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WACKY: Scientology flack Ben Shaw’s unhinged letter denying ties to Clearwater developer

[Scientology’s Ben Shaw and developer Rodney Riley]

On March 17 we shared with you an over-the-top, ranting letter sent by Scientology’s spokesman in Clearwater, Ben Shaw. He had sent the letter to Tracey McManus of the Tampa Bay Times, accusing her of being unethical, and he copied it to the mayor of Clearwater, which made it []


Tampa Bay Times identifies developer acting as Scientology’s front in Clearwater

[Rodney Riley]

 We’ve told you how Scientology leader David Miscavige really wanted to get his hands on a small parcel of land in downtown Clearwater, Florida that is surrounded by other Scientology properties, but in 2017 the city stopped him from getting []

Here’s proof that David Miscavige’s real estate approach to Scientology leadership pays

 Back in 2014 we provided a jolt to Scientology watchers when we got a look at some actual figures representing the amount of money that Scientology is worth, and all []

Leaked price list: What it costs to stay at Scientology’s ‘spiritual mecca’ in Florida

[The Fort Harrison Hotel]

Our former OT 8 Scientologist has sent us another trove of pristine materials documenting their trek up the Bridge to Total Freedom. Previously, we’ve shown you some things from the mid 1980s that were in amazing shape. Now, we’ve been given some things from a more contemporary []

LEAKED: Watch Scientology ‘OTs’ pressured to donate tens of thousands in wild video

 With the Austin ‘Ideal Org’ preparing to open, this leak is especially timely. []

Why is Scientology desperate for a tiny plot in Clearwater? Let us draw you a picture.

[Dave has a hole burning in his pocket.]

This week five secret proposals for Clearwater downtown development were made public by the city, and Tracey McManus gave a summary of them at the Tampa Bay []

The Scientologist and the superstar hacker: A stock market fable for our times

[Sjouwerman and Mitnick]

Kevin Mitnick (b. 1963) was on the FBI’s most wanted list in 1992. As the most notorious and skilled hacker in the US, Mitnick had first crossed the line in the 1980s when he hacked into corporate networks and stole entire computer programs. Mitnick was arrested in 1988, served a year in prison, []

Why the IRS will likely do nothing about Mormon and Scientology illegal slush funds

 Monday night, the Washington Post uncorked a stunning investigation based on a whistleblower’s confidential report to the IRS. The report, written by a former employee of a subsidiary of the Mormon church, claimed that the church has, in violation of its tax exempt status, amassed a fortune of $100 billion. And instead of making expenditures []

Scientology has to open its books again, and we dig into the numbers

[Narconon United Kingdom]

In some parts of the world — namely, in various parts of Europe — Scientology can’t keep things as secret as they do in the US, and they’re forced to open their books for inspection. Recently, a number of new Scientology financial reports became available, and we turned to our financial maverick, John []