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Judge denies Scientology’s motion for $160,000 in sanctions against Valerie Haney

 We’re still scratching our heads thinking about his January 2020 ruling that derailed Valerie Haney’s lawsuit and directed her to submit her claims to Scientology’s “religious arbitration,” but Judge Richard Burdge Jr at least didn’t add insult to injury by granting Scientology’s request for []


Adding insult to injury, Valerie Haney faces a hearing for $160,000 in sanctions this week

 In the last few days attorneys for Valerie Haney and the Church of Scientology have filed briefs in preparation for a hearing at Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday that will consider whether Scientology can saddle Valerie with $160,000 in sanctions as punishment for asking a judge to reconsider his ruling to deny her a []

VALERIE HANEY DENIED AGAIN: State supreme court won’t hear case

[Valerie Haney, right, and her attorney Marci Hamilton]

The California state supreme court has turned down Valerie Haney’s request to review a lower court’s ruling, and so she’s once again back where she started: She faces going through Scientology “religious arbitration” before she can appeal the order that denied her the right to a trial in []

Scientology predictably trashes Valerie Haney’s request for state supreme court review

[Valerie Haney hears from Scientology’s two legal hired hands]

We’ve obtained a copy of Scientology’s answer to Valerie Haney’s request for review to the California State Supreme Court, and it will probably not surprise you that it is a rather disparaging []

Valerie Haney to state supremes: Scientology abuses less real than deadlines in a pandemic?

 We told you last week that Valerie Haney has taken her fight against Scientology ‘arbitration’ to California’s state supreme court, but we didn’t have a copy yet of her actual petition for []

Valerie Haney takes fight against Scientology ‘arbitration’ to California Supreme Court

 Valerie Haney told us that she was determined to fight Scientology’s attempt to get her into its “religious arbitration,” and court records show that she’s doing exactly that, taking her battle to California’s highest court in a new []

VALERIE HANEY PETITION DENIED: She’ll have to go through Scientology ‘arbitration’ to appeal

 Valerie Haney’s long-shot petition for a writ of mandate has been turned down by California’s 2nd Appellate District, and so now if she still wants to appeal the lower court ruling that derailed her lawsuit, she’ll actually have to go through with Scientology’s “religious arbitration” and then appeal the []

VALERIE HANEY SEEKS WRIT: Victims’ rights groups show support, Scientology cries bigotry

 In a court document, the Church of Scientology is accusing the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, formerly known as Morality in Media, of “religious bigotry” because it is siding with Valerie Haney, Leah Remini’s assistant, in her lawsuit against the church and its leader, David Miscavige.

NCOSE and another victims’ rights group, the National Crime Victim []

Valerie Haney reacts to setback in lawsuit against Scientology: ‘I will continue to fight’

 Last week, we reported that Valerie Haney’s attempt at a do-over in her lawsuit against the Church of Scientology had failed, the latest setback in what appeared to be a major legal attack against the church and its leader, David Miscavige, when Valerie first filed it in June []

Scientology not only opposes Valerie Haney’s do-over, but wants $160,000 in sanctions

[Attorney Matthew Hinks wants sanctions against Valerie Haney]

On August 11, a hearing is scheduled at Los Angeles Superior Court for Valerie Haney’s request for a do-over in her kidnapping and libel lawsuit against the Church of Scientology. []