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Valerie Haney: Scientology changed the rules after I nominated Elisabeth Moss, Tom Cruise

[How did Valerie nominating Tom violate Scientology’s rules?]

[See our report from the court hearing here. Judge Killefer has decided to give Valerie one more chance to submit a ‘reasonable’ nomination.]

Today, Valerie Haney and the Church of Scientology will once again be sparring in a Los Angeles courtroom over something the court is supposed to have []


Scientology scolds Valerie Haney for nominating Tom Cruise to be an arbitrator

[Valerie Haney and Tom Cruise]

In August Valerie Haney told the Church of Scientology that if she could not have Elisabeth Moss as an arbitrator in her dispute with the church, then she was nominating Tom Cruise, with Shelly Miscavige as a []

Valerie Haney names Tom Cruise for arbitrator (and Shelly Miscavige if Tom is busy)

[Valerie Haney and Tom Cruise]

Scientology’s “International Justice Chief,” a Sea Org official named Mike Ellis, informed Valerie Haney last week that her choice of arbitrator, actress Elisabeth Moss, has declined to serve. So now, Valerie has mailed in her new []

Elisabeth Moss declines Valerie Haney’s nomination as arbitrator, says Scientology

[Valerie Haney and Elisabeth Moss]

Valerie Haney has finally heard back from Scientology’s “International Justice Chief,” a Sea Org official named Mike Ellis, who has informed her that Elisabeth Moss has turned down the opportunity to serve as an arbitrator in Valerie’s “religious []

In court today: Scientology responds to Valerie Haney naming Elisabeth Moss as an arbitrator

[Valerie Haney and Elisabeth Moss]

At a court hearing today, we’ll find out how Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Gail Killefer and the Church of Scientology react to Valerie Haney nominating actress Elisabeth Moss to be an arbitrator in her []

Transcript: When Valerie Haney completed her escape from Scientology by vowing not to sue

[Valerie Haney and attorney Gary Soter]

We have a pretty stunning new document for you today which turned up in a recent court filing. It’s a transcript of the 2017 videotaped session when Scientology allowed Valerie Haney to leave her job in the Sea Org — but only if she signed away any right to sue []

Scientology: Valerie Haney has no choice but to submit to the church’s authority

 On Thursday, we told you that Valerie Haney’s attorneys submitted a 5-page declaration to prepare the new judge in her case for this Friday’s hearing. At that hearing, both sides will be explaining to Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Gail Killefer why, more than two years after her predecessor Judge Richard Burdge forced Valerie’s lawsuit []

Valerie Haney facing new court hearing: why hasn’t Scientology ‘arbitration’ happened yet?

 On June 24, a hearing is scheduled before a new judge in the lawsuit filed three years ago by Valerie []

Judge denies Valerie Haney do-over after Scientology’s appellate loss in Masterson suit

 After an appeals court’s stunning January put-down of Scientology’s “religious arbitration” strategy in the lawsuit brought by Danny Masterson’s rape accusers, Valerie Haney was hoping Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Richard Burdge Jr would reconsider his ruling in her lawsuit, which was also derailed by Scientology’s arbitration []

Scientology: Valerie Haney can’t rely on a court ruling that hasn’t been published!

 Well, you could have seen this one coming from a mile []