of course, is in essence a ‘worthy oriental gentleman’ as been defined by the Royal Air Force. There’s nothing derogatory in being called a wog. As a matter of fact, that was the source of a general order issued in Egypt on the complaint of the Egyptian government. The air force officers were calling Egyptians wogs. So the commanding officer defined it. And he said, well, wog, that means ‘worthy oriental gentleman,’ and insisted his officers use it. Those were in the days when the Empire wasn’t dead! Anyway, this means a common, ordinary, run-of-the-mill, garden-variety humanoid. And a garden-variety humanoid means a person who has human characteristics. By which we define not that he is human in his treatment of things, he isn’t. It’s simply that he is a body, he is a body.” — L. Ron Hubbard, November 29, 1966


Avast, Ye Mateys

“DARBY: The DARBY started at midnight last night. See ED 11 Flag for the thrilling details of this race. You too can be a winner.” — The Commodore, November 29, 1971


Overheard in the FreeZone


“Understanding how theta works in a MEST universe on a continuous basis is reversing the downhill spiral. You can never learn it enough. If you don’t audit thetans you end up alone with unconscious beings. And no comm lines. Scientology is a breakdown of MEST universe into its most basic components. If you even clear a planet that would be like wow, utopia. That’s why I haven’t given up on Scientology like others, just in case it can change. It has the structure there, just needs to get rid of the paranoia. Or run grade 4 on Miscavige so he stops running his 3rd dynamic surfacs.”


Past is Prologue

1997: Dennis Erlich reported that Scientology protester Keith Henson was beaten and arrested outside a Scientology property in Los Angeles this week during a solo picket. “Keith Henson today was beaten, injured and placed under ‘citizen’s arrest’ while he was peacefully picketing a Scieno building in Hollywood CA. The picket site was not covered by any TRO, and Keith was taken to the Hollywood Div of the LAPD and booked. His injuries include a bloody nose, swollen tongue, sprained neck (from the choke hold the scienos put him in), and various cuts and contusions. Glen Barton, OSA Operative, made the citizen’s arrest with the help of a hired PI thug who immediately placed a choke-hold on Keith.”


Random Howdy

“Scientology is a racist philosophy. It’s anti homo sapiens.”


Full Court Press: What we’re watching at the Underground Bunker

Criminal prosecutions:
Danny Masterson charged for raping three women: Found guilty on two counts on May 31, remanded to custody. Sentenced to 30 years to life on Sep 7.
‘Lafayette Ronald Hubbard’ (a/k/a Justin Craig), aggravated assault, plus drug charges: Grand jury indictments include charges from an assault while in custody. Next pretrial hearing October 30.
David Gentile, GPB Capital, fraud.

Civil litigation:
Leah Remini v. Scientology, alleging ‘Fair Game’ harassment and defamation: Complaint filed August 2, Scientology submitting anti-SLAPP response Oct 26.
Baxter, Baxter, and Paris v. Scientology, alleging labor trafficking: Forced to arbitration. Plaintiffs allowed interlocutory appeal to Eleventh Circuit.
Valerie Haney v. Scientology: Forced to ‘religious arbitration.’
Chrissie Bixler et al. v. Scientology and Danny Masterson: Discovery phase.
Jane Doe 1 v. Scientology, David Miscavige, and Gavin Potter: Case unsealed and second amended complaint filed. Scientology moves for religious arbitration.
Chiropractors Steve Peyroux and Brent Detelich, stem cell fraud: Ordered to mediation.



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Scientology disconnection, a reminder

Bernie Headley (1952-2019) did not see his daughter Stephanie in his final 5,667 days.
Valerie Haney has not seen her mother Lynne in 3,228 days.
Katrina Reyes has not seen her mother Yelena in 3,743 days
Sylvia Wagner DeWall has not seen her brother Randy in 3,293 days.
Brian Sheen has not seen his grandson Leo in 2,283 days.
Geoff Levin has not seen his son Collin and daughter Savannah in 2,164 days.
Christie Collbran has not seen her mother Liz King in 5,468 days.
Clarissa Adams has not seen her parents Walter and Irmin Huber in 3,339 days.
Doug Kramer has not seen his parents Linda and Norm in 2,444 days.
Jamie Sorrentini Lugli has not seen her father Irving in 4,891 days.
Quailynn McDaniel has not seen her brother Sean in 4,233 days.
Dylan Gill has not seen his father Russell in 12,799 days.
Melissa Paris has not seen her father Jean-Francois in 8,718 days.
Valeska Paris has not seen her brother Raphael in 4,885 days.
Mirriam Francis has not seen her brother Ben in 4,467 days.
Claudio and Renata Lugli have not seen their son Flavio in 4,728 days.
Sara Goldberg has not seen her daughter Ashley in 3,764 days.
Lori Hodgson has not seen her son Jeremy and daughter Jessica in 3,480 days.
Marie Bilheimer has not seen her mother June in 3,044 days.
Julian Wain has not seen his brother Joseph or mother Susan in 1,359 days.
Charley Updegrove has not seen his son Toby in 2,534 days.
Joe Reaiche has not seen his daughter Alanna Masterson in 7,085 days
Derek Bloch has not seen his father Darren in 4,216 days.
Cindy Plahuta has not seen her daughter Kara in 4,554 days.
Roger Weller has not seen his daughter Alyssa in 9,409 days.
Claire Headley has not seen her mother Gen in 4,528 days.
Ramana Dienes-Browning has not seen her mother Jancis in 2,884 days.
Mike Rinder has not seen his son Benjamin and daughter Taryn in 7,187 days.
Brian Sheen has not seen his daughter Spring in 3,293 days.
Skip Young has not seen his daughters Megan and Alexis in 3,691 days.
Mary Kahn has not seen her son Sammy in 3,567 days.
Lois Reisdorf has not seen her son Craig in 3,132 days.
Phil and Willie Jones have not seen their son Mike and daughter Emily in 3,645 days.
Mary Jane Barry has not seen her daughter Samantha in 3,899 days.
Kate Bornstein has not seen her daughter Jessica in 15,008 days.


Posted by Tony Ortega on November 29, 2023 at 07:00

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